VUDU Update Adds Stereoscopic 3D Movie Streaming

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Hello fellow movie lovers, a quick note from VUDU. We’re excited to announce that as of today we’re ready to take you to a whole new dimension. If you’ve got a 3D-enabled TV hooked up to your PS3, now you can stream in 3D directly from VUDU. So grab your 3D glasses and hang on!

VUDU on PSN: 3D Homescreen

If you’ve already downloaded the VUDU app, it will be updated automatically with the new functionality – you don’t need to do a thing. If you haven’t downloaded the VUDU app – well, what are you waiting for? When you download the free VUDU app and sign up for a VUDU account, we will credit your account $5.99, which is enough to get you an HDX rental. We hope you’ll give it a try – we think you’ll love it!

We would love to hear what you think, or if you have any questions we’ll be responding below! We also love compliments, so post all of those too :-)

VUDU on PSN: 3D Homescreen

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  • I watched a few movies with the voucher during their Christmas sale, and I won’t be renting anything else from them until they buff up their codec and/or streaming bit rate… I fell victim to distracting artifacting at the bottom of the screen every few minutes…

  • Is the voucher only good for new subscribers?

    • @Queasy1 you should have received credit for a film, regardless if you are a new subscriber or not. Let me know otherwise and we’ll make sure it gets to you!

  • This is awesome, I can’t wait to checkout the 3D movie selection.

    PSN has only 9 3D movies, so this is a great addition for PS3 owners as well as everyone who owns 3D TV set and has access to VUDU.

    How many movies will be available in 3D today?

    • Today you’ll find two fun films from Disney – Chicken Little and and Bolt. You will also see trailers (3D) for Tron, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and more. Plenty more to come!

  • This would be absolutely awesome if I could access this in Canada. Big 3D TV, no 3D content :(

  • I am enjoying VUDU a lot only issue is I would like them to improve Audio volume or give users a setting to increase volume in the app.

    I have to watch my movies at max volume using my Home Theatre system and I am still having hard time hearing everything sometimes.

    • We are streaming 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround to PS3, as for all VUDU-enabled devices, the volume shouldn’t be an issue. What device are you using?

  • What download speed do you recommend for 3D streaming?

    • Streaming 3D on VUDU is the same requirement as streaming HD – we recommend a minimum of 4.5 Mbps but 9 Mbps is the best.

    • To clarify – apologies for the short answer before – you can stream 3D in SD/HD/HDX so minimum for SD is 1.5 Mbps, HD is 2.25 and HDX is 4.5

  • Are there going to be options to buy 3D on there, like the other movies? Any chance we could get a feature to have back to back trailers going? It would be kinda cool to line up the 3D trailers and let em fly. All in all, this is good news!

    • Thanks reubensitos! Yes you will be able to buy 3D movies soon. It would definitely be cool to have all the 3D trailers back-to-back. Thanks for the tip!

  • Hi my name is Sammy, I recently got my vudu account but I did not use it to rent or buy any movies. What will happen to my account, will they close it down or will it remain open for a whlie longer?

  • move heros look awesome cant wait to preorder will have to do next week,.,,,

  • 3d on vudu … opps posted wrong comment on the one above lol

  • Guess that’s good for people with 3D TVs. =/

    Give me about 10 years when the technology is holographic and I’ll be able to get me a 3D TV and those cool glasses!! :D

  • Canada Please!

  • With 3D movie streaming don’t you need good internet speed? Because 3D movie uses a lot of bandwidth.

  • I rented inception from Vudu for free and was pleased with the service, especially the Wikipedia and Rotten Tomatoes integration. I must repay my debt.

  • @ Queasy1 Vudu will actually test your speed, and give you the speed it recommends for you to use. I imagine so long as you were suggested to use HDX, 3D should be fine.

    I look forward to watching a movie in 3D from Vudu, and hope it streams as well as the HDX, which I have had no problems with.

