Killzone 3 Multiplayer Video of MP03 Bilgarsk Boulevard

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In case this morning’s Killzone 3 Multiplayer Open Beta announce wasn’t enough to tide you over, here’s some more Killzone MP goodness. Here is video of Killzone 3’s third multiplayer map, Bilgarsk Boulevard. When you play, remember to stick to the alleyways and building interiors because the long sightlines make crossing the boulevard a deadly proposition…

For more details on Killzone 3’s 8 multiplayer levels, including MP03 Bilgarsk Boulevard and the MP05 Frozen Dam map featured in the Multiplayer Open Beta, check out the full briefing on

30 more days…

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  • I can’t wait, too bad I only have enough money for the normal edition cuz $130 is too much for me.

  • Looks great.

    I am disappointed there’s only 8 maps in the multiplayer… and only one with jet packs.

  • Wait, is the beta still going on?

  • THankfully i have the best killzone channel on youtube, and you can bet ill be uploading more gameplay once KZ3 COMES OUT! YES?

  • I’ve never played a killzone game but this one from what I see is amazing probably a most get since it comes with a redeem code for SOCOM 4 Multiplayer beta. ;)

  • Nevermind, just saw the post from earlier today. Awesome. I’m planning on picking up PS Move in the next 2 weeks, so I guess I’ll be able to get some practice with it in the new beta/demo.

  • This is going to be epic!

  • I just don’t see enough significant improvements or changes in KZ3 to think of it as anything more than KZ2.5.

    Also, vehicle support doesn’t mean 1.5 (jet packs are hardly vehicles…) vehicles on two maps with only on the two maps…

    I just feel so let down by KZ3’s MP and online offerings, severely let down. Online co-op would have made up for it but, I do actually understand the difficulties behind that, but absolutely not the slim pickings to the MP.

    It lacks uniqueness, variety, creativity, or anything that separates it from any other typical and overly populated foot soldier shooter. It just seems that even uncharted of all games had a nearly bottomless chasm of online offerings compared to this, and that was SP first MP dead last game.

    Sp looks great though, but as it is now I went from pre-ordering hig edition, to normal, to putting it on my gamefly queue. I do hope I am seriously proven wrong… or just not in the know of what is hiding from us… I hope more vehicles, weapons, something/anything good is added not to long after release to the MP. Or maybe you guys have something up your sleeves? Maybe some big secrets? Please? :(

  • Wow, idk wat to say, i just keep loving this game more and more every time they announce something new for it. Its crazy!


  • Can’t wait to get in on the action that is Killzone 3! I’ll be killing it online as soon as I finish the story mode. :) I can already tell it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

  • Whoever’s playing this sucked hard in the beginning of the vid and got much better as it went on.

    Also, I’m excited. The game looks great.

  • there needs to be more just 8 maps for the online in this game. Killzone is a huge franchise so treat it that way. release more free maps or killzone 2 maps on KZ3 and not jus slap a preorder on it.

  • also HOLY CRAP the video looks sick!!!! plz more more more maps. atleast Plus users map. Is there deathmatch?? plz have deathmatch.

  • Impressive. Also tactician with the M82 makes me happy.

  • Loving it already and i haven’t even touched the game…such a major improvement over the previous…

  • Whens the sharpshooter coming out>

  • I hope you are listening GG, multiplayer needs more than 8 maps if it wants to be successful. I don’t know why developers these days are releasing online games with ANYTHING less than a dozen maps. And no, we don’t want map packs, we want content from the beginning.

    Also, I hope you guys show something else besides snow for Killzone 3.. it’s about time… I remember you guys saying there is variety in the game… well… show it..

    “variety is the spice of life” … is something I think a lot of developers forget about as well. All of the maps in call of duty scream GENERIC to me, I hope killzone 3 doesn’t turn out the same………..

  • I’m already having a hard time telling who the good guys and bad guys are! :(

  • Oh and pass these notes along to Zipper / Socom 4… we don’t want another Socom Confrontation now do we.. with only 10 or so maps even WITH a map pack… and that was an online ONLY game… pathetic. I love the game but it could have been SO much more. So please give the multiplayer the respect it deserves in whatever game it is, or don’t bother doing one at all. Just my opinion. I do love killzone, amazing graphics and sound/weapons.. cant wait for the one player story, I just wish we would see more variety (especially for the online in these games) thats all.

    Really waiting to see some very different environments, the snow thing is kinda wearing out on us now even though it does look amazing and I’m sure it looks even better on a big screen. Hope we get to see some jungle / desert / more colorful levels.. online and off.

  • @ oo7

    Warhawk only had 5 maps and it was very successful, Id rather have 8 really good maps then 12 really bad ones. I can think of 6 maps in a game like COD that I would never play

  • wow. the scan abilities seems upgraded from KZ2 its scan 5 times before cooling countdown starts. :)

  • 8 maps?
    iv’e already experienced 3 and seen 1…
    I’m very disappointed….

  • So awesome and epic!

  • This is my favorite shooter of all time. Im sweating bullets waiting for this game. Im going Killzonecrazy!

  • To All the people talking about the amount of maps…..Have you played KZ2? Believe me when I say there will be more maps for Killzone 3. Stop complaining.

