Coming to PlayStation Plus: Tales from Space: About a Blob Auto Download Demo, Digger HD, and Select PSN-Exclusives on Sale

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PlayStation Plus

Hi everyone,

We’re building up some momentum in 2011 with our second PlayStation Plus publish of the year, offering three featured games along with a handful of discounts on PlayStation Network exclusive titles – all coming to you on February 1. Mix in an automatic download that gives early access to an upcoming PSN-exclusive, and this update is sure to have something for everyone.

Tales from Space: About a Blob for PS3 (PSN)

Digger HD 1 Kung-Fu Live

Kicking off this PlayStation Plus update with an auto download of a demo of Tales from Space: About a Blob, PlayStation Plus subscribers will be getting the first look. This upcoming PlayStation Network game developed by DrinkBox Studios follows a race of alien Blobs that encounter a foreign planet and are looking to devour everything. As a reminder, PlayStation Plus subscribers can turn on the Automatic Download feature under “System Settings” on the XMB. This feature will update your PS3 with firmware updates, patches to recently played games and other select videos or game demos.

In addition to the early access to Tales from Space: About a Blob, we are also discounting several PlayStation Network exclusives. PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive 50% discounts off both versions of Fat Princess, the comical, multiplayer brawler. After storming the castle with your friends, be sure to download Kung-Fu LIVE for 20% off. You too can join Jeff and Rey as you show off your Kung Fu skills with this new PlayStation Eye game. PlayStation Plus subscribers will also be able to download a full game trial of Assassin’s Creed II Deluxe Edition, which includes the two DLC sequences (Battle for Forli and Bonfire of the Vanities).

Finally, we are also offering three featured games on the next PlayStation Plus publish, including the updated classic Digger HD from Creat Studios; the new mini from StormBASIC Games, Karimogi; and Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage, a great follow up to our previous featured title, Spyro the Dragon.

Be sure to check the full list of new items as well as items that are being taken down from the PlayStation Plus storefronts below:

PlayStation Plus Highlights for 2/1:

Full Game Trial
Assassin’s Creed II Deluxe Edition

Automatic Downloads
Tales from Space: About a Blob Demo (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers)

Featured Games
Digger HD (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $9.99)
Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $5.99)
Karimogi (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $2.99)

Discounted Games & DLC
Fat Princess (PS3) (PlayStation Plus price $7.50, regular price $14.99)
Fat Princes PSP (PlayStation Plus price $10.00, regular price $19.99)
Mega Man 2 (PSone Import) (PlayStation Plus price $3.00, regular price $5.99)
Kung Fu LIVE (PS3) (PlayStation Plus price $11.99, regular price $14.99)

Featured Themes & Avatars
PlayStation Plus Dynamic Theme (Free and exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
Junebug Bench Static Theme (Free and exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
Ghouls and Ghost Avatar Bundle (17 avatars) (Exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers for $1.99)
Bionic Commando Rearmed Avatar Bundle (10 avatars) (Exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers for $0.99)
Atomic Blast Static Theme (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can – Coming down on February 1:

Featured Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Lead & Gold: Gangs of the Wild West
Spyro the Dragon
Pipe Madness – minis
Underwater Disco Theme

Discounted Games/DLC
MX vs. ATV Reflex PSP (PlayStation Plus price $15.00, regular price $29.99)
Tom Clancy: H.A.W.X. 2 – All In One Pack (PlayStation Plus price $7.49, regular price $9.99)
Modern Combat: Domination (PlayStation Plus price $5.99, regular price $7.99)

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  • Building momentum? The updates for 2011 have been really week, I’m just hoping that you guys can get the ball moving! Why is Attack of the Show reporting a reveal date for the PSP2 and not the Sony site? Shame.

  • this looks good, can’t wait to try it out! :D

  • Glad to see more PS+ content! Thanks, Sony!

  • Is the playstation plus dynamic theme a new theme??

    • Hi Morris1129 – Yes, the PS Plus dynamic theme is a new theme. It will be exclusively available to PS Plus and free.


  • Woo, Playstation Plus Dynamic theme!

  • I love that full Blu-Ray disc games are being released on the PSN.
    I wish to see more same date releases like Mass Effect 2 on the PlayStation Store. Releases like Killzone 3 and Crysis 2 will be great for people who are open to the digital age.

  • PlayStation Plus has really blossomed into an incredible service! Kudos Sony!!! Will there be discount for Mass Effect 2 DLC anytime soon?

  • Nice…

  • This blob game looks really good :)

  • For people saying ooh this is *week* your weak [DELETED]. playstation continue doing what your doing your doing great i appreciate it.

  • Blob gonna be free?? the full game??? WOW AWESOME !!

