Chatting About Journey with Thatgamecompany

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Thankfully, we weren’t discussing soft American rock; we were talking about the upcoming PlayStation Network title from the people that brought you flOw and Flower.

I’ve been trying to avoid hearing too much about Journey as I want to enjoy it without any presumptions – not the easiest to do when you work at PlayStation and not ideal preparation for an interview with the developers, you might argue. Regardless, here is my spoiler-free conversation with Robin Hunicke, Journey’s producer and Jenova Chen, co-founder of thatgamecompany.

I’ll be posting a few more video interviews from the PlayStation Experience event in London next week; check out yesterday’s chat with Insomniac Games about Resistance 3, if it slipped you by.

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  • oh, i love originality…

  • Truly looking forward to this game. What is the targeted time frame for release?

  • I’m buying this game no matter what.

  • I wanna take the Journey, take my money Jenova!

  • I’m going on a Journey with thatgamecompany!


  • I love thatgamecompany and I will buy whatever they put out. I consider myself a lover of fighting games and shooters. I tried Flower at a friend’s house and loved it. Bought it for myself and those last couple of levels are amazing! Can’t wait to try out Journey. Would also love to see some Flower add on levels or something.

  • Not so sure about this one. I don’t like the fact that they are so secure in giving details about the game. That’s never a good sign. It’s very similar to a movie that won’t have review screenings.

    I enjoyed Flow and Flower quite a bit but this game seems to be a stretch for them. Online multiplayer games can become horrible if no one plays them. I hope people actually play this title or it will become dated in about a week.

    • That’s not the case, it’s just that the whole premise of the game is that it’s a voyage into the unknown, which would be negated if they revealed a whole bunch of details ahead of release.

  • Soft American rock? Are you still bitter Steve Perry hasn’t reconciled with the band?

  • Im dying for this game! cant wait Release it tomarrow!

  • Any chance Journey can make it’s way into Playstation Home? It would be a great way to advertise as well. :)

  • I am so excited for this game.

  • Still no release date. TGC.. such suspense.

    Jenova and Robin do not give details not because they are not willing. It is because those details are an integral part of the experience. I have complete confidence that this game will be exceptional

  • “Walk without rhythm and you won’t attract a worm.”
    I hope that the game doesn’t de-evolve into a griefer’s paradise, but then again with the kind of gamers thatgamecompany’s titles attract I would think it would be at a minimum.

    • I’m not sure how possible that will be, as you can’t really communicate in the traditional fashion and, like you say, the people only interested in abusing others will probably go elsewhere.

  • Can’t wait!! I’ll def be getting this day one!

  • Me and my friends are really looking forward to Journey.

    I own all of That Game Company’s games except Cloud on PC.

    If your listening That Game Company please port over Cloud to PSN.
    (I don’t care if you add trophies or not I just want to play it.)

    Sony make it happen.


  • ^This!

    Dear gaming gods, can we have thatgamecompany/Team ICO collaborate on a game together? Pretty please.

  • Want Want Want

  • #Awesome interview.
    They sold me with their sincertiy.

  • This guy’s interviews are excellent. Really thought out deep questions regarding gameplay and thematical elements. Keep it up!
    Journey is looking truly inspiring!

    • Thanks! there are a few more coming next week, if Jeff can find space for them. It’s lovely coming over here and showing you what we do on the other side of the Atlantic.

  • So glad SONY recognized Jenova Chen’s talent and got him and his company on PSN. Though this is the last game with their contract, any word on where he will go from there? Of course, I hope he continues making wonderful games for us! Anyway, I’m excited for this game as it sounds wonderful.

  • James Gallagher nice interview

  • its a freshs site to see dev companies making game with no violence in them.. ANd jenova chen stand behinds his game like its on a war path.. This guy deserves to be exclusive to sony for the next 30yrs make it happen sony

  • One colossal mistake already with Dark Souls, Sony.

    You let that one slip, along with Final Fantasy and countless others.

    Don’t lose thatgamecompany.
    That will be the last straw for me.

  • Everything you guys touch turns to Gold. Have all the faith in you guys. Day 1.

  • “Let’s just hope they can inspire others – more art and fewer guns, please.”

    Cant we have both? a game with guns that is desighned just as beautifully? anyway, i lookforward to seeing a release date….

  • “Cant we have both? a game with guns that is desighned just as beautifully? anyway, i lookforward to seeing a release date…”

    ^That would be called Uncharted :P

  • first of all i love this game.

    secondly i love that hot chick in the video.

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