Fight Night Champion: Full Spectrum Punch Control Saves Your Thumbs, Controllers

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Happy New Year PlayStation fans! As one of the Community Managers at EA SPORTS, I’m lucky enough to work with some of the most talented development teams in all of sports video games. Currently taking up a lot of my time these days is getting the word out about the next installment to our boxing franchise, Fight Night Champion.

In addition to a revamped and improved Legacy Mode, Champion Mode takes you through the life of Andre Bishop and his path to becoming a Champion. We’re stoked about this first opportunity for an EA Sports title to have a dramatic game mode with mature themes. I think our boxing fans will feel connected with our hero and really want to get to that next chapter to see how the story all plays out.

The big question from PlayStation Fight Night fans will most definitely be about gameplay. The biggest improvement that the team made was implanting a new control scheme dubbed Full Spectrum Punch Control. I asked Producer Brian Hayes what the inspiration behind the new controls came from.

Fight Night Champion: Gus Andre

“We went back to the drawing board, literally, with Full Spectrum Punch control,” Hayes replied. “Based on a lot of user feedback and telemetry, we were finding that the previous implementations of TPC had fundamental ergonomic challenges. Basically, it was a lot easier to extend the thumb outwards and throw left handed punches, than it was to cram the thumb inwards and throw right handed punches. It’s just not a good thing to have that kind of obstacle in a boxing game.” Unless you have ultra gamer thumbs like I do ;) Kidding…

“So the first thing we decided to do was remove the need for all the quarter-circle or half circle gestures on the analog stick,” continues Hayes, “Now it’s a lot easier to throw punches. It’s also gentler on your thumbs and nicer on your controller. A lot of people tell us all the time about how many controllers they have worn out, hopefully that will be a thing of the past too.”

Anyways, I promised the PSN blog folks that I’d keep this concise as I tend to ramble on. Read my Fight Night blogs on the Producer’s Corner and make sure you’re following the Fight Night Facebook page for all the latest news, discussion, and videos including the 5-part Champion Mode reveal series. Look out for the demo to drop on the PlayStation Network in February and look up my PSN ID EA_sk88z if you need a lesson or two in the school of hard knocks once Fight Night Champion drops March 1st!

Let me know in the comments below who you’ll be challenging me with and whether you’ll be jumping in fist first into Champion Mode or creating your own path to glory in Legacy Mode!

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  • So basically, they dumbed down the controls for everyone.
    Good to know.

    • I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s dumbed down at all. The new scheme works very well and allows for the ability to throw quick combos just as real boxers are able to. I’ve played all the Fight Night games and this system, by far, feels the most realistic to date.

  • is there ps move or 3d support ?

    • No PS Move or 3D support. The game has been in development for a couple of years now before some of the Move and 3D technology was still being finalized. It was important for the team to ensure they could implement the features that our community wanted most with working tech. These are areas the team is investigating for future iterations, however, for FNC they will not be available.

  • it would be way better and easier if it had PSMove functionality

    • Possibly. If the team had implemented this, it would have to have been done right and not rushed into development, hence it was held back. Possibly something for future iterations? We’ll have to wait and see.

  • Humm i read it fast but i thought they should add Move support so i wouldnt have to use my thumbs. If anything let me use the buttons for punching like they used to (old school gamer). Using the analogs never felt right for me.

    • I can appreciate that. Hopefully with the new control scheme, you’ll give it a try and find the analogs feel better for you.

  • I’m really impressed with how you guys are implementing a story and to top it off it actually looks great! I played Fight Night games but never liked them enough to purchase them but this looks special. I’ll keep an eye out for this, if the story is right you’ve got yourselves a new customer.

    • Thanks Marsz85, glad that you’re impressed. From what we’re hearing from those that have played the game, they quite like the new direction with the story. It is quite engaging and have found myself glued to it when I’ve found some time to play myself. Thanks for keeping an eye out!

  • this has to have ps move implemented into it!!

