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I’ve been out of the office all week at some announcement event, and so haven’t had a ton of time to catch up on what everybody’s writing (hence the short reading list this week). Did I miss anything big?

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of January 24, 2011)

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  • According to, The 3rd Birthday is $29.99 and will release March 21st, can u make a blog about any updates on The 3rd Birthday such as a release date or English voice cast or any other updates. Thank you.

  • I think the most interesting article I read about NGP was from Digital Foundry. They are the best when it comes to evaluating Tech.

  • what is the 3rd birthday?

  • Jeff i must say im very impressed by everything i saw about NGP , being Specs , Games , Apps , LiveArea , overall its a portable dream come true for me lol , when are we gonna know more about the games , pricing and release date ? i hope you guys price it right , i think $249.99 wifi , $299.99 3G enable would be perfect , those things would sell like hotcakes lol , anyways im really intrigued to know more about the games though , i loved the different ways you can play Uncharted , the unique way you are supposed to play Little Deviants and Hot Shot Golf looked really good too , if im not mistaken Guerrilla Games said their next project is a new IP if thats true then who is Developing Killzone NGP ? what about Little Big Planet NGP ? i saw 2 sackboys on screen at the same time , that means online co op finally ? Resistance NGP ? man that line up looked very very good , i saw trophies and friends ( are they gonna be the same psn friends list we have on the ps3 ? ) i hope so , anyways i cant wait to get my hands on the next generation portable

  • oh 1 more thing ” Heavenly Sword : Resurrection ” on PS3/NGP , a man can dream lol

  • Jeff,

    There was no change on the My Trophies issue this week. Tons of games and DLC are still hidden.

    • Is there a list of them being kept on the boards somewhere? Will make it easier when I ambush someone tomorrow (finally back in the office!) ^_^

  • Firmware 3.60 this week =O ?!?!

  • I’m a bit hesitant about buying a PSP2 on release date. Not because of price (which I hope is 250) or because of a lack of features (but multitasking and resume play of the PSP Go among other things best be included in the OS along with HDMI out). It’s fear that a Killzone or Uncharted Edition of the PSP2 that I’ll likely want to own lol.

  • Hey Jeff, got anything on Infamous 2 coming up?

  • hey jeff i don’t know if you could do this but there is bugs on lbp 2 like a water glitch when player number 1 cant swim right could you tell this media molecules to fix this in an update patch i feel like this bug is not common with other people if you cant do it ill understand but yeah i’m still gonna play it.

    • I know that Media Molecule has several dedicated community employees who’s job it is to investigate things like this. The easiest way to get their attention? Twitter

  • so jeff are we gonna get new features to the ps3 online part or will it keep being ignored. seriously when it comes to the online part u guys completely ignore it. u guys haven’t really given us a major update to the online since 2008. and that’s cause u were pretty much forced to cause people were screaming for trophies and in-game xmb.when r u guys gonna spend a year making the online part better than what it is. im not saying it’s bad but damn seriously it can definitely use some improvements. every year when we think u guys are finally gonna do something that make online part better u don’t. instead u give us features that have nothing to do with online at all or better yet u give us features that only benefits a small group a very small group. this is 2011 and there are features people have been wanting since 2006 and u guys don’t even try to tell us why we still don’t have these features. instead u tell us go to the joke that is the share blog. cause we know how much u listen there too. i don’t care how much people hate me after reading this but its the truth u guys don’t listen even though u claim u do which is a big hell no.

  • Mmmmm what’s going to be fun is homebrew NGP, taking the remote play feature and emulating that one other devices. Oh it’s going to be great. Can’t wait for the NGP.

  • Pixeljunk shooter 2 release date will be announced in 30 or less days

  • @2 The 3rd Birthday is the 3rd installment of Square’s beloved Parasite Eve series. It’s about a woman named Aya Brea whom has super powers due to her mutated mitochondria after receiving a cornea transplant from her deceased twin sister whom inherited the mutated mitochondria from her mother that was involved in an EVE incident in Japan where the Parasite EVE novel/movie took place. (Yes the games are a sequel to the novel of the same name.)
    The 3rd Birthday takes place between the years 2010-2014 involving time travel where Aya has lost her memories and it revolves around her wedding gone wrong. She has to fight a new kind of creatures called The Twisted while trying to solve the mystery of her lost memories and what happened on the day of her wedding which is a key scene in the game. The game is to come out hopefully before April with Parasite Eve 1 and 2 hopefully releasing before The 3rd Birthday.

