Killzone 3 – Single Player Demo Coming in February

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Killzone 3. The Jetpacks. The Brutal Melee. The PlayStation Move. The 3D!

Ever wanted to get your hands on the action? Killzone 3 may not be out until 02.22.11, but we’re giving you a chance to hop into the “Icy Incursion” level that takes place halfway through the campaign.

Strap on that jetpack and take flight through the arctic environments of Helghan.


There will be two separate downloads available from the PlayStation Store: one in 2D and one in 3D. Both versions will take place on the “Icy Incursion” level. Don’t worry – downloading the 3D version and playing it on your 2D TV won’t break anything … you’ll just see a message saying “No 3D TV detected.” The 2D version has splitscreen coop as well, a feature not available in the 3D demo.

All PlayStation Plus subscribers who have automatic downloads enabled will receive the 2D single player demo of Guerrilla Games’ upcoming blockbuster. As a reminder, PlayStation Plus subscribers can turn on the Automatic Download feature under “System Settings” on the XMB. This feature will update your PS3 with firmware updates, patches to recently played games and other select videos or game demos.

These demos will be PlayStation Move enabled, giving gamers a chance to experience Killzone 3 with the most immersive controls. When you get your hands on the demo, be sure to try out one of my favorite new mechanics, the Brutal Melee attacks! Get close to your enemy and hit the melee button (or thrust your PlayStation Move motion controller at the screen).

The aiming and movement mechanics have been tightened since Killzone 2. Play around with it and let us know what you think!

Stay tuned to the blog as we give out more details on the upcoming multiplayer Open Beta. While you wait, bone up with this full list of weapons to get a day-one edge.

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  • Oh, I can’t wait for this.

  • Awesome, can’t wait for the Beta as well!

  • Killzone 3 is going to be so sweet! I played a bot game from the beta I still have downloaded and there are so many new features. Is there a breakdown on the classes and equipment in the multiplayer anywhere yet?

  • Will the KillZone rifle move thingy be available before the launch of Killzone 3 so we can try it with this demo?

  • YES, finally owning my Playstation Move will be justified!!!

  • That’s good news, but I’ll be too busy with MvC3. :p

  • this looks sooo boss. I also really want the PS blog iOS app to come out in North America soon!


  • With the ps move will you be able to set it up so the crosshairs always stay in the center of the screen? Like with the dual shock?

    • There will be multiple settings for you to try out, but a fixed crosshair was tested and not found good enough. It was pretty nauseating actually, so the crosshair will be moving on the screen.

  • Man PlayStation Plus will be a must have in the near future.
    It’s pays for it’s self,I’M glad to be a member.

  • man I haven’t played Killzone since the first one on the PSP and I tried the Killzone 2 Demo on the PS3 so I’m excited about Killzone 3! Can’t wait!

  • Killzone 3 3D 2D Playstation Fantastic!

  • Has online co-op been confirmed for the final game?

  • Do you guys have an official date when the PS Move Sharpshooter peripheral will be released? I really want to buy it and try it out with the multiplayer beta and/or single player demo when I download them before the release of Killzone 3. :)

  • YES! YES! YES! I actually had a dream about KZ3 last night and it was awesome! I can’t wait for KZ3, and looking forward to both the multiplayer and single player demos and the game itself! Thanks for the early access for Plus members!

  • i’m really looking forward to it, but then again, it’s more suited for Americans and Europeans than for Asians

  • This isn’t Killzone related, but what happened to that Dead Nation patch? It’s almost been two months since it was announced. I paid $15 for a game expecting to chat with my friends while we played. Haven’t played much because of that reason and will be really angry if it doesn’t happen. I won’t buy another Housemarque game for sure.

  • Cod black ops ,I is disap lads ,maps could be better

  • Online co-op for campaing ???
    Please response !!!

  • Do you have a link for which retailers that will be offering what different kind of unlockables/goodies?

  • Fantastic! Thanks for the inclusion of Move support in the demo.

  • ahhhhhhhhh i getting helghast editon i also have dead space 2 collectors editon dc universe collectors and lbp2 i love editons but i didnt get prestige for black ops since it failed

  • Any chance of an option to remove the character bobbing? I couldnt play kz2 because I would get sick.

