The Drop: Week of Jan 10th 2011 New Releases

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Before any raging storm, there’s the eerie uncomfortable silence before it arrives. Don’t let the small list of titles arriving this week sway you to think we’re letting our foot off the pedal, there’s plenty of bang for your buck this week and besides, this is only the calm before the storm.


In other news, historically I’m not the biggest MMO player, but I have to admit, I  invested an unhealthy amount of time in the DC Universe Online beta when it went live weeks ago, making the inevitable drop of the Blu-ray that much harder to wait for. For all you “saviors”, you can call me Black Orchid and you’ll be answering to The Calculator soon enough. (insert villainous theme music)

PS3: DC Universe Online

PlayStation 3

DC Universe Online — The first project out of Sony Online’s Austin studio, this action-based MMO explores the various worlds of DC Comics’ superheroes and villains. Key collaborators include comic veterans Jim Lee (who serves as the game’s Executive Creative Director), Ale Garza, Carlos D’Anda, and Scott Iwahashi, in addition to EverQuest developers, Chris Cao and Shawn Lord.

A massively-multiplayer experience, DC Universe Online brings high-energy action to the forefront with a combat system designed to deliver a fast-paced action experience with the extraordinary powers of your personally created heroes and villains at your disposal. Battle with or against their favorite DC Super Heroes and Villains including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Joker. For the very first time, players and fans will be able to enter this fabled world as an active force for good or evil.

(PS Blog Coverage: All DC Universe Stories)

Venetica — In the era of Venetica, Death walks among the living as a flesh & blood being, carrying out the deeds of an ancient council known by a few as Corpus. Each generation of the Corpus is set with the task of selecting the next predecessor of the bringer of death. Unfortunately, the most recent council had unwittingly selected a crafty necromancer who is determined on bringing death and destruction to the world.

This conniving impostor has managed to transform into an undead fiend, which no mortal man can kill. This power-crazed necromancer is hell-bent on destroying the reinstated Death and the council of Corpus. Only one person stands in his way, Scarlett, the daughter of Death. Up to now she has known nothing of her origins, her powers and the capabilities that she possesses – now she is challenged to learn how to develop and use her powers to save her father and curse the necromancer and his henchmen to the eternal hereafter.

PSP: Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties

PlayStation Portable

Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! — A sequel to Nippon Ichi Software’s popular action game starring the unlikely hero Prinny. Like the original game, Prinny 2 is a side scrolling hack and slash action game. Players control the demon penguin which are known to be the “weakest monster in the netherworld.” Your prinny can run, jump, slash, execute special skills and ride tanks and jets to battle enemies. As an extra bonus a whole new main character and story is prepared after you defeat the main game.

(PS Blog Coverage: Prinny 2: First Trailer, Panties Design Contest)

PSN: Faery: Legends Of Avalon

PlayStation Network

Faery: Legends Of Avalon (Demo Available) — In Faery: Legends of Avalon, the player plays as an elf or a fairy that will evolve during the story, through numerous quests and epic turn-based battles. Throughout the adventure, the player will customize his avatar thanks to a unique system changing not only the whole look of the character in every detail, but also its spells and special abilities! Recruit various companions during his journey to assist him in his mission, and he will be given the chance to explore mythical places full of magic such as the World Tree, the famous ‘Flying Dutchman’ ghost ship, and many others, in order to try to understand why the Kingdom of Avalon is dying.

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • operation panties ??? REALLY ??? LOL out of the entire article that’s the one thing that sticks out ..LOL .

  • Meh. I’ll wait until next week to be excited. LBP 2 <3

  • [DELETED] no xenogears?

  • When can we expect more Square PS1 classics on the PSN?

  • DC Universe Online is awesome really that event on Thursday was like one of the greatest gaming experiences u can find 4 me it is the 2nd best gaming experience but need discount from PSplus

  • Nothin’ for me this week. Next week’s LBP2 though! I was at a Gamestop today, and they had a sweet, huge picture of Sackboy on a ladder with a Move, saying LBP2’s Move-compatible. I felt glad I was getting it. Hey Rey (or anyone really)? Is Resident Evil 5 good? I got it at the Gamestop today, and I haven’t played it.

    LBP 2 for da win. ;)

  • i mean Wednesday sorry :D

  • All the good games come out the next 2 weeks! LBP 2 & Dead Space 2! This year’s just getting better!

  • parasite eve 1 & 2 ps1 classics anytime soon? you just got to jeff you just got to!!!!…..3rd bday comes out in march :(

  • Hey there it is time to drop some of these games as part of PSN Plus. Suggestion for PSN Plus games for the coming months…

    Joe Danger
    Bionic Commando Rearmed
    Crazy Taxi
    Dead Nation
    Digger HD
    Fat Princess
    Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
    PixelJunk Shooter
    Smash Cars
    Superstars V8 Racing
    Wheel of Fortune

    Plus users will be happy with these games or give a choice between two or three game to choose from.

    Where are the free avatars and DLCs?? Missing in action.

  • Will Prinny 2 be released on PSN and if so, how much?

  • I wish I didn’t have such a huge backlog so I could get DCUO…

  • @8 Bionic Commando, Dead Nation, and Smash Cars have already been sold at a discount to PS+ members, and maybe a few others from your list.

  • @11 not BCR ps rey the villainous music im putting in is MODOK theme in MVC3 lol

  • When the F is Pac Man coming on the PSP, or is it even coming at all? Also why is Angry Birds on the PSP 3000 laggy in some of the levels? I need answers, and I need them now!!

