Killzone 3 Invades PlayStation Home Tomorrow with Rewards Galore

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As you’ve most likely heard, this Thursday, January 27th the Helghast forces will invade PlayStation Home for our special Killzone 3 “Total Game Integration” experience. Players that head to the Central Plaza will find the once bright and sunny locale transformed into the last remaining ISA stronghold on the war-torn planet Helghan.

Join your fellow soldiers and defend the Central Plaza against waves of Helghast infantry, airships, and ground vehicles by manning the Central Plaza Defender (a Killzone-themed first-person shooter) and mowing down the approaching enemy forces. Assist your friends by collecting and delivering upgrades such as ammunition, rocket launchers, explosives, repair kits, and first aid. Complete all the community challenges to unlock exclusive Home rewards. And if you can survive all three levels of relentless Helghast assault you’ll receive a voucher good for three Unlock Points that can be redeemed for new weapons and abilities in the Killzone 3 multiplayer.

Killzone 3 in HomeKillzone 3 in Home

That’s not all – Players that pre-order Killzone 3 through straight from the kiosk in Central Plaza will receive:

  • A limited edition Killzone 3 jetpack for your Home avatar, not available anywhere else
  • Unlock and Load Pack, instant access to an additional three Unlock Points to use on the weapon or ability of your choice in Killzone 3 multiplayer
  • Retro Map Pack, featuring two of the most popular maps from Killzone 2

This is an offer that Killzone and Home fans simply can’t afford to miss out on, so be sure to log-in to PlayStation Home this Thursday to play this exclusive game and take advantage of the special Killzone 3 pre-order offer. While you are there, check out the Sodium store in the PlayStation Home Mall for the new Lockwood clothing items and a variety of new costumes and active items (including new animated furniture items for your personal spaces and more active item pets).

See you in Home!

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  • Once again good deal. I’ll be in Home tomorrow and be grabbing my preorder there

    • It’s going to be a tough battle, so we’ll need all the help we can get. Bring your best fighter skills and be prepared to work together.

  • i pre-ordered months ago from amazon and im already getting the retro pack soo how’s this any better??

  • I wish we could get the jetpack without buying it off amazon from Home. :/

    Im getting it from EB Games because i dont wanna wait for it to ship

  • Are the Retro Map and Unlock & Load packs the same as the ones you can get from the 7-11/Slurpee promo?

    • That’s a good question—that promotion is not a part of Home’s campaign, so I do not have the answers for you.

  • nice 1 Locust u rock bro much luv. pounding out theses kick butt updates week after week. only 1 Question, are we looking at more than 1 reward for the KZ3 mini game? u know me and rewards :) have a good week LS and walls ohh ps. what ittems from lockwood are we looking at clothes wise? i got some moneys i wanna spend :)
    ~ <3 Buzz

    • The Killzone-themed game in Central Plaza will offer individual pieces of an ISA soldier outfit, awarded at various levels of success playing.

      The super-mega-awesome Helghast jetpack outfit is a special bonus for pre-ordering Killzone 3 in Home.

      From Lockwood this week, we have a bunch of new items for the ladies: over half a dozen kinds of knee socks! Female socks were being requested, and Lockwood has heard you!

  • does this launch in PS home at midnight?

    • Home goes offline for it’s weekly maintenance world-wide at the same time, so it depends on where you are. It usually comes back online in North America in the early morning on Thursdays with all the new content.

  • @XpAcErX no, it launches 2morw. home goes down 2 update around 3 am est time thursday morning :)

  • its all good

  • Can Sid, Jeff or someone answer this? Will you guys be posting whatever Sony’s revealing at their Playstation Meeting in Japan? Or can we Maybe get a Live stream of the event? That would be cool.

  • A day after my birthday today, but I’ll take it as a quickly belated present. Something fun to do in Home! :D

    Does the Amazon preorder take from the PSN Wallet or through Amazon’s checkout process? Just curious.

    • It will not work through the PSN Wallet, so you will need one of the standard payment options available for Amazon.

  • Any idea how long this will be up and running? Weeks?

    • I estimate, depending on the powerful collective Home community’s ability to fend off the hordes, at least a few weeks. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. THIS IS WAR!

  • ANy word on item’s being Fixed?

    Like the Missing Criss Angel Coffin Couch.

    Or the Paid item SFIV SETH GI TOP being fixed so i can use it once again. I need that GI TOP for Abel back… And a fix is needed ASAP!


    By: DCS

  • ty for the reply walls <3

  • ohhh is the REWARDS for male and FEMALE??? sorry hehe i know ima pain :)

  • I think Home should get some Playstation move support

  • What pets are coming?

    • There are no new pets this week.

    • Excuse me, I spoke too soon. We have some interesting new “active item” animals coming this week to add to your pet collection including: a goat, cow, a dog, a cute little hamster on a wheel, a horse, rabbit and an animated snake terrarium.

