Lord of Arcana: Delivering Brutality on the Go

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Hello! My name is Takamasa Shiba, and I am the producer for Lord of Arcana. In case you are wondering who I am and what I’ve worked on in the past, Valkyrie Profile was the first project I worked on as an assistant, followed by online games such as Chase Chase and Depth Fantasia, along with Drakengard for PlayStation 2. More recently, I worked on Dragon Quest: Young Yangus and the Mysterious Dungeon and the Lord of Vermillion (LoV) series, while simultaneously working on Lord of Arcana (LoA).

Lord of Arcana for PSP

I know that you are interested in some inside information regarding LoA, so here it is! In the beginning, we were most interested in creating a LoV-inspired multiplayer action game. Since LoV had established such a substantial presence, we wanted to expand beyond an arcade game. Despite this, the game is set in a world isolated from the LoV arcade game. The world of LoA was created by and is called Horodyn for the purpose of determining successors to the power of Arcana. Here, nine Arcana stones, stolen from the LoV world, impound monsters called master guardians. You will need to defeat the master guardians to obtain the stones, meaning you will need to be strong enough to defeat all the master guardians to obtain Arcana.

When people ask me what my favorite part of this game is, I say that the “finishing” sequences such as Finishing Blows and Final Cinematic Scenes are the most interesting feature of LoA. In particular, we included the Final Cinematic Scenes to clearly cultivate a sense of fulfillment since it would be anticlimactic for a formidable monster to be defeated so rapidly. You can also direct Finishing Blows towards your friends to knock them off their feet, giving you a chance to annoy them. We really wanted to keep a sense of revelry to this game!

Lord of Arcana for PSP Lord of Arcana for PSP

Beyond the finishing moves, it really is about you and your Slayer in LoA. In Japan, it’s common for friends to gather and play multiplayer action games. The fact that you can create a Slayer unique to yourself and show off new weapons is an enjoyable aspect of customizing. LoA offers countless hours of playtime and you will grow attached to your customized Slayer the more you play the game.

LoA really differentiates itself from other games in its genre by implementing elements unique to Square Enix. It implements beautiful visuals of monsters designed by famous illustrators and incorporates a RPG element by intertwining difficult action elements with character growth as you proceed through the game.

Lord of Arcana for PSP Lord of Arcana for PSP

Though it follows other action games in keeping with the traditional elements such as producing weapons, cutting off an enemy’s tail and collecting materials, we made sure to include elements that can only be enjoyed in this game. There are so many features to this game and it doesn’t stop with single play as exemplified by the features specific to multiplayer. I hope that everyone will play the game countless times for enjoyment over a long period of time. Thank you!

Lord of Arcana is now available for preorder and will be available at retailers and via digital download on January 25, 2011 for the retail price of $39.99 and is rated “M” for Mature. Thank you!

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  • Sounds great. I would buy this if it were for the PS3.

  • Will this have just ad-hoc or will it also have infrastructure?

  • if it has infrastructure online gameplay then i will buy it

  • The demo was so fun. I may get the game. Thanks a lot Square Enix.

    • Thanks for checking out the demo! Make sure to get the full version of the game to get that Slayer you’ve been working on MAXED OUT!!!

  • The demo was awesome. I didn’t expect that I would like it nearly as much as I did and suggest everyone tries it out.

  • I would have never even considered getting this game had I not played the demo & enjoyed it immensely. Thank you very much for giving us this great demo, Shibasan!

    I wish more game developers & publishers would offer these excellent demos too.

  • this game looks pretty fun.gonna try the demo to see if the game its up my alley.btw,square enix seems to be on a roll today with the consecutive posts.

    btw,takamasa-san since you are a dev that has worked with square-enix on a previous dragon quest game.could you please pass my request of a dragon quest game for the ps3.you see i’m a fan of the series and it has been aeons since we have seen a dragon quest title here in the west for any playstation platform!

    again, i would apreciate if you could pass the feed back to your colleagues or higher ups.domo arigato goizamasu!

  • oiy, tell the guerilla games people to increase the FOV in killzone 2 and 3. Its one of the reasons killzone 2 didnt do so well. they need to fix it in killzone 3.

