Take that, Society! The Softer, Seedier Side of Ys I & II Chronicles

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Take that, Society! The Softer, Seedier Side of Ys I & II Chronicles

Greetings once again, dear readers! This is Tom from XSEED comin’ at ya’ with some Ys I & II Chronicles info. Have you all preordered your copies? There’s only one short month left until release, so you’d best get those preorders in quick – supplies will surely be limited!

Ys I & II Chronicles for PSP

You can tell when developers had fun working on a game, and let me tell you, Falcom clearly had a ball working on these. Simply put, these are games that reward you for thinking outside the box and doing things you were clearly never meant to do. Got some new offensive magic? Try using it in town. Found a new item? Try using it EVERYWHERE. Escorting a pretty lady? Try, erm… well, I don’t know how to end that sentence without sounding like a total pervert. More on that in a bit!

Ys I & II Chronicles for PSP Ys I & II Chronicles for PSP

There are so many hidden extras of questionable taste and undeniable wrongness that submitting an ESRB report for this title was… interesting, to say the least. Every time I thought I was done, I’d go back and find something new that was much, much worse, and clearly had to be written down. In the back of my head, I kept hearing a little voice yelling the words, “Hot Coffee! Hot Coffee! Dear Lord, this could turn into the next Hot Coffee scandal!” But I persevered, and in the end, I think I got everything that could possibly offend anyone – and Ys I & II Chronicles wound up with a T rating and six descriptors. Yeesh!

In no particular order, here are a few of the game’s more noteworthy (and soon to be infamous) extras:

Extra #1

Fireballing villagers in Ys II. This is a classic, and is actually super-duper fun to do. Most games would prevent you from using Fire magic inside a town… but not this one! You can role-play Adol as a real jerk if you want to, and have him shoot children and the elderly with searing hot balls of agony to your heart’s content – and what’s more, every single villager in the game has a unique exclamation of pain when struck. (And let me tell you, I had a LOT of fun with that in editing – River City Ransom, The Goonies II, Final Fantasy VI… anything and everything got its turn in the referencing pool!) The game even has a gift-giving system, and if you try fireballing a villager, then giving him/her a gift, he/she will call you out on your petty attempts at a materialistic apology. Take that, society!

Ys I & II Chronicles for PSP

Extra #2

Turning into a “Roo,” also in Ys II. Yep, there’s a spell in the game that lets you transform yourself into a cute, fuzzy little kangaroo-like creature. Once you’ve taken this form, you’re actually able to converse with monsters – and all the monsters in the game, from random level 1 goons on the first map to bosses, have unique dialogue (which is pretty astounding when you think about it!). What’s funny, though, is that villagers have unique dialogue as well for when you speak with them in Roo form… and most of them are scared to death of you, thinking monsters have come invading their home. Take THAT, society!

TalkinYs I & II Chronicles for PSPg-to-monsters7

Extra #3

Speaking of Roos, that was the closest ESRB call of them all. See, Roos are actually pretty friendly, and you can talk to them even when you’re in human form – except you can’t understand a word they’re saying, which is represented by their dialogue boxes being written entirely in runes. Now, I can’t read runes, so I didn’t realize this at first… but it turns out all of this dialogue was actually in English… and if I could read runes, I’d have realized that these cute little creatures were saying things like, “PLEASE LEND MONEY.” Funny, silly stuff… except for one very angry, very foul-mouthed Roo (a Roo with issues!), who spoke such harsh runic words in the original Japanese version of the game that I dare not repeat them here! But fear not: His M-rated runic English has since been replaced with something a bit less abrasive, and the rest of the runic text has been “cleaned up” just enough to be serviceable, but without losing that original “Engrish” flair. Of course, I couldn’t resist sneaking a FEW fun little extra lines in there… such as the dialogue included in the attached screenshot. What could he be saying? Oh, I’ll never tell! Take THAT, society!

