LittleBigPrius Contest Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

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When Toyota Prius let us know they were interested in working with LittleBigPlanet 2, we knew that their emphasis on harmony between man, machine and the environment was a good fit for Sackboy’s world. As gamers, we also knew that we could do something clever that the community would enjoy. So, together, we developed a LBP2 level called “LittleBigPrius”, which will be the focal point of an upcoming “create your own level” contest.

LittleBigPlanet 2 was just released to stores this week, so here’s your chance to get your creative juices flowing and win something big. How big? We’re talking a 46” Sony Bravia 3D HDTV…that’s how big!

If you are already familiar with LittleBigPlanet 2, you’ll know that its appeal doesn’t come just from the on-disc single and multi-player experience (which are fabulous), but also from the ability to create your own games. Our “LittleBigPrius” level is just one of the endless variety of games which will be created by the community.

LittleBigPrius for LittleBigPlanet 2

“LittleBigPrius” consists of a traditional platforming section (with puzzles, of course!) followed by a top-down driving portion made possible by LBP2’s new tools. Along the way, you’ll be able to collect a number of items which you can then use to create your own levels. That’s where the contest comes in! We want you to use these collected items, and anything else your clever little minds can come up with, to create your own Prius-inspired LBP2 level. Be sure to name your level “Prius_[Your Level Name Here]” so that it can be easily located (and, no, we don’t want you to actually use the words “Your Level Name Here” unless that’s the best you can come up with… in which case, a contest based upon creativity is probably not for you).

When the contest officially begins, publish your level online so that members of the LBP community will have a chance to play and comment upon it. Most importantly, they’ll be able to “heart” it if they really like it. When the contest ends, the ten highest-ranked levels, as chosen by the community, will be selected as our finalists. From these finalists, SCEA will choose one Grand Prize winner and four First Prize winners on the basis of originality, quality/polish, Toyota Prius brand awareness, and use of the items obtained from our LittleBigPrius level. The Grand Prize winner will be awarded a 46” Sony Bravia 3D HDTV and a PlayStation Move hardware bundle which includes a PlayStation 3 system, the PlayStation Eye camera, PlayStation Move motion controller and Sports Champions game. The four First Place winners will receive a PlayStation Move Sports Champions bundle, consisting of the game, the PlayStation Eye camera and a PlayStation Move motion controller.

Please be sure that you have a valid e-mail address associated with your PSN ID, since that is how we will be contacting the winners. Check back on the Blog and for full details when we announce the release of the “LittleBigPrius” level and the start of the contest coming soon.

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  • Is the LittleBigPrius level online yet? I can’t seem to find it.

    • Hi all,

      We are currently finishing up the level and expect it to be published to the community in early February. Look for an announcement on the contest dates after the level goes live.

  • If only LBP2 supported 3D :(

  • Well, I was going to focus on my awesome Spider-Man grappling level, but hey, that can wait! I’m totally game for this. A 3D TV and PS prize packs?? Sweet.

    I have been going through the tutorials on LBP 2 so I can really get the hang of all of the tools and really come up with something great. I’ll be working hard on this for sure. Sooooo, when does the contest start? And is the LBPrius level up yet? I did look for it before.

  • Can’t find the level. You guys need to publish it.

  • sigh, yet another contest for the people that already know how to use the tools to make something great the us noobies to the game cant compare to.

  • LittleBigGranTurismo :D

  • I have a Prius in gran turismo 5 i haven’t washed it yet sorry lol, but this level and contest seem amazing.

  • I’m loving this game but have a few questions

    1. Is Mm aware of the server problems with players trying to play with their PSN buddies? The game will get you stuck on the loading screen for a long time, then will kick you out of the level.

    2. Pod problems with the Earth glitching inside

    3. Will we ever get to see the Beta levels in the retail version of the game? Sony did a good job adverting the game with a lot of awesome looking beta levels in the LBP commercial. I think the levels should get added to the retail version servers.

  • Corporate synergy, what a brilliant marketing strategy!

  • Level look very fun. I was hoping it was up today.

  • Awesome cant wait to play it…

  • Thank you for the relative release date on the prius level.

    TO the newbs, you have time to get your learning going before the contest starts next month.

  • Please tell me this isn’t another contest where it will say North America only, and then not include Canada….I’m terribly sick of all the contests I thought I could join, but weren’t able to because apparently Canada isn’t part of North America??? That makes no sense to me.

  • Lame Prius, why not a 4×4 or something cool?

  • U really need 2 b making a patch fir the Endless/crazy loading screens Whn u try too join a friends game like @
    1. Is Mm aware of the server problems with players trying to play with their PSN buddies? The game will get you stuck on the loading screen for a long time, then will kick you out of the level.
    Fix it!!!!

