SOCOM 4 Ships Out April 19th, New Multiplayer Video

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Everyone here at Zipper Interactive is pleased to announce that the wait will soon be over! As our headline says, SOCOM 4 is scheduled to hit stores in North America in just a few months on April 19th.

Earlier this week at the Zipper headquarters in Redmond, WA, we invited the media and 18 SOCOM community members to check out the latest version of our game. Not only did they get an update on the progress of our single-player campaign, they were also treated to an extensive look at several of our multiplayer modes, which, as any SOCOM fan will tell you, is absolutely the game’s bread and butter.

Early next week, we’ll have another update on the PlayStation and SOCOM blogs to let you know what members of the community thought about their visit to Redmond and their hands-on time with SOCOM 4. In the meantime, we’d love for you to check out our “Not For Self” multiplayer trailer by clicking on the video above.

Also, for you veteran SOCOM fans out there, head on over to and bring back classic SOCOM memories with another new trailer, this one for the GameStop pre-order exclusive “Abandoned” Map!

The good news is that this is just the beginning of an upcoming flood of SOCOM goodness. As we count down the days and weeks to April 19, you can expect plenty of news, details and media to get you hyped up for what we think is the best SOCOM game yet. Enjoy the ride!

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  • Yes, Finally

  • Sony, this year is gonna be awesome…glad I got a PS3 in 2007

  • Will it have 4 player co-op? Not played SOCOM before and kind of interested having enjoyed Zipper’s MAG but I’m looking for a co-op experience to play through with friends.

  • Me wants.

  • Sweet Jesus am I excited. Nice trailer and I’m loving the character models.

    I’m assuming we choose our camo online based on some of the mismatched character I saw or are they default skins we choose?

    Thanks for the info and trailer. It’s been a long time coming. :)

    • We have skins you choose rather than overly-detailed character customization. We wanted our characters to have more of an identity when you select them.

  • SOCOM Beta for MAG Beta testers?! :D

  • Great news. Thanks Jeremy. :)

  • Only 2 days after my birthday, nice!

  • The game play seems totally awesome. But graphics. Whoa there! Hopefully the graphics will be much improved upon release. Hopefully.

  • awesome news co-op campaign i’m sold

  • I really had high hopes for this one, Zipper…but as of right now, I’ll just have to say thanks for ripping the soul out of the series to cater to the ADD Call of Duty generation of gamers. Cover system, airstrikes and SMG’s as secondary weapons? FAIL.

  • @6 yes do mag beta testers get it also or how about plus members? :D Please Jman PLEASE! HAHAH :D

  • I know what i’m doing the day after….. playing it of course!

  • It sure is a great time to be a gamer!

  • So this release is acually final, right? It was supposed to release 2010 Fall. Just trying to make sure. Also, will there be any other ways of getting into the SOCOM Beta without buying Killzone 3?

  • gonna be one hell of a year for gaming

  • It was an ok trailer but seriously they could have done a better job with the music, just want feeling it there

  • Isnt this a bit too close to Killzone 3? Just over a month between the two. Sales not a concern I think.

    -Killzone 3 Home public game space plz.

  • Can we please have some snippets from Bear McCreary’s soundtrack or at least a blog post by him?

  • The boxart is absolutely beautiful btw!

  • Awesome! Cant wait to get in on the action. Confrontation was sort of a let down and not really like the originals but i will definitely be picking this one up. Any update on a co op campaign??

  • I haven’t trusted Zipper since the debacle that was Socom 3. This series has gone from the greatness that was Socom 2 to the irrelevance that is Confrontation. Buyer beware++.

  • Please consider a PS Home SOCOM 4 Public Space! RIght now Home has 2 SOCOM spaces for Confrontation, and another for SOCOM 4 would complete the set!

  • I love the SOCOM series, makes you think in game, whether your a team player or a lone wolf. if only Call of Duty could learn from that, maybe i’d bother to play it a month after launch. Can’t wait for the BETA from Killzone 3, keep up the great work Sony, Zipper, and Guerrilla.
    Also, can we see a Fireteam Bravo 4 for NGP? That’d be sweet

  • i already bought 4 ps3 games so far. DC universe online, mass effect 2, littlebigplanet 2, and dead space 2.

    Next up Killzone 3 and Socom 4.