  • sorry, but I don’t have a 3D television and I won’t get one until they eliminate the need for glasses since I wear regular glasses.

  • Any chance of adding a voucher so we can see how well the 3D runs as a download prior to purchase? I own a couple 3D movies, and have been impressed. The games that run in 3D are amazing as well. Much better than I would have guessed when I made the purchase.

  • I really, really like VUDU. Love the integration of the data you have for each movie. I prefer it over Comcast’s On-Demand service and I really like how big of a documentary section you have on there.

  • How much will they cost in 3D? Same as HDX?

  • You guys keep this up, and PSN is going to be upset. I spend more money buying/renting movies from Vudu. You’re going to steal their money. :)

    Ok, just kidding Sony. Don’t worry, you still make great games.

  • can we use the psn store money to buy movies from VUDU? if not, can you make that happen in the future?

  • New Releases rentals will start at $4.99 and Library titles will start at 3.99.

  • So on Pulse, Christina Lee said to download Vudu from the Media section in the online Store. I went there and couldn’t find it ANYWHERE. But she said it would be there.

    Do you think this is like the Playstation Network Video store a while back, where Christina said to check out the video titles except the store only existed for the USA? When are they going to do the right thing and state that Vudu is currently only for the US?

  • For now I am not getting into 3D but nice to see the option. I will say I enjoy Vudu outside of some issues with the quality. Most recently we rented despicable me and the end had some funky issues. I have 15 down and typically get about 12 so I dont think it was a speed issue. Outside the occasional issue like that the service is nice.
    Please lower the prices though.

  • My credit expired for the free rental, can I get my credit back so I can rent the movie I wanted to that came out after Christmas?

  • How do you get VUDU on your PS3?

  • will the ps3 get vudu labs because it would be nice to watching tv on demand and getting a good youtube portal.

  • Don’t bother coming to Canada. It would be great to be able to use this service but with the CRTC’s incompetence and the greed of the ISP’s whats the point. You’d get to watch a couple of HD movies and then you are paying through the teeth in overage charges. I’d recommend any Canadians on this blog read up on this and do what they can to prevent the CRTC and ISP’s from destroying the internet in Canada.

  • hi just wanted to know when this will be available in the uk or if it allready is,and is it subcription based or rental. thanks

    ricky j b.

  • I never used my free credit because I was asked to enter a credit card number which I did not feel comfortable with. If you are going to offer a promotional credit, make sure that you do not ask for a credit card.

  • Caitlin Spaan | January 14th, 2011 at 12:32 pm
    We are streaming 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround to PS3, as for all VUDU-enabled devices, the volume shouldn’t be an issue. What device are you using?

    I have my PS3 connected to my TV using 1.4c HDMI cable, then TV is connected to my Sony Home Theatre system, not sure maybe some setting on my TV is causing this issue.

    But I think this is more of an issue with the app because I had my PS3 connected directly to my Home Theatre system using HDMI before and audio was still low even at MAX volume. I am not sure if this is happening to others too?

    Does it make difference if I watch the move at SD, HD or HDX. So far I only used SD for all the movies I watched. I am going to pick a movie using HD and HDX and see if it makes any difference.


  • VUDU is good service I’ll being using in the future. I’ve already a couple of films from since it was available on PS3 and so far so good.

    I do have 1 issue though.

    Just like #5 mentioned above, I have some audio issues as well. I have to turn my tv up to 50 when normally I have it 20 for gaming or (Netflix, Hulu). I’m only using an HDMI cable for audio/video so I dont why I have to turn the volume up so loud. Help on this matter would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Any plans for accessing Vudu in Greece please?
    We want to spend money

  • How come I can’t get the new interface? I’ve tried deleting the app and then redownloading it but it didn’t work. It also won’t let me log in but that’s a whole other matter.

  • i’d rather watch 3d movies at the theater, it’s really not the same as the gimmicky Sony 3dtv’s

  • Is VUDU available in Canada? Is sounds amazing!