  • Venetica looks pretty interesting actually, despite the reviews.

  • FYI Rey, your link for the Prinny stuff goes to DCUO.

  • so,metacritic just killed venetica becuz of the bugs and framerate drops. i was sort of interested at the title because the premise sounded good but bugz just turn me off of even thinking buying the game.btw,reynaldo is legends for avalon for the ps3 or the psp or both?

  • Yeah! DCUO!

  • Can you guys put that prinny commercial in the ps store when he said dood like a million times…that was really funny.

  • DCUO:

    The fact that PS3 players cant pay $200 for LIFETIME access, unlike the PC players, will mean i wont be playing this game.

    When you make it possible for PS3 players to get LIFETIME access i then will play this game.

    Why should us PS3 players pay $15/monthly, which is $180/yearly, and continue to pay this amount year after year, when all PC players have to do is pay a one time fee of $200 and can play forever!

  • Any news on Under Siege?

  • yeah LittleBigPlanet 2 next week!!

  • Are you guys planning on sticking FFX-FFXII and Kingdom hearts 1&2 on the psn?

  • Wow, really? Only 4 items this week? 2011 is starting off soft.

  • Anything new 4 the Move this week??

  • I am glad that I preordered the collectors edition of LBP 2, but I was hoping to here about Vagrant Story, or Parasite Eve. Regardless, LBP 2 finally here ( well, next Tuesday isn’t that far away).

  • Waiting for Back to the Future:The Game from Telltale Games… its already out for pc, ps3 release is a vague “early 2011″… anyone got any better info on when that’s gonna drop???

  • Also i know The Drop only started sometime last year, but i feel a lot more could be done with this.

    For starters The Drop should be a place to talk about what games are being released with the upcoming PSN weekly update, planned DLC that is going to be released, planned demos that are going to be released, any betas being released, and so on.

    Please dont use the excuse you been using of “the weekly update is where dlc and demos will be posted”. The point of The Drop was to let people know a head of time what (for the most part) is going to be in this weeks update. To not include planned DLC or demos is just plain stupid, and makes The Drop kinda pointless.

    Also the Bi weekly PS+ updates should be added with The Drop. It would make The Drop more complete in its purpose. Yes i know PS+ has its own posts on the blog, but still that doesn’t mean you can’t add it to The Drop or just merge it with The Drop completely.

    It’s kinda sad that so much more could be done with The Drop, yet you just let it drop in content.

  • kew;

  • Looking forward to Faery: Legends Of Avalon!

  • When will the next crop of NeoGeo or Turbografx games be released on the PSN.

  • Maybe Faery!

  • Eh kinda weak. i mean ill be getting DC Universe but not from the psn.

    and Prinny 2 looks interesting the first was ok, so i assume this one should be better, but from the videos i watched it seems the same.

    Why have you guys stop putting past psp games on the psn? i know i always mention it, but whats the hold up? I’m still waiting for Crisis Core, and a few other titles not on the psn. It seems sad that hackers are allowed to do this, but us loyal buyers get kicked in the face when all the good games arent on the psn.

  • Pretty slow week I suppose. DCUO will be a great game to get but unfortunately I will not be able to pick it up any time soon.

    Next week will be even better though. We will see some games that really kicks off the year – Little Big Planet 2 and Mass Effect 2 especially. Cant wait for my collectors Edition :]

  • pay to play online ??? NOPE !!!!! Sorry it has nothing to do with the quality of the game , but rather the very small amount of quality players , and im not talking about skills , i have no problems with folks who might not be good at a game but atleast try to learn and play as designed , but given the amount of glitchers , hackers , and people playing deathmatch in objective oriented games … NOT WORTHY 180 dollars a year . one iof the reasons that makes it more tolerable on the PSN is because PSN is free , the day they start charging is the day i wont play on PSN anymore . I’am not going to pay one cent to have to tolerate the behavior of those babies with the mentality ” it’s my game , and i’ll play as i see fit , even if it ruins it for others ” … i just wont.

  • Please, I’m just dying to play FFX! I can live without 12, but I hope 10 is released on PSN soon! Any rumors?

  • wow that totally blows lol

  • I’ve played Faery before, and it’s a great game for RPG lovers. I’m very happy to see that it’s coming to PS3.

  • I’m looking forward to trying out the Faery demo. Turn-based combat!! :)

    IF the demo is good, I may buy it. How much is the game going to be?

    DCO looks good, but can’t afford $15 a month. Too bad. Never got to play the beta either. So I guess I’ll never play that one. :(

    You know, I wish we could fast forward to the 18th. I know, I know, not that much longer. Man, I’m looking forward to LBP2 a lot.

  • When is the January edition of Qore being released?

  • Cant wait for DCUO me and a friend plan on playing all tuesday

  • Operation Panties!!!!

  • no more neo-geo games? no more imports?

  • if there is more to the update this week, lets hope that more square classics or psone classics get added this week.

  • SONY whats happen with the servers? I can’t update any game these a days like Modnation Racers and Uncharted 2… 2 hours to install a 20 MB update of God of War III ¬_¬

  • @44, I’m usually one to complain about lengthy updates, but 2 hours for a 20 MB update sound like hyperbole or a problem on your end :|. That really sucks though, hope it works out for you.

  • does DC Universe Online require installation? hdd space is not a problem, just curious.

  • How much memory does DCUO take up?

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