    My wallet :(

  • Nice, hope there will be no lag issues like the first one. Looks like this will be the year to be broke with games and PSP2 for sure we will be broke.LOL

  • this isnt the Socom we grew up with :-(

  • Looks like a better version of MAG lol. Might hafta trade it in for that seeing as MAG has just been collecting dust

  • @26

    the first one wasn’t made by zipper.

    • We did make the first SOCOM on PS2

      Unless the reference is to the first PS3 SOCOM title, Confrontation. In that case, you are correct, Confrontation was developed by the folks at Slant Six.

  • How is this “Actual in-game multiplayer footage”? It’s just a bunch of cut scenes.

    • No, that’s all in-game footage. We just had the free-fly cam on. Nothing there is a cutscene.

      I think the fact that you think that they are cutscenes is a good sign, though.

  • this is an absolute JOKE. congratulations on completely tearing the soul out of this series to cater to the ADD Call of Duty/Gears of War generation of multiplayer gamers. this series has become an absolute disaster.

  • @29 yes it was

  • Is the Co-op online AND offline? If so, that’s doing it right and deserving of a sale, unlike another big named PS3 exclusive shooter that’s coming out in February.

  • @32 if by “the first one” you mean socom 1 on PS2, then yes, it was made by zipper.

    If you mean Socom Confrontation, then no, it was made by slant 6.

    Anyway, this looks really good! Thanks for the update and holy crap…5 player co-op!!!! Is that for campaign or separate mode all together?

  • Can’t wait…

  • I will never do anoter zipper game ever, Socom 4? seriously??? like MAG didn’t steal enough of my time money and trust!!
    GET REAL! get BFBC2.

  • Looking good. Not sure if I will be able to make room for this one, though. :/

  • Makes that garbage kiddie arcade Call of Duty junk look like a Wii game.

    Day 1.

  • @Jeremy Dunham

    Will there be Custom Ranked Rooms? This is the one feature I really love about the Socom games… 2v2 Snipers only. 8v8 Shotgun only etc…

    Will there destructible environments and health regen online?

    • We have user-suggested custom playlists.

      In other words, we’ll have a number of different ways to allow custom ranked rooms to be created. We could look at data by non-ranked custom rooms that anyone can make, notice trends and then create a custom ranked room based on those trends.

      Or we could do something as simple as hold a poll on our website or here on the PS Blog and let you guys create on

      Or we could create rooms based on a theme or season

      There’s any number of ways that the custom ranked rooms would exist. We don’t want individual rooms to be ranked, though, because we don’t want any one individual stacking the deck in their favor just to try and get higher on the chain.

  • If it feels “MAG-ified” I will definitely purchase this!

  • Why so much hate for confrontation!!! It wasn’t socom 2 and people got pissed cause of that? Yea, it was jacked up for the first few months with taking forever to load and stuff but it is still better than the COD series. People still play it so what’s that say

  • Zipper, will you be talking about how clan system will work?
    Thats one of the main things im going to be looking forward to.

    • We are supporting clans and supporting clan challenges. Some of the previews you see today/ this week may cover them in more detail.

  • You wanted your characters to have an identity rather than overly detailed customizations? But that’s how WE give ourselves an identity as gamers online..

  • @37 why are you here?

  • Oh. Hell. Yes.

    I’m sick and tired of the same ol’ same you get with games like Call of Duty. My worry is I’m going to be so used to running and gunning that it’s going to take me a long time to hone my Socom skills.

  • I’m in love with the gameplay. But its a shame that we cannont make custom characters. It makes the game sooo much more immersive for gamers in my opinion. Being able to spot out your friends on the battlefield instead of having to take time to highlight them with your crosshairs to have their name pop up to see if its them. It just tedious and not as fun. Dont get me wrong this looked great though, i cant wait. Any word of when the beta starts?

    • We haven’t made any announcements as to when the beta will start yet. But obviously it will be sometime after Killzone 3 releases — so at least you know it won’t be in the next few weeks. :)

  • now put the beta on the playstation plus part so people like us dont waste money on nothing lol. i hate kill-zone i hope you put it on the psn for the weekend or day so i can download it or buy it . If not the plus crap is coming off .i hate when u dont get nothing on that crap.

  • now put the beta on the playstation plus part so people like us dont waste money on nothing lol. i hate kill-zone i hope you put it on the psn for the weekend or day so i can download it or buy it . If not the plus crap is coming off .i hate when u dont get nothing on that crap. hehe so please do so

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