ModNation Monday: The Party’s Not Over!

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ModNation Mondays

Greeting, ModNationals. Jason Coker here. Since this week’s special guest is late, let’s just jump right into it. Party Hardy is “fashionably late,” but he’s finally arrived!

Party Hardy

Party Hardy includes the following creation parts:

  • Lampshade Hat
  • Messy Shirt
  • Noise Maker (**does not actually make noise)

You can pick up Party Hardy on the PSN Store starting this week for $0.99. Again, he apologizes for being so late, but considering that his skin is green and the dude’s wearing a lampshade as a hat, don’t you think the last party was pretty awesome?

New Kid On The Block

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be introducing you to a new member of Team MNR who will be working with us and YOU to make the nation even better.

MNR Creations of the Week

Amazing creations in ModNation get shared every day and we are playing a ton of them. If you are interested in submitting your mod, kart or track to be a future “creation” of the week be sure to visit up on the official ModNation Community site and who knows? You might see your handy work on the PS Blog.

With the release of all the new parts packs, we want to see your tracks with those new props in them.

Mod and Kart of the Week

Mod Name: Ultramod
Kart Name: Ultramod
Creator: Elnath10

Ultramod Ultramod 2

Comment: I guess I’m just a sucker for a Mod (and Kart) in a matte black suite. This “Crusader’s” kart is the definition of tight and more than alright. Every viewing angle holds your attention. I especially love the subtle use of the glass side panel windows that play perfectly off the Kart’s matte finish. If I was being chased by this screamer, I would have to pull over and take some pictures! Elnath10 has to let us in on this Mod’s back-story. He looks like a pretty nice guy inside that ominous black suit. Come on Elnath10 – what’s the backstory here? Great work!

Track of the Week

If you have a video(s) of your track submit them to MNR’s YouTube channel and we will include them in the blog if your track is showcased.

Track Name: China Flow XE
Created by: xentrix74

China flow xe 1

China flow xe 2 China flow xe 3

Comment: Don’t get lulled into the beautiful scenery at the starting line or your miss the first of many XE-llently placed (bad pun intended) branching short-cuts that offer unique and rewarding passes. Track creator xentrix74 makes great use of the new Far East DLC (get yours now!) by building a city so diverse (Cherry Blossom Garden – Sea – Downtown) and beautiful that it made me want to just wander around in my Kart to take in the views (which I did… twice!). It’s not just about the looks, this track incorporates just about everything that makes a great race – Fair race-able lines, elevation changes, scenery changes and China Flow XE even seems to incorporate light/shadow into to the mix intentionally (not sure there but it deserves the benefit of the doubt!). I thank you xentrix74, now that I have experienced your city, I no longer feel the necessity to visit China. One more thing off my bucket list.

Hot Lap Roster for This Week

Continuing with the trend we started weeks ago, this week’s Hot Lap roster features all new community created tracks.

Monday: China Flow XE by xentrix74
Tuesday: Oasis Storm by atheistsw
Wednesday: Bamboo 2: The Overgrowth by apricot-jam-IS
Thursday: Monkey Island Takeover by StealthReborn
Friday: White Waterfalls by Flamestalker-NL

Saturday: Mystery Track
Sunday: Mystery Track

We’ll catch you guys next week, but I hope we’ll see you in the ModSpot before then. We’re always around. Peace.

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12 Author Replies

  • First! And cool news :)

  • Check out my new mod, Pandanoid with his car BAMB00.

  • ModNation 2?

  • Can you please include button remaping in Modnation Racers?

  • Hey Jason, is there any news of free DLC comeing to the ps store because i would really like some DLC but I’m not the type of person that spends money on psn stuff often

  • hey jason, is there any chance we can see a offline ep series kinda thing?
    like a grand prix mode for 1-4 players, and up to 12 (SELECTABLE!!) mods?
    that would be great :D

    • Erik026, that’s an awesome idea that we’ve thought of, but selectable Mods in particular leads to some memory issues that make it very complicated. If it ends up as something that we can do, you’ll be the first to know, but I definitely won’t make any promises.

  • Awesome that Party Hardy is coming out..But since he’s late, should’ve been another mod coming out this week as well. Anywho, any news on the snow theme?

  • hmm.. The photo you were looking for has been deleted.

    You might like to ask PlayStation.Blog about it!

    none of the photos are available.

  • Six months out and you guys are still supporting the game and fans. I’m extremely impressed. You guys have set a new standard for the play/create/share genre.

    • It’s a labor of love, ajritchie. We really believe in ModNation Racers, and we appreciate having such a supportive community.

  • Thanks for picking my track for TOTW and putting it in for hot lap… was a nice birthday present for me.

    Hot lap is still showing Fracture for me though.

  • Hey Jason, A guy at Gamestop told me that Modnation 2 is coming out in October this year. I was just wondering if that was true or not.