  • Move-support or no buy! Take the “Fight: Lights Out” controls, refine them, add this new storyline stuff, and you’ll have a Day 1 purchase!

  • I was hoping for a Move announcement….
    In spite of IGN’s terribly written review, I really enjoy the Fight:Lights Out and would like to see more games use that style…although I will admit it could use work, it is still a fun game.

    I suppose most VG reviewers run out of stamina too fast to play those games though unless someone lines their pockets to do so….

    • Good point about the stamina. We will have a video coming out shortly about stamina management which is pretty important in this year’s game especially given that stamina is now tied in to arms, legs, and body separately.

  • If this had Move support I would buy it. Without it, I wont be spending my money on this game. If EA was smart they would add Move support to ALL NEW sports games they release (and add it to all fps games too while they are at it).

    • If done right, Move would be a great addition. However the tough decision to not implement it meant focus could be put on making the gameplay with the new controls perfect which a lot of people have said the FSPC does feel right. Hopefully you will at least try the demo once it comes out soon and then give it a fair try then!

  • Looks good, my thumbs are gonna thanks you.
    Im also wondering about Move support.
    It sure will be nice to finally have a good motion control fighting game.

    • As mentioned in a reply above, Move support would be great, but it would have to have been done right. The team held back as they were well into development when the new control system was still being finalized and therefore they decided to stick to perfecting controls using the anaologs. Hopefully you’ll give it a go with the demo and in the future, the team will look at the possibility of Move for a future iteration.

  • any chances Tomasz Adamek will be in the game?

    • Unfortunately Tomasz is not currently in the shipped game. I’m sure someone will be creative and make a great version of him that you’ll be able to pick up using Boxer Share.

  • Please add move support to this game!!
    I don’t like classics fighting games that uses buttons or sticks,
    but I really enjoy fighting games that involves yourself in the fight! In fact I love “the fight: lights out” and I enjoied previous motion fighting games on other platforms also. can we make a petition?

    • It is quite the endeavor to add this feature and will be something the team will investigate for a future iteration.

  • I read an article where you guys said the average gamer is not in good enough shape for you to add move support for this game and said they would not be able to fight a match for 10 rounds with move………that is some bs!!!
    Its like you don’t want to even give the chance for people to better themselves.
    I play the fight for 3 hours straight then jump directly on kung fu live right after and even hit some sit ups after that.
    With no move support I will not buy this.

  • It’s sad that this game won’t support Move controls, as Sony needs more third parties to instill confidence that there’s a future for the device on the PS3.

    • I agree that it’s a peripheral that more 3rd parties should instill confidence into. For Fight Night Champion however, timing wasn’t right and development was well under way with the analog controls and to have to implement the change may have been too big a risk as it would have to have been done right and not just something quickly put into the game. Hopefully people will appreciate the work the team has put into FSPC and give ‘er a go at least with the demo.

  • let me know if you will be making a kinect version, i’ll get that one instead.

  • You think a boxing game will have MOVE support. I guess my logic was wrong.

  • Not wrong, timing was just off for the developers as the team was well into development when Move was finalized and released. Sound logic and something that should be implemented correctly if the team does decide to put it in for future iterations.

  • I know this has nothing to do with this article but i was wondering if you guys are going to release a new fight night for the psp???..fight night round 3 for psp was really great and i would like to see a new one for it.

  • I’ll take you on when the demo comes out but dont get too sad when I whoop ur butt. I’ll try to go easy on you at first but after round 2 is when I unleash the fury that is Soopergooman187. I’m gunning for the match up of the year. Maybe we should stream it on justin tv for everyone to witness. Yes I am calling you on a challenge. Are you up for it, Alain Quinto. I kick arse at any game I pick up…..

    • Haha. Sounds good Soopergooman187. I like to play and I’m sure I’ll give ya a run for your money ;) (no betting though, that’s not how I roll ;)

  • i sent you a friend request. Don’t be afraid to add me. Like I said, I’ll go easy on ya…. muhahahahahahaaaaaaaa

  • That boxer in the 2nd picture looks like President Obama. LOL. Anyways, I’m very looking forward to Fight Night:Champion. Glad that you guys added back face buttons for those who don’t want to use the analog stick to throw punches.

