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Now that I’ve finally had a couple of days in between business trips to relax, I’m starting to appreciate how good this January’s games are. I’ve poured several hours into Mass Effect 2 for PS3 this weekend (pushing me to Trophy Level 14, I might add ^_^), and I’ve gotta say that it’s worth the hype. Also: it’s nice playing it with a fully functioning d-pad :D

Dead Space 2 (and Extraction) are out on Tuesday – and IGN’s Greg Miller likes it better than the first one. And the 50-hour LittleBigPlanet 2 record-setting marathon (that I co-emceed with Veronica Belmont) has only made me want to play the game even more. Of course, I’m back on a plane tomorrow.

There’s always February!

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Weeks of January 10, 2011 and January 17, 2011)

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  • I have a major problem, going through and finishing up my HUGE back log of games from 2008-9 and/or playing Mass Effect 2. I’m only Trophy Level 8 :( I need more time!

  • I’m set with LBP2 until Killzone 3 comes out, even though it could last me until next January. :P

    You guys at the PS Blog should hold a contest to see who can make the best level! Readers could vote!

  • Little Big Planet = <3 but still waiting for the Final Fantasy 7 pack we were promised with the original game :(

  • i don’t see the escapist link with lbp

  • Hey Jeff that you for everything you have done already so far this year! Yo and Sid are great at answering my questions! I also hope you are feeling better, cause I read that you broke your ribs. Sid did answer my question, and said he would pass it to Mm about the problems we are experiencing with load times with LBP 2 when playing story levels, and trying to play with friends when signed on to PSN. I just wanted to know where exactly can I find the link to send some other problems with the game to Mm? Some levels are having problems and I would love to give my feedback to this great game to Mm so it can be perfect. Thank you and have a great Sunday!

  • P.S. I wish this site had an Edit function because now I need to re-edit post #5 and I should of proofread before I hit the submit button.

  • ok i see the link now. you could skip right to the lbp part, but i found the unfunny stuff only made it that much better.

  • Would that plane trip happen to have something to do with attending the Playstation Meeting that’s taking place later this week?

    • Heading out to Japan where, among other things, I’ll be visiting with Ueda-san (The Last Guardian) and Kotani-san (Patapon 3). We’ll be hitting you all up for questions via Twitter.

  • I wish I could have been at the Playstation Lounge this past week for the LBP 2 Launch Event. Sackboy is one of my all-time favorite video game characters and it sounds like all in attendance had a blast.

    I’m hoping to get up to NYC some time this year to check the place out. It sounds very cool.

  • That Tetris review score should have at least been a 9.0! It has just about everything I could ever ask for in a Tetris title and in a PS3 title.

  • Missed you and VB at the Lounge. I wont miss your next event.

    You guys should go big. Exposure is always welcome. Sony does not need to match advertising dollars with the competition but a creative street team would be most effective.

    Use that big Sony screen in Times Square. Just show some carefully picked scenes from some of the best exclusives and the audience will be drawn in. Some will ask… hey when is that Movie coming out and then boom… Playstation LOGO.

  • Haha, funny that I’m posting it here, but the Japanese paper Nikkei leaked that the PSP2 will have 3G and an OLED touch screen. Come on Jan. 27th!

  • Jeff, Do you know if the Final Fantasy Versus XIII gameplay trailer for thursday will be in english dubbed or subtitled?

    • I don’t know anything about it, but I do know that Square Enix has been making extra effort to get new trailers to you via the PS Blog recently. So… that’s good!

  • will we b able to download lbp 2 from psn or no

  • Is any1 from the GT5 dev team gonna stop by the blog and take some questions or talk about the game or anything???

  • is anyone ever going to address the problems with the ps3 browser? ive seen many posts about it but i havent seen anyone from sony answer..

  • hey Jeff are you guys gonna be covering the playstation meeting happening in tokyo on the 27th ? as Butters360 said it already theres a japanese newspaper that leaked specifics about the next playstation portable , besides the 3G network and the OLED touch screen , they said that you guys have developeda new processor for handling high resolution visuals , so if the 3G network will be provided by NTT Docomo in japan who will provide it here in the states? yea i know you guys dont comment on rumors ( that 95% of the time are true lol ) specially when it comes to sony hardware reveals , anyways Jeff i hope you guys cover the event in some way , cant wait to finally see that beastie

  • Jeff,

    Any update on the missing games/DLC for the My Trophies pages?

    • I’ve been out of the office most of the month/year, so haven’t had a chance to yell at them. If you don’t see improvements by next week at this time, hit me up here and I’ll march in there with a list.

  • Yeah ditto Remanutd5. Engadget already has it posted on their homepage. Hopefully the PlayStation Blog will at least cover some of the news. The new process that was mentioned has me curious as to how powerful it is. Oh well, we all find out on Thursday if this comes to pass.

  • Dang, trophy lvl 12.

  • Trophy level 20.

  • You guys need to explain to me why my SLICK_T psn Id was blocked almost a year ago. Plus you guys need to Explain to us PS3 owners why the ps3 browser isnt getting UPDATED. Our wii works on this blog for commenting but your PS3 as you say does EVERYTHING doesnt. Thats sad. Get off your butts and update the PS3 browser!

