ModNation Monday: Special Guests, Celebrating the Far East

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ModNation Mondays

What up, folks. Coker here once again on MNR Monday. We’ve got some special guests coming to ModNation Racers this week. Also, the Far East Track Theme has been out for a few weeks now, and we want to celebrate some of the creations that have been published using it. As always, you guys are blowing us away for your creativity, and we want to show off some of the best this week.

Guess Who’s Coming to the Nation

Jak & Daxter DLC

Yep, you guessed it! Our good buddies Jak and Daxter are ready to rip the tracks to shreds in their fresh new Kart. These two are no strangers to racing (Remember Jak X anyone?) and now you can get their two Mods and their Kart for $2.49 starting this week. Download them from the PlayStation Store today, crush your opponents, and then tease them by repeatedly shouting, “You got spanked by an ottsel! You got spanked by an ottsel!”

A Glimpse Into The Future

Next week, pigskin fans must unite! Pack up the tailgater gear, paint your faces, and get ready to represent your favorite team in the Nation. The Super Fan cometh….

Super Fan

Also, for those of you who are looking to unlock all those stickers, accessories, Kart Bodies, and Tracks in the game, we may have something that will help.

OK, I have to stop now. I’ve said too much!

The Best In The East

We see what you all have been building with the Far East Track Theme, and it’s as good as we’d expected (and better in a lot of cases). Here are a few tracks that I particularly enjoyed:

  • China Town Drift by C_Smith
  • Katana Tower Stronghold by Hammerjacked
  • MLK Racing Japan Tour by m_l_k_
  • Amazing Japan by treliaritsos
  • Cherry Brossam Lake by MVP-iitei

Thanks for continuing to show us how creative you can be. Personally, I think the parts from the Far East Track Theme are absolutely beautiful, and I expect to see a lot more works of art out there. Good work, folks.

ModNation Creations of the Week

Amazing creations in ModNation get shared every day and we are playing a ton of them. If you are interested in submitting your mod, kart or track to be a future “creation” of the week be sure to visit up on the official ModNation Community site and who knows? You might see your handiwork on the PlayStation.Blog.

With the release of all the new parts packs, we want to see your tracks with those new props in them.

Mod and Kart of the Week

Mod Name: Sun Dragon
Kart Name: Dragon Fire
Creator: Shelbot3000


Coker says: Aggressive and scary Mod. Aggressive and scary Kart. These two are a match made in….some place. The Sun Dragon Mod is almost “neato,” but there’s a little too much “menacing” in there for me not to consider it a threat. Plus, the guy is HUGE. I love the details on the Dragon Fire Kart, from the paint job to the appropriate accessories that fit the vibe of the Sun Dragon. Take to the track with this combo, and I don’t think anybody’s gonna be messing with you.

Track of the Week

If you have a video(s) of your track submit them to MNR’s YouTube channel by emailing and we will include them in the blog if your track is showcased.

Track Name: Bamboo Forest
Created by: apricot-jam-IS


apricot-jam-IS Says: “Journey through a lush bamboo forest and overgrown vegetation. In each section there are multiple paths to take and each are tested to not give too distinct an advantage. Often those that cut time take skill to navigate.”

Coker says: Wow. THIS is what I’m talking about when I say that the Far East Track Theme parts are beautiful. This Track is a work of art in a couple of ways. It’s extremely well designed, and the multiple paths make it a joy (and a challenge) to race again and again. On top of that, the Track is absolutely gorgeous. I’m a big fan of design that forces you to make split second decisions, and this has several such elements. There’s one shortcut that leads to what I’m calling a “skill shot” that will drive you nuts if you miss it, but it’s incredibly rewarding if you make it. I also love the spot in the track where you can choose between hitting the boost pad on the left or going for the item pods on the right. Stuff like that makes races a lot more interesting since you can make decisions based on where you are in the pack. I applaud you, apricot-jam-IS.

Hot Lap Roster for this week

Continuing with the trend we started weeks ago this weeks Hot Lap roster features all new community created tracks.

Monday: China Town Drift by C_Smith
Tuesday: Katana Tower Stronghold by Hammerjacked
Wednesday: MLK Racing Japan Tour by m_l_k_
Thursday: Amazing Japan by treliaritsos
Friday: Cherry Brossam Lake by MVP-iitei
Saturday: Bamboo Forest by apricot-jam-IS
Sunday: Mystery Track

As you probably noticed, we weren’t able to get Party Hardy onto the PlayStation Store last week (WAAAYY too much partying for that guy), but he’ll be coming soon this month. Till next time, I’ll see you in the ModSpot. Peace.

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12 Author Replies

  • That Sun Dragon Mod looks amazing.

  • I still need to get that Level 30 trophy. Download from Spinout209 please

  • Man,now i want Jak 4

  • Please bring button remapping to this title.

  • Are there any more double xp weeks coming up im close to hitting level 30. just need the boost to finally make it.

  • When are more themes coming? Far east is great. any theme/kart/mod bundles coming are way?