  • give us the discount or free (cant remeber) deal they had in Europe on the Fallout 3 stuff. sure its been out awhile and i have New Vegas but i would go back in a heart beat. But i agree with mass effect 2 DLC stuff. And a discount on the Borderlands DLC would be great.

  • Didn’t you already talk about momentum in your last post Grace?

    PlayStation Minus’s only momentum is that its continuing to live up to the same low standards set forth last year: more random discounts on already overpriced DLC and more content no one wants. The service is a mess and its abundantly clear that the Mothership has no idea what to do with it.

  • Avatars should really be free you know -_-
    And really Assassin’s Creed II.
    Why not Brotherhood the newest release and a game that not everyone has played already?

  • If I don’t have auto DL on, can I still get Tales from Space: About a Blob for FREE, or does that feature need to be turned on my PS3?

    • Hi DZORMAGEN- If you prefer not to have your auto download turned on, you can still grab the demo or the game from the PS Plus offers area on PS Store.

  • Can you guys tell me why the store doesn’t allow me to download things from the store on certain times? I always get errors around 4 to 7 everyday

  • Still a happy plus member. I feel like i have cheated you out of so much money sony.

  • Late November and December were momentum. This is stagnation.

    Something like the Sam and Max season and other _NEW_ PSN games would be progress.

    The continual heap of old and new full games and trials is bothersome when the Blu-Ray is available on Amazon or retail brick for less.

    So we got a mini, an NES game that is apparently HD, and a bunch of time trials this month. Meh…

    I was happy to be a PS+ subscriber for the first time last month.

  • Looking forward to this update. Always wanted to get FAT PRINCESS and at more than half off thats the incentive I need.

    Also, is there a RIVAL SCHOOLS (Classic or HD) in the near future? I got the avatar bundle and its one of my favorite fighting games of all time.


  • How much will Assassin’s Creed 2 Deluxe Edition cost?

  • @ 14

    A free _DEMO_

    Really worth the push…

  • @10. No, you still have to pay for the game, they’re giving us an exclusive demo, and the full game a week earlier, but you still have to pay for it.

  • May want o clarify that the About a Blob auto-download is the demo. It says so pretty clearly in the body of the post. However, some people don’t care to read the full body and just look at the list, at which point it looks like it’s the full game.

  • How come EU PlayStation Plus members get the SOCOM multiplayer beta for free, while we in the US get nothing at all, zilch, nada? You promised us exclusive betas when we signed up to PlayStation Plus, but it seems like the folks on the other side of the pond are the only ones getting anything at all. This is highly disappointing, considering all the hyperbole that was branded about when PS Plus first launched.

  • Bummer!

    I already own Fat Princess, Kung-Fu Live, and Digger HD.

    Early access to a demo is not all that exciting.

    I am done buying ANYTHING full price in the store from now on. I will just wait for a sale or a Plus discount.

    Still think Plus is a good value, but I am tired of getting offers for games I already own.

    This new year of Plus content is kinda lame so far. :(

  • games < cross game voice chat

  • WOW about a blob is FREE? really? That’s awesome if it is. Also I have been waiting for just an occasion like this to grab fat princess Thanks!

  • Oh re-read and it’s a demo you tease

  • still I’ll gladly pick up fat princess for half off

  • Firstly, I’m down for that PS+ Dynamic theme. Now I may not use it at the moment, since I’m keeping my Uncharted 3 Dynamic theme in full force. But when Uncharted 3 does come out, I’ll be shuffling all those free themes I’ve been abusing.

    As for Spyro 2? H-e-double hockey sticks yes. I bought the first Spyro a year or two ago, so getting in on that is going to be epic. About a Blob looks fantastic too, same goes for Digger HD. I’ll have to try out the others though, since I’m not too keen on them. Might find a gem.

  • So far my purchase of PSN plus has been a huge waste of money. There is no point to PSN+ Anyone who would think of buying this don’t waste your money. Over the past month they have offered no good content at all that is worth the money I paid. I’m furious that I even thought they might release anything worthwhile for PSN+.

  • Rockman 2 Complete works!! YAY!!

  • You should put a demo label on the list for about a blob. @28, I completely diss agree. Your opinion is your opinion, but a lot of people like myself have gotten A LOT out of this program. BTW, after Assassins Creed 2, do you have any plans to bring any other FULL games to PSN via download on day one launch ( maybe Socom ) ?

  • how about having those two Assassin’s Creed II DLC for free on PS Plus?

  • Keyeszx | January 19th, 2011 at 5:48 pm
    So far my purchase of PSN plus has been a huge waste of money. There is no point to PSN+ Anyone who would think of buying this don’t waste your money. Over the past month they have offered no good content at all that is worth the money I paid. I’m furious that I even thought they might release anything worthwhile for PSN+.

    Speak for yourself buddy… PS+ has saved me more money than I could have imagined. Especially with the free games, since I dont usually buy PSN games. I bought PS+ the 1st day it was available. The only dissapointment I have had with it so far is the PS+ updates going to bi-weekly. But I understand their reasoning.

