Dead Nation Comes to Home + Novus Prime Update, Blue Toad Murder Files, and More

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Dead Nation in PlayStation Home

Dead Nation in PlayStation Home

Beginning this Thursday, February 3rd, PlayStation Home will serve as a respite to the battle-hardened survivors of the zombie apocalypse known as Dead Nation – the explosive action-shooter now available exclusively on the PlayStation Network. The Dead Nation “Safe House” is one of the last bastions of humanity in a world ravaged by a deadly virus that has turned the majority of mankind into a sweeping horde of brain-thirsty zombies. Complete with an improvised shooting range, the Dead Nation “Safe House” is the perfect retreat for you and the remaining pocket of survivors to recoup and reload. Hone your skills in this brand-new game space by taking out as many zombie targets as you can, placing on the leaderboard and demonstrating your undead-slaying abilities. Just remember to always aim for the brain.

NovusPrime: Codebreaker

Novus PrimeHellfire Games’ hit sci-fi space shooter – receives an update this week. Earth Fleet scouts have reported sightings of very large fighter ships among the enemy armada. Evidence also suggests that all bot vessels are being outfitted with new weapons. In response, a new shipment of gear is arriving at Novus Prime. The commercially-built fighter ship known as the Codebreaker leads the new arrivals. Outfitted with the latest in defensive shielding technology, the Codebreaker disrupts nearby AI systems, turning bot ships into allies. A specialized interface helmet is included, which may be worn at any time.

NovusPrime: Ion Cannons

New weapon technology: Capable of dealing out massive damage, the Ion Beam is a turret-mounted cannon that fires upon the turret’s target for as long as the fire button is held. Once the beam connects, it takes a few seconds to reach the maximum damage potential. If you buy the Ion Beam you also get the Ion Blaster Cannons. Slip these cannons over your arms and feel the power of a thousand suns!

NovusPrime: Jetpack boots

Looking to experience the ultimate freedom? Now you can with the Zero-gravity Simulator jet pack! With this on your back, you can float freely throughout the space station. And if you want an extra speed boost, grab a pair of Propulsion Boots. The Propulsion Boots also include the Turbo-Matrix Speed Booster which can be equipped to a ship’s upgrade slot to significantly increase its top speed.

NovusPrime: Databot

Two new companions are now available! Say hello to DataBot Jr., a highly-portable companion bot that hovers over all terrain, following diligently as your faithful pal. It also fits into most overhead storage compartments.

NovusPrime: RogueMech

These Rogue Mech Suits were recovered from an abandoned outpost that was believed to be operated by space pirates. They are fully operational and should not require oil changes for at least 3,000 miles.

Blue Toad Murder Files in PlayStation Home

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Blue Toad Murder Files releasing on the PlayStation Network, we are releasing a host of Blue Toad items for sale in the PlayStation Home Mall. Stressed after a hard days investigation? Relax in your very own Blue Toad Hot Tub. Or go nuts and deck out your personal space with the Giant Sheep, Bongo Drum and stylish Murder Rug. While you are at it, pick up the variety of Blue Toad costumes, including a life-sized Toad outfit and a deer-stalker hat (for all you budding detectives).

Konami is hosting another one of their uber-popular parties this weekend. Come out to the Konami space this weekend in your SAW II: Flesh and Blood items and earn extra points!

Home: Valentine's DayHome: Valentine's Day

Home: Valentine's Day Home: Valentine's Day

The PlayStation Home Mall gets an update this week with new Valentine’s Day-themed items. Pick up the Heart-Shaped Box active item (pictured below) and the array of Codeglue items – including three new companions (as well as multiple clothing items).

Visit the PlayStation Home Community Theater this week to watch the newest edition of Replay with Doc as well as a new episode of the Hip Hop Gamer videocast – which focuses on the Homefront, THQ’s upcoming first person shooter.

Finally, don’t forget to take part in the on-going Killzone 3 “Total Game Integration” experience, available in PlayStation Home for a limited time only. Join your fellow soldiers and defend the Central Plaza against waves of Helghast infantry, airships, and ground vehicles by manning the Central Plaza Defender and mowing down the approaching enemy forces. Complete all the community challenges to unlock exclusive rewards – including a voucher good for three Unlock Points that can be redeemed for new weapons and abilities in the Killzone 3 multiplayer. Pre-order Killzone 3 through straight from the kiosk in Central Plaza to receive:

  • A limited edition Killzone 3 jetpack for your Home avatar, not available anywhere else
  • Unlock and Load Pack, instant access to an additional three Unlock Points to use on the weapon or ability of your choice in Killzone 3 multiplayer
  • Retro Map Pack, featuring two of the most popular maps from Killzone 2

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  • Decent looking update, but anything new on the Mansion?

