2011 CES Report: PixelJunk Shooter 2

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We offered extended hands-on time with the nearly-final PixelJunk Shooter 2 this past weekend at CES, and this led to many questions: What’s up with the online multiplayer? What kind of bosses will we face? And why is it PixelJunk Shooter 2 instead of Encore (like with PixelJunk Monsters and Eden)?

Fortunately, we didn’t have to sit and ponder these things alone, as producer Matt Morton was conveniently standing right there next to the game…

As soon as PixelJunk Shooter 2 has a solid release date, or something new to show, you’ll see it right here.

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  • Can’t wait for that game!!!!1111oneone

  • 1st to comment and a day one buy for me

  • Looking forward to this and the rest of the great games coming out on the PS3 this year. Both PSN titles and Bluray games.

    Keep up the good work. Looks awesome.

  • @whitwhit. Fail.

  • yea he was a split second earlier than me oh well theres always next time

  • Loved the First, excited for the 2nd!!

  • I hoped for 2v2 battle… but this will wrk too…

  • u know its one of my most anticipated titles this year. i just love the first one.
    graphics look sweet. btw. is it coop or competetive, or both? i didnt rly get that.

  • I can’t wait to play this game on LBP 2 if you know what I mean. ;)

  • Cant wait for this!

  • Can we expect PS Home rewards and unlockables? Thx

  • Looking awesome! I hope they do the soundtrack justice with an HD audio encode this time. PixelJunk games always have the best music, which I have always purchased separately once they were available on iTunes, but some of the worst-sounding in-game encodes.

    Any news on Dungeons or the 3D sequel to Monsters?

    • Justice will definitely be done this time around! We’ve increased the quality settings for the music, and I must say the music itself would have to be my favorite PixelJunk soundtrack so far. You definitely have something special to look forward to.

  • Hey Jeff any chance you can get Bioware to come talk about Dra0gon Age 2.

  • any know when this game is coming out , PL don’t tell me 2011! give me a date

  • I agree with the others (except for the pointless fail comment….) I can’t wait for PJS2! First day buy for me along with a lot of PS titles being released this year. They are definitely doing it big for 2011!

  • Pixel Junk games are always a day one purchase, never been let down. I know he said “the 5th boss” but I’m wondering how many boss battles there will be, they were some of my favorite parts of the original PJS, any info on that?.

  • This would be awesome in 3D.

  • Totally psyched for this, PixelJunk Shooter was my first PSN game that I got 100% trophies for

  • With all the great games coming out this year. This is in the top ten most anticipated video games for me this year. I NEED THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hour 1 purchase!!!!!!!!!

  • That’s so awesome, I had no idea about the multiplayer :)

  • LOVE IT!

  • I am really excited for this game. The controls are brilliant. The levels in the original were superbly designed.. fun from start to finish with just the right balance between tough puzzles and good, steady flow. Hidden treasures gave the game tons of replayability as well!

    The co-op lives system was unique and totally perfect for the style of game. It makes playing with a less-hardcore friend much more fun! That’s been a staple with Pixeljunk games – co-op you can play with a non-gamer or a less-advanced gamer anyways.

    With all of these new features in the sequel, I feel like the game is going in a really fun new direction while maintaining the best parts of the original.. exactly what fans of the series must have been hoping for (with the exception of online co-op, that is).

    I’ve been dying to play Shooter 2 from the very moment I beat the original (the night it came out). I really just hope it’s longer than the last one. :)

  • Cant wait for this sequel! I hope we get some news about Dungeon soon too :)

  • Well the game obviously isn’t coming out today, let’s hope for next week. minute 1 purchase for me.

  • I was wondering other than the online battle mode is there online coop this time.


  • I love all these PixelJunk games, including Shooter, but I can’t understand why they don’t build online play into their games. No matter how nostalgic you want to be about the good old days, playing Atari 2600 side by side, the modern world necessitates online play, and not just PVP.

    All of the PixelJunk series is a blast to play in co-op mode, but my gamer friends are not usually available to come over to my house. Judging by the age of Jeff and Matt, I would suspect that a lot of today’s gamers have jobs and other demands that prevent them from visiting friends’ houses often. Online co-operative and competitive play is key to maintaining a social game life for me, and for many. So, I wish the PixelJunk series would be patched to allow for online gaming.

  • I’m glad that Shooter 2 will have online competitive play, but there’s still a long way to go. Although, if Shooter 2 will get us as far as competing online, maybe the foundation will be set to add the functionality into all of their games. After all, it would increase sales of their back catalog.

    Initially, when I played the PixelJunk games, my reaction was to immediately tell my friends about it. However, when I discovered that the games didn’t allow for online play, I had to reel in a lot of the enthusiasm and didn’t give them the hard-sell. It sort of changed my reaction from “THIS GAME IS AWESOME, WE HAVE TO PLAY IT TOGETHER” to “it’s a well-designed game, you could probably play it with your girlfriend”. How great it would have been to be able to both enjoy it with your girlfriend AND your best friend who lives in another city.

  • I was already Sold on Shooter:2 when “to be continued….” came up right after the final boss in Shooter. Cant wait to get my hands on another one of PixelJunks masterpieces!!!

  • A lava dwelling turtle eh? Can anyone say BOWSER!

  • Looks cool! I definitely enjoyed the 1st one, and this looks awesome!

  • I have a request: all future Pixeljunk games need to have online coop, should there be coop. This is 2011 y’all. Come on.

  • Awesome!!! I’ve been waiting around for this game for a while now, can’t wait, 2011 is turning out to be the PS3’s year hands down.

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