About A Blob Hits PlayStation Plus February 1st, PSN February 8th

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For the last few months we’ve been hard at work putting the finishing touches on our upcoming PSN platformer Tales from Space: About a Blob. I’m very excited to announce that the game’s release is now just weeks away! In North America, the game will be released as a PlayStation Plus exclusive on February 1st, with a general release to follow a week later on February 8th.

First, a quick recap for those of you who may have missed our previous PlayStation.Blog postings: Tales from Space: About a Blob is a side-scrolling puzzle-platformer about a race of alien Blobs that land on an Earth-like planet and start eating everything around them. The game features a retro-inspired art style, local co-op gameplay, a monster-movie theme, and a healthy dose of humor.

Tales from Space: About a Blob for PS3 (PSN)

Collection is a big part of the game. As you make your way through the levels you must find and eat objects that are smaller than you, which causes you to grow. Little by little you get larger and larger, eventually becoming large enough to absorb cars, people, buildings, etc. Collectible points and hard-to-find “Blob friends” are also scattered about the levels. These are used to provide secondary achievement targets to players looking for an extra challenge.

The Blobs have a variety of abilities at their disposal. Basic abilities include jump, absorb, slam,
and “run” (if you can call what a Blob does when it moves fast “running”!). From the start of the game, player Blobs can also spit out objects they’ve already absorbed and then pull them back from a distance using a special “attract” ability. In co-op play you can use the spit/attract abilities to pass objects back and forth between players.

Over the course of the game, the Blobs are given a couple of additional powers. The first of
these, “Magnetic”, allows Blobs to pull toward and/or push away from metal objects. In-game, these objects are outlined with a purple glow. If a Blob uses its magnetic ability near a fixed metal object like a steel wall, it will be pulled toward or pushed away from the wall. Blobs can use this ability to hover in mid-air around certain areas. When used around loose metal objects, the magnetic ability causes these loose objects to fly away from or toward the player.

Tales from Space: About a Blob for PS3 (PSN)

A second special Blob ability – introduced a bit later in the game – is the “Electric” power. This ability allows Blobs to pull electricity out of special machines (outlined in blue) and push it back into other machines. This can be used to manipulate objects in the environment: Turning moving platforms on and off, for example, or causing platforms to rotate. The electric ability is particularly useful in some of the puzzles found in the second half of the game.

The full game features a healthy amount of content. Each of the game’s seventeen levels contain special speed run and collection achievement targets. We have also included online leaderboards to track top speed run times for each level.

There will be a free trial version of the game from day one. If you decide to give it a try: Grab a friend if you can – co-op is really a lot of fun. I hope you guys have as much fun playing the game as we did making it!

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11 Author Replies

  • I’m there.

  • Looks nice, I like the music and I also like the movements of the blob!

  • Will there be a demo? No demo, no sale.

  • Free for Playstation Plus?

    • Available a week early.. but no, the full game won’t be free :) You can give the trial version a try for free, though!

  • @3

    “There will be a free trial version from day one.”

    It’s the first sentence of the last paragraph….

    Anyway it looks pretty cool i might have to check this out

  • Firmware 3.60 inbound be ready peeps

  • Looks Awesome! What’s gonna be the price? I’ve got $10 left in my PSN wallet, I may save it for this!

    • Hi Redikol. Although final pricing is not entirely up to us, my understanding is that the full game will be $14.99 in North America.

  • I first thought it was a boy and his blob and was really excited, no so much any more.

  • Looks a lot like Gish. Which i guess is… good?

    • Hi Locke325,

      There are some similarities to Gish (most obviously that you’re playing as a physicalized Blob in a 2D platformer).. but there are quite a few differences as well: The whole growth and collection aspect of the game, for example, the powers, puzzles, the feel of the controls, the story and art style, the co-op, etc.

      I agree that Gish is a great game, though! I would encourage anyone who hasn’t already played it to give it a try.

  • Looks potentially good, I’ll be trying the demo for sure.