  • when will the ps move work with vudu?

  • Do you guys realize how much money you can make if you offer a Monthly Subscription Service? There are tons of people out there who might consider dumping their NetFlixes and Hulus for this, many people just love watching the most recent movies… I currently have Neflix and Hulu+ most of the time i’d much rather just wait 2 days for a BluRay from Neflix instead of spending 4-6$ to watch a movie through Vudu… Have you even considered it as a viable option? I bet there would be thousands of people waiting to not only pay $10 or $20 a month but even $30 and $40… I’m sure Netflix and Hulu will eventually catch up to you on the recent movie selection, I think that it would be a very smart business strategy to do this ASAP if i was Vudu…

  • to bad VUDU don’t have a subscription like Netflix I would jump ships.

  • I agree with Aleksey_US. Since I bought my 3D TV I have been starving for content, but most 3D Blu-Rays are $30 give or take. Too much to buy sight unseen. I have been in contact with Netflix about renting 3D Blu’s, but they say currently they have no plans to do so. I presume because of the cost of stocking and replacing physical discs. PS Network wants to charge physical prices for dlc and it’s a limited selection to boot. Vudu can circumvent these problems and steal me from both no questions asked, as long as you do it before netflix does. I would gladly pay $20 or $30 a month for access to streaming 3D alone. Early adopters are the best clientele to attract since often we are the people that friends and family look to for advice on what to buy. I have been checking my PS3 every day since the Press Release and I think Untangled and (surprisingly) the Pebble beach Concours d’Elagance look very cool. the depth in the Concours really gives the feeling that I am standing on the lawn as the cars roll by. I hope you realize the opportunity to steal a huge chunk of the burgeoning streaming pie and offer and all you can stream monthly fee!

  • Looks like my 1.5mbps connection won’t do it. I guess yea for me I get to save money.

    Well it will for SD, but I have netflix, so I unless you can beat them with quantity, I’m goign to stay.

  • 3D is too dam expensive holy crap!

  • P.S. as a nearly seven year Netflix customer I sat and watched as Blockbuster thought they didn’t need to stream, and they are nearly dead now as Netflix thrives. Netflix may be ready for repeating history as I said, since they are ignoring 3D altogether. 3D has introduced me to Vudu and the service is great, I had no idea you could stream at such high quality. But I already get all the Blu-rays I want for around $15 a month, with a huge selection to choose from, and there are no limitations to how long I can keep them. So that makes limited viewing periods and $6+ per rental laughable. Now 3D on the other hand….

  • Caitlin Spaan and Vudu Team thank you for awesome support. That is great that you are taking a moment to answer our questions and give us solutions or suggestions how to solve them.

    I wish more companies took their time to address any issues or questions when Playstation Blog writes an article about such company’s involvement with PS3. This shows us how much you care and that PS3 is an important venue for your product.

    Keep up good work. I think adding 3D is a great move on your part.

  • VUDU is awesome, amazing picture quality that feels like watching a Blu-ray Disc. The only issue are delayed releases, but I realize this is a studio thing. Disney and Sony are guilty of this, why prevent me from paying $5.99 to rent your content when I could easily get the disc from Netflix or a kiosk for $1? Studios need to day and date all formats.

  • VUDU rocks! I canceled Netflix and do VUDU exclusively now. Awesome quality, great selection….and lazier than Redbox!

  • I also wanted to add that I think you should let us keep the movies once watched for 7 days. I only rent SD cuz I don’t want to pay $6 for a 1 or 2 day rental. But if I could pay $6 for 5-7 days I’d be more tempted.


    Once we’ve rented a movie, give us a discounted price the next time we rentit? Like full price once then $2.00 every time after?

    • We do have a large selection of $2 movies you can rent for 48 hours – check it out on the $2, 2 nights promo on the front page!

  • Sony needs to add an app xmb icon to navigate through to find all of these apps it’ll be easier to find for people instead of looking through the psn store.

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