MLB 11 The Show “In a Jam” Trailer Gets Epic

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Sports fans –

We’re only a few weeks away from Spring Training which means baseball season is almost here! So before pitchers and catchers report, we thought we’d show you our new MLB 11 The Show trailer, entitled “In a Jam.” As you’ll see in the video, flamethrower and AL Rookie of the Year Neftali Feliz has been called in to finish off Angels All-Star Torii Hunter. With one out and runners at the corners, a ground ball could end the threat. Can the Rangers turn 2?

More than ever before, MLB 11 The Show showcases the real-life intensity and drama of Major League Baseball. “In a Jam” is the first in a series of three cinematic trailers that demonstrate the photo-realistic visuals and stadium designs, custom animations, and heart-pounding action that The Show will be bringing in 2011. But the experience doesn’t stop there—MLB 11 features Pure Analog controls, all new co-op play (online and offline), an improved Road to The Show mode, and the ability to compete for real-world prizes in the all new Challenge of the Week.

Check back soon for more MLB 11 The Show announcements and stay tuned for Chapter 2… “Yankee Killer.” Don’t forget: Reserve and Purchase MLB 11 The Show and receive FREE 30 days MLB.TV on your PS3!

Welcome to The Show!

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  • I cant wait to try out MLB 11 with my Move.

    Best MLB gaming series out there. Keep it up guys and awesome stuff on the bonuses!

  • Awesome! Can’t wait to get this.

  • *In my best Bart Scott voice* “Can’t Wait!”

  • This is the 2nd trailer with broadcast announcers. The critisism in recent years has been the mundane commentary. I know Hud is gone for this years version and perhaps forever. Also in the 1st too trailers you guys went for a cinematic trailer. Has presentation i.e. commentary undergone a facelift?

    I’ve been playing this game for a long while and last year I hit a wall with this game as it has become stale too me. I know analog controls are introduce, but what about stats such as splits in franchies and a host of other things. Its reminding me of Madden, with no real ingenuity.

  • Why is it that you can only use Move in Home Run Derby? Did you guys think it would be frustrating or tiring for 9 innings. Did you guys think it wouldn’t work well with pitching?

  • I like how Mauer is the face of MLB: The Show.

  • im not a baseball fan but that was pretty cool

  • I really wish the “broadcast announcers” in MLB 11 The Show sounded as good or close to the what the “broadcast announcers” sound in this great trailer!!!

    I am so glad Sony removed “Rex” and I hope they will remove “Dave” next year too!!!

    And I really hope that Sony can someday soon make the “broadcast announcers” in MLB The Show like they are in 2K10 Baseball.

    You know how they talk to each other and also talk about last nights game or the week ahead. In 2K10 Baseball the “broadcast announcers” actually sond like they are all in the botth together and watching the game. Where as in MLB 10 The Show you can tell that the “broadcast announcers” each did their own recordings separately.

    Also please add something like “MLB Today” Live rosters!!!

    I only buy MLB The Show every year becasue over all its the baseball game out there by far! However I really mis the above things I mentioned from 2K10 Baseball.

  • Cant wait lets GO PHILLIES!!!!!

  • Will be the first baseball game I purchase since World Series Baseball ’98 for Sega Saturn.

    (buying because the game supports the Move)

  • ….but if ATLRoach’s comments (#5) are accurate, then i will definitely not be buying this game…. I want to be able to wind up and throw a pitch, so if all you can use the Move controller for is a home run derby, then I will pass and just hope that Sony eventually releases some kind of Move Baseball Title.

  • As a yankee fan im not liking the title of the next video… also when can we expect news on the new road to the show?

  • That new baseball controller looks suweeeet! I just might tweet about it!

  • Great Video. I live for this. Looking forward to the March release of this game.

  • will The Show 10 servers be closing soon? or are you keeping them up longer?

  • Can’t wait for this again as I buy them all every year!! This year is especially exciting due to my Giants being the World Series champs!!!

    Sure would’ve been nice to have Brian Wilson, Timmy Lincecum or Buster Posey on the cover though instead of using Mauer again…

    Looking forward to co-op!!!!

  • sick looks so badass with those graphics

  • looks great…. but one thing i noticed was the home crowd didnt react to that super close call double play…they werent ecstatic…

  • what u mean “what type of news?” do we get to have endorsements or media interviews or any cool stuff like that?

    • No the cool stuff is a complete overhaul of the mode from the player creation process to the removal of advancement goals and organizational advancement.

  • is there going to be online co-op? please

  • I think i will have to pass because every year is the same stuff. idc about using the stick to throw and getting rid of some stuff in road to the show. co-op and new commentators is a step in the right direction but nothing new to make me REALLY want this game…

  • take a look at my player mode in nba 2k11… the endorsements, the shoes, the interviews, the crow chanting MVP! thats what us road to the show fans want. we want to feel like superstars when we reach that level in the game.

  • Cash has been a little tight, so I’m still playing MLB ’09 The Show, but I figured I’d throw my hat in the ring here and say you guys have made the best baseball game I’ve ever played, and I’ve been gaming a long time. Keep up the good work.

  • Any chance of a video showing off some of the new weather effects? Thats a feature I’ve been looking forward to for a long time in this series. I will be buying this Day 1 as usual…thank you for making such a brilliant baseball game year in and year out!

  • @SCEA great job on MLB 11 the show. How does progressive field look in the game? Thanks keep up the good work.

  • Drooling as usual over the next installment of The Show. Can’t wait for this years version.

  • Another great looking game from San Diego Studios. Nice showcase of my all time favorite team as well. Let’s Go All the Way Next Year TEXAS!!!!

  • Turn 2 on Tori Hunter with a grounder in the hole – Come on Man!!

    Phillies in 5 !!

  • Anyway we can have the opportunity to carry over a franchise or RTS player from a previous year? At some point down the line? I hate having to recreate and start from scratch each and every year…

  • Are any more ps1 games coming to psn this month like dino crisis2 or jurassicpark the lost world for ps1 anyone please respond hope they add dino crisis 2 this year.

  • this trailer + me = shaking and crying like a twilight fangirl

  • PLEASE tell me that you have FINALLY added the Riverboat on top of the Batter’s Eye at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati…it has only been there for more than 3 years!!!!!

  • Awesome trailer! Can’t wait till the 8th. Does anyone know what song is in the background? I really like the orchestra

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