Ys I & II Chronicles for PSP

Extra #4

Now for the more… erm… “colorful” extras. Somebody at Falcom clearly has a bit of a perverted streak, as there are a few extras in these games that simply can’t be discussed without a bit of guilty blushing. See, in typical Ys tradition, each of these two games has a short escort mission to complete (though don’t worry, neither is annoying in any way!). In the first game, a young lady named Feena needs to be led out of an underground shrine; and in the second, a mischievous little boy named Tarf needs to be led through a volcanic lair. During the escort mission with Feena, there’s actually a dead-end corridor into which, with a bit of finagling, Adol can push her. After mashing her character sprite against the back wall for a couple seconds, she begins to get a little uncomfortable, and her measurements are added to your status screen. Man, Adol, what kind of hero are you?! Take that, society…

Talking-Ys I & II Chronicles for PSPto-monsters3

Extra #5

Even worse, though, is the escort mission with Tarf in Ys II. Yep, same story! It’s a lot harder to pull off, but there’s one specific dead-end you can mash Tarf against as well, to get HIS measurements! And most disturbing of all, you really have to go out of your way to do it – and it’s such a tight fit, the only way to get him in there is with fireballs! I had to get footage of this for the ESRB, and let me tell you… I’ve never felt dirtier in my life! Take that, society?

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, too. From snuggling in other peoples’ beds to using items where you’re not supposed to, to dangling scantily-clad character sprites from strings for decoration and robbing gold from a DUCK!, there are countless ways in which this game allows you to play Adol as a seedy, icky sort of hero. And you know what? As uncharacteristic as these behaviors may be for him, the fact that Ys I & II Chronicles allows you to be as naughty or nice as you wish is just… extremely refreshing! Not only are these games fun, fast, and totally metal, but they’re also role-playing games, in the strictest sense of the word.

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  • I had no idea about this. Makes me want the game more.

  • it loks like a gameboy game it so sucks!

    • Now, now… graphics aren’t everything! Besides, this game’s graphics are actually quite nice — they’re hi-res (inasmuch as the PSP screen can do hi-res, anyway), they’re extremely detailed, and they’re packed with a lot of charm and subtlety. If you give it a chance, I think you’ll find it a much nicer-looking game than you’re expecting!

  • I want this game so bad. February can’t come soon enough!

    Now if Ys Origins can magically come stateside (also 4 and 5) ~~

  • this game looks like a classic rpg i want to buy this game so bad when i get the money.

  • this is a great post! it makes me very eager to play! and the comment @2, what a sucka!

  • This looks interesting, I’ll have to look into it. I wish it was coming out on PSN though instead of PSP, that way I could play it on my big screen. I hate handhelds, the only time I play video games is at home, and I’d rather be sitting looking up at a nice big screen than huddled in a corner squinting at an itty bitty device that is way too uncomfortable for my hands.

    • As another reader pointed out, 2000- and 3000-series PSPs (meaning the slim ones, not the original heavier models), as well as the PSPgo, have built-in TV output capabilities. For a 2000-series PSP, you’d need an HDTV or a progressive scan SDTV, but for a 3000-series PSP or a PSPgo, even an old-fashioned TV with a standard RCA hookup will let you play your PSP games on the big screen. All you need is the right cord, which you can find just about anywhere.

      I *always* play my PSP games via TV-out when I’m at home. I love it, and I honestly think it looks great!

  • Can’t wait for this!

  • How did I not know about this? Seriously, I still play this on my Turbografx! (Heck, sometimes I even just put it in my CD player for the game music.) And now soon I’ll be playing it my PSP! And it comes with the soundtrack you say? Yep. I’m in.

    • You’re going to really enjoy this version, I think. (: Fans of the TurboGrafx game are probably the ones who are most likely to absolutely LOVE Chronicles, since it’s such a faithful port, yet adds SO MUCH extra to the mix… not the least of which is full analog support and lots of satisfying, explosive gore. ;)

  • These all sound so funny, good old old-school.

    Tom, I want to ask you to tell your team that the Ys game could use some more exposure. Too little to no trailers on big sites like gametrailers, IGN, and smaller sites like kotaku, joystiq, destructoid, epicbattleaxe. I wish you would advertise a little more and give your games more exposure to a great deal of gamers that are unaware of these games.

    Thanks for bringing this game!

    • We DO try to advertise these games, but advertising on big sites takes lots of moulah, and advertising on sites like Kotaku takes… well, being silly enough to get noticed. ;) We’re doing everything we can, though, and we’re counting on fans to do the rest — so tell all your friends!! (:

  • Greatest blog post ever.

    Had this pre-ordered since October.

  • HAHAH keep it up, Xseed!

    Take that, saltless publishers!

  • Looks awesome, but wish it was psn with trophies. XD.

    • Well, it IS coming to PSN — but only for PSP. And no trophies, I’m afraid (though the game does have built-in “trophies,” of a sort — in Ys II, building up good relationships with various characters unlocks “mascots” you can use to decorate your screen).

