This Week in PlayStation Home: Treehouse Personal Space, Community Theater Update & More!

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This Thursday, January 13th, we’ll see yet another addition to the long line of PlayStation Home personal spaces. The Treehouse, a fantastical estate perched high above a spectacular landscape, offers gorgeous vistas surrounding a truly zen-like setting. Check out the pics below for a peek of what to expect from this dazzling new personal space.

Home Treehouse Home Treehouse2,jpg

After you pick up your new Treehouse, be sure to head over to the Exclusives store to pick up the new Solitaire game, available in 5 different designs.

Home Solitaire_04

Also available this week from the PlayStation Home Mall: Military uniforms for the guys and gals as well as new hairstyles and accessories for both sexes courtesy of our friends over at Lockwood.

Home Lockwood2Home Lockwood1

Home Costumes 4Home Costumes1

Home Costumes 2Home Costumes3

The PlayStation Home Community Theater receives a massive update this week. To start, HomeCast Rewind airs a new video where the staff takes a look at the new Mansion personal space, the recently-released Xi Museum, and the Lockwood Gift Machine, while also giving a run-down of December’s Top 5 items.

Hip Hop Gamer returns with a new episode of the HHG show focusing on the upcoming LittleBigPlanet 2, including Alex Evans and John Beech from Media Molecule, while the most recent episode of Replay with Doc features Mo Chocolate from The Tester 2.

If you head over the PlayStation Store you can become a true PlayStation Home real estate mogul with the new Estates Pack. Purchase this pack and receive 10 different personal spaces including: the Post Apocalypse Apartment, Planetland, Villain’s Lair, the Paris Clocktower, Anime Syle, Santorini Greece, Wizard’s Den, the Playground Apartment, Pharoah’s Tomb, and the Luxury Racing Box. It’s a $47.90 value, now available for $19.99 with this exclusive bundle!

Last but certainly not least, Konami is inviting all of you Castlevania: Lords of Shadow fans out for a special event this weekend. To participate, simply show up to the Konami space in your Castlevania: Lords of Shadow gear and earn extra points for each item you wear.

See you in Home!

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  • Awesome! thanks for the support HomeTeam

  • Space looks amazing… might actually have to check out Home again.

    Also, I hateeee hip hop gamer. Never seen a more unprofessional video game journalist… If you can really call him that.

    • Yes, the space looks amazing. It’s a very personally exciting release for me. I think anyone who retains a little bit of their childhood innocence or heck, anyone who was lucky enough to have their own treehouse will instantly enjoy this gorgeous space.

      As for HipHopGamer, he’s definitely a character, and his presence makes the enthusiastic press all the more colorful and fun.

  • Any idea when the next parts of the Mansion will be coming out?

    • The answer is very soon. Keep an eye on the future weekly Wednesday Home blog post for an official announcement.

  • Isn’t today the 12th?

  • right on Locust sweet update this week also <3 u ROCK Locust. TY for theses sweet updates dude :)

  • Booting up Home to play Solitaire seems backwards somehow… yet its a game I love to play. Wish someone would release it as a PSN game. Do we really need more “military” types roaming around? Blech to those new outfits, I say! Will Gran Turismo 5 ever get a game launch spotlight in the Gamers Lounge? Its been out what, 6-7 weeks now and not once has it been used there! That’s madness!

    • We try to bring a little something for everyone from the social gamer to the “solitary.” See what I did there? ;-)

      As for the genre of content that comes, there’s no doubt that there are many fans of all things military. That said, we have thousands and thousands of offerings of other stuff for everyone.

      When will GT5 be a Featured Game in Home? January 22! To stay up-to-date on the calendar of what’s coming, check out the Home homepage, and you’ll find the calendar at the bottom:

  • That personal space pack (10 for $20) is a pretty interesting deal.

    • Yeah, at about $2 a personal space, it’s redonkulous. I don’t think Magnus has granted such a sweeeeeet deal before. Snap it up while it’s here!

