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Hello America!

Over the last couple of days we’ve been hosting a press event called PlayStation Experience here London, England. It’s basically an opportunity for journalists to try some of the first-party games that we are most excited about, and speak to their developers; we’ve been lucky enough to have Insomniac, Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch and many more join us for tea and gaming.

Some of the opportunities were world exclusives – this was the first time Resistance 3 had been played outside the Insomniac Games office. I was one of the lucky few and, afterwards, I grabbed some time on camera with Jon Paquette and Ryan Schneider of Insomniac Games and to talk about trains, fear and more:

I’ll be posting more interviews on here over the next week, by which time you probably won’t even notice my accent. And enjoy the Superbowl… All of the American devs that came over here were amazed when I told them we get to watch the whole thing without a single ad break.

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  • But the ads are part of the whole experience!

  • The Ratchet & Clank Weapon Upgrade system is just AWESOME.

  • @2 Yeah is there going to be a beta?

  • really great interview , is that James from the european blog ? looking forward to R3 , the demo looks very very good and the game is looking EPIC !!!! glad to see Resistance getting back to its roots !!!! anyways can you guys tell us who is gonna be Resistance NGP main character , James Grayson or Joseph Capelli ?

    • It is me indeed. It’s weird commenting on here. Ever been to a friend’s house and they’ve gone to the shops, leaving you all alone? It’s like that.

  • I love how passionate the team is behind this title. While R2 was a great game, it looks like the team took the criticism to heart and really set out to right any wrongs fans and critics pointed out.

    I can’t wait to play the game, keep up the great work and you already have my money for both this and All 4 One.

  • so many awesome games i love it!

    cant wait to hear about mutiplayer and even coop if theres any

  • This is my fav FPS series, hell i have to say it i never have like an FPS game before the first Resistance, even now, the only FPS i have enjoy r Killzone 2 (not so much), Resistance, and Resistance 2. I have play it Cod series and Halo, but i just dont get it, i dont know why those games r so praised.

  • I’m very excited for R3. I bought the R2 collector’s edition and didn’t regret it at all. Fantastic game, can’t wait to play 3 as well.

  • Great interview, I can’t wait to play R3!!! 8)

  • Watching the Superbowl and not getting to see the ads? My sympathies to you, Mr. Gallagher ;)

    • To be honest, I’ll be lucky if I make it to half-time – kick-off is at midnight over here, and I have a blog to run the next day.

  • Nice update! However superbowl sunday is the only time I actually enjoy commercials! (most of them anyways)

  • And this train concept sounds really intriguing too!

    • As I was touching on in the interview, the railroad is of huge importance in American history; a revolutionary way to discover such a beautiful, vast country… I’m sucking up to you guys a bit now, huh?

  • looks/sounds amazing! Day #1 buy for me!

  • Sounds really well thought out in so many ways

  • Oh, and great interview, thanks

  • It’s been great fun hopping on here, thanks for having me. I grabbed a few more interviews last week so I’ll have a chat with Jeff tomorrow and see what else we can bring over the pond.

    Have a nice day.

  • Watch the video get told the game before playing it lol :P

  • Nice interview, thanks

    ”Ever been to a friend’s house and they’ve gone to the shops, leaving you all alone? It’s like that.” loll nice comparaison

  • Really cool to see all the features that are being added to the 3rd installment. Resistance is my favorite ps3 fps series of all time! Thank you for the split screen, weapon wheel, and all the other things you’ve added. I have a feeling that this is going to be the defining ps3 fps series when it lands. Finally! It deserves it. Thanks for the updates Insomniac :)

  • From what I’ve seen and heard Resistance 3 is gonna be amazing! I just wish it was coming out sooner! What makes me happy is, the Weapon Wheel, singularity of the character (not having another dude with you at all times), and this one looks like it has more diverse environments! The only question I have is, is there going to be COOP Main Campaign mode like in the first Resistance!?!

  • I was kind of hoping James Grayson would be in this game. Sounds like Carpelli has changed way to much from who he was in R2. Barely recognize the character.

    Overall I’m glad you guys took extra time to work on the game instead of sticking to your every year release a game schedule. R2 lacked the polish that it should have had when it released, it could have very well have been a 2009 or 2010 release. This game is really looking very nice.

    To bad you guys didn’t give us a choice of autoregen for health though. I hate hunting for health packs and being subjected to situations where a bad move results in a higher chance of a load screen. Not really a fan of the weapon wheel either.

  • R1 and 2 were both awsome games. the online play was one of the best features but its almost to hard to rank up any more.

  • Please have a Resistance 3 Beta test this summer! I’d love to help test!

    (Also consider some Resistance 3 avatars for PSN. Maybe make a PS Rewards avatar)

  • You know how to talk to people and ask the right questions
    James Gallagher Sir.You’re the best interviewer i’ve ever seen.

  • lol my friend cant wait and r2 was a good game.
    NOT ONLINE but feel free to add me
    Currently loving dead space 2 #1 game
    <a href="

  • Looking forward to Resistance 3 and R&C: All 4 One this year.


    Insomniac rocks!

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