ModNation Monday: He’s SUPER (Thanks for asking!)

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ModNation Mondays

Howdy, Nation. It’s your man Coker once again with the latest and greatest happenings in the world of MNR. As you may recall from last week’s post, this week also brings the Career Unlock All key to the Nation and we welcome a loveable but completely crazed individual to the MNR family.

I give you – Super Fan!

ModNation Racers:  SuperFan

ModNation Racers:  SuperFan01 ModNation Racers: SuperFan02

Super Fan includes the following creation parts:

  • Letter Jacket
  • Caged Helmet
  • Sports Pads

Super Fan’s sweet RV Kart includes the following creation parts:

  • “Are We There Yet?” Body
  • Lawn Chair Seat
  • Giant Hand Antenna

You can pick up Super Fan or his RV Kart for $.99 or the bundle that includes both for $1.75 on the PlayStation Store right now. He’s battle-painted and ready to be customized to your liking. I spoke with Super Fan as I was writing this post, and he asked me to relay this message to all of you: They may take our lives, but they’ll never take….OUR FOOTBALL!!!!

For those of you who are anxious to unlock all of the TONS of stickers, Kart Bodies, Props, clothes, Tracks, and EVERYthing in the game, this is what you’ve been waiting for. Unlock hundreds and hundreds of items instantly.

ModNation Racers:  shadow_racing_02

The Career Unlock All key will also work on future content, so that if you purchase any Track Themes such as Far East or the Track Themes still to come, the content in those add-ons will be unlocked for you as well. You can pick up the Career Unlock All key from the PlayStation Store this week for $2.99. Now there’s nothing between you and super creator status.

XP Series Race Recap

If you checked out the comments from last week’s blog or if you race online a lot, you may have noticed that XP races have been updated. Everyone can now get the full array of Tracks, including those from the Far East Track Theme. Now get a chance for the community to get a sample of the sick new Tracks in Far East!

Don’t forget if you want to get the full Far East Track Theme experience, and get new objectives, tokens, creation parts, and more, don’t forget to pick it up on PSN today.

ModNation Creations of the Week

Amazing creations in ModNation get shared every day and we are playing a ton of them. If you are interested in submitting your mod, kart or track to be a future “creation” of the week be sure to visit up on the official ModNation Community site and who knows? You might see your handiwork on the PlayStation.Blog.

With the release of all the new parts packs, we want to see your tracks with those new props in them.

Mod and Kart of the Week
Mod Name: Steampunk
Kart Name: Steampunk-mobile
Creator: Argetlam350

ModNation Racers:  Argetlam350_Mod01 ModNation Racers:  Argetlam350_Kart01

Coker’s Comment: Once again, we have a perfect pairing of a themed Mod and Mart. Steampunk is a perfect example of “neo-old school”, and the Steampunk-mobile looks like it would be right at home in an old school sci-fi movie. From the color scheme to Steampunk Mod’s arm and leg details to the perfectly appropriate decals on the Kart, this is all win. Kudos on the creativity. I really love how these are so amazing and eye catching without being flashy.

Track of the Week

If you have a video(s) of your track submit them to MNR’s YouTube channel by emailing and we will include them in the blog if your track is showcased.

Track Name: Sideway Summit
Created by: Matt-ac0n

ModNation Racers:  Sideway_Summit01 ModNation Racers:  Sideway_Summit02

Matt-ac0n Says: “A gem of a mountain run, intended as a sort of introduction course for beginning racers. Sideway Summit contains many staple features that will certainly be found in many other courses in their careers: Super Jumps, Devastators, Flame Vents, Mod Bots, an assortment of trap switches, and of course many Item Pods. For the more seasoned racers, Sideway Summit will provide a relatively down-to-basics, yet action-packed racing experience at a level that few “conventional” tracks could match. High-banked turns will sure help keep the speed and the pace of the races fast and frantic.”

Coker says: I agree with Matt-ac0n’s comments on this Track. It’s challenging if you know how to race well, but I think it’s fun and forgiving enough for newcomers. This is a very well-rounded Track (figuratively speaking), as it has ample drift opportunities, enough – but not too many – Item Pods, and features that force you to make tough choices such as whether or not to go under a Devastator in order to pick up a pod. I like this one a LOT for both Action Race and Time Trial.

Hot Lap Roster for this week

Continuing with the trend we started weeks ago this weeks Hot Lap roster features all new community created tracks.