    • You can bet that starting tomorrow, you can ask one of the friendly, neighborhood Home Community Volunteers for a tour of the Infinity Pool (the second release of the Mansion).

  • Hey I wanted to know Killzone 3 do you know if it will have custom music again? And how long is the event till? Thanks Playstation homr Rules!

    • I can only speak on Home, so concerning the music in Killzone 3, I do not know.

      And as for how long the invasion will last, it will probably continue as long as the Helghast continue to invade. Stay strong citizens of Home!

  • When are the codes going to be live? I unlocked it the first day when the Central Plaza was changed to a battlefield, but the code does not work. :)

    • The voucher codes won for completing all the Challenges in the Plaza Defender will work once Killzone 3 is released.

  • IS the new Valentine’s Day themed items going to be a gift to send?

    • No, they are available for standard purchase for your own collection. However, you may decorate your Clubhouse with them and share the love that way with your friends and fellow gamers.

  • Never mind… I’ll go back to my corner now.

  • The new companions look awesome, and look, now there is a lil’ sis, lol.

  • I beat the Killzone 3 mini game, I have to say at first it was kind of annoying, until I realized my control setting in Home were reversed! lol, after I figured that out it became fun, especially after you get home avatar outfit pieces and bonus in the game itself.

    I will say this, it should have been move compatible!

    • Yes, if the inverted verticle axis is not your style, feel free to change that in the Menu Pad. Hit Start > Options > Settings > Controls. There you will find the ability to invert your Up/Down and Left/Right orientation.

      Now back to the battlefield!

  • Also, I have a friend who has lost some items that he had earned. He called customer service, they told him to delete Home and redownload it. When he did that, he lost EVERYTHING, including all of his items he earned at Midway 1 and 2, all of his Dolphys from his Hudson Dolphy room, all of his effects, and every item he has ever bought on PS Home. He keeps getting the run around on how to get his items restored. Is there anything that can be done for him?

    • Deleting Home and its Save Files should not affect your inventory of either purchased item or rewards. That is all kept on servers. That would only clear the way personal spaces are decorated as well as how your avatar appears. (I always recommend backing up the Save Files before deleting them.)

      Customer Service should be able to collect more information on that–it sounds highly unusual. Have they checked their Storage for items that are not in the normal area of the Wardrobe, etc?

  • hey L_S when we gonna see the singstar outfits here in the US? or any brotherhood costumes… you know.. things that ppl actually wanna see on home instead of lame game updates that nobody cares about? im just saying… you know…

  • Dead Nation Online Co-op voice chat patch when???

  • Until a GT5 public game space I am out of Home.

    • We on the Home team would welcome that with open arms too! Unfortunately, we can only ask the various stakeholders and share the requests from the community of Home.

  • very nice it has been a very good year so far on home now if they more about the new psp that would be great so far i want it if the price is right

    • This is the weekly Home blog post, and I cannot speak on the NGP, but keep your eyes on the blog for more information as it is released!

  • Hello Locust,looks like we are getting a nice update, however i would like to see an update for the DIESEL STORE its been almost 2 years, another thing is the GARBAGE CAN i asked for, to send all the items we dont want, not even in storage, also i would like to see a feature that lets you re friend someone that you have deleted in a moment of anger….lol hey im a girl , i have my moments, who are you to judge me ……! LMAO anywho, i deleted someone and now i cant remember his online ID so this feauture like PEOPLE YOU HAVE DELETED , ADD AGAIN WOULD BE NICE …THANK YOU

    • Awwww, de-friending isn’t nice. Next time, just take a couple deep breaths while counting to 10. It works like a charm. Or just write down all your friends’ PSN IDs so you can add them again later.

  • Oh WoW…I love ALL this stuff..I LOVE that jet pac and boots
    cant wait to get to novus to see the new stuff. Yea.Im 45 years old and I LOVE all this stuff..
    This is Hometastic.Ty so much..

    • We’re glad to hear it musicman! By the way, I like that word, “Hometastic.” I might have to use it sometime.

  • Where is Dead Nation voice chat. Stoked I’ve wasted $15 on it so far.

  • That cupid baby companion just looks creepy. Also could you tell konami {or whoevers responsiable for that space update} from me to maybe make those points have meaning after you reach level 10 and it not require so much point grinding.

    • Come to more of their parties when they increase the number of points for each dance off! That way you’ll earn more in less time.

