PAC-MAN Championship Edition Hits minis Tomorrow

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PAC-MAN Championship Edition minis for PSP & PS3

I am happy to announce that Namco Bandai Games is releasing PAC-MAN Championship Edition for PSN tomorrow! You will be able to find it in the PlayStation mini section of the PSP system’s PlayStation Store for $4.99.

We are excited to bring this title to the PlayStation family as it has certainly made an impression on the gaming community over the past few years. For everyone who downloaded last year’s PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX for PS3 and was blown away by the changes made to the fantastic PAC-MAN formula, PAC-MAN Championship Edition will educate you on where some of those changes sprang from.

PAC-MAN Championship Edition minis for PSP & PS3

PAC-MAN Championship Edition was originally designed for 2007’s PAC-MAN World Championship in New York as a special commemoration of PAC-MAN’s 27th Anniversary. The title was also the last game PAC-MAN’s creator, Toru Iwatani, designed before his retirement from the video game industry. In his final sendoff to his original creation, Iwatani-san and the PAC-MAN Championship Edition development team were able to take everything that made PAC-MAN what we know and love for three decades, and refine it into a game with enough nostalgia for gamers who have grown up with PAC-MAN, along with modern gameplay enhancements to make it fresh and new for a younger generation. In the end, they succeeded with flying colors, creating the benchmark of how classic arcade remakes should be done.

PAC-MAN Championship Edition minis for PSP & PS3 PAC-MAN Championship Edition minis for PSP & PS3

PAC-MAN Championship Edition plays similar to the original PAC-MAN arcade game. You’ll find Pac-Dots, Power Pellets and four ghosts spread across a variety of mazes. The major additions to the PAC-MAN franchise introduced in Championship Edition are time limits, Pac-Dot multipliers and dynamically shifting mazes. The timer is easy enough to understand. Get the highest score you can within a certain time limit. Easy! Points are earned by eating ghosts and Pac-Dots. The more dots you eat, the more points they are worth. If PAC-MAN loses a life the number of points per Pac-Dot is reset. The real magic is when the maze rearranges itself to repopulate itself with more Pac-Dots. When PAC-MAN consumes all the Pac-Dots across one half of a maze, an item appears on the opposite side of the maze. When PAC-MAN eats that item the side of the maze without Pac-Dots seamlessly reorganizes itself into a new configuration with more Pac-Dots and Power Pellets to chomp.

PAC-MAN Championship Edition minis for PSP & PS3

For those of you whose first experience with PAC-MAN Championship Edition series was Championship Edition DX, say goodbye to your ghost trains, bombs and slowdown. This is a relatively more traditional take on PAC-MAN and the only thing that will save you this time around when you’re stuck between a ghost and a hard place is going to be razor sharp reflexes.

We hope everyone enjoys the game!

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  • pac-man on my psp!

  • This is the second time today I peed myself from excitement. Thanks Sony.

  • WOOHOO! Now if we could get the DX version as a mini as well.

  • $4.99 is kind of a lot for this game but it is very addicting….angry birds was $3.99 right?

  • Well I already have this on my PS3 (DX) so no need for me to get it again, but its good for people who want it on the go on the PSP.

  • YES!!!!!!!! Count me in! Love this game on the PS3 and will def pick this up for my PSP.

  • So then the DX version isnt going on sale? Bummer.

  • All I can say is finally. Now our european bretheren can stop holding it over us that they have this and we don’t. :p

  • why not DX?

  • One question. Two player co-op?

  • I think I’ll pass seeing as I already own DX

  • Just the CE edition, I played it 3 1/2 years ago. The iPhone even had it in 09.

  • I loved DX, and will get this if the price is right. Junior Pacman was my favorite “classic” version; I loved the multi-screen, scrolling mazes that reminded me of Rogue-like dungeon crawling games.

    That being said, I’d really like to see DLC for the DX version that adds more maps, music, and trophies!

    It would also be really cool to see “HD” versions of Pac-Man World 1-3. I really liked those on those games, and they looked pretty good at the time due to their use of hardware T&L.

  • This is great news. I will be buying this game day 1. I want to know do you have any plans on giving other Namco games the championship treatment? I think Dig Dug could be cool made in this style.

  • I seriously wonder what took this so long to be released? Pac-Man CE was rumored for the “minis” program when back when the program was first announced.

    I guess this another one of those “better late, than never” situations, right?