  • I forgot to mention that PE1 and PE2 should be releasing ON PSN.

  • Great week for the playstation family.

    On a side note, i read the “Video Games: Association for Disabled Virtual Athletes debuts in ‘The Show’” article a couple of days ago off twitter. Im very VERY glad to see that it wasnt buried under all the NGP news. Its such an amazing story and article.


    Jeff these past two weeks must have been insane busy for you (and the team) thanks for all your (and their) hard work.

    • Thanks! I’ve been on the road 2 weeks straight. I look forward to getting back in the office and working on more stories for you all with Sid and Rey, as well as planning out GDC activity.

  • Nice DC article. :) Consoles FTW! :D

  • thanks @ 3 !!! lol !! sounds like she has problems !!!!!But one hell of a story !!!!!!

  • at 17 what you mean she has problems ? and what story you talking about ? lmao

  • Jeff, I know theres is going to be some sort of Namco-Bandai event in A couple of days.Are you going to it? I know alot of people are looking forward to the Tales Of Graces f announcement.

    • We’re planning on attending, yes. I don’t know the full list of announcements though, so fingers crossed!

  • @18 The 3rd Birthday’s storyline a.k.a. Parasite EVE 3.

  • Hey Jeff

    When are we going to get a “Report” button so that we can highlight things that need to be moderated?

  • Jeff can you please tell me that Sony is coming up with a UMD trade in program? I have about 30 total UMD’s (24 of them games, and 6 movies), and I really would love to play them on the PSP2. I know I can play them on the PSP 3000, but with up-scaling graphics and a 2nd analog I would rather play it with the PSP2! I also recommended to share, but nothing has even showed up. If you don’t know, make sure you give this feedback to Sony. I bet 99.99% of PSP adopters and UMD adopters will agree with me that an exchange program is needed. UMD to Digital copy! Make happen!!

  • I’ve been thinking about the PSP2 ever since the announcement. Just please price it right, Sony!

  • Welcome back from Japan, Jeff!

    As I’m sure that your aware, PS3 firmware update 3.60 is rumored to include cloud-based game saves for PS Plus subscribers. What has me worried is that game developers have the option to opt-out of this service. This should not be allowed – especially with RPGs where a player can easily invest 30-60 hours of their life into a game and lose all of their progress because the developer chose not to opt-in to the cloud-based game save service.

  • rather small list.. so if I buy the NGP and bring over MGS: Peace Walker or any of my other games. Would I have to aim using the buttons or would it adapt to the right thumbstick?

  • Can we get Bioware to come talk about Dragon Age 2. I want to know when are they going to show some game play.

  • i’m too waiting for the official announcement from namco bandai about tales of graces or other tales for that matter.btw, also read the news from kotaku about firmware 3.60

    it seems that this firmware should bring something good for plus users :0

  • Any idea if Dissidia Duodecim Prologus (demo) is coming to NA PSN?

  • regarding third party support… where’s EA?

  • Jeff:

    I made a comment with a link to the missing items. Check your WordPress moderation queue

  • Jeff, you forgot that the Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Type-0 trailers were released this week!

  • NGP looks amazing and I cannot wait to get it. I think Sony really hit it out of the park – the design, the features, everything. It’s bold, capable and powerful and I can’t wait.

    I just ordered Kingdom Hearts for my PSP so I’ll be playing that for a while. Very excited!

  • Oh! Jeff! I’ve been looking everywhere, is there any way to find out what the title of the song is that was played in the NGP gameplay video reveal?

  • A Tales announcement would top what had been an incredibly mindblowing month for me (LBP2,NGP,FF13VS,KZ3 & TwistedMetal footage)…..i’m on cloud 9 right now

  • Pricing would be great… as foe the guy who said 249 or 300…. man id like that price but no way will that be the price. This things practically a cell even if its not 3g pricing will start at the very least 300 but im feeling a starting price of 400 u know more along the line of what phones with those fetures go for.

  • @Sonicfan11589

    Yes, More on The 3rd Birthday please!

  • Interestingly enough, not a mention of the hacks.

  • Why mention that? Pretty dumb to bring that up.

  • hopefully my idea on share about thumbs up on comments to make it easier on posters!

  • i dont know who i shall ask, but is it possible to change your PSN name without loosing all your friends and lvls in game. i saw some vids on YouTube that you can change your name but only in Japanese. Please Answer

  • How about some longer comments on our PSN IDs? It could work.

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