  • Ramrod701, there are definitely more Themes coming. We’ll provide more details as they get closer to completion.

  • Suggestion can you guys make an update, where you given the option to choose the A.I you race against offline and possibly. It be gratifying to the mods we race in an actual race, because the only chance we can see our mods is if we choose them or somebody else does please consider it Thank you!!!!!

  • *possibly online too

    • D33C0MBOBULATOR, that’s a great idea, and it’s something I’d enjoy a lot, too. It may not be something that we can work into MNR in its current incarnation, but definitely a cool feature that we have on the radar.

  • Hey UFG, could you maybe do what ND does with Uncharted 2 and give us maybe a triple or 4X XP? That would be Awesome!

  • That was quick! O_o Also you can pick more than one creations each, ya know (up to 4).

  • Is the Jak and Daxter Mods and Karts only for the PS3 Version and the PSP Version too or only for the PS3 Version?

  • I thought my Napster mod would be a hit, or even Lego man I thought was cool.
    Sadly I may never see the create XP trophy.

  • Any update on getting the UFG created Far East Tour tracks added to the XP roster?

  • I love this game, just sad there are too many good games to play at the same time!!

  • @8 & @9
    This feature of choosing your own AI (including your own creations) has been suggested several times since ModNation arrived! Keep suggesting and maybe we’ll finally get it.

    Also Jason,
    When will we see Party Hardy show up in the PS Store, since he missed out on last week’s updates?

  • Any way we can get an unlock we can pay for to unlock all the items in the main game? This game is way too hard and frustrating for me and my son. But he loves creating tracks and mods but we aren’t that great at racing. Or at least a easier difficulty. Casual is still really hard.

  • OOOHHHHH OKAY!!! Thanks for answering that cleared up alot! so much for wishful thinking!!! This game is still amazing with or without the feature!!

  • I really like that UFG tracks have been on hot lap on weekends again, but I wish it wasn’t the same 5 or so tracks always being selected!

    And not sure if some people know it, but you get create xp for racing your own creations. 50 per race if using your mod & kart. It’s not a lot, but it adds up :) and others will notice them and download them as well.

  • I have an idea for a “Law Enforcement Theme”. You could add a police bumper, police sirens and police lights to Odds & Ends. Also the bumper should be used for cabs and livery karts. You could add a cop car, fire truck, and getaway car kart bodies, as well as police, fireman and robber mod parts.

    Also, we could have a new battle mode, something like Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, like everyone versus one person, Cops & Robbers!. Not to mention night racing as well, with a new city theme to go along with it. Something a little more like NYC. (wink)


  • Sign that Jak and Daxter are coming to PS3?
    I certainly hope so

  • @17

    “Unlock-everything” DLC coming soon. Read the blog post! ;)

  • Please download my stuff i need the star creator trophy for platinum and great game is there gonna be a snow theme that would be a great one to have and something like a volcanic mountain with lava instead of water and rain or snow or an under water theme where the track is a pipe and it can go under or out of water im willing to pay up to $ 15 for a top class theme pack with themes like that

  • Why can’t I level up my racer from online split screen races?

    This is the only game I can get my gf to play with me (and have fun/do well)… but it’s kinda lame that my character can’t level up.

    Please respond!

  • Also… I’m loving the DLC support this game has gotten.

  • I hope so too…
    How much will Jak and Daxter cost?

  • I hope so too…
    How much will Jak and Daxter cost? Can we get a pricing?

  • Oh, the ” I hope so” was at 21.

  • Really stoked!
    Any word on if/and when more ps one classics will be put up.
    An all time favorite for many people is legend of dragoon. Yea some don’t like it, but some of them don’t like rpg’s period.
    Another thing is, could you guys possibly put up games like tony hawks project 8 and crisis core?

  • I’m glad that you can make so many people, karts, and tracks on ModNation Racers. Here is an idea i had for a theme add on: Tron Nation. it could have all the different colors of tron suits(as mods), there could be tron vehicles (as karts), and there could be a tron colored track were the karts can go under or over another lane.

  • Jack, Daxter, Ratchet, Clank, and Sweet tooth were all also featured in hot shots golf. A little trivia.

    Mr. Coker, is the only way into hot lap, track, mod, or kart of the week through using new items? I know you want to really push the new stuff, but I don’t want to feel like I have to buy my 15 seconds of fame either.

    • Perish_Song, absolutely not. All kinds of different creations are celebrated – DLC or not. It’s just that we have lots of them, so not everything makes it.

  • I love Modnation Racers, i just want some free DLC in the future.

  • When we are in the track studio, while in test drive, preview, or test race mode, do you guys at UFG think you can make the CPU’s that are racing around the track are mod and karts? This is some what following D33C0MBOBULATOR’s question.

  • More themes! Excellent.
    Will there be more prop add-ons coming too?

    • More Themes and more Packs are coming, Prepare_4_Pwnage. I even going to create a new word to describe it – “Awesomer”.

