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I’m a little late in publishing the Recap today because I’ve been endlessly distracted by, LittleBigPlanet 2’s social network site that enables you to find the most popular user creations complete with photos, in-game stats and user reviews. Even though LittleBigPlanet 2 is just days old, the amount of variety in the user-created content is already staggering. I can’t wait to see what you guys create in the coming weeks and months!

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Are you playing LittleBigPlanet 2 user levels? Leave your top recommendations in the comments!

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

  • LittleBigPlanet 2 Releases Tomorrow! See the Arcade Trailer — Don’t forget: You can browse and share user levels on!
  • U.S. SingStore Update: Wednesday Adds 44 New Tracks — When it rains, it pours: The US Singstar music library continues to grow at an exponential rate.
  • Spare Parts: Simon Pegg, Robots, and Co-Op — You had me at “Simon Pegg.”
  • L.A. Noire Muscles Its Way Onto the Cover of PlayStation: The Official Magazine — This month, PTOM is loaded with new details on L.A. Noire, Shadows of the Damned, Dead Space 2 and more.
  • ModNation Monday: He’s SUPER (Thanks for asking!) — Super Fan DLC, plus the weekly top movers in shakers in the seminal Play Create Share racer.
  • Watch LittleBigPlanet 2 Go For Guinness World Records in NYC — Once the dust settled, LittleBigPlanet 2 ended up securing all five gaming world records. Somewhere, a Sackboy is smiling.
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 Coming to PS3 Next Winter — PlayStation.Blog readers were some of the first to learn about this surprise sequel that’s heading to PS3 next Winter.
  • About A Blob Hits PlayStation Plus February 1st, PSN February 8th — I’m always struck by this game’s quirky sense of humor and clever puzzles. Also, it’s no secret that I’ve got a soft spot for blobs.
  • GT Academy Hits 50,000 Registrants, Last Call for Entries — Registration closes tomorrow (January 23rd), so enter now if you want a chance to be a pro race driver.
  • LittleBigPlanet 2 Update: Launch Week DLC & Setting Records in NYC — Catch video highlights of the 50+ hour LittleBigPlanet 2 Guinness World Record marathon here.
  • Mass Effect 2 on PS3 Out Now on Blu-ray and PSN — The definitive space opera RPG hits PS3. Which version are you going for?
  • PlayStation Store Update — Mass Effect 2 and DLC, Spare Parts, Modern Combat: Domination, Mega Man PSOne Import, big price drops of Resident Evil 1 and Battlefield: 1943.
  • Buy Killzone 3, Get Early Access to the SOCOM 4 Multiplayer Beta — Get first crack at SOCOM 4’s multiplayer mode by buying Killzone 3 on day one. Why not pre-order to get extra bonuses?
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia Premium Edition Update, Ar tonelico Qoga’s Sensual Powers — A huge infodump on NIS America’s upcoming PS3 exclusives — they’ve got a busy year!
  • Two New Games Come to PlayStation Home – Conspiracy & Slap Happy Sam — The video for Slap Happy Sam is priceless.
  • Coming to PlayStation Plus: Tales from Space: About a Blob Auto Download Demo, Digger HD, and Select PSN-Exclusives on Sale — 50% discounts off Fat Princess (both versions), 20% off Kung Fu Live, and Assassin’s Creed II Deluxe Edition.
  • PSP System Software Update (v6.37) — A minor update focused on stability, but it’s nice to know…you know?
  • First Look at the FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Trailer — A first glimpse at the newly announced sequel to Final Fantasy XIII. Again, PlayStation.Blog readers were some of the first to see this.
  • Dead Space: Extraction is Deadlier With PlayStation Move — Nip off Necromorph limbs with surgical precision using PlayStation Move. Extraction is free with the PS3 Limited Edition of Dead Space 2.
  • Digital Comics Store Update — New Batman Beyond and Dungeons & Dragons, more TOKYOPOP, and Marvel’s Ultimate War.
  • LittleBigPrius Contest Puts You in the Driver’s Seat — Create the best level possible with items collected from a Prius driving course in LBP2. Prize is a 46” Sony Bravia 3D HDTV, so it’s no joke.
  • The Origins of The UnderGarden for PSN — “We all love our shooters, but sometimes you just need to unwind.”
  • PlayStation Monsterpedia: Fangs for the Memories — The beginning of something much bigger. What monsters should we include in the next installment?
  • PlayStation Network Video Content Update — Takers, Buried, new Parks & Recreation, and a bunch of good stuff for Canadians.
  • Take that, Society! The Softer, Seedier Side of Ys I & II Chronicles — A list of bizarre Easter Eggs hidden in Ys I & II Chronicles, which lands on PSP in just about a month.
  • Killzone 3 Multiplayer Open Beta Coming to PSN on February 2nd — Full stereoscopic 3D and PlayStation Move support in this upcoming free beta for all PS3 users.
  • LittleBigPlanet 2 Community Update and Share Trailer — The video is so fantastically surreal that it’s a must-watch even if you already know how to share your custom levels on PSN.
  • Killzone 3 Multiplayer Video of MP03 Bilgarsk Boulevard — Killzone 3 multiplayer is looking good. I like how aiming down the sight is a bit less crucial here, thus reducing the “tunnel vision” effect that limits your peripheral vision in some other shooters.
  • Uncharted 3 banner

