GT Academy Hits 50,000 Registrants, Last Call for Entries

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It’s been one month since registration opened for GT Academy here in the US, and we are already at an unprecedented number of registrants. As of today, we are at an astounding (50,000) participants! So for those of you who have registered, thank you for making GT Academy a success in the US! And for those who haven’t registered yet – it’s not too late to be a part of the ground-breaking competition that may turn you into a professional race car driver.

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Registration is open through the end of Round 1, closing at NOON EST on January 23, 2011. Registrants can enter the online seasonal events area within Gran Turismo 5 to compete in Round 1, which consists of three time trial events designed to test players’ driving skills and mastery of the tracks using Nissan vehicles.

At the end of Round 1, the top 128 players in each of the four national regions will move on to the next round, culminating in Round 4, the national finals, this March. Out of the national finals, 16 competitors will rise to the GT Academy finals, where one person will earn the chance of a lifetime, to become a professional race car driver.

Visit here to learn more and register for GT Academy before noon on January 23, 2011. You must be a legal US resident and at least 18 years old to enter. See here for complete rules.

Thanks again, and GOOD LUCK!

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  • I love GT5, I dont think ill be able to log a good fast time but it was fun attempting.

  • I’m like 1400 or so, I wish i could have made it to round two. =(

  • Since I’m in Canada, I just wish I could have attempted round one…

  • what about europe?

  • yeah it would have been great to have at least entered to get the free stuff for entering…..there could be a clause for everyone in the world to be able to enter and only be able to get virtual prizes…and see if we can beat the US at their own contest

  • The question is, how many of those 50,000 people are like me and don’t live the US but have a US PSN account? I did not feel like being screwed out of the free stuff even tho I can’t win any prizes.

  • Great — Now can you fix the servers so the times from Cape Ring properly register? I’m so close to being in the top 129 in the SE, but I can’t get my times on that track to log to the server. FWIW – I’m not the only person having this problem.

  • i will tackle this again but very hard, im usually bout 160 or 170 position but that dnt cut it lol.

  • Brandon, this is the UNITED STATES BLOG.

    As for GT5, Loving it and cant wait for B-Spec online!

  • wat happen to the free car for entering????

  • also when is next update to GT5 coming? It was said to be every month but I see Kaz is bringing it on Feb now. Is it true? let me guess… no answer.

  • Thanks Sony and Nissan for screwing over all of your Canadian customers.

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