  • Fix the online. It’s terrible. I was expecting more from LBP2, but so far it’s been WORSE than LBP’s online which was terrible in itself, so that’s saying a lot. I never once got stuck on the loading screen for TWO ENTIRE STORY LEVELS in LBP, it was just laggy to the point where it was almost unplayable. At least I was put into the game and not stuck watching the Loadbar spaz at the end.

    Also, exclude ‘auto-deny’ hosts from searches. That’s the most idiotic design choice ever. Why should we find these people when they already say they’re not going to host strangers? There’s zero reason for it. It amazes me how developers can overlook such obvious problems like this.

    I love this game, but the online is not making me a happy camper.

  • Looking forward to the challenge!

  • plz we want LBP1 DLC compatible with LBP2 cross-region

  • I HATE Toyota! I would try, but all the things people make are far better than mine. I try but, idk.

  • TOYOTA rocks…Cant wait to try this out, Thats awsome!!

  • Im looking for of making a level called ”The Pruis Drive”

  • Man im hungry for LBP2 ( ) ( )
    (0 0 )
    (U U )

  • Wait, what? The grand prize isn’t even a Prius?

  • How do you make a car in LBP2 with top view…Im Confused!

  • So we just make a level that has something to do with a Prius?

  • I’m going to make a level where the Prius has a stuck gas pedal and is running out of control! It’s going to be sweet!

  • want this game so friken bad i wish i had unlimited money so that i could get any game or else i would own a game stop or another game store so i would get a discount

  • Does anyone know why the rare t-shirt on LBP2 store is 5 bucks? I looked at it and can’t figure out why I’d buy it, and I buy some pretty dumb stuffon occasion. I payed 60 bucks for Damnation(the “game”)and THAT was dumb!!!

  • Gran Turismo 5 LBP2 style. :p

  • any other hidden goodies will be on this level when it active


  • Disable the PS3 internet connection and start the game will solve the moon or something inside the pod.

    When will this bug be fix?

    How to report bug?

  • We need a Patch for the online LBP2 loading bug. We could not get all 4 players actually playing online tonight. Best we could get was 3 and then the 4th would get a permanent loading screen. Often times we had 2 playing stuck in infinite loading screens.

  • AWSUM!

  • @jeep_2003, perhaps you should sell your PS3 then, seeing as how you bought a Japanese console (You know Japan, right? It’s where Toyota come from.)

  • I agree 100% with comment 14.

  • For the people having problems.

    Friends joining freeze – the friend needs to turn off their controller till it asks to turn back on.

    Earth in pod – go to accounts and log off playstation network and then log back on.

    The levels in the Beta are gone, never to return unless rebuilt in the retail version by the creators. (or you for that matter)

  • Uncharted DLC Please

  • Uncharted DlC for ps3

  • Uncharted DLC for LBP2

  • Will the collectibles in the level count as community objects, or regular objects?

  • Looks like a cool level. Though this reminds me (due to his VA and the guy from the Prius commercial being the same)… when will we ever see the Sephiroth costume in LBP?

  • That new Mm video where they show us around the office is intriguing. The mention of new DLC makes me wonder what’s in store. Obviously there’s Muppets and Toy Story stuff coming, but I wonder what else?
    Would love some DC packs (I was always more of a DC fan than Marvel) and, I know it’s a long shot, but Star Wars and Doctor Who would be amazing.

  • Whats with LBP2 getting stuck in a never ending loop of loading screens when you try to play online with people? I hope this is fixed ASAP, its pretty unbearable.

    Also, why are you selling LBP2 out as a cheap commercial, thats pretty lame. Does Toyota really think I’m gonna buy one of their death traps because they gave me a level?

  • I think you guys at Mm should make a Call of Duty costume pack including, Zombies, The 4 guys from zombies at Kino Der Toten, the 4 guys from “FIVE” and make some of the online players

  • looks like a good level to test drive hahahahahaha!

  • So, in conclusion, EVERYONE needs to buy LBP2! PLEASE!

    Anyway, now that I’m calmer, this should be good! Thanks!

  • I can see alot of really awesome ideas being made from this and other future contest. Great Idea for a contest.

    Hopefully people this time around limit some of the most obvious re-makes of other games in LBP2. Im already worried about the amount of spiderman craptastic levels im going to have to sort threw.

    Re-makes are good in all but give it your own twist, something that takes whats already been done and gives it a refreshing breath of fresh air.

  • Ok instead of something awesome we get a level about a Prius? Well, at least we get free items but, if they make you buy it then screw it. Thank you toyota for the free XMB Dynamic theme though i’ll be looking forward to that now back to my level.

  • I thought this was gonna be downloadable from PS Store. O well, i hope theyre actuall items and not stuff thats gonna be tossed in community items.

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