    Courtesy of Arne Meyer

  • Test Up and X — I spotted this homage to one of the greatest moments in televised history on one of the many whiteboards we use around the studio.
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    14 Author Replies

    • So…are we ever going to get an update on “Under Siege” by Seed Studios?

    • Good! I’ve been waiting around to hear more about it. ^_^

    • This was a good week for PS3 between LittleBigPlanet 2 & Mass Effect 2 launching, both of which I picked up. I just started LBP 2 today, and it brought a smile to my face when Da Vinci revealed the Grappling Hook to Sackboy and Beethoven’s Fifth started playing. That was hilarious, and I can easily tell I’m going to love this game.

    • wow sid you sure reply fast

    • I want infamous 2 info!

    • hey Sid are you guys covering the playstation meeting happening in tokyo next week ? i asked James on the european playstation blog already , he said details are sketchy at the moment but there will be something happening , i keep hearing sony will unveil something at the meeting , if thats the case it would be kool to see it here on the blog

    • Is there going to be a firmware update to the PS3 soon? Like in Jan or Feb?

    • LBP2 and Mass Effect 2 are BRILLIANT so far. Dead Space 2 and KZ3 right around the corner!

      • Yeah! I just finished LBP2’s Story (which is surprisingly epic for such a cute game) and I’m moving onto Mass Effect 2 and making some LBP2 Create levels.

    • Spare parts is nowhere near as good as I hoped it would be.

    • Any word on the US release of the playstation android app? The European one is really a nice step. We need it here as well.

    • Ok I didn’t get my question answered in the LBP 2 post hopefully I get it in here.

      I love LBP 2, but there are many problems with the game:

      1. When trying to connect with friends game is stuck on loading screen for a long time, and stays there.

      2. Some Mm levels are glitched, and things break easily.

      3. When staring a level, Mm or user created, it also takes a long time to load.

      Is Sony, and Mm aware of these issues or not, and when will be get a fix?

    • Fringe Season 3 isn’t on Netflix Instant Watch so I’m not sure how you’re watching it via PS3 Netflix Streaming. In fact, none of the Fringe seasons are on Instant Watch. But it would be great if they were. I missed a few this season.

    • I’ve aced every level in the LBP2 story mode up to the second Eve’s Asylum level. That one with the level link with the fireflies. I’ll try acing it again tomorrow. I’m trying to ace it all has I go along. Going great so far. That dang level in Eve’s Asylum, you will be aced!
      Hey, Sid? Is Mass Effect 2 good?

