Coming to PlayStation Plus: Free Day One Download of Stacking and Exclusive Demos for Killzone 3 and Yakuza 4

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PlayStation Plus

Hi everyone,

We’re excited to share that over the next two weeks, our subscribers will be receiving a download of a highly anticipated PlayStation Network game and demos for two upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusives. With that said, let’s jump into our two upcoming PlayStation Plus publishes.

Tim Schafer and the brilliant minds over at Double Fine are releasing Stacking next Tuesday, and PlayStation Plus subscribers are getting a free download of the game the day it hits the PlayStation Store! Take control of Charlie Blackmore, a small matryoshka dolls, as you explore the diorama-like levels. Much like previous Double Fine games (Costume Quest & Psychonauts), expect some great humor and gameplay in this new adventure title.

Killzone 3 multiplayer open beta Yakuza 4 for PS3

Along with Stacking, PlayStation Plus subscribers are receiving exclusive demos to two upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusives. On February 8, we will be releasing a special PlayStation Plus update giving all PlayStation Plus subscribers exclusive access to a single player demo for Killzone 3. Killzone fans will get the first look at how the war between the ISA and Helghast has changed now that the fight has been moved to the Helghast’s homeland. The demo will be an Auto Download, so make sure you have the feature enabled (Check this post for more info on Automatic Downloads). On February 15, in our regular publish, we will be offering a demo for the upcoming sequel to SEGA’s Yakuza series, Yakuza 4. Fans of the series will get a taste of the criminal underbelly of Japan as four playable characters.

We are also offering a download of Let’s Golf, a golfing PlayStation minis title from Gameloft, a full game trial of ATV Pure, and several discounts on PSN games DLC, including new downloadable content for R.U.S.E. and Crash Bandicoot.

With the special publish coming up next Tuesday, be sure to check the full list below for all the items that are going up and being taken down for the PlayStation Plus publishes:

PlayStation Plus Highlights for 2/8:

Automatic Download
Killzone 3 Single Player Demo (Free and exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers)

Featured Game
Stacking (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $14.99)

Featured Qore Episode
Qore February Episode 33 (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $2.99)

Featured Avatars
Pocket Fighter Avatars (x6) (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $0.49 each)

PlayStation Plus Highlights for 2/15:

Full Game Trial
ATV Pure (Free and exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers)

Featured Demo
Yakuza 4 Demo

Featured Games
Let’s Golf – Playstation minis (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $4.99)

Discounted Games & DLC
Blacklight Tango Down (PlayStation Plus price $7.99, regular price $9.99)
R.U.S.E. – Pack of the Sun (PlayStation Plus price $7.49, regular price $9.99)
Gravity Crash (PS3) (PlayStation Plus Price $5.00, regular price $9.99)
Crash Bandicoot (PlayStation Plus price $3.00, regular price $5.99)
MAG Starter Kit (PlayStation Plus price $7.50, regular price $14.99)

Featured Themes & Avatars
Devil May Cry 4 Avatar Bundle (18 avatars ) (Exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers for $1.99)
DarkStalker Avatar Bundle (13 avatars) (Exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers for $0.99)
Femme Abstraction Theme (Free and exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
Snowman Dynamic Theme (Free and exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
Chinese New Year Dynamic Theme (Free and exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers)

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can – Coming down on February 8:

Featured Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Qore January Episode 32

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can – Coming down on February 15:

Featured Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Killzone 3 Single Player Demo
Hero of Sparta – PlayStation minis
Argyle Girls Theme
Hockey Theme

Discounted Games/DLC
Mega Man (PlayStation Plus price $3.00, regular price $5.99)
Juiced 2 PSP (PlayStation Plus price $10.00, regular price $19.99)
R.U.S.E. – The Chimera Pack (PlayStation Plus price $5.24, regular price $6.99)

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  • wow! now im really thinking about joining the ps+ nation. but im still going to wait on the cloud storage.

  • I heard that The 3rd Birthday is NOT getting a PSN release, WHY?!

  • Loving all of this. Loving it very much. :)

  • Wait we get Stacking for free!?


    I was looking forward to this game but even more so now :D I LUVS YOU

  • This is so awesome!
    Can’t wait!!

    I’m loving Killzone 3 beta!!

  • Stacking.. for free?

    I think I love you.

  • Stacking for Free, Awesome! Really looking fwd to Yakuza Demo also, thanks for the update.

  • Any news on Music Unlimited? The Subway/PlayStation contest is giving away prizes for it.

  • I love PS+ and have been a member from the start but I am still debating on keeping it due to some of my content being expired even though there was no lapse in my subscription. I paid for another 3 months before my last 3 expired. Fix that and I am happy.

  • Stacking Free! Thank You Very Much! But does this mean no free game next month?

    • Hi Elex163- Thanks for the question. Our typical publish is one free PSN game a month. The last title offered following the normal publish was Digger HD which came out 2/1, so the next free PSN game will come out on 3/1. Check back on the blog 2/16 to find out what that game will be.

  • Yakuza 4?! Can’t wait!
    Signing up for PS+ was
    a smart choice! :D

  • Man, why the rush on getting this news out? Usually a Monday evening post.