  • I’m intrigued.


  • oh, the demo is up now? Gotta get it!

  • The demo was pretty good,I might get this game. Know if SE is planning any more titles for digital download?

  • I played the demo, really enjoyed it! Might actually have to get it!

  • i’m tired to see all thoses nice RPG only on the PSP.
    i want them on my PS3!

  • I’m still playing the demo, I plan to have all my weapon skills at at least level 8+ before I stop for the full game. ;P

    Already maxed my guild rank/level for the demo. Just working on the weapon levels.

  • Hello Takamasa. I am certainly curious about this title, I will try the demo, thanks.

    By the way, you could tell the guys at headquarters to put Lord of Vermillion (1 & 2) wallpapers at higher resolutions? 1440×900, 1920×1080, etc. Thanks

  • The demo was so awesome, can’t wait for the full game

  • I’ll consider this AFTER your company puts Crisis Core on PSN. BTW the way you weasled out of infrastructure support was a thing of beauty.

  • Love your work on Valkyrie Profile Shiba-san.

    BTW folks, this is a Swery65/Hidetaka Suehiro joint too. ;)

  • Love the demo so far, already have my copy pre-ordered! :)

  • Thanks for having this available on the PSN!

  • Played the demo was most impressed. Definitely gonna get a new psp to download this game.
    big up to Square and their links!

  • Just finished the demo half an hour ago. Didn’t really like it. Some novel ideas (lock on was implemented very well), but overall I felt it was rather lackluster.

  • Hmm i need to play the demo, but the price tag is a big iffy.

    also whem will crisis core be on the Psn? i have been waiting to play this on my psp, but i cant since i have a go.

  • I would buy this if it was online. So it`s a no go for me.

  • i cant buy

  • We need traditional turn-based RPGs on the PS3. Please look into that. SE is missing the mark when they make games for the PSP(nothing sells well for it in the U.S.) and Action RPGs for consoles(we still want traditional) for us in the U.S.

    Even if it is HD remasters of PS2 games, that will do.

    Sure, this is not everyone’s opinion. But it does seem to be the popular and more realistic one.

  • How much of the world from Lord of Arcana & the one from Lord of Vermilion the same? Also would there be any chance that the game Lord of Vermilion could be ported to the PSP or any other system? I have wanted to play that game. But because I don’t live in Japan I can’t try the game.

    Also I am not sure if you can or not. But let any one at Square-Enix know that it would be cool to see some sequels or remakes of their great games. I would like to see a new Brave Fencer Musashi, ActRaiser, Bushido Blade, Einhänder, Threads of Fate, Vagrant Story, Secret of Evermore, Bahamut Lagoon, Treasure Hunter G, Illusion of Gaia & Chrono Trigger.

  • Looks interesthing gotta check it out!!

  • Hi Takamasa

    I loved the demo! I’ll definitely but the full game!

    Also, any news on a digital release for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep?

  • i downloaded the demo today. it’s awsome.

  • I honestly… couldn’t stand the demo. I played both the English and Japanese demos, and I think not being able to understand what was going on in the Japanese demo actually made playing it more tolerable.

    I don’t know how Sega, Namco, and Capcom did it, but Phantasy Star Portable 2, God Eater Burst, and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite didn’t need a separate battle screen for combat to take place (or be fun).

    On top of that, there was VERY little character customization… that might just be because it’s the demo.

  • Yo,got the demo and I’m on lv 14. it soo addictive!!!!!!!

  • hot dang played the demo still got more to do and not only that played it off and now i just have to go pick it up tried to get my friends get it and they liked it also

    they are all monster hunter players but once they saw this they want to get it if they had the money

  • is it random when there is a harvest battle like if the monster will be a material or just flesh

  • I got the demo as well and it was very enjoyable. =)

  • The demo did it for me. Im grabin it, turnin on the PS3, jumpin on the adhoc Party add on with a few friends and MAXin out. Square Enix never really lets me down. My hearts racing for FFXIII Agito, Nice!…

  • Demo Kicks Ace I want to get it at midnight but I can only download it. Kingdom hearts BBS Will not be going to Psp network download sorry.

  • will the down load be available for download at midnight

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