LittleBigPlanet Community Update: 3.6 Million Levels and Counting

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Two weeks into the LittleBigPlanet 2 launch and the LBP community has been amazing. The internet has been crazy with tons of tweets, funny status updates and lots of new YouTube videos with new community members.

Speaking of community members: VideoGamesAwesome just got a PS3 and have discovered the AWESOMENESS that is LittleBigPlanet 2. Their podcast is entertaining, as we can see their genuine emotions as they play LBP2 for the first time. They’re still fairly new at the game so feel free to chime in and let them know which levels to play next (like this one from TripleTremelo)…

Speaking of cool levels: A big THANK YOU for helping us reach 3.6 million levels online! It’s astonishing to see so many levels made for fun, and even levels created for contests.

Speaking of contests – In addition to our LittleBigPrius contest, there are tons more contests and prizes out there:

Speaking of Sackbots: We’ve noticed an interesting increase in Monsters’ Zombie & Ghostbusters’ Slimer costume DLC downloads. I take it you guys are preparing for Zombie Survival levels…

LittleBigPlanet - Zombie Costume LittleBigPlanet - Slimer Costume

Speaking of DLC: Don’t forget to get the Chinese New Year and Groundhog Day DLC packs before they disappear! And next week, prepare for a special Valentine’s Day DLC pack to appear on the store for a limited time…

LittleBigPlanet - Chinese New Year Costume Pack LittleBigPlanet - Valentines Day Mini Pack LittleBigPlanet - Groundhog Costume

Speaking of Valentines Day: We love that LBP2 made it on this list of Valentine’s Day gifts for your special loved one with a PS3…

Speaking of PS3: WHAT?!?!?! You don’t have LBP or a PS3? You’ll love this deal.

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  • That’s insane.

    2M levels from LBP1.

    Another 1.6M levels made in only a month of release.


    All I got to say.

    Glad people are creating some awesome levels.

    Really wish more devs would allow User Generated Content like what Media Molecule is offering.


  • WOW! The same Free DLC as from the last game! You guys are great!

    • *I sense sarcasm*

      Don’t worry, we’ll be announcing new DLC soon enough.

      If you got these seasonal costumes the first (or second) time around, we hope you enjoy how much better they look in LBP2. And if you’re new to LBP, we wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to get these during each holiday.

  • Awesome, great but the same old DLC again for the last two years? Where’s the newly produced LBP2 content?

  • Please guys, I love me some LBP 1/2 but kindly come up with some new costumes. These holiday releases, while free, are the same costumes we have been downloading for a couple years now. Since LBP 2 is here, it would be really really cool for you guys to upgrade these old favorites to new costumes :)

    Anyway keep up the great job and thanks.

  • ^ The game is the same as the last game. LoL

    What do you expect. And get this, they plan to rehash overpriced dlc for this 2nd game too. So many stupid people, so little dlc for them to buy.

  • I love Mm and LBP2 and I don’t mean to sound mean here but.. stop reusing old content! -_-‘

  • Have a few questions:

    1. When will we see the Disney Princess Costumes you guys promised us way back in E3?

    2. Around when will be see the 1st Patch?

    3. What is going on with the Slurpee Promo? I have 2 codes for themes that don’ work. Also the others are still locked, when will they go love, and will the codes work?

  • P.S.
    I forgot to mention I made my own Dr. Herbert Higginbotham and I want you guys to please take a look! :) I posted it on the Sony LBP Forums.

  • P.S.
    I forgot to mention I made my own Dr. Herbert Higginbotham and I want you guys to please take a look! :) I posted it on the Sony LBP Forums.

    How do I post a link so it does not get moderated?

  • You are RIGHT commenters! How Dare they give us free content!

  • lol, I bet they’ll be giving out the same costumes in LBP4!! XD lame!!

  • LOL @ 3.6 MIL. I bet you any money that at least 500000 of them are “H4H” and “Unnamed Level”. A friend of mine has all 20 slots in his LBP1 profile taken up by H4H levels.

    Also yeah anyone who is expecting new content for free, don’t. Mm is likely too busy making the next Disney brand levels. Or hell, they could be making LBP3. We all know how they like to say a game “will never need a sequel.”

    Anyway, back to play LBP2 I guess. I played several levels last night that had under 10 plays and they were all great.