      I’m playing: LittleBigPlanet 2 story mode
      I’m watching: The Bears/Packers game (probably, but not sure.)
      I’m reading: Dang! Forgot what I was gonna write here!

      • I just finished up LBP2’s Story mode and I was impressed. Mass Effect 2 is going in right now…I was installing it and downloading the DLC.

    • Gotta ace that level…

    • @11
      1.)yes they are aware, follow their twitter as we have been saying.
      2.)You didn’t mention this in your forum post. I suggest telling Mm via their contact us form.
      3.) Yeah the servers are going crazy right now, sign out and load times go way down.

    • @15 Thanks for the info, I was wondering as well if they were aware already or not. Hope they fix it soon.


      Im playing: LBP2 of course! Mass Effect 2! Valkyria Chronicles(just got it, first play through, although im a bit pre-occupied with the previous 2 to put any major play time into this) Also playing some MGS:PW on the go.

      Im watching: UFC: Fight for the Troops!

      Reading: Nothing atm.

    • Playing: Call of Duty: Black Ops
      Watching: Nothing
      Reading: Playstation Blog

    • Playing: LittleBigPlanet 2.

      Watching/Reading/Doing: Nothing else at all.

    • I aced EVERY level up to the second to last one for hr Factory of a Better Tomorrow. I wont stop replaying it until i ace it!!!!!!!!!! btw, is it safe to play online? i heard about certain hackers…

    • FRINGE! I love that show, glad it was back on Friday.

      Also playing LBP2, even though I have several games I have yet to complete (AC Brotherhood, Fallout: New Vegas, NFS, NBA JAM, Red Dead Redemption, FIFA 11, The Sly Collection, Sports Champions, and a variety of PSN games from PS Plus!)

      AND Killzone 3 comes out in a month. I’m drowning here!

    • FFXIII-2 trailer on PSN please~

    • I thought Little Big Planet was good but not not as amazing as others. Little Big Planet 2 completely takes it to the next level, the level design is incredible especially some of the later one. Just beat it today and I immediately wanted to play through the levels I still have to earn stuff on.

    • Frazzguy, while you wait for an update about Under Siege on this blog, you might want to check this out ;) (<– Under Siege video analysis)

    • I know this isn’t the place, but where is?!

      When is the USA android app coming?

    • r u guys goin to fix the funding problem for the psp????
      i cant buy anything cuz of it

    • the error code is 80551002

      • If you’re having trouble with funding, I’d recommend using a PSN Card — they’re sold all over the place.

    • I’m playing: LittleBigPlanet 2! I’ve been playing the story levels, plus checking out User Created levels and trying to make my own levels too. I’ve had the most fun with the story so far, but there has been a couple of cool User levels and create mode is very cool!

      I’m watching: Battlestar Galactica season 3 on Netflix. Its still an awesome show!

      I’m reading: The new issue of Game Informer. Finally got it in the mail yesterday. Elder Scrolls 5 looks great. Uncharted 3 looks fun. And the new Silent Hill looks spooky! I’m looking forward to all three games.

      Anyway, it was a GREAT week for the PS3. LittleBigPlanet 2 is amazing and Mass Effect 2 looks great (haven’t had the chance to play the full game yet).

      Also the news about the Killzone 3 open beta is cool.

      2010 is off to a great start for the PS3. :)

    • This is unrelated, but the new submit your ideas system seems so bogus. Shouldn’t you guys be working on ideas that have generated a lot of discussion. The ‘ideas in actions’ have like 300 votes some of them, yet the ones with more than thousands are just there. Just sayin’. Any updates?

      • Think of it as a trackable idea database, not a to-do list. It helps that we have a centralized place where all user-submitted ideas can be monitored and analyzed — it is read and referred to.