  • I’d like to say this will hold me for a while and it may but I have a big concern regarding these hackers out there. I’m not sure if Killzone 3 will be tougher to hack than Call of Duty but if it’s not, I won’t be playing long. :(

    Also, has anyone noticed how bad the PS3 mic is? I have tried both official mics, third party mics (Plantronics, the newest Motorola’s, etc) and all still create a ton of background noise. However, on my cell phone (Droid 2), I have no feedback and it cancels sound with no issues. I’m very disappointed that Bluetooth on the PS3 creates such poor results when my XBOX 360 sounds clear. And that’s the opposite of what should be happening. :(

  • Im so stoked for this game now, me and my friends are gonna have a sick time when this comes out!
    btw, any word on legend of dragoon coming to psn as a ps one classic? Sony’s the publisher right? could u guys possibly consider this if u haven’t already? please, japan has it, and many North Americans are dying to play this game as a classic where u don’t have to worry about having scratched disc’s that wont work.

  • I’m liking this, looking smoother than the bets too ,can’t wait for my Collectors edition from amazon

  • Man this looks like a significant improvement from KZ2. I like the way the sight on the gun looks and the number of attachments you can have. Certainly worth 60 bucks. Keep it up Guerrilla

  • It is sad there are only eight maps to start the MP experience. At least they have a voucher for two KZ2 maps which brings it up to ten total. I would like to see more KZ2 maps for free within the first month.

  • For every one sad about only eight maps..i can see what you mean but that could only be on the beta…and also think about how big all the maps we have seen so far..they are huge(thats what she said) lol and i think i will spend more time exploring these huge maps and less time finding myself board with them..thats just what i think

  • Hello, I have a question that I’m hoping somebody can answer. Is there going to be an option to turn off the alerts that pop up every time that you kill something? I really don’t need to see all of that information until after the match. I also find it very distracting. Thanks in advance.

  • Wow! Thats all I have to Say!!!

  • 8 maps? That is terrible.

  • will the playstation plus get that beta or not ?

  • cant wait for this! got the helghast edition on pre order. hopefully there will be a midnight release because i took that night off from work

  • @aljubori

    you didn’t read the article huh? Also why would regular members get the this and plus members won’t? That would never happen.

  • The online play looks a lot more fluid in this game… and judging by how he was playing… it seems that the guns don’t have as much recoil.
    Can’t wait for this… I have Mass Effect 2 and soon MvC3 to keep me company until this comes out.

  • So glad I recently started following this site! So many great videos! Im really excited for this game! (i traded in my old xbox 360 and the games for it and got enough credit back to get the helghast edition in full!) haha

  • This game is going to be so sweet! Already pre-ordered. :)

  • Hey Hey Hey!…No complaining, kz2 also started with 8 maps…what ppl don’t understand is that the maps in kz3 have level events like snowstorms, inhabited alien jungles, and giant moving robots…they take up tons of space on the BD so we’ll definitely get DLC later, guaranteed ;)

  • How can you guys complain about these maps? They are SO MUCH more detailed and amazing then any other game I’ve ever seen.

    It’s not 1 for 1, you can’t compare on map on here and say “aww only 8 maps CoD got 13” or however many they got. Those maps are complete and utter crap. Nuketown? That map looks like it took 10 minutes to design and a day to make. This map is extraordinary, I got chills from watching it.

    As another person said, quality over quantity. Rather have maps like these then the crap Treyarch dished out.

    • Yeah. I’ll take a fewer number of large, high-quality maps over countless repetitious maps any day. Eight maps does not strike me as a particularly small number.

  • Can’t wait for this to release.

    I have been using a Motorola BT that I picked up for 20 bucks at Xmas time, for 3 years with my PS3 and have never had any trouble with it.

  • Looks epic! and guys please do research, hell go the killzone site so you come here asking dumb things, 8 maps seems enough, quality over quantity and we might get DLC and stuff : )

    I hope the hackers GTFO of this game, it seems epic!

  • @7 Blkant
    Good thing the rest of us in the Killzone fanbase don’t feel the same as you do. Co-op campaign online really isn’t necessary and honestly overrated. Your friends to lazy to drive over (or walk over, take the bus over) to your place and order a pizza so the two of you can split screen?

    Whole nonsense of “killzone 2.5” … really…. what’s wrong with you. Do we judge movies in such foolish ways? This is Killzone 3. It is the next in the series. If that doesn’t make you happy we have Mec’s, we have job changes, we have Exo’s, we have jet packs, we’ve lost spawn grenades in favor of a new capture and hold spawn point system (which can be good or bad).

    This game is going to be epic, just because you have to be snooty about it isn’t going to change the fact that this game is epic. I commend GG for giving me a game to really be excited about as KZ2 is a hard act to follow.

  • Man, can you guys just fix wallhack, no recoil, autoaim, and player health as per Beta recommendations? Really?

    Was Killzone 2 some happy accident?

    I really cannot understand these decisions.

  • I take it some of you disappointed in the maps count dont know the quality of maps your getting. Killzone 2 had some of the great muti-player maps ever … only to be topped by this third installment. Plus their will be bonus maps from killzone 2 avalible with the collectors ed. and would imagine DLC packs too for those who didnt get the Collectors Edition.

  • Yeah, can someone answer if those stupid COD-like popups can be turned off? Going to be really annoying having them on screen. They weren’t there in KZ2. If not, GG better patch it.

  • Will the open beta support Move?

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