  • The PonyTail is HOT… and the tree house :) I wish I had a tree house like that when I was little! First own a dolphin now a tree house… living out child hood dreams in home! now can it make me grow up to be a princess…

  • Firstable the TREE House came out like in 2008, at this time the tree must be brittle and dry, the PERSONAL SPACE PACKAGE for the most part are places that are so BORING AND UNINTERESTING, I know cause i have them. Just like you want us to pay for items with real money, like in a real MALL, i want a real COSTUMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE, if i have a complaint or want to RETURN something i may do so. when are we going to get to put more than 50 items per personal space and more than 2 ACTIVE ITEMS, when are we gonna be able to watch FULL LENGHT MOVIES in our “TVs” YOU promoted to be the best thing that ever happened to HOME .im sick and tired of lookign at TRAILERS .

  • Haha, nice personal space. I’ve noticed we’ve been getting a whole bunch of personal spaces lately, any word on public space in the works? Maybe a GT5 space, or what about the Steam Punk space? :p

    • You know we always have more public spaces coming–we’re just not at liberty to announce anything. Stay tuned!

  • Hiya,
    Just curious if there is any news relative to the EA Complex or the Uncharted space relative to when we might expect them back on the navigator?

    One can hope.


  • Looks like something out of Myst…

  • When are we getting events for the VIP area of Sodium One? The area with the giant screen.

    • That’s a good question for Lockwood. I know they’re always working hard on evolving the Sodium Hub, throwing VICKIE a birthday party (even the little robotic scorpions were wearing birthday hats! Awesome!), and adding new subtle changes here and there to enhance the overall experience.

  • Also when are we getting a NEW and IMPROVE CENTRAL PLAZA ? for the most part, all the snow and the MIDWAY GAME should be taken away already.Can you contact DIESEL creative team and tell them to design some awesome garments for us, they havent had an update since i joined which was more than a year and a half .
    Another question, is that TIGER going to be able to roam all over the MANSION or just in that 1 spot ? OMG more MILITARY CRAP
    LOCKWOOD PUBLISHINGS needs to come up with something more innovative, WE DO NOT NEED MORE MILITARY ITEMS …

  • Will the Treehouse be free like in EU?

    I would like to know when Midway 2 will be fixed. I’ve lost 2 prizes so far because of lag and freezing. It pops up I am a Winner then poof – freezes. I can’t seem to win those levels anymore and get those prizes back. :-/

  • Wasnt that tree house given away for FREE in EU home in 2009? I assume that we will have to pay for this item here? Speaking of EU home, when are we getting the singstar clothing EU has had since LAST YEAR.

    Thank you in advance for answering my questions…

  • Sweet! A space that Europe got over a year ago for FREE. Isn’t Conspiracy due to release this month? You should update the pets we use in public spaces with sound effects too, not just the ones in the personal spaces.

  • You have to basically live in the Konami space to earn any real pts, why is it so time consuming? lol

  • Thanks for a nice update. Any plans on updating the arcades in the Bowling Alley Space?

    • There are no plans at this time, but it is an idea we have brought up before. If you have some game suggestions or requests to put in there, please submit them to us in the Home Suggestions forum. We’re all ears!

  • @9 I agree 100%.

  • i think dear old MAGNUS knows the PERSONAL SPACE PACKAGE, consist of UNINTERESTED and BORING places , i know because i have them and thats why they are on SALE,so this didnt come out
    of the kindness of his heart, just want to make sales on places that hardly anyone bought .Its time to remove the snow and the MIDWAY game out of plaza, NO MORE MILITARY ITEMS .

    • Concerning the Home Estates Pack, I’d say it is definitely offering several of my personal favorite spaces including the Santorini, Pharoah’s Tomb, Planetland and the Paris Clocktower. They each have a very special feel and are gorgeous. But again, it’s a subjective personal opinion–if you like just 5 of the 10, you’re getting a deal.