  • NICE. LESS THAN 2 WEEKS! glad its move enabled. wanna try those controls out before i get the game on the 22nd to see what i’ll use when i just into MP on day one. i feel a sick day coming on…

  • Would you consider patching in a “no deadzone” type of setting for it? The little PSN game Modern Combat: Domination has it and it’s the one thing about Move gameplay that they did really well. Basically it’s not a fixed crosshair but any time you move the crosshair, no matter how little, the camera is always going to come back to you and follow it. You don’t have to move past a certain spot in the bounding box for it to start moving. It’s very cool actually.

    “Man PlayStation Plus will be a must have in the near future.
    It’s pays for it’s self,I’M glad to be a member.”

    lol, getting a demo a week early isn’t worth $50.

  • MP Beta next week? Early campaign demo for PS + users like me a week after?

    Sounds like a pretty freakin’ sweet deal to keep me until the 22nd when my Helghast edition comes in :3

    Awesome news guys! Thanks!

  • I’m going all out for KZ3 and I have one question that’s been itching at me. Is the move compatible during the split screen co-op?? So for example I’m playing with the sharpshooter and my buddy has the stand dualshock. That gonna fly?

  • Ok thanks alot Aryeh. I’m just so pumped up to buy the Move Sharpshooter just so I can have different options when I play Killzone 3. I have that game marked on my calendar at home. And I have no exams that week so I will definetly be putting some playing time into the game. I also showed my friends on facebook the video of when you debuted the Move Sharpshooter with Killzone 3 and they really think it’s cool. So when I do get the Sharpshooter I will for sure invite some of my friends over to show them how good it is and try and get some to buy the PS Move as well as Killzone 3 ;)

  • Finally an automatic download I want.

  • This is great!

    Come on guys.. add online coop for the campaign before it launches

  • In the Full game does Botzone have splitscreen? I know the story mode does, but it would make SOOOO much sense if that were the case. Cannot wait to purchase :D

  • This is not a joke right can’t wait for Killzone 3

  • I’d have to say that I’ve become more skeptical with the more I’ve heard. It seems everything has a big asterisk attached.

    Vehicles support was only two vehicles that are limited to one person (no teamwork or friend-friendly ones, i.e. jeep/buggy etc…) and each are only usable on one map each. Operations is only on a few maps and most of the objectives seem identical to the others but just strung together and renamed as to what they do. Some new weapons have been thrown in but we’ve lost the neat pick up ones that gave it a nice KZ1 feel and unique twist. Then while I understand that online co-op is more difficult than split-screen, I think everyone can relate that there is more opportunity online than roughing it out on one tv. Then finally, we have lost even more variety with the loss of custom servers.

    Not to sound negative but I have fallen back to renting it since my pre-order, so am hoping I am missing something, or that perhaps you can clarify on what to expect in the future.

    It really is a major factor to me, if perhaps any of these will change or improve and/or expand with DLC or patches, so I look forward to anything you have to say about what to expect.

    Thank you.

  • You mention details on Multiplayer beta are you posting today or at another date??

  • How do we set automatic download to download system updates and patches, but not videos and downloads?

  • What are the chances of patching Killzone 2 with the new “tight” controls of Killzone 3?

    The awful unresponsive controls are what have prevented me from finishing the last half of the game on Elite, and getting my platinum. And no, the awfulness is not an opinion I hold…it’s a fact the entire gaming universe has been aware of since the game launched, so back off fanboys.

  • Wait, so the campaign is splitscreen coop only, yet there are going to be trophies for finishing the game on coop? That right there shows just how amateur GG really is.

  • lol Blkant, you’re “skeptical” with every single game in question. Give it a rest. Just enjoy gaming, if at all possible.

  • So co op is not available in 3D on the retail game?

  • I watched the ” iWatch: Killzone 3 (Preview Demo)” by Waggle3D on Youtube, and I have to say IT MADE ME A MOVE BELIEVER!!!!!!

    Go there and watch that video, and start salivating!

  • Will there be a patch later to add online coop and status updates? Also, can we copy our save file?

  • i need this game before my hands start shaking violently

  • @34 How you gonna say that about Killzone3, Killzone 3 is amazing

  • Will there be a Ps3 killzone 3 bundle, I got the YLOD and need a new system

  • Playstation Plus Members just keeps winning!!!!

  • was the spawn system fixed? i remember huge problems with spawn camping/trapping in the beta. operations, especially, was unplayable…hopefully that is corrected…

  • yes!
    can’t wait to try it out!!!

  • I hope the Move controls are set up more like Modern Combat Domination and less like MAG. I like how you can move the bounding box to a pin point. It should be like this for all Move supported shooters.

  • 3D and Move support………..who could ask for More!!!

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