  • Keep it up XSEED. im looking forward to this

  • @evgenyking great, don’t play it. Sorry that you value graphics over actual gameplay. Must really suck to be a gamer for you then when games that have graphics like this but have significantly better gameplay than half the games nowadays with awesome graphics come out. Man, feel sorry for you :/

    @Hradekal Never heard of the cord that works on the PSP 2000/3000 model that goes to the TV so you can display it on there? If you don’t have a HDTV then you would need the 3000 model to use the composite (red white yellow) cord to play games as you can only use the component (Red/white audio, green/red/blue video) cord to display your gameplay on screen. doesn’t solve your uncomfortableness for your hands but hey, as far as that goes it could be as small and slim as the DS being more uncomfortable from what I could tell for you.

    As for the game, sounds great ^^

  • This game looks sweet! Never even gave a 2nd look at anouncments for it, but now that I read this I want it. I will try and pick it up.

  • ive i never played ys but i will definetly get this

  • Good stuff, I’ll def be picking this up!!

  • I love the graphics. Reminds me of Wild ARMs’ graphics, which were charming. Makes me want to play Wild ARMs. <3

    I love Ys, so I'm thinking of getting this even though I have the DS collection for Ys I & II.

    • The DS version is… very different. Unlike this one, which Falcom themselves ported to the PSP, the DS version was ported by a third-party publisher who took it upon themselves to completely change the combat system and graphical presentation.

      As a result, it feels like a completely different game. And needless to say… this one is more awesome. (:

  • Another RPG! sweetness!!!!
    Any word on legend of dragoon coming to North American PSN?
    Japan has it. February would be a sweet month for RPGS from PSP, PS3, AND PSX classic games.

    • IIRC, Sony themselves published Legend of Dragoon, no? If so, they’d probably be the ones to talk about releasing it on PSN here. We could look into it, probably, but I don’t think it’s too likely we’d be getting involved with another publisher’s product like that — we don’t want to be stepping on anyone’s toes, after all. (:

  • Didn’t know about this questionable dialogue, but it seems like it’s going to be hilarious! And will the psn version cost $24.99 correct?

    Hey Tom, did the Council of Elders approve of Coded Soul: Uketsugareshi Idea? How about Half-Minute Hero 2?

    • That is correct, yes. PSN price is discounted $5 from the UMD price — but no soundtrack CD if you download, obviously. (:

      And I can’t really comment on our other titles — largely because I don’t know about them! I’ve been living and breathing Falcom here for the last few months, with work on Trails in the Sky taking up the lion’s share of my time lately. All I can really say is that we ARE aware of fan demand for those two games (or in the case of Coded Soul, demand specifically from YOU and ME, and sadly almost no one else!), and we’re looking into possibilities, but thus far… nothin’. Sorry! (:

  • Why o why can’t this be on PSN? I love Ys and I would love to enjoy this on my TV.

    • You actually CAN enjoy this on your TV, through your PSP! All but the earliest model PSP have built-in TV-out functionality. I wrote a response to another reader with details, which I’ll copy for you here:

      “2000- and 3000-series PSPs (meaning the slim ones, not the original heavier models), as well as the PSPgo, have built-in TV output capabilities. For a 2000-series PSP, you’d need an HDTV or a progressive scan SDTV, but for a 3000-series PSP or a PSPgo, even an old-fashioned TV with a standard RCA hookup will let you play your PSP games on the big screen. All you need is the right cord, which you can find just about anywhere.”

      I play all my PSP games this way, and while they don’t QUITE fill up the screen, they still look pretty great. It’s a nice compromise, and one of those unsung features of the system that really make it stand out IMHO.

  • wow i cant wait for this game this and mvc3 will be my games i get on that day

  • also u know u wanna give me a free copy of the game :D

    • I don’t NOT want to… but the money for it would have to come out of my own pocket. And they pay me in peanuts here. Peanuts injected with Red Bull.

  • great post, even though i don’t own a PSP this sounds like a game i would enjoy.

    @#21 – 3D Dot Game Heroes is a cool alternative if you didn’t played it yet.

  • I’m not typically one to buy games new without a pre-order incentive*, but I feel this will be thirty-bucks-and-tax well-spent.

    *Okay, so there’s the GameStop promotion, but since I’ve picked up the other Collector’s Editions, that’ll be mostly icing on the swag-cake.