  • jak and daxter awesome:)

  • Hi Jason
    Hey did you asked about what I posted about more slots for publishing?, if you did, what did they tell ya?


    • Elnath10, that’s a matter of memory management, and it’s not an easy thing to do. It’s on our wish list, though.

  • How about those Far East tracks in the XP Series?

  • And adding on to 37, more playlists for XP Series in general to increase the variety there? And to bring back Boardwalk, Flaming Jumps, and Drift Paradise to XP as well? Thank you :)

  • I got this game for Christmas from my girlfriend. But the load times are quite bad.. I know you guys already improved it a bit, but is there any plans to further improving? It takes me like 1 minute to load a level.. It’s pretty harsh.

    Perhaps a harddrive install?? I forget if there was one already. But seriously, I would do anything to make the load times better. As it is now, I just can’t really stand playing it. And I feel really bad that my gf bought this for me now :( :(

  • This is getting rediculous. We used to get stuff like that for free a couple of years back. But now everyone has forgoten that. So everyone pays for air, nothing, you just give away your money and for what? To have a game in the end that instead of costing you 50$ it ends up costing 100$ with all these stupid DLCs?

    FFS wake up and regain your right to play and own games that are complete and don’t take that crap anymore.

  • @Jason Coker

    Great news about the Far East tracks added to the XP roster!

  • You know Coker, I appreciate the fact that you’re hosting some new Far East themed tracks on Hotlap this week, but you guys really, REALLY should consider giving these tracks a run through at least ONCE before you go ahead and allow them to go live on Hot Lap.

    Yesterday’s track, China Town Drift, was absolutely atrocious. The banking and constant elevation changes made it borderline undrivable, and some of the ramps couldn’t even be taken correctly because the front nose of your kart just smashed straight into them because of how horrible the track creator designed the track itself. Literally no thought or attempt to make it halfway drivable was made, and you can tell the track creator themself didn’t even test it to make sure it was good for hot lap.

    Yeah, it’s cool and all that he can combine the new Far East DLC with the Theme Park DLC, but it’s not cool for us racers who actually want to compete on some enjoyable tracks. Hot Lap these days is really starting to get crappy, because the quality of tracks is going straight down the tube. Yeah, great, they look cool in screenshots. Pretty Screenshots != drivable race track.

    • Lloyd2k4 (and athiestsw from a few posts down) – Sorry you’re not pleased with some of the Tracks that are selected of late, but I think we have some different criteria on what makes Tracks fun. In the case of China Town Drift, I found it challenging, but it didn’t seem like no thought or testing went to it. For example, on the first big jump over the water, I didn’t know that a regular jump would be too short, so I made a mental note to double jump off it on lap 2. When I forgot to jump it on lap two and ended up in the water again, I slapped myself, focused on remembering the track better, and I made the jump on my 3rd lap.
      Personally, my favorite Tracks are those that give me a challenge. I love having to remember some interesting feature or tricky section, and while certain things may irritate me once or twice, I feel like I’ve accomplished something once I “beat” them.
      If I’m picking tracks that you’re not digging, I can change my criteria when I look through submissions. You’re also welcome to hit up the community site and comment on what you think is the goods. In fact, I’d LOVE it. The link is always in the blog posts, and the more feedback we get, the better.

  • @42

    I agree 100%.

    Whoever picks them should race them first (at least one lap!)

  • i think on the ps3’s next update we should be able to change our online id name.

  • Can you give us at least the MONTH that the snow them will be available??!?!?!?

  • I believe that the 1st place winner of an XP race in any single XP game room should have instant hosting power (to pick what track all race) until another player wins 1st, then it’s their turn to host what track, etc., etc.

  • Is there any chance of a mars (space/alien), or autumn theme in the future?

  • I agree with 47. A future or dinosaur theme would be amazing. How about a boat body kart? Perhaps an egyptian props pack. A haunted/scary props pack. I absolutely love the new theme. Beat it in 3 hours & now starving for another.

  • this game is so great its always a pleasure to read modnation monday

  • Hi Jason, I have to agree with Lloyd and Moriaty about the state of hotlap, hotlap should showcase the best and most creative racetracks available in modnation (as should toptracks, but I doubt that debacle will EVER get rectified) and yet lately the majority of tracks chosen seem to be of a very poor standard.

    Yesterdays choice had three types of DLC used, wow, doesn’t mean the track is any good! And todays track is really taking the mickey BIG TIME, a standard top down picture and an auto-populated borefest, this is precisely the type of track that you guys should be encouraging AGAINST people creating.

    Also, on behalf of everyone who enjoys playing casual races PLEASE patch in the ability to sort the tracks in your download list somehow. It’s so difficult to find the track you actually want to race with no organisation available, even favouriting tracks doesn’t group them all together, a HUGE oversight on UFG’s part I must say. There are MANY ways it can be done, alphabetically, by creator, by theme, by download/play numbers, the list is huge but please, I implore you, do SOMETHING to help us out and stop the huge delays between tracks as we try and find a needle in a haystack!

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