Monday: Sunfire Sinkhole by Lloyd2K4
Tuesday: Omnivale Heart of Epica by IndustrialSavior
Wednesday: Amusement Park II by SergioChileno
Thursday: Twilight Jungle Run by i89oiu
Friday: CanyonTwirl by NikiVv
Saturday: Mystery Track
Sunday: Mystery Track

We’ll catch you guys next week, but I hope we’ll see you in the ModSpot before then. We’re always around. Peace.
PS- Kelly from UFG says, “Hello.”

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  • great:D not gonna buy the key because i want to unlock everything myself but its great for people who cant…

    btw, is there a chance we get a offline gp mode? just like online EP series, but offline against cpu and ur friends?
    it also would be cool if u could pick the cpu opponents urself to race all your creations.

  • Cool stuff. Haven’t played in a while…

  • Could you guys give the option to remap the buttons for this great game? My family members would play it if it didn’t hurt their hands to accelerate with the R2 button.

  • An Unlock Key? Sorry to say this but don’t you want people to play the game? I know some of the Career challenges were though, but didn’t they fix the hard challenges with a patch?

    And even though Sackboy was suppose to be a limited offer for the game’s release, but seeing that LBP 2 is out tomorrow, wouldn’t it be a great idea to have him available to download for those who missed out? Not that I already have him, but the other pre-order Mods are available.

  • Bah, i unlocked everyting, and i SUCK at racing games.

    i digress, love this game, can’t wait for more track themes.

  • Hey just some suggestions.
    1. a motorcycle kart
    2. (a big one) make it so the hair doesnt go through the hat, so you can have both

  • i have a question : why do you guys have to make people pay for everything ??

  • Thanks for another week of Modnation Monday. I’m telling you. This is what keeps Modnation going. Without this weekly update, we creators would feel left out.

    All showcasing of user-created creations, encourages people to keep on creating. Good work with the weekly hotlap roaster.

    One thing could be great though. If you programmed a in-game track showcasing system like the “Cool Levels Pages in LBP”. Or just like the top mods or top karts.

  • YES!!!! Finally, an unlock code for career mode items!

  • Does the unlock code include the Elite Racers?

  • Only 2.99 for the unlock? SOLD!

  • Yes! Thank you for the Career Mode Unlock Key. This was definitely needed for some people. Even with the update in difficulty, I still find the Career Mode a bit troubling and some tasks would simply take too long for me to complete. I will easily spend the $2.99 so I can keep on creating with the biggest variety of stuff available :D

  • Gotta love Modnation Racers

  • Great way to let those that cry about the difficulty to get everything. $$$ ;) I’m glad I got all the stuff without having to pay for it.

  • Cool, got my mod and kart up on Modnation Monday. Though I can’t take all the credit for it. I have to thank CrazyTrainX for his armour template that really helped out with the one leg and arm that have some armour on it, and (can’t remember the person who made it) face template. I had been working on the face for a long time but it never turned out well so I had proably gone through twenty different attempts at the face before finding the face template.
    I wish I could of come up with a bit more creative names for them but I didn’t really have any names for them so I just stuck with why I made them. I love steampunk art which did inspire me to create the mod and kart.
    Well I hope others will like them as well and thanks to Coker for the comment.

  • I guess the unlock key is good for people who like to create more than race, but it kind of defeats the purpose of playing through the game and beating it yourself like some people have already stated. I beat everything before the difficulty patch, but I assume there are younger people or players who are good at racing games who this will benefit. It doesn’t effect the gameplay, so I see no real downside to this.

    I am glad a developer actually listens to the fans about what they want, because this game really delivers. I would also like to know about the future of online xp races, future themes (besides the winter one), and tell UFG you have done a great job with making the game, and both pleasing the fans and doing good damage control on the unpolite ones.

  • i suppose that’s fair enough, as long as you don’t get the trophies – those should only be for ones who’ve done the actual work (and yes, career mode is a chore, but certainly not impossible).

  • Why can’t we have xp in the casual races? I keep getting stuck on the same five courses in an actual xp event. It would be nice to promote the community creations by offering something.

  • I said, can’t you pick at least 2 to 3 creations of the week? And Hi, Kelly!

  • The unlock everything code is a dumb idea. If a player can’t beat and unlock everything in this game then they don’t deserve to, its that simple. Rewarding them for not playing is dumb. Yes the career mode may be frustrating, but like others have already said it is possible to beat the career mode and unlock everything. They even put out a patch to make it easier, and people still can’t beat it? Or do they not want to? I beat everything before the patch, so I don’t know how much easier it is post patch. This is a really dumb move, that should have never been put into the works.

