Two New Games Come to PlayStation Home – Conspiracy & Slap Happy Sam

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Two brand new games are coming to PlayStation Home this Thursday, January 20th. First up is ConspiracyJet Set Games’ action-packed espionage game where you and your friends form alliances and raid enemy facilities, engaging in firefights with guards while subverting high-tech security systems and stealing bits of intelligence that have been locked in hidden and well-guarded locations. Unlock bonus items and abilities through in-game rewards and purchasable upgrades while earning points for your faction and increasing your standing on the leaderboards. Avoid detection or crush the competition with sledgehammer-like force – all in your quest to uncover the secrets of Conspiracy.

If you need to take out a little frustration (or just want to smack somebody for the heck of it) then Slap Happy Sam is the game for you. Available this Thursday in the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home, Slap Happy Sam is a multiplayer slap-a-thon from the critically-acclaimed development team known as The Odd Gentlemen. Check out the video for a look at Slap Happy Sam, and then head into PlayStation Home first thing tomorrow, because it’s time to take the gloves off!

An addition to our line of pet “active items” the new Robotic Canine trots into Home (and your hearts) this week. Pick yours up from the PlayStation Home Mall this Thursday for only $2.49!

Lockwood Publishing updates the Sodium store this week with new clothing items – including folded sneakers, stylish jeans, and shirts.

PlayStation Home: Lockwood Jeans

PlayStation Home: Lockwood Folded SneakersPlayStation Home: Lockwood Small Shirt Jeans Sneakers

PlayStation Home: Lockwood Small Shirt Jeans SneakersPlayStation Home: Lockwood Small Shirt Jeans Sneakers

The PlayStation Home Community Theater updates tomorrow with the latest episode of the HipHopGamer videocast. This week, HHG interviews Hermen Hulst, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Guerrilla Games, the developers behind the highly-anticipated Killzone 3.

Speaking of which, we’re pleased to announce the newest addition to the Community Theater –LittleBigPodcast! Founders Austin and Daniel are two of the biggest fans of this hit game franchise, having shot over 100 LBP-themed videos, and we’re proud to have them share their excitement for all things LittleBigPlanet-related in PlayStation Home. Stay tuned for details regarding their premiere episode, coming soon to the Community Theater.

Finally, for those of you that purchased the recently-released PlayStation Home Mansion, here is a sneak peek of the upcoming Infinity Pool addition to this epic estate. More details (including release date) will be posted soon.

PlayStation Home: Mansion 01


See you in Home!

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  • Robotic K-9 used to be a real world product made by Sony at least in the Japanese home world. They cost $2,500 and were called Aibo.

    So at 2.49 you can get an Anime version. But I was looking for this so I might have to buy him and give it a name.


  • Looks fun. Too bad no one I know can even get ON to Home since it’s been updated >.< Kinda ridiculous. Z(9,-2) FAIL.

  • I know this has nothing to do with anything but… I’m having some serious issues trying to get onto Home. This has never happened before this bad but whenever I try to log on it loads, brings up a black screen with the “Indentifying purchased items” bar and then just boots me out with a message “The connection to the server was lost Z(9, -2)… I deleted home and re-installed it and theres nothing wrong with my internet so I don’t know what else to do. Any input would greatly be appreciated.

  • Conspiracy is fantastic! This is some of the most fun I’ve had in Home since Xi, i love the way its set up!

  • No dragon or animal costumes? I wanted to put that in the new suggestions page you gave last week but I got malware when I went there :( No dragons and animals, so I`m passing on this like last weeks update. I only pop on Home to try and get fish to feed the dolphies now, an almost impossible task given how completely random the races are. I mean come on, dolphies with as low stats as 1 are beating good dolphies. I`ve seen that happen twice now, and that`s sad.

    And I don`t get what was so great about Xi? The puzzles are fun, I guess, but the rewards aren`t. They`re all the same, just some little useless statue with a diff number on it. Waste of inventory space, so I stopped trying to win them. If they were parts to a cool costume THEN I would continue struggling for the rewards. As it is, I wish there was a Trash feature so I can dump the useless things, along with anything else I don`t use, to save space for other, better things I can get on Home.

  • = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    QUOTED from #3:

    “As for Conspiracy, it is a freemium game where you can earn upgrades through gameplay as well as purchase various hacking devices to enhance the game play (or purchase the All Access Pass for $3.49).

    And for Slap Happy Sam, everyone will get to check it out in Central Plaza this week, and if you want to gain entrance to the entire slap-happy show, you may purchase a Phonograph Music Box (that plays music) which grants access to the main event—priced at $2.49.”

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    What is happening to Home? Innovation and experimentation were originally the key elements, but “commercialism” appears to be the new focus. Over the past few months, microtransactions have invaded all aspects of Home, and we consumers are now continually confronted by SCEA’s “buy or die!” mantras within both the blog & Home itself.

    • Home’s once-informative “Message of the Day” is now generally nothing more than an extended written ad telling us to buy/purchase/pick-up/grab/get all the latest clothing, furniture, personal spaces, companions & other items.

    [Cont. @ #58]

  • [Cont. from #57]

    • Freemium? Newer Home spaces (Dragon’s Green, Novus Prime, Conspiracy) now have limited interaction unless an entrance fee is paid and/or additional items are purchased. Even our “free” Darla’s Den space cost a pretty penny to completely unlock (key + cost of winning 1000 pts).

    • The majority of virtual items/spaces being pandered to consumers are already overpriced, and prices continue to rise at a rate higher than our real-world national inflation. Not to mention that after the initial development/design cost, there is NO materials cost; each item can be mass replicated for free ad infinitum. LOOT seems to be one of the few to utilize a realistic price-point for their items – NO $10 outfits or $15 Mansions (~$35 with “expansions”). At 49¢-99¢, LOOT will sell FAR more units of a item than if they’d charged $1.49-$2.99 (or more), which in turn provides a higher profit margin. What makes more business sense… to sell 20 units of a item @ 99¢, or only sell 1 @ $2.99?

    [Cont. @ #59]

  • [Cont. from #58]

    I’ve been a tenacious Home user since it was a pre-public Beta, being drawn to its innovative designs, thinking & ingenuity, and to the amazing community that formed… a community of tomorrow that will never be completed, but will always be introducing and testing and demonstrating new concepts and creativity.

    However, Sony’s recent practices & attitudes appear more concerned with making a profit at the expense of the Home experience — much of what made Home so unique is becoming diluted by the ceaseless barrage of rampant microtransaction pressuring, which is slowly transforming Home into just another MMORPG wannabee nickel-and-diming us to death.

    Someone save us before all is lost…

  • Too bad I can’t check this stuff out, my version of HOME
    stopped working with this update !!!

  • well i started off a Happy Home user, that is until the day i needed help and had no where to turn! ive been locked out of home for a week now thanks to error Z (9, -2) and have tried all the solutions listed on different blogs, ie reset XMB clock, delete home n re-install it etc, without any luck. ya know, for the money ppl are wasting on this game, ya think sony could have some kind of tech support for it. but no, i have to post a msg here n cross my fingers that im one of the ‘lucky winners’ that get a reply from locust or any of the other staff

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