Qore Episode 32 – 2010 Year in Review, LittleBigPlanet 2 Level Creation, Mass Effect 2 and DC Universe Online

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Qore kicks off the New Year with a look back at 2010 in our ‘Year in Review’ featuring the best moments from the team’s travels covering the biggest games of the year.

As for 2011, LittleBigPlanet 2’s level design tools are exposed when Veronica Belmont scrolls along with one of the LBP community’s most prolific level designers, Sean Crowley. Follow along as Sean reveals his tips for creating in the new game and unveils one of his latest creations.

LittleBigPlanet 2 - Qore

In the world of MMOs, DC Universe Online is a title the Qore team’s been keeping an eye on since first covering the initial development in 2008. Sony Online Entertainment Game Director, Chris Cao takes us through this huge world where you design your own super hero– then decide to fight along side DC legends like Superman or take ‘em on as the bad guys.

Also, Commander Shepard is making his debut on the PS3 system in Mass Effect 2, the epic action role-playing game from Bioware. Get up to speed on this fantastic shooter/RPG hybrid and don’t miss the gallery of concept art and screenshots to get you prepared for the upcoming release.

Killzone 3 PS3 theme

Finally, in anticipation of next month’s release of Killzone 3, Episode 32’s Download Center features a Qore-exclusive Killzone 3 theme for your PS3 system.

Look for Episode 32 tomorrow.

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  • Sweet! I wanna get my MOVE for LBP2 fast! T_T

  • Nice!!! Killzone 3 theme!

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    A sharing URL looks like http://www.mediafire.com/?fjtiz8idnm2 , but each file has its own unique sharing URL. Once you’re on the download page for the file that you want to download, simply click the “Click here to start download…” link to start the download.

  • Dear Qore Team…

    Just a quick question, will Qore be available for PlayStation Plus users, I haven’t seen any for free no more.

  • I thought Qore was coming out last week. It said on the Playstation Magazine. Just wanted to add my input to it and speak out about it.


  • nice..!!!

  • No way, nicely done Jaeydan!!

  • Great! I was wondering when Qore was coming this month. Looking forward to it.

    And I get (another) Killzone 3 Theme for my PS3, hurrah! :D

    I’m getting LBP 2 CE next week, I will possibly pick up ME 2 as well. I’m getting DCUO for sure but I cant quite get it yet but I will eventually. So everything being covered in the episode should be good.

  • Finally! I’ve only been asking when this will come out for a week with no response from anyone.

  • As Train1999 stated…this episode was to be released last week. Every first update of the month should also contain a new Qore. Down the road,it would be great to get some kind of heads up here on the blog if the update day changes. I checked the Twitter and Facebook sites for Qore and no info was available with concerns to when Qore 32 was to be released.

  • Also…What happened to Qore 31 demo that you guys spoke of last month? I remember you guys apologized for a delay of a demo that was to be released along with Qore ep. 31!!! What was that demo? Subscribers never received any sort of bonus last month!? I’ve been trying to support Qore for over two years now and with delays on episodes and content…I think you get the idea. Would really like to get a reply on this as I’m a monthly subscriber who feels a bit cheated out of my money. I dont complain much but this just makes no sense.

  • Yeah, free theme…better than nothing I suppose. But with PS+ out now, I don’t think there will be many exclusives for Qore anymore.

  • Thanks for the free Killzone 3 theme, Sony!

  • @FredNation: Individual Qore episodes are in the same place they’ve always been for PS+ members… in the PS+ section of the store. I’ve been downloading them each month as they come out.

  • Another month with a space waste that is Qore. What happened to that nice content we were supposed to get last episode? You know,the one that was messed up. Ever gonna get it?

  • Qore episodes take forever to download…


  • Just so Sony and the developers of DC Universe Online know, this game is gonna be one of the biggest failures EVER. Charging a monthly fee to play one game online is the worst idea ever (what works for PC WoW type games is NOT gonna fly on the PS3)
    You’ll (developers and Sony) see that their hardcore DC audience is already spending $15-$30 a month already on comics and aren’t likely to spend another $15 just to play a game. I partly hope for DCUO to fail because if there is any success with this title it will lead to more and more games implementing a monthly pay to play model, the other part of me hopes for its success as a fan of comics in general but after playing the Beta I can’t see this game setting the world on fire and definitely not with a monthly fee attached.