  • I will probably subscribe if PS Cloud is real. Of course, it would be even better if you don’t need PS+ to get PS Cloud.

  • Can’t believe we’re getting Stacking for FREE! Thanks guys, definitely a game I was looking forward to playing!

    I think Plus is getting better every month, definitely resubscribing right away!

  • Love it….A ps+ game the day it comes out! Awesome! Good updates just keep coming. PS+ haters: How can you deny the awesomeness?

  • @11, why would that mean no game next month?

  • for stacker alone i am happy with this set of releases for plus, and KILLZONE 3 demo!!!!YAKUZA 4 DEMO!!!!!!!!!! you guys are makin sure my hdd is full every month!

  • wow, i just signed up for PS+ last week, and, this is one hell of a welcoming gift.

    really, really happy with the service so far, and it’s only been a week!

  • Very nice, i’m very tempted to get playstation plus subscription but I don’t know… There is 2 things i would love before. Be able to change PSN name and saves of my games anywhere I go

  • What? I’m outraged at getting Stacking for free! How do you expect me to show my support for Double Fine if you deny me the ability to give them my hard-earned money?

    Very cool. Hopefully this opens up the world of Double Fine to a whole set of people that may have never heard of them!

  • @17 because we just got digger hd. That’s 2 free games in one month.

  • @10

    Same thing for me . Shatter recently expired on me for no reason . That needs to not happen again .

    Anyways this is great for us plus members. Thanks .

  • I’m dissappointed in the lack of the word momentum in your post Grace. I thought you were going to start a trend here. Anyways, its business as usual for the Mothership – “discounts” on already overpriced DLC, more content no one asked for. Its nice to see Plus continuing its “Biggest Dissappointment of 2010” nods so early into the new year.

  • I can’t believe we are getting Stacking for free, and the day it is released! I feel like such a lucky PS+ subscriber these days. Thank you Sony, Thank you Double Fine!

    Looks like a few exclusive dynamic themes too, LOVE it! <3

  • This is the first time we are getting a game for free one Day One! I was definitely looking forward to Stacking, and now I get to pick it up FOR FREE! Thanks so much! See you all at the pre-E3 meetup!

  • This is pretty epic. Playstation Plus has definitely come a long way since it was first released. Glad to be a member since day one.

    Can’t wait for Stacker.

    Also, I can’t wait for cloud game saves, which was a major selling point for me to get Plus in the first place.

  • Sorry, Stacking*

  • Stacking for Free! Yay! Killzone 3 SP Demo! Double Yay!
    Thanks a Million!

  • Cloud saves coming in firmware 3.6 !! :)

  • Wow, this is awesome! MAG, ATV: Pure, and Killzone 3 content!

  • Will there be an early demo of Infamous 2? Soon perhaps?

  • Stacking for FREE!?? Thanks Tim and Double Fine! I’ll go back and buy Costume Quest to show my appreciation :)

  • What is “ATV Pure”? Is it the ATV game called Pure?

  • how about the chance to win an NGP on launch date ? lol , i cant wait to have 1 on my hands , anyways i hope with the launch of NGP , playstation plus expand to the portable system too , anyways im very happy to be a playstation plus subscriber

  • @22 Thank you kristi for clarifying. So it’s possible for more “Special Offers” like this in the future?

  • Wasn’t sure when I would be getting stacking, but this is great news. PS Plus has really been paying off since I started in December.

  • Are you putting more PS3 Legacy titles on PSN? LBP, LBP2, GTAIV, Bioshock, Civilization Revolution, RDR, AC1, etc would all be welcome

  • “Stacking” – Sweet! I was only hoping for a game trial or demo of this title. That’s an awesome freebie, thanks!

  • Oh, yeah. I’ve got questions about “The Cloud”. Any clue when more info will be out?

  • Very nice; overall, I’ve felt like the freebies have been kind of hit and miss, but this one definitely seems like a winner

  • Stacking for free, Day 1???

    Will probably subscribe to plus now.

  • is the only way to get the KZ3 demo through auto download? I don’t use that feature because i rarely leave my modem on.

  • woo hoo!!!!!!! This is really paying off for being a PS+ member!

  • Good update Grace, I’ve been a PS Plus Subscriber since day one & will continue to do so into the second year, thanks again for this update, good one.

    Now all Sony needs to do is get the Forums back to somewhere near where they were & I’ll be a ‘very’ happy man!

  • PS+ is the smartest choice you could ever, ever do.

  • @43 I don’t think so. About a blob Demo was also auto download, but they had it on psn store which is where I got it. But with auto download you get it before it hits the store.

  • Can you please make options to customize the Auto-download? It’s odd to me that it automatically downloads demos instead of the free games. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? I hate feeling like I am paying for a service that advertises to me. I got a PS+ membership for the perks, not the demos. Please look into this.

  • Finally! After many months of waiting. Getting PS+ has payed off! WHOOOOOT! YEAHY!

  • This news pleases me. How lovely of you guys to do this. Thank you!

  • If Double Fine are such brilliant minds, then why can’t they even fix the French Fries bug in Costume Quest?

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