Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s Level Design is Multi-Path, Multi-Solution

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Hey everyone! You’d be surprised at how many of us actually do read your comments on a variety of articles and forums concerning Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Whether it’s a thread about health regen (again…) or a comment about the faint floral pattern on Adam’s trench coat, chances are we’ve seen it! Your voices are being heard! We really do appreciate your comments, and hope they never stop.

That said, I’m nearing the end of my role on the project and putting on the final touches to the game. I wanted to reflect on the past development and give you a peek at some of the challenges the level design team had to face when developing Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3

The biggest rule for us level designers, by far, was to always keep in mind the idea of “Multi-Path, Multi-Solution” for practically every challenge we wanted to lay down for the player. Basically what that entails is for every obstacle we set, there is always a variety of ways to progress past it; with some methods being more obvious than others. This is very reminiscent of the design philosophy found in the original Deus Ex … a design which promotes emergent game play.

One of the reveals from gamescom was showing the Police Station level and how there were four different ways (Combat, Hacking, Stealth, and Social) to play through it. The truth of the matter is that there are far more than just four different ways to progress through that level. There are so many different ways to progress through that I couldn’t possibly list them all; and chances are there are even methods to progress through that we haven’t even thought of! While at first glance that seems like a nightmare for a level designer, what ends up happening is our level designs promote multiple playthroughs in order to try out many different styles of play. All we have to ensure is that we’ve provided the tools and the environment for the player to just explore, imagine, and act-out their creative solutions.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3

The downside to this open and emergent style game play is that there are a lot paths and features that we designed that most players will never see! We hope you all try playing through the game multiple times, using different styles of approach, and exploring every nook and cranny and possible option that we’ve made available to you. Until next time… Ciao!

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  • First! Looking fun and good so far!

  • Really looking forward to this! Hope it’s good!!

  • Screens from PS3 version?

  • Sounds great! Keep up the awesome work!
    I love Deus Ex 1 and 2, playing them again before the release of Human Revolution.
    So far Deus Ex looks like it’s going to ROCK!

  • One of the top 3 titles on my must-have list in 2011.

  • I’m torn between getting on PS3 or PC, but either way, I’m sure it will be brilliant.

  • this game looks very promising,i didnt played the first one.The first one its related to this one?can we get a little story about the first one in this game?i dont want to get lost in the story.realease date?

  • say wut!! looks amazing.

  • Please, please allow keyboard/mouse support. The PS2 version of the original supported it! Maybe that can make an appearance on PSN too in HD =)

  • You know, I’ll admit it… I never played the other games within this series, but… I’m starting to think now is the time. I’ve downloaded the game play and announce trailers from off of PSN and I have to say this game looks and feels incredible. Almost reminds me of MGS4 in a way… in respects to the presentation and voice acting. When is this releasing by the way? Between this and Killzone 3 (Feb. 22nd…my BIRTHDAY!!!), I’m gonna be in heaven.

  • @9: I also would like to see USB keyboard & mouse support for this game.

    I’m hoping that we’ll be able to save our progress at any point in this game because I hate games where you cannot do this.

    When is this game releasing in the USA?

  • This is in my top 3 anticipated games for 2011. I hope it is possible to go through the entire game using stealth, just as you could in the original. I prefer stealth gameplay, something that has been severely lacking this generation. From what I’ve seen so far, it looks like my wish will come true. I’m a big fan of the original Deus Ex, I really hope this game can come close to that feeling the first one had.

  • question>>> Is there gonaa be a beta u can buy for this game?

  • It seems like you guys decided to go with a full 1920 by 1080 resolution with this game. At least that’s what I can gather from looking at the screen shots. It looks good, but their looks to be a LOT of Aliasing.

  • @Steven Ciciola of Eidos
    I can’t wait to play this game. I already have the Augmented Edition reserved for PS3.