  • Sorry Tom, I loved Seven & Oath but I’m still feeling the pain from the I & II PR XSeed put out last month. Specifically the last bit of it.

    “*Digital download does not include bonus soundtrack”


    I know, I know. Digital music rights and all of that but it still stings. The fact that the PSN release is $5 off (frankly at this point in the PSPs life $30 seems steep, then again lesser companies are still pushing that absurd $40 price point) the retail one helps, if only a little. But it leaves me questioning whether or not to jump on board day one.

    Regardless I’m certain I’ll end up buying and playing through these games eventually! Legend of Heroes stuff is up next, yes? There’s another series I know little to nothing about. I wonder if that will change? In any case thanks for helping to make the PSPs final years pretty awesome!

    • Yep, Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky will be released shortly after Ys I & II Chronicles. Definitely one to look forward to — especially if you like LOTS AND LOTS OF CHARACTER AND WORLD DEVELOPMENT. Because let me tell you… that’s what you’re going to get. The amount of detail in that game is just… inconceivable. (:

      And thanks for the kind comments! Sorry we couldn’t lower the price point of this game a little more, but we’re already about as low as we can go without bleeding ourselves dry. (:

  • lmao Peanuts injected with Red Bull now that sounds somewhat yummy lol

  • I bought a PSP thanks to Nihon Falcom + XSEED Games. I have the premium editions of Ys Seven and Ys: The Oath in Felghana, and I have this pre-ordered. Yet, I hope to be able to start playing Ys Seven sometime next week as I get college work off my back. XSEED, you are doing heroic work, and I thank you. I almost feel like buying digital copies of these clearly awesome Ys games that I haven’t played yet, but maybe after I get out of college that’ll be more of an option. Hey, and there’s three versions of music here you can switch between! Metal Forever!

  • No, no the pricing is great especially the PSN release since its a two-for-one game deal kind of thing! Short as the games may be based on Oath/Seven, that coding and localizing doesn’t come for free. I’m just saddened to be missing out on another excellent soundtrack! If only XSeed would go into the video game music licensing & distributing business… (hey, it’s got to be cheaper than getting into anime like NIS did!).

  • Tom, thanks for replying.
    Any chance for a remake of Ys: The Ark of Napishtim?

    • Probably not — not unless Falcom sees fits to remake it themselves, anyway, and I don’t see that happening for a loooong time, if at all.

  • I’m really glad you guys are bringing over the Ys games to PSP. I’ve always wnated to give them a try and it seems now I have a reason to start scooping them up as they come in.

    however as much as I enjoy 2D rpgs and the like, there really doesn’t seem to be any good quality RPG’s taking advantage of the PSP’s 3D hardware. I was really hoping for the emergence of Final Fantasy X style RPG’s on PSP, yet they’ve never made an appearance. Maybe I’m missing something. I know you guys specialize in translations like Working Designs back in the old days (Lunar Eternal Blue Please!), but maybe you have some insight or could give a nudge over in Japan. Only RPG I’ve seen since Crisis Core that comes close is FFagitoXIII (Type-0 … stupid stupid rename).

    • Don’t forget about our own Brave Story: New Traveler, too! One of my favorite games on the PSP, and a superb-looking 3D turn-based RPG in the vein of PSX-era Final Fantasies.

      Some other publishers have been releasing a few games like that recently as well — Hexyz Force from Atlus, for example.

      And while it’s not turn-based, Ys Seven is fully 3D — and both Ys: The Oath in Felghana and our upcoming Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky feature fully 3D worlds (though with 2D character sprites overlaid on top of them).

  • I don’t see what you should be proud of. “Hey I messed a classic just to get a T rating from the ESRB!” is not exactly all that rebellious. If you come up with an unrated version that have not been castrated now we are talking!

    • Actually, WE didn’t add anything — this is all stuff Falcom added to the game themselves (well, the fireball dialogue was originally lines like “Ouch!” and “It burns!” and “Why are you shooting me?”, but all the rest of it comes straight from the original developers of Ys I & II). So no, it wasn’t put in by us just to get a T rating — it was put in by the company who made the original titles back in 1987 and 1988 as a little bonus for fans!

  • Tom – I have to admit I have yet to preorder this one after the horror that was Legacy of Ys I and II that Atlus brought over on the DS. I’ve been playing Ys I and II since the PC and TG-16/Turbo Duo days, so when I saw your comment that the gameplay is back to normal, I know this’ll be a day one purchase like Ys Seven was.