  • Is this free for PS+ members, or is it just 1 week exclusive time period for PS+ members to purchase?

  • This game looks good. Is it a PSN exclusive?

  • Guys, don’t forget: This game is really just Gish and Katamari combined, filled with extra awesomeness and co-op gameplay.


  • @12, Yes this game is PSN exclusive, it is part of Sonys Pub Fund.

    • Thanks Kirkpad. You’re doing my job for me :)

      We are quite happy to be releasing the game through the Pub Fund, working with Sony has been great. No other console releases are planned at this time.

  • Sweet! I have been waiting for this since I saw an announcement on the blog last year.

  • I played this game in co-op with one of the devs at PAX and it was awesome! Everyone should buy this…. and what a nice bunch of devs too.

  • As an indie dev, I love indie looking games. Will sure to check this one out!

  • Looks great, I’m excited to try the trial!

  • Is the trial version for everyone, or is this a 60-minute Plus trial?

    • Hi PSWii2008. The trial is for everyone. It will be made available along-side the full game (so Feb 1st for PS+ users, Feb 8th more generally).

  • Yes! Glad I’m a Plus Member, I’ve been waiting for this game for awhile. Now all we need is an official release date for Explodemon.

  • I reed that the price is speculated at $14.99. But is there a discount for Plus subscribers? I know that Plus members are getting it a week earlier before everyone else… My question is, is there a price discount as well or no? Just asking… I’m going to get it for sure though! …lol!

    • Hi Beefer. The launch price for the full game will be the same for Plus members as it is for regular members.

      As I mentioned in the original post, there *is* a lot of content in the game.. so we feel it’s a pretty good value.

  • You know… I don’t think that Plus memeber care about getting something a week early ( I know I don’t ). I’d be more inclined to buy it at a discounted price. I mean, $14.99 is a heft price. Especially with LBP2, Mass Effect 2, and KZ3.

  • Day one purchase here!!! Readed your other two blog posts so i’ve been waiting to get this for awhile now.

  • Looks like a nice combination of LocoRoco and Katamari, will definitely be trying out the demo!

  • I’m with Link01. I’m a plus member and I could care less about getting it a week early, unless it were free. Chances are I wouldnt play it that week anyway. LBP, Mass Effect, Sorcery, Killzone 3, Bulletstorm.. Why drop 15 dollars on a game that will eventually be 4.99 or less by the time i get around to play it? Looks good though, but still just sayin..

  • Ack, the price you say hurts my wallet. I’ll see what I can do in two weeks time.

  • This looks good. haven’t heard much about it before today, but I might consider picking this one up.

  • Looks like my type of game. I’ll pick it up eventually. You say “final pricing is not entirely up to us”, I find that very interesting. I’ve always wondered how the prices for these downloadable games are determined.

    Anyway, cool looking game!

  • Caught my eye in the preview last year, but I figured it would be 9.99. I got money waiting for explodemon and PJ Shooter first.

  • Looks like fun, will get day one.

  • I hope this game is good. I love the art style.

  • As a fellow Torontonian, I’d love to give my support to this game. I’ll definitely try the demo. About how much game are we going to be getting here? Approximate completion time, number of stages, etc.?

    • Hi Zeer0id.

      There are 17 levels in the full game. To give you a rough idea on level size: Playtesters we’ve had by the office have typically taken between 15 and 30 minutes to complete levels they’ve never played before.

      Also: To get all the trophies you’ll have to revisit some levels (e.g. to collect points you missed on the first time through, or to try and complete levels within speed run target times). Players trying to get a good rank on the speed run leaderboards will also probably end up playing levels repeatedly to figure out the fastest way through.

  • Wow, can’t wait for this. I’ve been keeping an eye out for this one since it was first announced. I really love the art-style of the game.

  • I had a chance to play test this a couple of months ago, and it was supremely awesome. The music was awesome too! ;)

    $14.99 seems like a steal to me. I spent more money than that on a pizza last night.

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