  • i’m very happy with my ps3 ver of pacman DX. i guess i might dip on this later down the road. in any case, cant wait for wednesday to arrive ;0)

  • I wanted CE DX on my PSP, not CE. Me=Bummed :(

  • I am very excited for this, I have been asking on the Blog now for weeks when it will be available and here it finally is! Thanks again for bringing this out!

  • For people who have played both:

    If I have DX (and love it) is there much point in getting this one, besides being able to play it on the PSP?

  • Cool.

    Maybe talk to the people at Namco and have them also bring this game to PSN and soon the NGP with those new modified controllers and trophy support.

    It shouldn’t be that hard to port.

    Make it happen Namco.

    Already got 100% of the trophies on Pac Man: Championship Edition DX.

    I would like to also get 100% on Championship Edition whenever you guys release that on PSN.


    Still great news to say the least.


  • Sucks that they didn’t add more features from the PS3 version. I was looking foward playing that in the subway.

  • Guaranteed sale here — loved this on 360, and loved Pac Man CE DX on PS3. I was hoping this would make it over to Sony’s side.

    @20: Aren’t minis playable on PS3 as well, like PS1 Classics are? I don’t know, I haven’t bought a mini yet. The lack of trophy support is a bummer — frankly, I was hoping this content would be fused into DX by way of DLC — but as far as I know we can still play it on PS3.

  • hoo yeah, this is AWESOME. Thanks!

  • these features (no ghost trains, bombs, etc) should have been added to the dx version as more features. no one who has dx is going to rebuy this unless they have a psp too. i would pay for reasonable dlc, because these could have been on/off features as well as a no timer/highest score mode. namco you did a great job with dx and it is one of the best surprises of last year, but you should find a way to combine the minis features as an add on with dx! it would add some life to an already good game.

  • and how about a patch for custom soundtrack for Pac Man Dx

  • Ugh! Dx is much better! Oh well, at least there’s a PSP version.

  • Sweet! This will be the fourth PAC-MAN Championship Edition game I get, and I still can’t get enough! Can’t wait to see it on the crisp PSPgo screen!

  • Nick,
    Thanks for the update, that’s very cool, but now, I will ask what no one else has:

    “Will myself & my fellow PS PLUS Subscribers, be getting this for free?


  • $4.99 for a mini!? Playing with fire aren’t you Sony? I still haven’t purchased Angry Birds because the price, considering what your competitors sell it for, is outrageous. This is setting a bad trend, whats next, $6.99?

  • I’ll be happy to buy this when I can.

  • I’ll be buying this tomorrow, cant wait!

  • for those curious about the slow pace which ps1 games are released:

  • i prefer the DX version. Though i already have my good old ps3 to play ps3 games, and i don’t really want to play it on my psp if i need to rebuy the same game. After all, no portable should be designed more around direct ports more than original ips and games designed for the platform *hinthint!!!NGP!!!nudgenudge*.

  • @ExPresident
    Regarding the Price for these Minis…

    I don’t think we’re sending the right message to Sony when Angry Birds Mini shoots to the top of the Bestsellers list. I was pretty enraged about the price – But it was Angry Birds… on my PSP… goodbye money!

    They tested the water with a $3.99 Mini, and a lot of us caved in. I’m sure the $4.99 Pac Man will be too much for many of us to resist either. So yeah… be prepared for $6.99 as Sony keeps testing the ceiling on the prices.

  • Pac-Man CE DX is fun, but nowhere near as good as the original CE. So, even if it has taken a few years for this to make it to the PSP, thankfully it is the original. For anybody saying “I already have DX, why would I want this”, they’re completely different games. DX is enjoyable because it makes you feel like you’re a master at the game, but CE is far, far more about real skill, ability, and making the most of every second on the clock.

    Also can’t believe the arguments on price. Just because a game is a “mini” doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a set amount.

  • Just played it, and it’s WAAAAAY harder that I expected. Why would Namco downgraded Championship Edition DX to the original CE? I mean, the controls are very difficult to handle and the ghost mostly chases after Pac-Man which gives me a 39% chance of finishing a mode in 5-10 full minutes since the Bomb isn’t existed in CE.

    So uhh…if DX version will come out instead, more PSP gamers will surely love it. It’s more fun than this.

    I say, think of the positive ways of porting games for the PSP.

  • Hah. I bought this. So happy with it. It is really addicting. Thank you, Sony! I’m never bored again!

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