  • dont like the code ??? dont purchase . already unlocked everything ??? good for you !!! you just saved yourself 3 dollars . the only dumb thing people do around here is complain about things that have absolutly NO AFFECT on their own expierience whatsoever . just PLAY YOUR GAME as you see fit and stop trying to play the victim of a cause that doesnt exist .
    ( sigh ) why am i not surprised there would be atleast 1 whiner pretending everybody elses expierience is their own ?

  • Yes!!! I want that RV. That code to unlock everything is a good idea. I already beat the career though. I prefer to just beat the challenges but hey, if they want it, they’ll buy it. Will Party Hardy be in the store?

  • Looks great!

    I want to propose an idea for Modnation Racers.
    It’s called Studio Share, where you and up to 3 other people can work on a Mod, a Kart, or even a track at the same time. Text and voice chat would be usable. When you publish the creation, you and everyone who worked on it, get credit.

    Well hope someone important sees this! ;)

  • any chance on a double xp week again anytime soon?

  • Sure the code may not have an effect on the way I play the game. I’m just pointing out that the code rewards failure, and laziness to complete the career mode on your own. Rewarding failure in any way, shape, or form is just wrong. If you fail to complete the career mode and unlock everything tough, you shouldn’t get the parts. Failure is a fact of life. Not something to be rewarded.

  • it’s a game . not a rite of passage .

  • Epic South Park movie reference.

  • Does the unlock everything key also unlock all the trophies? It wasn’t clarified, and since there are new trophies I was just wondering if I can just pay to unlock them.

  • @28 (Perish_Song) I don’t think it unlocks the trophies. It just unlocks all the items. You still have to complete specific objectives in the game to earn the trophies. Looking at the trophy list for MNR. There is no Trophy for unlocking all the items.

  • If you wanna waste your money & not simply complete the challenges, buy the friggin key. Doesn’t affect me at all. Hell let MNR profit off of your laziness so we can get more dlc lol.

  • Love the South Park reference. BG Al is classic!

  • @20: The patch didn’t change a thing.
    The game is still extreme difficult.

    I’m stuck on one third of the career mode and have no chance to advance (because i can’t win the races).

  • You can win the races Yeroon? Dude….have you tried drifting & using items & blocking? Friggin treat the crap like Twisted Metal man & thrash the tracks!!!!! …..Then….you’ll beat the game. But some of the objectives were annoying was rewarding when done :D

  • @33: I’ve tried everything, but the AI is cheating. Whatever I do, I never finish high enough to advance in career mode.

    I completely stuck!

  • I can’t believe you people are complaining about this unlock. One of the biggest draws to this game is the creation mode. I’m not very good at racing games. I knew that when I bought the game. But I LOVE customization. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t unlock everything. But guess what. You people that are hardcore have TROPHIES to prove it. So you have your bragging rights. When I look at your profile I see how much better you are than me at MNR. What’s wrong with me paying to unlock all the customization items so i can enjoy the part of the game I like best? Nothing. That’s what.

  • Nice to have the unlock code for those of us who play casually. Those who took the time to fight the rubber banding AI and win, good for you. Enjoy your trophies.

    One question: what is the big deal about XP in this game? It doesn’t unlock anything like a Call of Duty game. No rewards. Just a higher number. When I see someone at a high level, all that it tells me is that they play *a lot* of this game. Is there a trophy connected to a certain level? I don’t usually chase a platinum (except for Borderlands), so I’m just curious. Without the carrot of greater unlockables, I just don’t see any big deal about XP.

    BTW, the regular double XP weeks/weekends really cheapen any credibility of having XP in the first place.

  • @36

    There are 2 XP related trophies, one for getting 250000XP and the other for 500000XP.

  • Sorry there is 4 XP trophies! Forgot about the ones for getting 1000XP & 5000XP.

  • Can we get a tank kart?

  • In career mode, I’m always in 1st but at the last second of the last lap i get bombarded with like 15 level 3 weapons and the champion mod always wins. So rigged….

  • #40 try using a SHIELD. It’s not “rigged” cuz how else would others & I beat it? It takes Patience (something you don’t have) & skill. Just buy the friggin key already & quit boohooing lol.

    BTW MNR…Where in the HELL is that Party Hardy mod that was suppose to launch on the 4th? he deffinitely needs to be a freeby on your mess up. Do you want our money or not?

  • It seems I lack boost at the near end of the race somehow and yes it does take much, much patience. I am halfway through the third tour, and I bought the key lol

  • Any news on Party Hardy? I think that mod is false advertisement

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