  • looking like a good episode. this is the first month the subscription to qore has eneded, so i hope i will be able to download qore through psn+ now.

  • We Want a dynamic kz3 theme, the one where its black n orange and sev kicks the helghast in the face, not no stand still theme

  • The episode of november has a nice game: “Cyq-out” look like the game of Tron on arcade, like in the movie, is there any chance to get it from other way?

  • not even a dynamic theme???

  • It kinda looks cool i will get lbp2 soon

  • you know I’m rarely motivated to download quore but this one looks promising … i just find it so boring sometimes

  • @17 wow, no love for the DCOU hey? I for one am looking forward to it. It is an MMO and to keep the servers stable and running smooth as possible it costs money, which we have to pay. Not a big issue. I used to be a smoker and here in Canada that is about 13 dollars a pack. I smoked probably a pack every 2 days.so that is over 60 dollars a month to kill myself haha!! 15 dollars a month to play a functioning evolving fun game is not a lot of money!

  • I would have been all over DCUO if they offered that same lifetime subscription they offered the PC players….also what the hell is the reason for the PS3 version 10 dollars more than the PC version? Way to promote the first MMO on the PS3. I might get it later when it goes free to play. The limit on costumes is disgusting both City of Heroes and Champions released with so much more content then what I’ve seen from this beta. Canceled this pre order and paid off LBP2 CE. No lifetime sub for PS3 was a huge middle finger Sony thanx.

  • I think they should not charge 59.99 for the game, when you still have to pay 14.99 a month to play. maybe 19.99, then the fee.

  • Awesome! Great theme too! :)

    @3 RANDOM……….

  • Thank you sony for the free killzone 3 theme:)

  • So can’t wait for LBP2 next week! Gonna pre-order the connector’s edition today! Looking forward to Qore today! :)

  • Cool Killzone 3 theme

  • so should we get used to Qore releasing the second or third week in the month regularly?

  • lame, i already have a killzone 3 theme >.<
    year 1<2<3
    download wise

  • what happened to qore’s incentive to certain beta’s and having a free piece of dlc for anual subs .. half the time its a theme or a demo thats already out

  • dc universe didnt seem like it belonged as a online game.. theres no real incentive to pay 15 bucks a month for a game just to play it online when you can do 90% of the stuff in the game by yourself

    and the only real incentive to replay value is to play as a hero or vilain

  • is anybody else not able to download the theme?

  • yeah… me too where is my theme? IND

  • In your best of 2010 segment, you guys got your “Uzi” and “M-16” titles mixed up. Way to pay attention to detail.

  • Yeah, the download center is not working right now.

  • Well at least we don’t have to wonder when he episode is finally out, DL’ing it now. Thank you SONY for the theme. I will not be re-subscribing when my Qore is up here is a couple months.

  • Frednatiion, qore comes out every month. Derp. For free for ps plus.


  • where’s the theme!? did it have limited downloads or what?

  • yea, theres still problems with the download center and I can’t download the theme.

  • i can’t download the kz 3 theme either. come on queer…i mean..qore, is it too much to ask for the theme download to work correctly? it hasn’t worked since 11pm on the 11th. it’s now 5pm on the 12th and still doesn’t work. but, i’m sure that if there was a problem of payment on somebody’s subscription that would’ve been fixed a.s.a.p.

  • I’m still not able to access the theme since the download center has nothing available.

  • Okay, seriously, where is my Killzone 3 theme?!? I click on the downloads section of Qore and it says, “There are currently no items available. Please check again later”. What the heck is that? I am disappointed, upset, and taking this a bit personally, since it would appear other people HAVE received their KZ3 theme. Please respond or fix this issue.

  • Where is the THEME!!! seriously,,,, what garbage

  • YuuuP! 1/14/11 3pm central time & the stupid download center still has NO KZ3 theme. It’s not the 1st time this happens & I’m sure it wont be the last. Come on PSN get Ur act together before “YOUR” customers go to Microsoft.

  • KZ3 theme is still not accessible!?!? Why is that?

  • ….Finally, in anticipation of next month’s release of Killzone 3, Episode 32’s Download Center features a Qore-exclusive Killzone 3 theme for your PS3 system…..

    Just checked .. I’m in a PS Plus [Hence Free] Qore … perhaps that’s why I can’t retrieve the Killzone 3 Theme? I just checked today , again.

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