LittleBigPlanet 2 Releases Tomorrow! See the Arcade Trailer

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Tomorrow’s the big day for the LittleBigPlanet 2 release! And as all of us are eager to get our hands on the latest gaming experience filled with tons of new gaming genres, including action, sports, and adventure genres, we decided to create one more genre video paying tribute to the glory days of gaming embodied by some great user-generated levels created during the beta. Enjoy the latest “Arcade” genre trailer, and be sure to watch our LBP2 Guinness World Record event, streaming live from New York City, later this afternoon on the PlayStation.Blog.

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  • Can’t wait! Paid it in full Friday and the collector’s edition will be mine tomorrow morning… hopefully. They’re usually late with collector’s editions for some reason. Hopefully this isn’t the case :(

  • Can’t Wait! One of the biggest games this year, and it comes out tommorrow!

  • This is going to be a great start to my 2011 gaming.

    I just beat Black Ops on veteran so this is right on time.

  • Woooo pickin up my Collector’s Edition tomorrow! My friend told me they’re sold out now; I’m so happy I made my preorder back in October.

  • Can’t wait I pre-ordered my copy on Friday and I have been pumped all weekend, watching videos and playing the demo over and over again, good job Media Molecule!

  • When I get LBP 2 I am so changing my account name to High_Voltage

    I don’t know why I named my guy ThePlantDude, kind of dumb

  • Got my Collector’s Edition bought and paid for! Can’t wait to pick it up after work tomorrow. Me and my 9 year old son are going to play through all the story levels together. We love LittleBigPlanet!

  • Oh and I pre-ordered LBP2 from Amazon, FREE COSTUMES!

  • How old are you BigRon3400? Well even so, BEST GAME EVER CREATED!

  • Wow, you guys just made up my mind. I was originally going to miss out on this for Mass Effect 2, but no way. I’ll have to put Killzone 2 and Dragon Age 2 on hold (FFFFFFFF). Littlebigplanet 2 looks far too amazing to pass up.

    Thank you for just ending what felt like a never ending struggle with myself over these games. :) I’ll try to get a collectors edition if I can.

  • Woops, I meant Killzone 3. But I just thought about it more and I should actually be fine with that one. But I’ll be missing out on Dragon Age 2 for sure.

    Unfortunate, but I’ll be good for a while with these 3 anyways.

  • I should have my Collectors edition arrive on my doorstep tomorrow! On my desk a few minutes later. In my PS3 a few minutes after that! :D

    Can anyone official tell me though if the LBP2 Guide is as good and in-depth as the first? It says on the cover, the Ultimate CREATOR’S guide and all, but I hope that that doesn’t mean it neglects the PLAY part of the game (I enjoyed the first’s full maps, tips, hints, and prize bubble locations, etc.).

  • D: I am not getting collectors edition, I am getting from Amazon with the even more animals pack and the Rachet and Clank costume

  • CE! Woot Woot!
    Is there a midnight event for it? I’d like to get it at midnight just in case…


    I want this game to sell because it’s a great game! I hate it it when Sony doesn’t even put any marketing out before the game releases! =[

  • yay LBP2
    ugh i hate how i have school tomorrow so i gotta wait until im done
    but after that
    whos gunna ber online tomorrow night


  • Cant wait!

  • sorry be instead of ber

  • Mark I am so happy to see this game releasing! Thanks for the new trailer.

  • I already have it! Soooo much fun. Already played for more than 24 hours.

  • anyone knows the music?

  • I’m getting mines Wednesday.
    Oh yea!

  • Can’t wait for the CE tomorrow!

  • i pre ordered the collectors edition, and i want it now!

  • Hey, does anyone know what the music is in this trailer? My roommate and I cannot stop jamming to it!

  • And the first game of 2011 is… LBP2, the game that never ends :)

    Getting it day one… you’re going to drive me broke, Sony

    With Killzone coming too I’m not sure if I have time or budget to get Mass Effect

    And it’s going to be brilliant releases almost every month up to December… I hope the kids realise there’ll be no Christmas presents this year :D


  • The above video is one of the many examples why tomorrow is exploding with awesomeness. Waited for this more than any game in the last year.. because it will be the only game I basically play, just like the first LBP! The talent in this community is beyond belief – so be prepared to play games you wouldn’t have though possible!

  • I already have my Collector’s Edition paid in full. I’m just waiting for the store to open up tomorrow morning and I will grab my game right away!

    This is going to be a great experience for sure. I cant wait to play and Kudos to all of you at MM and SCE.

  • Preordered the Collector’s Edition when it was announced, and I can’t wait for tomorrow.

  • is there an word on launch DLC for this as for today or tomorrow like they did for Littlebigplanet?

  • Tommorow is going to be the longest school day of my life.

  • Can we get an interview with the tw worlds two developers already? Im dying here. Why did they delay it? I want my two worlds 2!

  • yea Gsoccer i feel ur pain

  • i even got the collectors edition so… my school day will be awful tomorrow

  • I cannot wait, my collector’s edition will be here tomorrow! this is gonna be sweet!

  • I just got a question from way back some of us saw a little sackboy dress as sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII is it ever going to come out as DLC?

  • People have been playing LBP2 since the 14th. looks like subway let the games out early. I have seen the games for sale on ebay and craigslist. Kinda sucks for us sackfolk who prepaid months ago and are still waiting. Have the day off because of a US holiday, all the stores have them and will not let us get them intel tomorrow. We want are LBP2.

  • Getting us Playstation blog readers excited isn’t tough because we’re all fans. Sony, advertise this and other exclusive kick-ass games on television to the millions of Playstation owners who don’t visit these websites regularly.

  • OK, now I’m ready to create more retro game tributes! Maybe I’ll try Sinistar or Scramble or even… Moon Patrol!


  • I had to take a sleeping pill last night to catch some ZZZZs. This waiting is too much.

  • I got the CE preordered AHHH!!! Add me if you want to play the story level and get the prize bubbles.

  • And PlayStation’s relentless assault on our wallets has officially begun…

  • Any news on 3D or Move support updates?

  • I just picked up my collector’s edition, I’m gonna play it after lunch!!! 8)

  • Can’t wait for tomorrow! I have one class from 9:30 to 11 and I have a homework assignment that’s due on Saturday so i’ll probably stay at school and at least try to get part of it done. Then i’m heading over to Gamestop and picking up my copy!!!! :)

  • and i’m guessing so will a firmware update

  • But I want to play it NNNAAAAOOOOWWWWW…. :(

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