  • Yeah, but they out all those ‘1 second level for trophies!’, I’m sure it’s down to 1 million. :P

    It also sucks that some of those stages have more plays than the level I took over 20 hours to make and has a pretty good average (9 yays out of 10 plays, 0 nays, 4 hearts). :(

  • Awesome news. I’m going to be picking LBP2 up very soon! Looks awesome!

  • Mark, can we expect more level kits this time around? MGS and POTC are both awesome. Hope to see way more level add-ons for LBP2.

  • When are we getting a patch so some of us can actually connect to an online game fluidly?

    • Yeah, we’ll be doing more stuff really soon. Have you played with the LittleBigMap? That’s addicting too.

  • I need help. I only need like eight creator hearts for the LittleBigPlanet platinum. I believe my levels are worth me getting 30 hearts. (but dont all parents think their kids are the best?) I’m not asking for H4H, (HORRIBLE) but please check out my levels. My favorite is “The Bounce-O-Matic (vLBP2)”.

  • LBP2 is a massive improvement on LBP1. I can’t imagine how was I playing LBP1 after I jumped into LBP2! *It’s that amazing*

    I wish you guys could surprise us with DLC just like you did with LBP1’s PoTC and Metal Gear Solid packs, I remember those days, when I bought Pirates of The Carribean’s pack the day it came out, and had a BLAST playing with water for the first time, those days were unforgettable!

    I have only one request, please please please keep giving us those astonishing packs and updates. Don’t stop the Title Updates and the DLC, just like you did with the original LittleBigPlanet.

    Other than that, Iam speechless with the community generated content. They’re a blast to play, and unfortunately, my PS3 got the YLOD yesterday, and am getting it fixed by tomorrow. And by this week, I’ve been jumping into in my free time (Or when I’m bored of studies! :P) and have currently 80+ levels queued waiting for me to play (Plus the story, which I’ve yet to complete!).

    Thank you MM, for such a wonderful game, I can’t say more than that, you guys deserve the praise you’re getting from us, LBP fans. Keep up the awesome-sauce and Im here waiting for more DLC announcements as I have a 50$ card waiting. ;)

  • It’s cool for the people that missed out on these DLC packs before, I however am eagerly waiting for news about brand new DLC. ;)

  • Hey Mark I got a question for you. Awhile back I heard there was going to be a Rachet and Clank pack that far surpassed the MGS/Pirates Packs would by any chance the rachet and Clank costumes are from that pack?

    • Not sure what Media Molecule was planning for R&C. Things may have changed. Stay tuned for some DLC announcements soon…

  • Game’s great so far! Keep up the good work!

  • The Gadgets list in LBP2 are surprisingly massive, I’d be more active more on Create Mode rather than playing a level because it’s so much fun!

    But I have a problem, I’m not skillful enough to build advanced levels like a pro. So, I really don’t think I can get Platinum trophy on this. :(

  • if u guys ace the first boss u will get the davinci costume

  • Ratchet And Clank DLC would be great! Especially if released around R&C All For One release! Or what about SLY Racoon 4 DLC!! Seriously Mark consider talking with MM about that one! And Sucker Punch!

  • Thanks for posting Video Games AWESOME! The sheer amount of content in Little Big Planet 2 is staggering! We have to be careful that we don’t turn this into “The Little Big Planet Show”, because it wouldn’t be hard!

  • I really wish Media Molecule would make more Online levels. I’m loving the community levels though.. :)

  • I was wondering if there are any plans to allow groups of users to create group levels where anyone who helped to create the level gets partial credit for it. It would really help those of us who are helping to create larger levels but aren’t the owner of the level get credit for our work. If this is able to be implemented, please consider it for a future update to the game. Thanks!

  • Wow when Video Games Awesome is on the Playstation Blog, thats when you know your big on the internet. =) Good job guys, loved your playthroughs.

  • Well, it seems pretty clear we’re going to to get Tron, Muppets and Toy Story DLC packs (Mm are clearly working with Disney who own all those franchises and own Marvel too) because we had tasters in the Collectors Edition. A Muppet-based level kit would be amazing!
    Personally, I’m holding out hope for a Doctor Who costume pack (I’m sure some of the Molecules are fans, they’re Brits after all…and they did a 2000AD pack!) but I’m sure my hopes are in vain. :(

  • Video games awesome is awesome! also after seeing their play through of the begging of little big planet 2 made me go out and get the game. i even played them demo before their vids and didnt jump on it like i did the original game but VGA convinced me there is tons of fun to be had in LBP 2.