    I don’t suppose you can do me a favor and talk to Crystal Dynamics about that online patch for Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light? My sis moved out to California (I’m in florida) some time ago to work for Pendulum and so we were hoping to play this together online.

  • I playtested the game at eidos montreal a couple of time ago and what i saw was amazing, i cant wait any longer for that game.

  • One of my most wanted games of the year!

    I have one request though Steven: Please make Human Evolution available as a full digital purchase from the PlayStation Store.

    …some of us wish to embrace the future when it comes to buying videogame software ;)

  • Looks really good. Please release a demo before launch.

  • Can not wait! I’m thrilled with how good this game looks.

    But please, re-release the two originals in HD on PSN!

  • @13 Why would there be a beta for a single player game dude?

    @15 I thought they already added online co-op like a month ago.

  • This game does sound pretty intriguing. I might get it since nothing else next year looks very exciting… other than Portal 2. This game definitely looks like it’s worth putting time into.

    I’ll have to see how much I like the original; going to try it out tonight.

  • this game blew me away. can’t wait

  • please bring legend of dragoon to psn!
    not as a remake though. that”ll ruin it. redoing and touching up the graphics makes it a clone not the real thing. and clones always suck.
    plus i can only have a psp go, and i love ps one classic rpg’s…
    please once again I’m begging on my knees. Japan has it so why shouldn’t North America

    PLEASE BRING IT TO PSN. IT SOLD A LITTLE OVER 960,000 COPIES(this was from when it came out all they way up to 2007)
    Please, this RPG means a lot to me and many other people..

  • @23 I’m with you on this one… anyways, Deus Ex: Human Revolution looks extremely awesome, I really hope the story is enjoyable and since its only single player the replay value should be good. Any chance we might get a Demo before release???

  • Thanks for the update, Mr. Ciciola. I have been a massive fan of the original Deus Ex game and this one is sure to be great.

    Oh, and don’t pay attention to the “health regen” complaints. In another interview I read that players will still die in a few hits, so it isn’t that big of a deal to me. Keep up all the good work!

  • Man I really hope this game of yours is good. There was that trailer, the CG one that you released at E3 that I… I can’t stop watching. The only trailer I can think of that was as good as that was the MGS4 theatrical one.
    I guess the point of typing that was it seems like there is an interesting story within the game worth exploring and that I’m officially interested. CANNOT WAIT!!!

  • Deus Ex mmmmm HD collection those please.

    The name is instant buy for me until shown otherwise.

  • Oh great, multiple paths to explore which means stupid replay trophies and stupid item hunts. I just want to play through the story and enjoy it, go back through and enjoy it again. Not have to play it four different ways. This game looks awesome, but I’ll just wait for it to go on sale, beat it and sell it.

    Where is the split-screen coop these days? Call of Duty sales anyone

  • Wow how does this look so gooood? As a Deus Ex noob, this write-up has gotten me very excited.

  • I want this game

  • I’m down for a Deus Ex HD Remix

  • @20 they added it for Xbox360 version. The PC and PS3 versions don’t currently provide online play.

  • @20
    Scratch that I just checked, I’m guessing I missed the fact that it updated… weird…. I have PS+ and do remember booting this game when it first released to insure it would auto update.

    Well good news to me I suppose. Thanks.

  • Once this game is avalable to be preorded on Steam, im preordering it then and there. Same goes with portal 2.

    Even though I own Deus Ex and Deus Ex Invisable War on PC through Steam, I would like a HD colection of both Deus Ex’s on PS3.

  • sold on the CG trailers + story but skeptical about actual gameplay

  • I wonder if the original Deus Ex gets a HD makeover?
    I would certainly buy that one too.


  • omg when does this game come out >.< it looks so cool

  • I hope i will have the money to get this game while this year is so packed with amazing games

  • Just waiting on the day to pick this joint up … !

  • D Ex on both PS3 and OnLive FTW! I love open-ended level design. It kind of reminds me of Perfect Dark.

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