  • Hm. I’m not too impressed by seediness. I’m a bit confused on whether this was all in there in the original versions and just carried forward/tweaked to this release, or whether you’re announcing that these have been added in just for today’s generation.

    Either way, I’m not impressed. I only played one Y’s game growing up (on SNES) and I liked it. I don’t remember anything in there I wouldn’t want my kids to see. (probably would’ve been an E10 by today’s standards) Why would you go and take games I could enjoy with my kids, and make them push the T / M boundary? Hot coffee is nothing to aspire to!

    I felt the same way about Little King Story. I bought it anyway once it reached bargain bin because the gameplay looked awesome. I haven’t played it through yet, but I read the ESRB blurb on it. Why on earth would you make a game that could easily appeal to younger kids gameplay-wise and artwork-wise earn a T rating just for stupid crude humor, suggestive themes and such!? You’re just limiting your own sales! I might have bought LKS first-day and played it with my son otherwise.

    This one looks fun otherwise, too.

    • As stated in another comment above, none of this was added by us — it was actually all added by Falcom themselves (back in the late 90s and early 2000s, no less!). In other words, the development company who made the original games back in 1987 and 1988 are the ones who made these additions — so they’re very official!

      I’m also pretty sure that thematic elements alone would’ve given this game a T rating — same with Ys III, which contains attempted murder and “noble” suicide as part of the storyline, if you’ll recall! Nothing about these games is meant for little kids, and these additions seem very much in keeping with their target audience.

      (Consequently, Little King’s Story is another game where we didn’t specifically add ANYTHING. The rating it received in English is the rating it deserved on its own merits, and any thematic elements that bumped it up to T were present in the original Japanese as well. And we’re certainly not going to REMOVE things that the original creators fully intended to be there!)

  • This is hilarious! I can’t wait to go around all the towns wreaking havoc! I do this in other RPGs and npcs rarely react, but when they do, I just can’t stop smiling. Thanks so much for localizing these great games! Also looking forward to The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky!

  • “And we’re certainly not going to REMOVE things that the original creators fully intended to be there!”

    And thank you for that! Butchered & watered down localizations are a bane on any imported medias existance.

  • Tom, you once again win the internet with a freakishly high level of awesomeness. Many congratulations.

    Have had this pre-ordered for a long while, can’t wait to finish off the great Ys streak from XSEED and get onto some Legend of Heroes!

    I’d also like to offer up my really old cat *if needed* as a sacrifice in order to get the Half-Minute Hero sequel localized by you guys later on in the year. Jess’ hilarity needs to be shoved down the throats of those who didn’t bother to purchase the first!

    • I’m afraid we accept only newborn kittens. ;) But we’ll keep your willingness to cruelly sacrifice an elderly animal in mind, and add it to the list of crazy things people say they’ll do if we bring them Half-Minute Hero 2. It just may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back — who knows? ;)

  • Tom, I must apologize. I’ve been on the Ys HYPE TRAIN ever since you announced Ys Seven coming stateside.

    … and I have failed you.

    I have yet to pick any of the games up :'(

    I know, I know. I am a terrible human being.

    That being said, I AM about purchase Ys 7 off of PSN right about now. So that should make you happy. And then, after that, I AM moving on to OoF and then this.

    So, you didn’t receive my monies right when it launched, like I originally planned. But monies you will be receiving (digital download monies even, which I’m sure are very nice for XSEED).

    Keep up the great work. It’s really wonderful to see someone who is really all about their company and its games.

  • @AriesWarlock

    Late reply, but Ys: The Ark of Napishtim is already available on the PSP if that is what you are asking.


    Looks kinda tough to pick up new, but you might be able to find a used copy. Amazon has it listed as well.

  • Too bad i don’t have my psp anymore, ILL GET ANOTHER ONE :D

  • Wasn’t this on the DS?

    Oh and, how do you pronounce Ys? I hear some call it “ice” and others call it “wise.”

    • It was, but the DS version is a lot different. The DS game was ported by a third-party company who saw it upon themselves to change… pretty much everything. The battle system was changed, the graphic style was changed, the music was weirdly re-synthed… it was a very, very different experience, and not one I’m personally all that fond of.

