PSP System Software Update (v6.37)

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Hi, everyone. A new PSP system software update, v6.37, will be released soon. This is a minor update that improves system software stability during use of some features.

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  • Huh, does anyone have any idea which game came out recently that needed the update?

  • When will 3.6 come out for ps3? Please stop the cheaters!!

    Thanks. :-)

  • That’s cool I guess… Not gonna bother with it, though.

  • In before Eric over runs the commentary with answers. /s

    Hope this enables the UMD drive on my go so I can play some games. /s


  • Sweet. Smoother is better.
    Any idea when the next big PS3 update is? It’s been a while since anything really useful has been added.

  • I want a PSP2 announcement :)

  • wow sony…u actually have the cojones to post an minor update for the psp..

  • i wonder why?

  • What’s in this FIRMWARE update? I don’t mind updating my PSP every time I play it but I’d like to know what’s changing. “Improves system software stability during use of some features” is kinda vague. Day 1 PSP2 owner despite everything that has happened since I bought my launch PSP. Too bad they are going to miss the boat on the PSPhone as I’m buying the Verizon iPhone on Feb 10.

  • when can we expect a psp2 announcement ? just announce it already sony come on

  • AKA:

    Those of you who hacked your PS3 better undo that shiz NOW! =p

  • y not throw in some kool or useful features that will make ppl wanna upgrade the psp to the latest version and not keep hacking to older versions or watever to play pirated games.

  • At this point you guys might as well have added support for viewing streaming MPEG content in the web browser via the OBJECT tag to support YouTube.

    Then I’d care.

  • @ comment # 12 – PS3 -> PSP TYPOOOOO

    But I’m hoping this means more Qriocity info is coming for NA.

  • TOTALLY AGREE WITH REMANUTD5 I would kill for a PSP2 please Sony you are killing yourself by not coming out with it some of the rumored specs. that have been consistently popping up are amazing…
    Dual analog sticks,
    Face ( Triangle, Circle, X, and Square),
    shoulder buttons (L & R),
    (rumored) touch-sensitive panel on back of unit,
    (Rumored 5.3″) high-definition touch screen,
    1GB of RAM, microphone,
    (rumored)front- and rear-facing camera,
    and 3G network support.

  • Yay, another useless update! Why don’t Sony do the smart thing and just do these security updates in the background so that users don’t have to go through all that trouble, and the next time people start their PS3s, it’ll automatically be updated (like Google Chrome). And use these firmware update posts to inform us of something actually useful. Nobody ever gets excited about security updates. GIVE US FEATURES!

  • @ 7: PSP2 reveal is on January 27, 2011 according to G4

  • @13
    Because the PSP fails at everything else except playing games. I love my PSPs but the only other thing I would use it for beside gaming is browsing the Internet. I just wish they would announce the PSP2 already. Hopefully the browser doesn’t fail as much as it’s older siblings.

  • LOL @ a update for psp. People still play theirs? Mine is a portable hdd and that’s it.

  • This is going to be for the PSP2

  • whats a psp?

  • Is anything more than just security features getting fixed in this update? I hope this update adds something meaningful.

  • I was really excited when i read the tweet, then i came here got exited for nothing.

  • Thanks for the heads up Eric.

  • really sony? an update on the psp…. and another useless update no offense… sony u wont ever learn what consumers really want… tsk tsk tsk…. my friend played crisis core on his pspgo cause his got hacked… and i really wanna see crisis core and birth by sleep on psn

  • cant wait to see how quricity is :)

  • There probably going to patch the unsigned code on official firmware thing pus the HBL and HEN exploits.

  • Wow, so much negativity! So what if it’s a minor update? Its helpful in some form and you should be happy about or just shut up. Really now. Maybe, oh I dunno, you’d like your PSP to work correctly? Maybe thats just me…

  • PSP is dead obviously they wont add new features

  • It works fine for me and problems

  • @29
    Works just fine to me. I want more features but the PSP is only capable of doing so much. I really hope the PSP2 isn’t a disappointment and reflects the advancements in technology that have shown over the years since it’s debut.

  • i hope so to number 32

  • @29 @MRGamer01

    This update won’t change how your PSP works at all, it’ll work just like it did on 6.35, that’s the problem.

    This only fixes a security flaw that only Sony would know of, nothing that a gamer would notice.

  • exactly like what katoh21 said

  • some youtube support with an update to the browser would be nice guys…just letting you know!

    And bring Qriocity to Canada! Didn’t even know it existed until the Sony CES presentation!

  • Any sort of ETA on the arrival of MUSIC UNLIMITED for the PS3 ? if i understand the uk forum posts correctly , that service requires a firmware update and a new TOS agreement .

  • While this is nice and all where is the support for psp games on the Psn? There are far too many games still not on the Psn. Ive contacted Square-Enix/Bandai/etc and they mostly said they heard nothing from you guys (Sony) about games like Crisis Core being put on the psn.

    Seriously support the psp or else when the psp2 comes out how will we know youll support that if you show no signs of doing it now, i doubt youll take the psp2 seriously as well.

  • rite on itofuman

  • Heaven forbid we receive a PSP update that actually adds some REAL features to the system.

    How about updating the browser to address the memory management issues, along with additional plugins (and better compatibility with the ones we have)?

    Or perhaps you could FINALLY provide your customers with additional video-based codecs (such as .mkv compatibility), something ALL PSP users have been requesting for far too long (at least a couple years now).

    Should I even dare dream about receiving some incredibly useful & innovative new feature, perhaps Netflix for PSP? If the Wii can do it, surely the PSP can as well… (I’m chronically ill and spend far too much time in hospitals or otherwise incapacitated; having a Netflix for PSP app to help pass the time would be a godsend.)

    I wonder if I should bother hoping for updated features, as I can’t recall the last time we’ve received a truly useful PSP update. It feels as if one programmer is being pulled from another development project only when absolutely necessary to update a minor “stability” or “security” feature. Where’s the continued innovation?
    [Cont. on next]

  • [Cont. from #40]
    (Perhaps that same programmer is also being shared with NA Home, where long-term lingering issues – such as missing items, non-working items, or half-size default furniture – also remain ignored and uncorrected. Home, that once-grand experiment which has set aside “innovation” in favor of commercialism via vastly overpriced micro-transactions.)

    You’ve got a fantastic handheld there Sony – so DO something with it. Certainly you want to provide new & updated features to draw new customers to the PSP… and to keep current owners from migrating to the DS. That’s just good business sense…

    I’d also like to add that I sincerely hope the upcoming PSP2 has some form of physical media slot – be it UMD and/or a memory stick slot. I am not a fan of DLC, and will never buy any DL-only system. No physical media slot = NO sale.

  • Unless you’re playing a game on the PSP online (which is very few games), you won’t be forced to update. Therefore, stop complaining.
    I hope all the rumors about the PSP2 are true and that it blows the 3DS out of the water

  • Translation, this update blocks homebrew games from running on Official Firmware.

  • Bring in the PS3 Firmware updates too! We need more security!

  • #43 is the answer for this update

  • This isn’t even worth a post…

  • Dude the PSP had its good day, but those are over now. Where is the ever so elusive cross game chat?

  • Thanks, Sony! This will really help with stability in things like the XMB or Playstation Home, for example.

  • I have a thing you should download. It’s minor, but trust me, it’s something. It stabilizes something that wasn’t unstable before. You’ll like it.

  • Also, LOL @ all the people that think this is about the PS3.

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