  • Hey Locust. Are there any prizes for playing the mini game in the Dead Nation space? I’ll be looking forward to it. Dead Nation is a great game :-)

  • There comes a point in everyones lives when u realize GARBAGE IS GARBAGE, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…these updates, let me tell ya, since the year began…have SUCKED, the home mansion? a 15 dll waste my friends…the robotic canine I bought is sooooooo not what I wanned, It’s loud n annoying worst than my RL dog IMAGINE THAT. I will not lay here in my bed pretending like EVERYONE who posts here does, the update is a no no, LIKE THE LAST 5 HOME UPPDATES, I cant wait till 2nd life comes out in the 360 Ima so leave Home tahtah Home Forever. Anyways seriously, you should try adding the singstar outfits, maybe some new COOL personal space like Holliwood Hills. Thank You, have a pleasant day, oh n some stockings that u can wear with SHOES!

    • LOL! Did you notice last week’s variety of ladies’ socks and stockings? The ability to just add socks to various shoes is not here, as you know, but Lockwood is bringing you more options anyway.

  • Criss Angel Coffin Couch still Missing Please Fix it Home Mods!

    By: DCS

  • when is the add ons 4 the Mansion #@#@#@#@#@@#@#@#@#@@@@####@@@####@@@@@@@@@###@@@#@##@##@##@#@##@##@@#@#@#@#@#@@

    • The Infinity Pool will be coming out tomorrow for tours only and released shortly after. So hit up your fellow Home Community Volunteers for a visit!

  • Missing Paid item still Gone:

    Capcom Street Fighter IV ABEL (Male) GI TOP.

    Called Support and they said that the Home Mods are the ones who need to fix this item!

    So Home Mods Please Fix this item… It is a PAID item afterall and it’s not in my Wardrobe or Storage. And yes i have the item receipt if needed. But i want my Missing Paid item back and Fixed Please?

    By: DCS

  • When will the Subway and Slurpee Codes work for Home?

    It seems people are getting Subway Codes for Home but there not working yet?

    What’s the deal on these?

    By: DCS

    • The Subway codes should work starting on tomorrow, February 3rd, so try again in the morning. The Slurpee codes have not been released to the public yet.

  • Glass? When Home Centeral Plaza goes back to Normal since it’s been Destroyed right now. LOL! Does that mean were gonna get a New Plaza or maybe some new places at least added to the Plaza at that time? Any News?

    Let us know?

    By: DCS

  • Are the arm blasters animated in some way?

    And if so, is it limited to just the novus space or can they be used throughout Home? They actually look pretty cool IMO.

  • I pre-ordered Killzone 3 from Amazon thru Home. When will I get the voucher code for my Helghast Jetpack?

  • Konami should be generous during events. The soccer one last time only gave an extra 14 pts every 10 min or so. Unless you’re awesome at DDR, it just takes way too long to earn 25k.

    • I know I’m not a DDR super star, but I know several people who are. There’s always a balance to be found in making the game challenging enough for the pros and still fun for everyone else. I suggest practicing so increase your rate of gaining points, and in the meantime having a great time doing it.

  • They’re is problem with the Slurpee code! I didn’t get a code, and yet it sold out?! Maybe is a bug!?
    And i saw a Dead Nation Space from a last update; but it not yet open!
    I post it on a forums:

    and yet it a awesome update…But are we geting a new Central Plaza since it’s been Destroyed? as DCS said. LOL!

  • Pretty big update tomorrow, looking forward to the new Novus Prime content and some of the V-day stuff looks cool.

  • lol…Awesome. Dead Nation gets a home space BEFORE it gets the voice chat patch.

  • they’re not answering the voice chat patch for DN ?s Come on guys I love DN it is totally badass. But you guys gotta know that we need this voice chat… I know u can’t comment for whatever reason but please… tell us that you are working on it I bet that’ll make everyone rest easy knowing that it will be on the way…

  • The Dead Nation Space seems good, but I wanna see some
    some valetine-themed clothing items! That would be

    • Never fear! Lockwood will be re-releasing a few dozen Valentine’s Day-themed clothing and furniture items, so there will be no lack in options to surround yourself in the spirit (and colors) of the season.

  • Well hopefully this update does not cause the dreaded z (9, -2) network error.

    But it looks like a good update.

  • Now we know what the good people at Dead Nation have been working on instead of voice chat. It was released on DECEMBER 2nd that v.c. would be coming “soon”. Soon to me means give or take 2 weeks. Not 2+ months.

  • Sweet, a Dead nation space! It is a Public Space, or a Personal Apartment space?