      The PSP version was ported by Falcom themselves — the same company who made these games originally back in 1987 and 1988. It’s actually the first time a Falcom-developed version of Ys I & II will EVER get a release in English. It remains faithful to the original “bump system” combat engine, still uses 2D sprite and tile artwork (albeit newly redrawn and redetailed for higher resolution), and contains three versions of the soundtrack amongst which you can freely toggle: the original 1987/1988 versions, 2001 synth versions used in a Japanese Windows release, and newly-arranged versions played with live instrumentation, created specifically for the PSP release.

    • (continued from previous comment)

      Obviously I’m biased (on multiple levels, since I’m both a Falcom nut AND an XSEED employee), but I would honestly recommend the PSP version over the DS version hands-down. The DS version is fine for what it is… but it’s not Ys I & II, as far as I’m concerned.

      As for the pronunciation, it’s actually pronounced “eece” — rhymes with “fleece.” The name comes from an ancient legendary city in Europe (sort of like the French/British version of Atlantis). Look up Ys on Wikipedia sometime if you’re interested in learning more, as the legendary city is the very first result that comes up.

  • after playing y’s 7 and oath of fal (whatever it’s called) i can’t wait forthe next ones

  • I’m pretty sure #2 was joking, but I love 2D games, looking forward to this, especially if the localization has raunchy humor. Can’t wait

  • I still need to get oath. I did however play ys seven and that was great. Cant wait for this one.

  • After reading all this, I’m debating trading in my DS version (Atlus) and getting this one… Well, actually I probably will so I have them all on one system.

    As for the Brave Story: New Travellor game, it is awesome! I’ve read the original Japanese novel and the story is right in line with it. No load times between combat!

  • Game looks awesome, I’ll be buying this.

    The person knocking the graphics needs to enlighten himself. These graphics are inspired by the hey-day of RPG greatness. Plus, we need publishers like XSEED, NIS & Atlus. So many great Eastern developed games deserve to be localized for an audience outside of Asia. Vic Ireland showed us that with Working Designs, RIP, and now we have other great publishers that are continuing the great work.

  • Awesome :D I can’t wait to pick it up. I like how the packaging from the PSP Ys games that XSEED has put out line up on the side and make a mural :D. I have high hopes for Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky, because the Localization was great on the Ys games and Lunar SSH. I was wondering, has there been any word from Game Arts concerning a remake of Lunar Eternal Blue? I noticed that they released a Lunar book for kindle recently, so hopefully they are still interested in the series :D

    • No word as of yet, I’m afraid. But if they announce it, you’d better believe we’ll leap on it like wolves on sheep. ;)

  • Ah, I see, thank you for the info. I might pick up the DS version anyway to see how it differs. I’m one of those people that likes to see the changes.
    I honestly like the sprites. I’m not picky on whether it’s 2D or 3D. I love that I get to choose between soundtracks. that sounds awesome. I’ll definitely pick this up too. Hope Falcom decides to port over their other games. I like the sense of security that the developers themselves are working on the localization to ensure a faithful port.
    Yes, i know since you are an employee, you are entitled to biased, *cough*kissass*cough*. :p kidding. But I don’t need your recommendation to pick this up. I will get it. :D
    Thank you for telling me how it’s pronounced. Finally I can put that to rest. A friend had also given me a third guess, seperating the y and the s, becoming “why es.” Now I know how to say it. Thank you. :)

    • D’oh! I wrote a reply to this earlier, but wrote it as an overall reply to the blog entry, rather than to you in particular.

      If you’re interested, check below. Sorry for the mix-up!

  • “Hope Falcom decides to port over their other games.”

    They actually have, for a lot of them! In Japan, anyway. And one here: “Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure” on PSP is a Falcom in-house port of their 3D platformer from 2004, released in North America by Mastiff Games. And it’s awesome!

    And their port of Legend of Heroes VI: Trails in the Sky is also getting a U.S. release in a couple months, through us. ;) And yes, it’s the first Legend of Heroes game to be released here that was developed and ported 100% by Falcom themselves, with all prior Legend of Heroes titles being third-party interpretations of the games.

    Other Falcom titles that were ported to PSP first-party include Vantage Master Portable, Zwei!!, and Brandish: The Dark Revenant (with the latter being a pretty significant remake of a very old game). They’re all pretty awesome, and hopefully, now that we’ve got this partnership with them, we’ll be able to get our hands on some of them over time.

    When our hands aren’t quite as full as they are now, anyway. ;)

  • :D Fireballing villagers was 4 hours of playtime in my playthrough of ys 2

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