LittleBigPlanet 2 Prius Contest is Live, Chance to Win a 3D Bravia TV

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Hello LittleBigPlanet fans! I just wanted to let you know that our “LittleBigPrius” level which we developed in conjunction with Toyota, is now available for download in LittleBigPlanet 2. You can find it through a simple text search on the Community planet—the “author” is LittleBigPartner.

As we mentioned earlier, this level is the focal point for a “create your own level” contest which officially begins today. Play our “LittleBigPrius” level to collect prize bubble items, and use these items to create your own Prius-inspired level. When you publish your level to the world, be sure to name it “Prius_ …” so that it will be easy for everyone to find.

Make sure that you get your level built and published prior to the conclusion of the contest at midnight on March 8th. That’s when we’ll take a close look at the 10 most popular levels, as determined by the LittleBigPlanet community. We’ll be judging these levels based upon originality, quality and polish, Toyota Prius brand awareness, and use of the items obtained from our “LittleBigPrius” level. From these finalists, we’ll pick a Grand Prize winner of a 46” Sony Bravia 3D HDTV and PlayStation Move hardware bundle. We’ll also select four First Place winners of a PlayStation Move Sports Champions bundle.

Read up on the full contest details here. And good luck!

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  • dam i’m not off till march the 2nd that gives me 6 days to make one if i want to win :D and thank you for the epic update LBP never disappointed

  • I love that level(LittleBigPrius level) :P



    FF4+After Years coming to PSP in april. We need a post!

  • you have an official site up for sharing levels online ( Why didn’t you post the link there?

    BTW, its:

  • @3 Yeah another U.S. only contest, sigh…



  • YAY! cant wait

  • Wait you don’t win a Prius?

    That would have made much more sense.

  • link please.

  • o its a u.s. only contest in that case i’m disappointed D; o well lawl i barely play publish or have evar published a level only thing i love about LBP is the levels and the storyline with 3 of my other friends YEA but ye seriously when will it hit canada >.>

  • link…

    People need to start using these things! That is the reason the site was created, right?!

  • Seriously for US Residents only??? Thanks for getting my hopes up!!!!!!!

  • too bad that i suck at this time of thing.good luck to everyone else that is participating…

    jeff,can you tell me at what time is the namco presser?XD

  • oops meant type lol

  • Cool contest but I have a question David,
    When will the Little Big Planet 2 Dynamic Theme will be available at it says Coming Soon at the end of January and we are in February. Do you anything about it? Thanks.

  • canada? no? no killzone 3 either c’mon.

    something for canada? any comics? nothing?

  • Yes I’m going to enter this in America!!!

  • Sweet! Too bad I’m not good at making levels.

  • i played the level last night. i don’t know if it was lack of sleep or that i was on the phone but i could barely drive

  • I never get my hopes up for Canadian contests, but I always check the “official rules” just in case.

  • @ MoneyMaker110

    You mean you were driving tired AND talking w/o hands free equipment?

    That’s illegal where I live! :-P

  • I played this level yesterday and got all the prize bubbles that I could, but they weren’t showing up in my prize bubble inventory and it said 0% collected after I finished the level -_-

  • how about a free prius :D

  • I collected all the prize bubbles but they don’t show up as being collected. What do I do?

  • I played the level yesterday and I have to say that it was a lot of fun. The level could have easily just been a quick, simple advertisement level, but MM & co. didn’t let it be. The level looks great and has really cool gameplay mechanics. You have platforming, a little cloud mini-game, and the VERY cool top down driving sequence (the most creative and well designed driving level I’ve seen yet). Excellent job!

    As for the contest, I am going to try and create a level. I’m not as good as other people in LBP2 are, so I doubt I’ll win it, but I do want to try and create something. I already started creating it. Hmm. I should work on it a little bit more today!

    Thanks for the excellent level and the cool contest guys! :)

    • Hi all,

      Thanks for the positive comments. We had a lot of fun creating this level and are glad to see that you are enjoying it as well. In its first day of availability, over 25,000 people have played the level, with an approval rating of over 90%. The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive and our “LittleBigPartner” team here at SCEA couldn’t be more appreciative.

      We are really looking forward to seeing what the community is able to create in this contest.

      Good luck to one and all!

  • Cool contest but I have a question David,
    When will the Little Big Planet 2 Dynamic Theme will be available at it says Coming Soon at the end of January and we are in February. Do you anything about it? Thanks.

  • Let me guess….. This is just for United States Residents….Because Apparently, Canada is not part of Sony Computer Entertainment America (Canada is part of North America) But i guess you guys dont realize that…

  • Its funny that this level uses the “3D Glitch” to achieve extra depth. Any word on official support for such a feature in LBP2?

  • Crud! I saw this, but I didn’t know it was it!
    Good to know I can get in at least ONE PS contest without purchase.
    The level should be good…

  • I’m not good at making levels on Little Big Planet but this I might try my hardest to actually make my first level which will be for the contest. It’s ok if I don’t win, it will still inspire me to make even more levels in the future :D

  • What about the second and third place?

  • @29 I know every thing is in US first slurpee (lbp) cups then probaly this.This is going to make me mad if this is “US” only. Canada should get something.

  • awesome! If I have time ill definitely be making a prius level, hopefully I make something great even if I don’t win.

  • I’ve played the level several times & every time I’m told 0% collected!! How can I enter a contest with no building material?

  • I noticed on my receipt for LBP2 CE that I have an unused redeem code for Clu & Even More Animals costume pack. Here it is the only thing I ask in return is that whoever gets the code to please heart me in LBP2. My id is foodlionslave


  • Has anyone gotten 100% of the prizes? I got 95%, but I don’t know when I’ll have the time to make a level. I haven’t really touched the creator in LBP2 at all yet. I’d like to do a Back to the Future style level, but I don’t think I have the skills to do it, and it’s not that creative! I might try to make something!

  • I was so excited until I realized I’m Canadian and we don’t get to win these contests.

  • I have entered the contest! my Prius level is published!

  • i waish i had those cool lbp2 avatars…but i ddnt get the special edition

  • What country and what age do you have to be? (im younger then 10 and my older the 10 brother will help me with the level)And I live in Canada… PLEASE RESPOND

  • Try my level. Prius_My First Car I took a lot of time on it, it isnt just crap.

  • Hi! I was wondering about the contest, I read that the contest ends on march 3rd, but you must have your level published by the 8th.. that confused me alittle. I was wondering if by one of those dates you start the judging.. Or you must have it published by then for people to play and heart and at a later date you start the judging. I think I was pretty creative on my level but I hurried it due to the short time period, I wanted to publish it to give time for people to vote. ran out of level bar on pt2. Now im afraid if i go back and take the rest of the month to make my level better I wont have any time for voting. Please let me know.My level is PRIUS_ECO FRIENDLY, Everyone please heart and suggestions are appreciated!!

  • okay my level is published Prius_Prius Vs. Train

  • My level idea got kind of large, but that will be good for you honorable sackpeople. (At least I finished before the deadline.) This will get you about 30-45 minutes of excellent adventure. Enjoy!

    One day, the Perky Prius lets down its guard and is attacked by the evil Oilies. Its powerful Priforce is scattered across the world. The Greenies need a hero like you to recover the three pieces of the Priforce and clean up their land. ……. This shows up as a cutscene, but it is actually level linked for a total of three cutscenes and four complete levels.

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