Dead Space: Extraction is Deadlier With PlayStation Move

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Hiding in the deepest corner of the galaxy — and in the vast recesses of your Dead Space 2: Limited Edition Blu-ray next Tuesday — you can find Dead Space 2’s maniacal cousin Dead Space: Extraction. Decked out in luscious HD graphics, this PS3-exclusive edition of Dead Space: Extraction harnesses the precision of PlayStation Move to make lopping off Necromorph limbs easier than ever. In our new video, Dead Space producer Zach Mumbach explains why PlayStation Move is the ultimate weapon in Extraction.

Extraction takes place before we meet Issac Clarke aboard the Ishimura in Dead Space, and chronicles the discovery of the mysterious Marker, an arcane artifact that holds the key to the Necromorph infestation in the first game. Once the Necromorphs squirm onto the scene in Extraction, your investigation on Aegis VII is cut short and the fight for survival begins.

Dead Space Extraction for PS3 and PlayStation MoveDead Space Extraction for PS3 and PlayStation Move

Dead Space: Extraction comes packed on a single Blu-ray with Dead Space 2: Limited Edition on January 25th.

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  • Not first! :D

  • Looking forward to this. I love 2 games for the price of one

  • FIRST!

  • so….thats the only way to get the game? no psn download? im getting dead space 2 anyway. can’t wait….to go broke. ME2 and this in one month! thanks subway for the free lbp2

  • Just on disc? What about PSN?

  • i will think twice about buying EA games with their online pass.

  • Somebody needs to sell a plasma cutter periperal !! hmmm…gotta go. :)

  • jeez… that would be peripheral.

  • Limited edition as in the first print of the game and not the collector’s edition, right?

    And can we expect Move support for Dead Space 2 itself in a patch update or will that remain analog controls only?

  • What about a PSN release? I remember a blog post syaing Exrtaction will launch on the PSN on reelase day too…is that still the case?

  • Nice to see some more infos about it.


    Will it have online coop? or only on the same ps3? because that would be awesome to have both. Thank you

  • Just one question: is it played *only* with the Move controller? You don’t need to use a Navigation Controller/Dual Shock 3?

  • Sweet! Already pre-orderded

  • Collectors Edition will be in my house on day one.

  • I pre-ordered Dead Space 2 Collector’s Edition. I originally had Dead Space 2: Limited Edition pre-ordered but for some stranger reason Amazon changed the listing to read as only Standard Edition. Even the description changed and it no longer mentions Dead Space: Extractions.

    Wish they would correct the listing so people can have some peace of mind when trying to pre-order the “Limited Edition/Standard Edition”.

  • Will Extraction be on a separate disc or on the main game disc?

  • I want this game bad!

    Right now I’m only seeing it available in the $80 collector’s edition. Will it be available on PSN eventually?

  • Awesome. Such a great bonus to an already awesome looking game. Can’t wait!

  • Pre-Ordered and everything. I can’t wait for tuesday! Will my Mom hate Dead Space: Extraction too? :P

  • Will this be release on the PlayStation Network as well, and will there be online co-op?

  • Oh yeah does Extraction have its own trophies & platinum?

  • Sorry to go off topic but a game I think would work great with Move is a game for PC called “Amnesia: The Dark Decent” It’s a Horror game and the move would be awesome with this because it’s mainly just you and a lamp searching and exploring opening doors running for your dear life. Watch the video here if you agree let sony know.

    BTW I have DS2 preordered and read to get another Platinum!

  • Does the MOVE aim like a light-gun? So that I can just aim the tip of the gun toward the object I want to shoot? Or do I need to physically move the GUN around like moving a mouse cursor?

  • Not picking up Dead Space 2 but I want to buy this. Is it coming to the PS Store?

  • From that video I understand that it isnt compatible with the move gun? or is there an option to also play with the nav for the buttons and keep the move only for shooting?

  • no matter what, i still wouldn’t consider REBUYING THE EXACT SAME GAME i already bought for my wii! come on sony! Motion control shouldn’t be about rereleasing or remaking old wii games… where are the hard core NEW games that use move? and i don’t just mean games with a remade control scheme; i mean games only possible with the move. There’s a reason why Wii is still wining on the motion control front (at least from a sales perspective)…

  • @27 there isnt much game on the wii that truly use motion control… most of it is just gimick…

  • “It just looks way better”


  • when you buy Dead Space 2 Collector’s Edition on ps3 do you still get Dead Space Extraction like you do when you get the limited edition

  • Lol watch them make you download this as a part of the online pass program. Sort of how they held the digital Mass Effect 1 comic ransom in EA’s latest release.

    I knew I hated EA for making the online pass, but I gave in because it’s the GAMES that matter. Turns out it was a bad idea, because if I didn’t have internet I wouldn’t be able to use the game I paid FULL price for to its fullest. Won’t likely be buying another EA game until Mass Effect 3 comes out, as I know where they stand now.

  • online coop?

  • @27

    Why are you complaining..this game is a bonus included with DS2. Not every game can be built ground up for the move.

  • Now this is how you do a PS3-exclusive Collector’s Edition! Thanks Visceral/EA. Can’t wait to jump back in the Dead Space universe.

  • “Will Extraction be available on PSN as well?”

    Why is this such a hard question to answer? It’s an easy yes or no from the devs or EA, or even someone at sony.

    Im guessing since they have been pretty vague about this topic, it’s not going to be available on the PSn for a while or at all…just like MoH Frontline HD that came with Medal of Honor, which Im pretty sure is still not on PSN.

  • On the EA site for Extraction there is an information that it will be available on PSN on the same day

  • Can’t wait for this game =D
    Im sorry for the some people out there whose Mom’s hae this game lol

  • i cant w8 4 this 1

  • @36 Thanks…that helps. It’s odd that it’s not more advertised as being on the PSN too, but I guess thats to push sales of the main game.

  • Also Im curious if there are any MP trophies in DS2 or can all the trophies be earned in SP?

    • Just double checked, most trophies can be unlocked in Single Player. BUT, there’s tons of Hidden Trophies I suspect are MP unlocks.

  • i’d rather have this than ignition .. that game was a waste of money.. idk if i’ll be buyin dead space 2 on day 1 yet though

  • actually I saw a vid where steve papoutsis said all trophies were in single player.

  • also. my mom loves dead space.

  • I bought the collector’s edition because it said the Extraction game was a download code. Is the game only on disc when packaged with the full Dead Space game. I want to downoad it – not have another disc game…

  • “It doesn’t use the Nav. So it would be a better contender for the PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment” Will it work well to reach all the buttons?

  • wow, thanks Sony!!
    Do you have more Wii remakes coming ? Move is really just an accessory for the moment, and that’s quite sad cause the capabilities of it are huuuuge!

  • What’s the deal with the low-res screenshots? It looks like the game has lots of low-res textures and a crazy amount of aliasing artifacts all over the screen… not “HD” in my book :(

    Hopefully they at least upgraded from the Wii version’s awful audio.

    Is there some place we can see native resolution screenshots that better convey what this actually looks like on PS3?

  • two questions here first is extraction included on all regular non-ce PS3 versions of Dead Space 2 as in do i have to buy it from a certain retailer to get extraction on-disc or are do all PS3 DS2 discs have it? (i have mine pre-ordered from amazon i want to make sure i’m getting extraction on-disc as well) second can you play extraction without the MOVE? i knew i read that somewhere

  • @7: Why? You are either buying used in the first place, in which case giving no money to EA anyway, so they don’t care if you don’t buy their game used. Since you weren’t giving them money anyway they are losing nothing. Or you buy new, which if you do then it won’t affect you at all.

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