    • Obviously, something our team learned from Fight Night Round 4 and we’ll be the first to admit it. To have both on the default scheme does work and I’ve seen people even play with both at the same time. Me, I’m an analog fighter though I can appreciate it if some find it tough to adapt to the change to the sticks.

  • C’mon people. Enough with the Move stuff. Move is cool, but read one reply and you’ll know the game was already underway before the Move came out. Besides, with all the little things that go into the game, all the little moves you can pull off in Fight Night, I can’t see how the move would possibly work for it.

    • I could see it being fun. However, I could also see myself getting too tired after a fight or two. Maybe I’m just not as in good a shape as others. Maybe I need to pop in my copy of EA SPORTS Active 2 and get in better shape ;)

  • No Move support is a big downer. This game begs for it. Now that I know the storyline is basically GTA Fight Night I wouldn’t pick this up if they gave it away for free. Can we expect every new sports game from EA to have a back story about a locked up gangstar waiting for a 2nd chance? How about you make Micheal Vick the cover boy for Madden 12.

    • The storyline is a lot more than what we’ve shown, DABUNKER. Though the story starts in jail, it doesn’t necessarily start in jail. SPOILER ALERT! :)

      Hope that tempts you to at least make it a rental.

  • It’s a shame that the whole sport of boxing has just fallen by the wayside in terms of popularity. In the face of stiff competitive from the MMC world (UFC especially), boxing has completely failed to market itself or its pool of talent.

    Ask the average person on the street who the heavy-weight champion is: they wouldn’t have a clue. Hell, ask a boxing fan, and he’d probably get it wrong.

    There was a time when I’d buy up every boxing game available. But the sport itself just isn’t interesting any more.

    There are no rivalries. No personalities. Nothing to keep a person interested.

    • There are still boxing purists such as myself. I enjoy both sports and though there is a lot of mainstream attention on MMA, I know there are still a lot of pure boxing fans that enjoy the sport.

  • Sk88z, How are you doing? Glad you could make yourself available. When you will you guys Post the Roster Renders on the Official Roster Page? Also, Do you think their is a possibility that we get Holmes, Marciano, Bowe,Tua and Byrd of DLC?

    • Doin well. The team and I are working on getting shots of the boxers up on our official website this month. Not sure what the current plans are on DLC. Thanks for your patience, IronGloves!

  • This looks really great. I’m glad they take time to work on each entry in the series instead of just shoveling one out each year with minimal change.

    New controls look great, and animations also look improved. Hope the gameplay can finally match the real life pace and frenetic action of boxing and Pac-man’s fights!

    • Another Pac-man fan! Nice! I’ve played a couple of fights with Pac-man and his punches are pretty sweet especially when thrown in combination. Hopefully you’ll find it pretty frentic once the demo comes out!

  • Tell me this game wont have the terribly awful trophies that round 4 had. I mean seriously “hold the championship belts online” those were 3 of the worst trophies ever implemented. Give me a decent trophy list and this game is a guaranteed buy instead of rent.

    • I haven’t yet seen the trophy list. I’ll look into it and see if it’s something we’ll be able to share before the game ships.

  • Mr Sk88z, To what extent did the Developers go to evaluating Boxers ratings??? Some Boxers seemed off. Such as Tysons beard, Morrison had no power what so ever, And Joe Frazier having the best chin in the game. Thanks

    • The developers are also boxing enthusiasts who dug deep into fighter profiles. It’s tough to have to manage differences between boxers and to be honest, it’s a science that I’m not entirely sure of. Great question to ask our devs in our Live Chat this Thursday: Feel free to join us then!

  • Good job adding move support lazy developers (EA)

    • Now now, be nice…let’s not be insulting, the team has worked extremely hard putting together FNC and it’s not fair (or kind) to call them lazy. Appreciate your comments being more constructive, thanks.