    • @chilidawg1477 – try installing MediaGo on your PC and buy it from there, should temporarily fix your problem :)

      I’m Playing: Nier, RL Basketball
      I’m Watching: Fringe, In Bruges, Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy (EVERY MGS FAN MUST AND I MEAN MUST WATCH THIS FAN MOVIE! MUST! Even Hideo Kojima was blown away!)
      I’m Reading: Schoolbooks

      Sid yeah the Fountain was really weird, had to rewatch it 3 times to finally absorb everything. Really liked it a lot, like poetry on film. The musical score was done really well too -> Clint Mansell.

      Off to bed now. Must connect head and pillow. Night.

    • One of the biggest gaming related news this passed week was Portal 2 with steam support on PS3, which will allow us to play together PC and Mac gamers plus all the nice bells and whistles that steam brings along. Oh…forgot to mention that when buying a PS3 portal 2 version we will also receive a free code key to download the Mac or PC version from Steam.
      This makes the PS3 version the most attractive version of the game to purchase.
      How come there was no mention of it here on the ps blog?
      If this Valve and Sony collaboration goes beyond just Portal 2 it could take the PS3 to a all new level.

      Looking forward to hearing more from the blog.

    • Can you please put up Driver 2 on the PSN store. Please

    • Kinda off topic, but what’s up with forcing us to sit through a Move warning on any move compatible game, even if we are not even using a move controller? There are already 50 million logos and crap before I get to play, and now there’s one more 10 second wait telling me to not hit things with a move controller that I am not even using!?

    • Hey Sid,

      Not sure if anyone’s told you this… but LBP2 is really good. I can’t wait for Move support to be patched in. Do you know if we’ll be able to use Move in create mode, because the old analog stick does get a little fiddly at times.

      Do you think that whoever’s making the Android App can just make a generic version for the whole planet, instead of waiting for localisation before releasing in each territory. At this rate, some countries will never get the App. I wouldn’t mind just a stripped-down trophies-only app, and getting an update with local blog integration etc at a later date… just a thought.

      Portal 2 news = wow. That is such a smart move for Sony/Valve. For anyone who doesn’t know, if you buy Portal 2 on PS3, you can play it as a digital download on PC too. I hope they do more games like this because it’s just too cool, and will drive sales for a lot of games.

    • I thought Blast Radius was a new PSN game.

    • @Gogo_ZvC it didnt it just gave me another error code

    • @Chilidawg1477 Hmm sorry bud, looks like you’re just going to have to call in.

      Here I found someone’s fix when I searched Google:

      Go to settings on main menu
      go into network settings
      down to media server connection

      Don’t know if this will work or not, but it’s all I can find right now. You could always call in too :)

    • Playing: LittleBigPlanet 2 Solo because the Multiplayer is a broken you know what.

      To the point that I resent the game now. I just want to team up with people to get 3x / 4x areas and help with those tough challenges with prize bubbles. But noooo…

    • what about australia, mexico and south america.
      The open beta wont be available for us?

      I will buy the game anyway answer please!!

    • LPB2 is great. Although my 9 year old son beat story mode in a few hours and is already developing levels. Sware he may be a developer someday and LBP is a great way to introduce someone to game design..

      There are some bugs yesterday with his custom made levels crashing my Ps3 and was not able to get back into any of them.. Today those issues seem to be clearing up… friends and myself could not connect to the network most of the day.. tis to be expected with first weekend of a games release I guess.

    • I just finished Acing and getting 100% of the prizes. I had forgotten how tough this cute game can be at times.

      As for community levels, this guy cranks out some great ones.

      Some of them are fairly tough but that’s what I look for.

    • Also, Sid, if anyone has the issue with the planet showing up in their pod, here’s how to fix it.

      1. Stay in game, press the PS button.
      2. Go over to Network, Acct Management, hit Triangle and go to “Sign Out”.
      3. Wait a minute for it to disconnect and then try to go to an online feature (Community, store).
      4. It will prompt you to connect to use the features. Connect and when it loads, the planet should be gone from your cozy pod.

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