Dead Nation Comes to Home + Novus Prime Update, Blue Toad Murder Files, and More

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Dead Nation in PlayStation Home

Dead Nation in PlayStation Home

Beginning this Thursday, February 3rd, PlayStation Home will serve as a respite to the battle-hardened survivors of the zombie apocalypse known as Dead Nation – the explosive action-shooter now available exclusively on the PlayStation Network. The Dead Nation “Safe House” is one of the last bastions of humanity in a world ravaged by a deadly virus that has turned the majority of mankind into a sweeping horde of brain-thirsty zombies. Complete with an improvised shooting range, the Dead Nation “Safe House” is the perfect retreat for you and the remaining pocket of survivors to recoup and reload. Hone your skills in this brand-new game space by taking out as many zombie targets as you can, placing on the leaderboard and demonstrating your undead-slaying abilities. Just remember to always aim for the brain.

NovusPrime: Codebreaker

Novus PrimeHellfire Games’ hit sci-fi space shooter – receives an update this week. Earth Fleet scouts have reported sightings of very large fighter ships among the enemy armada. Evidence also suggests that all bot vessels are being outfitted with new weapons. In response, a new shipment of gear is arriving at Novus Prime. The commercially-built fighter ship known as the Codebreaker leads the new arrivals. Outfitted with the latest in defensive shielding technology, the Codebreaker disrupts nearby AI systems, turning bot ships into allies. A specialized interface helmet is included, which may be worn at any time.

NovusPrime: Ion Cannons

New weapon technology: Capable of dealing out massive damage, the Ion Beam is a turret-mounted cannon that fires upon the turret’s target for as long as the fire button is held. Once the beam connects, it takes a few seconds to reach the maximum damage potential. If you buy the Ion Beam you also get the Ion Blaster Cannons. Slip these cannons over your arms and feel the power of a thousand suns!

NovusPrime: Jetpack boots

Looking to experience the ultimate freedom? Now you can with the Zero-gravity Simulator jet pack! With this on your back, you can float freely throughout the space station. And if you want an extra speed boost, grab a pair of Propulsion Boots. The Propulsion Boots also include the Turbo-Matrix Speed Booster which can be equipped to a ship’s upgrade slot to significantly increase its top speed.

NovusPrime: Databot

Two new companions are now available! Say hello to DataBot Jr., a highly-portable companion bot that hovers over all terrain, following diligently as your faithful pal. It also fits into most overhead storage compartments.

NovusPrime: RogueMech

These Rogue Mech Suits were recovered from an abandoned outpost that was believed to be operated by space pirates. They are fully operational and should not require oil changes for at least 3,000 miles.

Blue Toad Murder Files in PlayStation Home

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Blue Toad Murder Files releasing on the PlayStation Network, we are releasing a host of Blue Toad items for sale in the PlayStation Home Mall. Stressed after a hard days investigation? Relax in your very own Blue Toad Hot Tub. Or go nuts and deck out your personal space with the Giant Sheep, Bongo Drum and stylish Murder Rug. While you are at it, pick up the variety of Blue Toad costumes, including a life-sized Toad outfit and a deer-stalker hat (for all you budding detectives).

Konami is hosting another one of their uber-popular parties this weekend. Come out to the Konami space this weekend in your SAW II: Flesh and Blood items and earn extra points!

Home: Valentine's DayHome: Valentine's Day

Home: Valentine's Day Home: Valentine's Day

The PlayStation Home Mall gets an update this week with new Valentine’s Day-themed items. Pick up the Heart-Shaped Box active item (pictured below) and the array of Codeglue items – including three new companions (as well as multiple clothing items).

Visit the PlayStation Home Community Theater this week to watch the newest edition of Replay with Doc as well as a new episode of the Hip Hop Gamer videocast – which focuses on the Homefront, THQ’s upcoming first person shooter.

Finally, don’t forget to take part in the on-going Killzone 3 “Total Game Integration” experience, available in PlayStation Home for a limited time only. Join your fellow soldiers and defend the Central Plaza against waves of Helghast infantry, airships, and ground vehicles by manning the Central Plaza Defender and mowing down the approaching enemy forces. Complete all the community challenges to unlock exclusive rewards – including a voucher good for three Unlock Points that can be redeemed for new weapons and abilities in the Killzone 3 multiplayer. Pre-order Killzone 3 through straight from the kiosk in Central Plaza to receive:

  • A limited edition Killzone 3 jetpack for your Home avatar, not available anywhere else
  • Unlock and Load Pack, instant access to an additional three Unlock Points to use on the weapon or ability of your choice in Killzone 3 multiplayer
  • Retro Map Pack, featuring two of the most popular maps from Killzone 2

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