  • I’ve played the LittleBigPrius level & even though I collect the prize bubbles at the end of the level I’m told 0% collected. Help please!!

  • i have ideas for new costumes. costumes about ven terra and aqua from the game kingdom hearts birth by sleep; raziel, kain and ariel from soul reaver. crash, coco, crunch, ncortex, nina cortex and everyone from the game of crash bandicoot and finally costumes from the resident evil characters. LBP is the best, and you guys can beat the final boss, if u dont die a lot lol xD, good luck and I hope that the costumes will be in there :), good luck

  • Hey Mark it would of been nice if you answered my questions too

    1. When will we see the Disney Princess Costumes you guys promised us way back in E3?

    2. Around when will be see the 1st Patch?

    3. What is going on with the Slurpee Promo? I have 2 codes for themes that don’ work. Also the others are still locked, when will they go love, and will the codes work?

  • Oh yes, can you fix the Online loading screen issues? It’s kinda annoying.

  • Wow, 3.6 million levels already? That’s insane! Hopefully some new creativity will spark in the community. On another note, I think the re-release is great! It gives the people who didn’t purchase the DLCs originally another chance to get them. :)

  • Can I ask something about the DLC thing? said that there is going to be some PSMove DLC in the works, but what about the people who haven’t yet bought the move? Will they be able to play the DLC? I’d love some feedback on that ;).

  • Loving all things LittleBigPlanet right now :) Thanks once again Mark for the mention. Can’t wait to see what type of awesome creations the community comes up with for all these contests going on!

    Alex of Sacktastic™

  • We did a LBP 2 Unboxing. Check it out on A site devoted to all great things Playstation.

  • Woo! Video Games Awesome is… Awesome!

  • How long are these up for? I dont see a date, just a grab them soon? Thanks!

  • 2,000,000 Levels +1.5 MILLION Levels=3.6 MILLION LEVELS

  • 3.5 MILLION Levels +0.1 MILLION Levels=3.6 MILLION LEVELS

  • @32: You might have community items turned off. Go to settings in the pause menu and make sure the box is checked so you can collect community items. Then turn it back off when you’re done with the LittleBigPrius level so you don’t fill up your profile with the crappy prizes most people give you. :D

    @most people: No offense. :)

    @Mark Valledor: Cause and Effect 5 is a LBP1 level. I enjoyed that level, and I understand that people new to LBP (like me) want to see all the content made for both games. But this republishing-old-levels nonsense has gotten a bit out of hand. Just sayin’.

  • @32: Oops. I forgot to say it’s in profile settings.

    @Mark: Maybe you guys knew that was a LBP1 level already, but the YouTuber that posted it apparently didn’t. Which goes to my point: There’s no way to filter out LBP1 levels in a search if people keep republishing them. Anyway, I love the game despite loading issues online. Looking forward to all the great new DLC. :)

    Yay double posting! :P

  • Hey Mark can I ask you something? There has been one DLC that I have always been waiting for, and Im pretty sure many other people have been waiting for too. This DLC is the Sephiroth Costume, it was announced when MGS4 Pack was announced and MGS4 Pack was released but not sephiroth, do you have any idea when they will release it? And by the way I have never seen that valentines DLC before is it new or the same old?

    I cant wait for the … umm, actually I dont know if its the first LBP2 DLC… because there has already been the Rare-T Shirt and Collectors Edition (or pre-order) costumes which are btw AWESOME. But anyway I just cant wait for the next DLC for LBP2 :D

  • HEY!! you guys should put a new levels button rigth under the cool level and Mm picks… that way its easier for cool levels to be discovered!
    I think its a good idea, and no so hard to make :)

  • That was jarring… in the video they kept saying “lever” with the British pronunciation even though they’re American. Leeeeeever!

  • What is everyone talking about, future Ratchet and Clank, Tron and Muppets DLC? They ALREADY EXIST, they come with the preorder…

    And yeah, I`ve been waiting for new DLC for MONTHS, ever since the last Marvel pack was released. Free stuff is nice, but it`s the same stuff released in the past 2 years.

  • I’ve noticed several comments complaining about the re-release of costumes and other content for LBP. I’m not one of them.

    I would like to thank you since I missed out on most of the stuff first time around. Please keep it all coming, new and old.

    Would be really neat if there was a special way to get some of the first day release and other rare dlc.

    Thank You the family loves LBP and LBP2!

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