ModNation Monday: In The Zone. The KILLZONE!

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ModNation Mondays

My Peoples. Coker here on another fine ModNation Monday. The fresh creations keep coming from all of you unbelievable folks in the MNR community, and we couldn’t be more proud.

New Driver

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, we’ve got a new member on Team MNR, and I’m very pleased to introduce you all to Mark Wilson, who will be taking over as our National ModMaster and taking the reigns of the MNR blog. Mark’s a good guy, so take good care of him. Trust me – he gets enough abuse from us around the office. And with that, the baton is passed.

The New Guy

Thank Jason. I’m VERY excited to join the MNR team. What a great game and what a great community of players and creators! Can’t Wait! (attempt at timely Bart Scott reference)

o.k. gang, here is a little about me…

I’m a huge gamer (no, not so much in stature thank you! 6’1” 225). I’ve been hooked on games since the early Atari 2600 days and have been lucky to own pretty much every gaming console since. Only the NEO-GEO escaped my grasp. But hey, you can now get those great NEO-GEO games on the PSN for less than $10 each! Good things come to those that wait huh?

Favorite PS3 games include: ModNation Racers (of course), PAIN, LittleBigPlanet 1&2, Uncharted 1&2, MLB 10, Rock Band 3, Sports Champions, COD Black Ops, Pure, Mass Effect 2, Crazy Taxi, The Last Guy, Rachet & Clank: Tools of Destruction, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, Ghostbusters, Just Cause 2, Lego Star Wars, Warhawk and Madden 11.

Enough about me, let’s talk about you, the MNR fans. I am truly excited to see what WE can accomplish to make this community even more fun and lively than it already is. Every conversation I have had with members of the San Diego Studios MNR team has shown me how much this game means to them personally. They love this game and the community. I will do my very best for them and for you!

How’s this for a start…

The Helghast Invasion Begins Tomorrow!

In case you didn’t know Killzone 3 hits store shelves next month so we wanted to kick the month off right with a Mod and Kart forged in the fires of Helghan itself!


Be on the look out tomorrow, February 1st when you can get your hands on this Helghast Mod and Kart for $1.99.


Don’t forget that you can pick up the Career Unlock All key from the PSN Store $2.99. Now there’s nothing between you and super creator status.

MNR Creations of the Week

Whether you have created one track or one hundred tracks we want to see them all. That’s what this game is all about Play Create Share. Give it your best shot. Who knows, you just might see your creation featured in this weekly blog or your track may make it to the Hot Lap section of the game. Remember these key few points to help you get your creations noticed. No I.P., branded, or inappropriate content. Submit your tracks, mods or karts here. With the release of all the new parts packs, we expect to see your tracks with those new props in them.

Mod and Kart of the Week

Mod Name: Celzeus Creator: WereJackal
Kart Name: Noir
Creator: WereJackal

WereJackal! Wow! This week I have found myself going back to look at your mod over and over again. So much artistic vision, detail, so bizarre, yet so beautiful at the same time. I was a little slow on the uptake on the mod’s name and then it hit me….duh. Great visualization! It’s obvious you didn’t just throw that one together on the fly. Great work! I’m stoked that my first review for mod of the week was this cool! I’m thinking you should build a track based around this character. With your unique eye I’d bet it would be a hit. Can you say “Hot Lap”? I’m not sure if the kart was part of the same dream (or late-night pizza-induced nightmare) but I know I’ll be seeing it in my sleep. Keep em’ coming! Keep em’ coming. You know where to find me!

celzeuscelzeus 2

noirnoir 2

Spotlight Track Of The Week

Track Name: Hong Kong Suey
Track Creator: atheistsw

Maybe its just me or maybe I’m experiencing a case of “beginners luck” here but my first week’s nominees are awesome! The Hong Kong Suey track is one of the better tracks I have ever played (too much too soon?). Honestly. I’m not sure what atheistsw does for a living but based on that track alone you should look into a career as a city planner or at least a high profile landscaper. The details such as palm frons hanging over balconies you are about to scale to the lush San Fran Lombard street-esq route on the way down to the finish brought a big smile to my face. Great use of elevation changes, no gimmicky traps or pitfalls and plenty of side routes that I drove just to take in more scenery. A+


hks 2

Hot Lap Roster for this week

Continuing with the trend we started weeks ago this weeks Hot Lap roster features all new community created tracks.

Monday: Hong Kong Suey by atheistsw
Tuesday: Fault Lines by apricot-jam-IS
Wednesday: Sunset Temple Brawl by Lloyd2k4
Thursday: A Whales Tale by prob_alex
Friday: Oasis Assault by Pikminenco
Saturday: Bamboo 2: The Overgrowth by apricot-jam-IS (Sorry we missed your track last week, buddy. –Coker)
Sunday: Mystery Track

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4 Author Replies

  • Still waiting on news about the snow theme, winter will be over soon! haha

  • Do you know when Sony will release the Update for Mass Effect 2?