  • AWESOME STUFF i just love modnation racers

  • @11

    I highly do not see it as a possibility. If there is going to be a Modnation Racers 2 (Which I would love!), it would most likely first be seen by the Modnation community here on the PlayStation Blog (Maybe fireworks in the ModSpot).It would be seen by the people who still focus on the game.


    I like how the track looks. I will be racing on it in a few minutes. Very nice scenery, I can tell the track was thought out before it was made.

  • I hope they don’t do a MNR2…They should just keep this going..& add on new features & career extensions. I don’t wanna pace back & forthe to play 2 diff MNR games…makes no sense. Just keep this one going please…Tons of more themes!!!!

  • Hoooly damn! I made it to the Mod and Kart of the week :D, thought it will never happen, I’m glad that my UltraMod was chosen, I really like that guy, make my effort to made a cool superhero mod there, thanks for picking it Jason!

    Oh and of course I will make him a backstory.. all my mods have their owns in fact :P

    Thanks a lot!

  • OMG!!! I made it to the Mod and Kart of the week :D, thought it will never happen, I’m glad that my UltraMod was chosen, I really like that guy, make my effort to made a cool superhero mod there, thanks for picking it Jason!

    Oh and of course I will make him a backstory.. all my mods have their owns in fact :P

    Thanks a lot!

  • All I want to know is “when do we get more information on when the Snow Theme comes out?” Thanks

  • I bet the snow theme first comes out at summer time… :/ :)

  • Hey guys, what’s going on with hotlap this week, why is Fracture still up there, nobody wants to play these UFG tracks AGAIN, jeez, how hard can it be to ensure the roster is adhered to…

  • any chance of another double XP week any time soon? been a while since the last one (late October I think?). If you want to pull me away from LBP2, this is how you do it …

  • Im close to getting the platinum for MNR… just a few more things need to be done… But like comment @20… LBP2 has got ahold of me and its gonna take some double XP leverage for me to leave my sack-bots.

  • Yo Jason…Wassup Co Co Co Coker… ya been man? Miss you ver on the PAIN web site boards. So happy things worked out well for you doing Mod Nation. I remember when you left us over there, you said you were going to work on something called Mod Nation…who knew?
    Anyway, just wanted to say Hi, wish you well, and see you around!


    • Haskeezy! What up, cat? Coker ain’t going away. I’m lways lurking somewhere in the shadows. Probably doing dirt. I’m like a roach around this place. Wait….that’s not really a good thing, is it?

  • Can we possibly have waterfalls in MNR, all you really need to do is allow us to have bodies of water at different heights in the world, and a little waterfall tool. (thx)

  • Where are more themes? Snow, future, prehistoric, night city, tokyo, russia, eqypt, europe….we need more themes dude. I beat that other one in 3 hours. More themes will pull me away from MvC3, MK, & TM when they come out

    • They’re coming, shredder110. They’re looking nice, and we’ll get you dates when we’re closer to locked and loaded.

  • I love Modnation, I really do. But its still way too slow to load a quick race.

    I’d love to pop in the game and pull up a track and race it with a friend on the couch quickly. I’d love even more to have LBP-style multiplayer (someone with an account on my system starts up another controller while I’m in mod spot, and they show up with me, on their account, with their stuff.

    Alas, its a great game, if you’re patient.

  • I realized that my track, Bamboo 2: The Overgrowth, was not hotlap for the day it was listed. Is it possible to get it to be hotlap at some point in the future?

  • So Jason, looks like you’ve been on vacation until today, what happened with hotlap this week? Is this the kind of reliability we should expect from now on? And please don’t tell me it’s all down to just ONE person to manage the MNR online infrastructure! :(

  • OMG thanks for the hint dude. Yes!!! I’m so hyped on this game. I have some ideas for karts:
    A Tank
    VW Hippy Bus
    Delivery Truck
    Scion xB
    Nissan Cube
    Some SUV’s
    LED underlights
    SWAT truck (armored truck)
    Mortal Kombat premium karts/mods (mainly karts)

  • @ 28

    I completely agree about the LED under-lights, but to use the neon decoration we would need a nice night track theme. Which I hope will come sooner not so much later lol. =)

  • oh here’s a mod / kart idea

    How about a hippy theme (world peace)
    comes with long mullet looking hair
    long handle bar mustache
    tie dye t-shirt

    VW Hippy Bus (body)
    Tie Dye paint sheme
    Peace sign wheels
    organic engine

    Indian Mod
    Feather odd piece
    Leather vest
    Leather indean pants
    Mockisins (can’t spell)

  • I’d like to second Erik026’s (6th post) idea for “Selectable” mods (Which I believe is, being able to pick who you want the AI to be.)

    If you can get past the memory issues you mentioned for that, then it would be a great addition. ^^

  • I’d love to see some Star Wars theme carts.

  • @shredder… I like that hippie idea, I’d actually pay for a VW Hippy Bus kart body!

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