    • It is a public space, bringing a Zombie Practice Range mini-game and rewards. For fans of the game, there will also be a Dead Nation Zombie companion available as well to purchase.

  • A lot of hard work going into Home. But, there’s nothing in this update that makes me want to go back Home. That’s not to dismiss the hard work I see making Home better, but it’s all the same updates all the time – new space, new mini games, more virtual crap to buy and just look at. I really hope that future updates will shake things up more at Home, but I guess those only come in the form of core updates, which are few and far between.

    • Have you been in the war zone that used to be Central Plaza? If that’s not shaking things up with all the facets of Total Game Intergration to Killzone 3, then I don’t know what is.

  • Hey Glass

    Will they ever bring beautiful gowns and dresses, like they have in japan Home? Or any news about Singstar outfits? Or can you give me any news about new clothes for females? NO MORE Socks and Stockings! plz and thank you lol

  • very BIG update this week, awesome! Going to be fun giving sneak-peek tours again. :^)

  • @ AfroFox09

    I agree. Japan has awesome stuff for girls on their server, even cool ninja/samurai costumes. And of course, Hatsune Miku. We`re not gonna get anything cool like that on our server cos the other girls are asking for dumb stuff like more $5 handbags, socks and stockings.

    Seriously, you want socks and stockings, go buy some in a real mall and stop wasting the time and talents of the Home Developers. It`s like being offered one wish by a genie, you can ask for ANYTHING in the world, and some tard jumps out of nowhere and asks for SOCKS(or in this case, stockings this week).

    As for this weeks update, the new companions look cute. I like Codeglue`s little grey cat/mouse thing, and the Dead Nation stuff is cool. Like the Blue Toad stuff too, lol. But c`mon Witchblade and dragon costumes! I need a dragon costume, look at my name! I`m Feral_Dragon and I`m running around as a cat on Home! People are always commenting that I don`t look like a dragon! Help me out here!

  • i want mass effect 2 and dragon age content on home… pleeeeeeeease!

  • is there any news on Capcom Sky Lounge, or any other IREM spaces coming to NA? It would be nice to have our current IREM spaces updated to have the beach towels and wedding chapels that Japan has had for so long already.

  • In Re: Comment 8 reply, his entire inventory is emptied out, storage included. He was told that a Mod would have to look up the information to try to restore everything that he had, but he has yet to be able to find a Mod in home, just a couple of Guides who said they would “talk to the higher ups”, which has so far resulted in no help. HOPEFULLY putting it on here for you to see, Mr. GlassWalls, will help him find a solution to his problem. So far, all he has been given by customer service (both Sony and PlayStation) is the run around. He enjoys Home very much, but is highly frustrated that he cannot get his items back. I would be glad to send you his user ID if it would help at all.

  • i gotta say….
    that toad costume looks pretty killer! lol

  • I booted up Home to visit the KZ3 space. It’s still the sterile lifeless world with endless loading screens. Removing voice chat was a bad idea and the spaces need more ambient noise or music. The shooting mini game was terrible, very poor controls. Do you test these things before releasing them? You should have a testing team seperate from the Home dev team and one that doesn’t include just Home groupies.

  • The Dead Nation area looks like it’s straight out of Left 4 Dead.. which is always a good thing hehe.

  • Please be more specific. Will the preorders for kz on home end on the 21st? What bout the games in home, will it and the ability to earn points end on the 21st as well?

  • heyy (:
    great work in thee updates.
    question bout the new companionsz : can they guide yu everywhere or just in yur own placesz liike the robodog thiingy?
    && isz it true that the several add-onsz for the mansion will not be connected? tat wud kiinda suck if yu go outsiide & all yur guestz qettin kicked out.
    && please please please with a cherry on top add way more clothesz every week ..thank yuh <3

    PS :ii agree wiith the person above.. the Diesel store isz pretty worthless… && that on a top location… add a fleamarket there instead where ppl can trade their stuff that tehy don;t want anymore ii mean hey i spent almost 200 $ on Home i;d share or donate some of my stuff ;p

  • The KZ3 mini game in Home is difficult starting wave 2. I dont understand wat I have to do exactly to win wave 2. How am I supposed to destroy that last ship coming at me? The aiming is not rock solid just like in KZ2 (but that was almost unplayable online compared to say a COD game). The zoom in feature blocks much of the viewing area and the movement of the gun is fast and difficult to aim at a target quickly without much practice.


  • I need a talking burrito pet…pretty bad actually

  • HEY … Your not going to get the ability to distribute copyrighted content via HDD TV /RADIO . have you not caught on to the trend of DRM management yet ?

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