  • SOLD!!!

    Now I just need a Normandy shaped kart with Commander Shepard and I’m all set…. well that and a Mass Effect 2 Dynamic Theme and a KZ2 Dynamic theme

  • @ oFelipeNFo first off it’s stupid of you to ask about ME2 in a post about modnation. secondly sony has nothing to do with ME2 it’s a EA game not sony game so your question would be better asked at the EA forums on another site cause sony can’t tell you anything until EA gives them the update. on topic i was wondering if you guys are ever going to release a battle arena mode for modnation, it would be sweet.

  • Hiya, I had a question about the Selectable Mods post from last Monday:

    There was a reply stating that having selectable mods stating that doing so would have memory issues. Quote from the 6th post reply:
    “but selectable Mods in particular leads to some memory issues that make it very complicated”

    I remember doing requests about being able to pick what mod & kart you want the AI to be in a single race.

    My main question is, does ‘Selectable Mods’ pretty much mean the same thing as Pick who and what kart you want the AI to be?

    I just wanted to clarify, this way I’ll have learned new info about this subject. ;)

    • Midiguy, sorry for any confusion. Basically, I was trying to say that every customization option that’s added (such as selecting the Mods and Kart you race against) comes with a “price” memory-wise. I’m not one of the smart guys who maps out what’s possible and what’s not within the limits of the game, but I just wanted to note that any and everything we add to MNR is part of the big MNR machine, and while selecting Mods and Karts to race against is an awesome idea, I can’t say for sure that we will make it happen.

  • Please add button remaping to this game.

  • @Darkedson Obviously you don’t know what i’m talking about, Bioware already delivered the update to Sony on friday,(they said on their forum) and i posted it here because this is the newest post on the blog, i just wanted someone to reply or to someone that KNOWS to see…

  • @Jason Coker do you work for Sony or for the Modnation Team?

  • That’s a sick lineup of hotlap tracks, up there. I can’t wait to try out A Whales Tale :)

    • Thanks Lloyd2k4!,

      I’m looking forward to combing the “Nation” for more great tracks. Keep em’ comin. Tell your friends! I aim to please!

  • Welcome to ModNation Monday Mark :)

    Helghan mod/kart looks pretty wicked – will definitely pick that up. All of the hotlap tracks picked this week are awesome – worth a play by everyone.

    Here’s hoping for some track dlc news next week ;)

    • Hey thanks MylesG,

      I was brought in to dedicate more time to you guys and I hope it will show. Please thank Jason too. He does soooo much for MNR and he is stoked for both me and the community. He makes this game rock!

  • too bad I got over ModNation for ever ago… you need to make a 2nd like LBP to keep fans entertained.

  • Welcome Mark, thanks for the kind words about my track. :)

    I’m really happy you put on a Whale Tale by my good friend prob_alex this week, he’s made a ton of incredible tracks that kept getting ignored for hotlap and I know he was close to giving up, so I’m sure seeing it there will make his day!

    On a side note, something I’ve nagged and nagged about for ages, but another nag won’t hurt! :0 Can you guys PLEASE make it so there is a more comprehensive sort system for tracks whilst in casual race mode? There are so many awesome tracks out there that I (and many others) build up a HUGE collection (500+) of downloaded tracks so that we can provide varied, exciting race rooms showing off the best the community has to offer. So it would be extremely logical to tweak the setup to allow sorting by morer than just date downloaded. Track name, downloads/plays, creator A-Z are just a few idea’s that you could implement to make choosing tracks a more pleasurable and less time consuming experience.

    Oh, one more thing… please fix “top” tracks, there’s nothing TOP about Tiki Tik Mountain ;)

    • Kind words well deserved!

      I have looked at some of your creations and cant wait to see what else you are going to come up with! As one of the “hard-core” players/creators I also look forward to your input. As in most of these situations, not all ideas can be worked on or comments responded to but please know that all input is appreciated! Truly appreciated!

  • wheres speedball 2 trailer for it on you tube no sign of it anywhere

  • can you stop a nose bleed?

  • Feet & Toes.

  • Helghast mod and kart are epic! Also thanks for the unlock. Now my kids can make all the crazy mods they want!