  • Nah leave Move outta of Home. We don’t need to run out and buy a Move now just to use a Home Space. Thats insane.


    By: DCS

  • this might be an obvious answer but i’m gonna ask the question anyways. I kno we’re ordering it from amazon but since its in Home are we paying with a credit card or the money we have on our accts? (kinda the same thing 4 sum ppl lol)

  • How much is the pre order Glass?


  • I hope its not to hard to win all three pieces of the Killzone outfit in the Plaza then. I know there is a Male one we seen pictures of it.

    So is there a Female version as well?

    Let us Know?

    By: DCS

    • You may have to practice and attain higher success and ranking on the leaderboards. The cool thing is that when others are supporting (you will know what I am talking about tomorrow), it can help you defeat the incoming invasion. You also get some rewards for helping while not on the front lines.

    • Yes, there are ISA soldier rewards for both genders.

  • Could you please tell us what the new costumes and active items are?

    • This week is almost all about Killzone, but Lockwood is bringing some new sock options for the ladies, and we’re bringing a few new items of note including: a Hippie outfit, an intriguing offering called the Futuristic D.E.M.O, Ultraviolet Hippie items, some cool new electric lamps (neon, glitter, lava—all are “active items”), an interesting zoo-inspired collection of furniture (including a Liger, a Chimera, and T-Rex!), and a few animated water fountains.

      Some other animal-inspired items are a collection of animated animals. Because they are “active items” they can add to your pet collection.


    Poor Abel!

  • yes!
    will definitely get back on home just for killzone 3!!

  • Sweet update.

  • Already used credit on my pre-order through Amazon, so I can’t cancel it (I’m pretty sure the video game credit is one time use only). Sucks I can’t get the avatar anymore, though I doubt I’d ever use it since I never log in to Home.

  • seems like a good deal. i probably wont be pre-ordering though since i never played KillZone 1 or 2

    • Killzone 3 has once again pushed the limits of gaming in many ways. If you haven’t played the first two, it’s never too late to check out this fantastic franchise and dive into the world that is Killzone.

  • Question. Do you preorder directly from your playstation walle?

  • wallet*

  • Drowning in AwesomeSauce over here!

  • Sweet, this is something that can get me off DC Universe Online for once ;P ,and thanks Locust for answering my question on the last blog post about the Helghast Home invasion Amazon pre-order deal.

  • The maps have to be different because the preorder offers are exclusive. Amazon accepts all major credit cards, and does not use the PSN Wallet system. You’re ordering the game via for $57.99 or $129.96 for CE.

  • ^ while in Home of course.

  • Is that jetpack only for use in Home or can it be used in game too?

  • GlassWalls, please answer my question :(

    Does this pre-order offer also invole the Helghast Edition? The reason I ask is because I *had* my Helghast Edition pre-order on Amazon but I didn’t see the Unlock and Load pack that they offered with the Standard Edition. Any info on this situation? Thank you :)

    • You should be able to either purchase the normal version of the Helghast edition through Home, both offering the special jetpack outfit. So if the special edition of Killzone 3 is the one you seek, you should be able to gain it also through this offer.

  • L_S wrote; (including new animated furniture items for your personal spaces and more active item pets).

    GW wrote; There are no new pets this week.


    great update anyway!!

  • Well… This answers allot of the questions I had left… Thx GlassWalls!! Kudos on this event!! KEEP’EM COMING!!

  • Haven’t been in Home since I was in the closed beta.

  • Thank You very much GlassWalls for the response!

  • Ah, so glad to see thhis great francaise come to PS Home. Hope the mini game is good, and gives some good PS Home rewards. Can’t wait to check it out.

    • I think you’ll like the rewards, the game and the whole thrilling experience. It’s engrossing, exciting, and unforgettable.

  • Any word on getting LBP2 items in Home?

  • Looking forward to this! Do you know if we will get Killzone 3 avatars once the game releases?

  • Sounds awesome! Reason to play Home for a bit.

  • can’t wait 2 pre-order my copy

  • I know which space I’ll be avoiding for the forseeable future…

  • Too bad I already preordered it. :( Nonetheless this event will attract a lot of folks! :)

  • Might sway me to preorder it.

    PS3 Controllers

  • I’d pre-order but amazon doesn’t take paypal

  • Omg, the other girls asked for SOCKS? Seriously? >_<

    "…an interesting zoo-inspired collection of furniture (including a Liger, a Chimera, and T-Rex!)"

    So close! Why furniture? They`re probs cool, but I`d rather they were costumes!

    Oh well, the new pets sound cute, especially the hamster. So Active Items mean I can take it everywhere like Chairman Meow? Or is it apartment only?

  • it was long over due to redecorate the HOME Central Plaza
    it should have been destroyed a long time ago

  • Awesome update GW!!! 8)

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