      Again, if you don’t like military stuff, check out the new Lockwood stuff. There’s always something for everyone, military fans or not.

  • Yay! another lame update. keep up the good work team. When are yall gonna get around to fixing the numerous problems that already exist, or will you just keep adding reskinned and rehashed things for us to consume?
    Also its not relevant this week, by why is it that every week its impossiable for your team to get theatre items to unlock on the 1st day of release?

    • We are always working on improving the Home platform itself while there is fresh, new content released every week.

      The Theater’s rewards are generally up and working when Home comes back online every Thursday morning. To my knowledge there have only been one time when rewards were delayed until Friday. It is something we stay on top of. Thanks for the comment.

  • Glasswalls I really want a Sloth for my Treehouse.. but the Treehouse looks awesome enough!

  • lol GW, make it so it gives 25,000 points per hour? I just need to hang out there this weekend for the reward.

    • I’d say I know what your plans are for this weekend! Be sure to play the Dance Events that happen several times an hour to earn maximum points. Seriously though, I love the DDR game in the Konami Penthouse space because you can play the game and chat with friends while earning the points. That space is always packed.

  • It’s gonna be a great update. I’ve been dying to have the Treehouse in NA, the Lockwood hair styles are awesome, and the military outfits look cool.

    • I agree. There’s a lot of stuff and a variety of it, including the Treehouse you have been wanting for some long time.

  • New arcades for the Bowling Alley is a must, thanks for bring it up LPSquall. I haven’t been in the Bowling Alley in awhile, and this would definatly bring me back there. :)

    (Thanks for taking the time to reply to a lot of these comments GlassWalls, good to hear from the management team once in awhile.) (beisdes MercuryV on the forum :p)

    • You’re welcome. I gladly join in when L_S is indisposed. Your comments and concerns are very important, and we all pay a lot of attention to every last little bit.

  • Hmmm… I haven’t been in Home for a while (due to me not having a PS3 at the moment).

    Has there been any updates that increase the amount of items to put in a space? I hated not being able to show off one thing because of the limitations.

    • There is no update to the item cap in personal spaces yet. It is a request we are aware is a popular one from the community though.

  • So how new solitare game?

    How is this different then already available solitare game thats available for 2.99?

    Is this a seperate new item?

    • That’s a good question. Actually, we have 5 new Solitare game tables coming tomorrow–same game, but each has its own stylish look. Check the store tomorrow for all the details.

  • Marvelous!! The treehouse FINALLY comes to HOME!! The REAL question, of course, is will we be getting the treehouse for free, like “in another region” for a limited time, or are you going to bilk us for something that was, for the “other region”‘s faithful, a gift? Seriously, I realize there’s a drive to drain our virtual wallets, to deny the existence of this would be an insult to our collective intelligence. But since virtual items’ actual creation costs are essentially zero, and can be inexhaustively copied to satisfy consumers’ needs, why charge for items that users in “other regions” enjoy for free (treehouse, Final Fantasy 13 space)?

    • To my knowledge, the Treehouse personal space was free only for a limited time, then made available for sale to those who missed out.

      There are always costs in localizing content from one region to another, so it’s not just a copy/paste sort of situation, or as simple as flipping a switch. If it were only that easy. But the community has spoken, and we are delivering. It will be on sale here for $4.99.

  • Solitary gamer? Nice one. Should’ve totally seen that one coming. Did not know there was a Home calendar! I’ll have to keep tabs on that page. Thanks for the link!

  • will the space be free like it was in EU or are you going to once again charge us for a space that we will probably buy and not use….also when is hip hop gamer and doc going to get their own shirts…and is anything going to be free for those that don’t really have money like that…..

    • We always have rewards coming each and every month. As for HHG and Doc, they won’t be left without their own items for much longer. ;-)

  • I approve of this post. It is relevant to my interest :D

  • How much will the treehouse cost?