    *Proud PS+ Member*

  • Damn guess I’m out another PSN game as I already own Digger HD. Spyro 2 is cool and maybe the PS+ theme but everything else sucks for me. Oh well maybe the month after this update will be better for me.

  • where r the other free avatars and DLCs that was supposed to be there every month??

  • Wow! This is awesome. I’d love to play Assassin’s Creed 2. Playstation Plus dynamic theme? Hell yeah! I hope it’s the one Europe got. I love it. Playstation Plus is definitely improving. Can’t wait for February 1. Thanks Sony. =]

  • OMG, A PS Plus dynamic Theme for us poor plebs in the US/NA, the EU/UK have only had theirs for ages, all I can say is its about time Sony!

  • aargh, convoluted reasoning, head hurting, make it stop…

    “PS+ has saved me more money than I could have imagined. Especially with the free games, since I dont usually buy PSN games.”

    How did PS+ “save you money” if it gave you games you wouldn’t buy anyway? And after you gave it $17 or $50? That’s like the record companies saying pirating cost them billions of $ when nobody was buying their crappy songs anyway.

    Here’s my take – PS+ is a decent “value” for the money if you treat it as the subscription service it is, compared to the $20 or more anybody here has paid for OPSM or any other yearly magazine subscription to get the demo disc. I have never and probably will never buy a “mini” but I have had a ton of fun for the $50 I paid. Hasn’t “saved” me any money, cost me $50, but it’s been a worthy investment with still 9 months to go. And that’s taking into account I had already purchased several games – which did annoy me no end for about 3 months. I don’t think I’ve purchased any other PSN games so unless they start re-offering alot – and they have already – everything here on out should be new for me.

  • Looking forward to About a Blob and Spyro 2 which I traded-in to Amazon a couple of years back for $7.

    KidCommando – don’t buy anything from anybody for full price if you can wait, just look at all the holiday sales on video games this past year. Kmart, Amazon, Best Buy, TRU, even Gamestop. And yes, prices tend to go down over time, not up.

  • Again with the damned Autodownload nonsense. You know I would have liked an autodownload of Mass Effect 2, or Mega Man, or about a million other things. So far the ability has been squandered on The Tester 2 and some game I’ve never even heard of. I would have even gladly prepaid for ME2 you know that right? Even more so I’d love to have Remote Play also be used for autodownloads so I can order stuff off the PS Website from a friends place or work and have it ready for me whenI get home. Instead you guys are squandering this ability on stupid stuff.

  • Thinking about picking up Fat Princess…but not sure if too many people still play that, otherwise the update looks heavily strong and Thanks again Sony!

  • I’m not too keen on auto-downloading a demo. A one-time thing isn’t a big deal, but if it becomes a habit I’m just going to turn auto-download off. I’ve downloaded enough PSN titles on my own that HDD space is an issue. Why would you think making download decisions for me is a good idea?

    And if I can’t use auto-download that’s a big strike against renewing my subscription.

  • when will we all get cross game voice chat the u promised us over a year ago

  • @rjejr

    Im saying it’s saved me $ because It’s giving me free games that I want but can’t afford. And because I can’t afford those games I don’t usually buy PSN games. Therefore im saving $. How does that not make sense?

  • Shatter, Sam & Max, Lead & Gold… we were getting some sweet updates for a while.

    Now we are back to the bottom of the barrel.

    – Assassin’s Creed II is old and already has a sequel.
    – Two Spyro games in a row… terrible for anyone who didn’t want Spyro 1.
    – $7.50 for Fat Princess? You can buy PSN vouchers anywhere to get it for $7.99.

    Seriously, it’s time to start offering options. I’m still waiting for the free “premium game elements” you promised me eight months ago.

  • #39

    I think right now SONY has bigger issues to worry about than implementing Cross game chat. (Geohotz hack)

  • This seems nice!

    having just recently bought Ps+ it does seem ok (could be better in my opinion)

    Its just why are there never any free psp games? Yes the discounts are nice, but give some love for the psp. And i know that ps1 games can be played on the psp as well, but i want to see some free games on the psp for ps+ members as well.

    Just giving my 2 cents

    I might buy Fat Princess (for ps3) if the community is still active. Other than that everything is just not in my interest.

  • For all who say PS+ is a rip off, here are some stats from my topic on the PS forums for PS+ items to date:

    Total “free” items: 98

    Total value of “free” items : $343.84

    Total number of discount items offered : 84

    Total potential savings from discounts: $277.93

    The link below is to a spread sheet that contains all of the items if you doubt my numbers:

    Even if you had several of the items or thought some were junk, I would say that 6/7 months into a 15 month subscription that you would of had to at least got your $50 back in value.

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