  • Mass Effect 2 is fantastic! It just pushed me to Trophy Level 15!

  • Also you guys need to tell the developers to STOP copyprotecting save data. We all are not HACKERS so stop screwing us from saving our very important save data cause your THINKING it stops hackers. It doesnt. All your doing is ruining our games. Why would we want to buy your game and want to invest time in it and we cant back up our save data. If the ps3 dies or the harddrive corrupts then what? Do you think we enjoy spending months on role playing games to just lose our save data cause you blocked it and think we dont care to start over? Your stupid if you think we dont mind. WE DO. Ok treat your job like that then and see if you aint fired. Lets say you been working on a project thats cost your company thousands to make but last minute a problem happens and you say well we couldnt go to a moment before the issue cause we didnt have backup plans cause its blocked in the system so ummmm we have to start all over from scratch. Thats what your doing to us and I bet that boss would scratch you guys from the job to lol. If you want to put copyprotected save data on games then be a MAN and a good game Company and tell us about it instead of hyping the game and keeping that info behind close doors

  • Fully functioning d-pad… What have you started, Jeff.

    And I agree with Blue-Eyed-Slickt above. Not being able to copy our save file(s) can be frustrating.

  • Cause I was stupid before and went on the hype of your games and would buy them the day of release and get screwed by copy protected save data. So now I will do my homework lol, I will google the net or wait till a friend buys the game and ask if the save data is blocked and if it is NO BUY FROM ME. I have learned to wait and do research on your GAME HYPING to not get a game that is save data protected and I am not wasting my money on your games anymore that prevent me from backing up my important save data to my usb flash drive. There is no use for advancing in your games then. You should just make that game with one level and thats it then. That way we dont care to lose the data lol. Otherwise why spend months on a game unlocking secret cool weapons and stages and then out of no where a ps3 dies or harddrive corrupts? All that work for nothing! Its just not worth buying those copyprotected games. GT5 was blocked but the developer got chewed out enough they unblocked it THANK GOD lol. I was about to sell the game cause of the save block.

  • Also can I ask why my ps3 never can do hardly anything off its web browser? You guys make ads and hype the ps3 that it can do EVERYTHING but when I even try to check my youtube inbox or comment on vids, check my yahoo mail or comment on this blog off my ps3 I cant do it at all. But I’m on my wifes wii right now and able to comment on the ps blog and comment on vids on youtube and check my inbox? What am I missing here? Update the dang browser why do you hype our ps3’s that its so powerful and does everything but my wifes Wii has a better internet browser than the so called MOST ADVANCED PS3? Ummm Hello? Tell me that one please! Other than the copyprotected data in games and internet browser I LOVE MY PS3!

  • Checkn out for a great LBP2 review as well

  • earlier today i wrote a huge message telling Jeff why does Sony pretty much ignore the ps3 online side. and that message has been in moderation since 10am my time. i guess Sony doesn’t care after all whatever. it’ll be another year everyone at Sony will talk about 3d, move and hardware. but ignore the online part of ps3.

  • Hey Jeff what a awesome week for the ps3. Mass Effect 2 is just incredible. incredible game. Little big planet 2 is awesome two but the load times for the story mode are ridiculous and take to long. Also I finally got Heavy Rain for free with best buy’s buy 2 get third free promotion. Its such a great game and i cant stop playing it. Mass Effect 2, LBP2, Heavy Rain and DS2 on Tuesday, so many games so little time. loving the year of the ps3 so far. take care Jeff.

  • KILLZONE invasion in Playstation Home is genius!

    Get your Portable ID!

  • LittleBigPlanet 2 is an amazing game to play! I loved the story, and the online is always fun, especially with friends! Can’t wait for Dead Space 2 and Killzone 3

  • “The Divnich Debrief: 2011 – The Year of the PS3?” Short answer: No.

    This 1st party list is pretty homogenous.. (Besides TLG) This is not going to make PS3 an industry leader.. We’re (PS3 buyers + SCE) losing too much ground and interest to mobile markets — and namely, the 3DS.

    Don’t expect fanatical ranting about this [being good content, or products of quality] to change/pass to SONY heads, if it hasn’t in the past, but… Please consider it for 2011, and don’t blame piracy if you don’t.

  • Enjoy Japan, Jeff :D





  • Killzone 3 beta is going to be sweet! I already pre-ordered this game. :)

  • Thanks Jeff. I’ll continue to monitor and let you know next Sunday.

  • Haha still waiting moderation. Not at all important though.

    — All the best.

  • One of the trophies in Lead and Gold is impossible to unlock. Fatshark said they submitted a patch to Sony for certification weeks ago but I haven’t heard anything since. Any news on that?

  • Jeff can you talk to White Knight Chronicles 2 game director too , i really want to know when the game is coming to the west , oh and i supposed you are covering the playstation meeting event so i will be watching it on thursday

  • When is the USA android app coming?

  • Does LBP2 have the water from the Pirates DLC in-game? Or do I still need to purchase the DLC to use it?

  • Jeff do you know when the Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack addon will be available on the PSN store?

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