  • @ GW reply to post 29 regarding the Treehouse. Actually it never went on sale but you are quite correct about it being available for a limited time. Having been in one myself all I can say is its Meh, and no way is it worth $4.99 but thats just my opinion. How about answering my question regarding the Singstar content please, like, when is it coming to NA. *taps foot impatiently*

    • SingStar has refreshed here several times–the answer would be that I cannot share that information yet, so stay tuned for an official announcement in a future blog post.

  • thanks for the response GW even if it was a non answer -_-

  • Why would anyone play solitare on Home? So a treehouse space, how cute. If I was 10 I might say “oh boy neat-o a tweehouse!” How many useless personal spaces does one need. Its all the same after awhile, and the spaces are getting so big there is no way to decorate them with a 50 piece limit. Once again another worthless update. Talk up how great this stuff is GW. If your an adult and you think a treehouse is neat, a virtual treehouse at that… Well go play in your tree house. I’ll keep playing video games, and keep checking here, Hopefully Home will come out with something that will make me have fun on there again. But at this point it’s lost all it’s luster. 2 thumbs and 2 big hairy toes down.

  • Why is it that NOW we’re getting the Tree House? EU got it FOREVER ago. For FREE not to mention. Fail. How about you finally add the Spelunker box hats that you never put in…

  • I logged on Home 2 days ago, and didn’t freeze! *fist pump*

  • I got a personal space that sorta looks like this… it’s the one where a giant tree head (reminds me of Grandmother Willow from Pochahontas) follows me everywhere… I think I got that one for free… or maybe not. Don’t remember. How is this one different?

    >_> YAY to waiting all week for the next part of the Home Mansion and not seeing it….yaaaay….

  • I love how much the graphics have improved in the 1.4x patches. Thanks so much!

    I’d really like to see head/face tracking via the PS Eye/Move added as well.

    I can’t seem to find the Uncharted 2 space in my list of places anymore. Has it been removed?

  • Also, when will we be getting a TellTale public space for Back to the Future or Sam & Max?

    • I’d suggest you let TellTale know how much you want them to make a Home space or 3. I’m sure they would make a perfect addition to Home.

  • Hey, happy to see the HOME Team is answering comments on the Blog. I like that, keeps it going and getting lots of question answers.


  • hiphop gamer is a joke, for Sony to even give this guy a sec of a mention is truly appalling… jeers

  • I’m still seeing Home as being in beta. When is the initial release? What are the features of the initial release? (if answerable) or will this be a forever beta. I hope the character movements won’t be as stiff. They need to loosen up a bit. I’ve been on Home since the first day of open beta. Then my ps3 went down and I couldn’t get it repaired for a whole year.
    The move controllers should be able to move the arms of the avatar. I’m tired of the these updates. Where are the features? I thought this would be more like the sims. Bummer :(

    • You are correct. We’re still in beta until the time is right–no official announcement on leaving beta quite yet. As for feature additions, with every update to the platform itself, there are usually quite a bunch.


  • Still no love for clubs… ;_;

  • In reference to #31, particularly the response in which you mentioned rewards… Are you implying that there will eventually BE a personal space as a reward, without a monetary requirement to unlock existing features of the space, and can be decorated with items? …or did I just describe the harBOR (we ARE Americans, after all, let the spelling match the region, or is borrowing british spelling the only thing we get from their region for free?) studio?

  • Attn: Locust
    I’m still Missing the Criss Angel Mindfreaking Couch any word to if were gonna get them back? PLease give us an update it’s been over two month’s and this item is still gone…

    Please Help.

    By: DCS

  • @48 DCS-Tekken I’m pretty sure we’re never getting the couch back… unless we buy the treehouse, and make 10 clothing item purchases, and participate in 5 dance-offs… and oh yeah, after they make a licensing agreement with another region, which apparently takes an entire year… -_-

  • wat the hell where are the game public spaces????? ever heard of LBP2? KZ2 or KZ3? Mass effect 2? EA? Uncharted 2 where it go?

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