  • @Gtagentleman Move support sucks…It is a gimmick, Go play something other than FNC if you want that trash in the game.

  • @22 and everyone else read this…..EA is lying about why they don’t support move.

    And @ 30 everything is a gimmick before its popular and if you believe the next generation is going to be using analog sticks your out of your mind…..who knows what are children and grandchildren will be gaming with.

  • @IronGloves i dont even have the PSMove but it was kind of made for boxing games

  • Pac-Man Rules!

  • Will we have a option to punch like in fight night 3 by using the x,square buttons etc…? cause using the stick sucks.

  • So when get in the ring together, will we stream it live on both your site and on my facebook and twitter accounts and right here on the blog? I think it would make a great publicity stunt. If I win maybe you’d give me a free copy and if You win, I’ll do some work for free for you, like maybe a commercial.

  • Is One Punch Blocking the only Blocking system in the title?

    • Yes, it’s a pretty responsive blocking system that works well. Let us know what you think after you try it out in the demo coming out soon!

  • I appreciate your comments Alain, but I find it hard to imagine that Move support could not be added to this game. EA, a powerhouse game developer should of had access to the Move “standards” nearly as soon as they were finalized by Sony, and had time to implement the functionality. Heck, EA’s Tiger Woods game got Move support (which I’ll admit it was likely easier to add to golf rather than boxing) at the launch of Move or close to it. There is even a completely new Move game, The Fight Lights Out that has Move support (I know, stating the obvious).

    Any ways, thank you for at least posting your responses. Its always nice when a developer answers questions about their game (especially the fact you acknowledge potential negative comments).

    • It’s a tough call to make Mark. I know the team had to battle with the decision and in the end it was about making the game with the best gameplay possible and they felt they could do that better enhancing the analogs.

  • Wow, no Move support. Big Fail.


  • This game looks amazing. Definitely one I wish was getting Move support, as it would have been even more amazing (even if it was only for arcade mode). But no less, you’ve got me interested.

    I can’t believe I went a forgot about other big 3rd Party titles… now my wallet will be even more hurt this year. I hope the PSBlog keeps this up and keeps me in the loop.

  • So, I know you’ve answered a ton of questions about Move support, but I’d just like to know if it would be possible to implement Move controls via a patch or DLC? I know MAG did it with a patch and High Velocity Bowling did it with free DLC. Or, is this not even something you’re really looking into for Fight Night Champion?

    • I believe the addition of this would require a lot of gameplay changes as there isn’t a dedicated first-person view in the game which, I reckon, would be needed to implement Move support. I don’t have all the details on DLC, however, as far as I know, it isn’t planned for FNC.

  • No Move support?? In that case: Never mind.

  • Oh and like one other guy said regarding trophies. It would be fantastic if you could ask the guys in charge of that back at the HQ to maybe lessen the Online related trophies? They don’t have to be completely taken away.

    But I only say this because it sucks not getting rewarded for finishing an entire season on top (there is a trophy handed it out in the NHL for this) in Be a Pro mode in NHL 11, or being the reason you single handedly (pretty much) win the Stanley Cup. Or winning your first fight, or breaking a stick by slashing someone, Checking someone into his own bench (or yours), etc. All very fun idea’s for trophies.

    We need more of the small fun trophies related to single player. If this can’t be done, it’s fine. But I miss the NHL 07/08 (achievements) days.

  • i think its enough. alot of people said the game needs move support. i think now Alain Quinto understood that the fans have been asking for it so in to the future next titles of fight night they will try the best to get it i am sure of it.

    • As mentioned, if it’s done right and enhances the game, I’m sure it would be a great addition hopefully in future iterations.

  • There is no reason why a boxing game released in 2011 should NOT have MOVE support.

    Very disapointing.

    Only interested if MOVE supported patched in.

  • 4 letters Sony

  • they start to develop the game way before the PS move was even announced.

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