  • Do we get validated parking in the Killzone? lol…


  • awesome need to get back to modnation racers for that killzone mod


  • The helghast are coming to MNR!
    can’t wait to get it

  • Thanks Mark, it will be nice if you can be a little more active with this blog and the community, responding to our questions and input a little more than in the past. I do LOVE this game, which is why I am so vocal (and critical) about the things that aren’t quite right (such as top tracks) but I do respect all that you guys do for us (the Far East theme is awesome, can’t wait for more :) and sometimes feel that our requests and complaints are falling on deaf ears. Anyway, good to have you onboard, looking forward to seeing what you can do to take the Modnation community (and the game itself) to the next level!

    • Its funny you mention Top Tracks. It was on the top of my list and I think eveyone was in agreement it needed to happen. I think you’ll be pretty happy with the change. We’ll announce it in the next blog.

      I can tell you that they really aren’t falling on deaf ears. I know Jason read all posts as will I. It’s just simply a matter of time and resources to answer all of them. Personally (as a MNR fan to begin with) I am happy to see so much time going into making the game even better. So its kind of a give-and-take situation. Turst me these guys care about this game ALOT!

      Thanks for being a fervent supporter!

  • Killzone premium mod/kart is epic. I wish we had a tank kart that we can tinker with.

    Is there a riddle you can give to us for the next coming theme?

    Don’t get me wrong I love the mods & karts that are added cuz of the parts but adding a theme is like adding a sequel to this game…like the career is starting up again. that new career drew me like a magnet lol.

  • @PS: why cant i find Mass Effect 2 on PSN????
    please reply

  • Hoping hard for another double xp week soon :)

  • Awesome, but we need some True Crime Hong Kong coverage! Come on UFG.

  • can i just say that i appreciate how you respond and answer everyones questions on here?
    good job on that, it shows you actually care about this game and the people who play it, unlike ea who completely ignore the offline lag problems for ps3 on fifa and just blame sony for it (while its THEIR fault).
    i hope you continue to respond so much to us :D so again, great job. ;)

  • Wooo! Thanks for the kind words Jason. You dont know how happy I am seeing my creation get recognized on Modnation Monday. I’ll be sure to submit more in the future. Thanks again :).

  • Oh wait, I dont know who did the picking, either Jason or Mark. Well its either one of u, so thanks to you too Mark :).

  • When you release the snow theme track, will there be a ice brush, and track style, and as you drive on it will you be able to slide?

    Also, what themes besides snow can we expect in the future?

  • Thanks Mark and Jason for staying active on this blog. Since you guys are kindly answering questions, I guess I’ll go ahead and ask something that’s been brought up several times from some of the racers that’re still around :p

    We’re kind of curious if we’ll ever see Boardwalk, Drift Paradise, and Flaming Jumps back in the XP Race/Series line ups ever again? These tracks were supposedly taken down because of ‘bugs’ several months back, and we haven’t gotten any update on whether or not these tracks are in a fixed state and that they could be readded to the line up. Currently Alpine Drop, Citadel Heights, and Village Run are replacing these in the lineups, and quite frankly we’re kind of sick of those three because they show up twice as much.

    Us XP Racers really miss the three that were taken down :(

    • Lloyd2k4, that can be done. We’re actually planning to do an XP Series update in the coming weeks, and we’ll get cracking on getting those tracks added back into the rotation.

  • I think a future or space theme would be amazing.

    I notice something in the “loading screens” there’s a Model-T looking kart that pops up that we don’t have…will it show up in the dlc soon? It’s an old looking model-T ish kart.

  • Great update. I enjoy the mod of the week.

    Are you guys planning to have a double XP week again soon. Maybe on for valentines day week?

    • LJ94, we’ll definitely be having more Double XP weeks coming up, but we have something else in mind for the week of Valentine’s Day…..

  • OMG OMG I sense a hit there ^^^^ perhaps a props pack? that’s my guess…hmmm a valentine’s theme? Snow theme? hmmmm still guess on props pack (valentines day related)

  • Just wanted to say that you guys have done an awesome job since taking over the blog, keep up the good work :)

  • I can’t wait to find out!!!!

  • Those Mod & Kart are absolutely gorgeous!

    Too bad they make my Helghast creations obsolete (made way back near the launch of the game) >_<

  • I remember seeing some pretty awesome Helghast mods in the beta. As #37 says, these make them obsolete.

    I really wanted to like MNR. Maybe more than I like LBP but I just couldn’t get into it the same way as I could with LBP

  • MNR is an amazing game. I can’t wait for another career extension. Keep making more mod/kart dlc & themes. I wanna keep getting more n more. How about a night time theme?

  • I’ve got a question about the Career Unlock key…
    Since it unlocks all the parts and characters from the Career, does it also happen to check off in-game that you’ve “completed” all the challenges? I’m hoping it just pre-unlocks the content so that I’ll already have it should I ever achieve success with any more challenges.

    Get what I’m saying? Thanks in advance for your response.

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