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Hey there! This is Ariel Angelotti reporting from Q-Games headquarters in Kyoto, Japan, and I have some great news! PixelJunk Shooter 2 is nearly ready for launch, getting that final coat of paint before it takes off to the sky. While the release date is still hush-hush at this point, I can assure everyone of its complete and total awesomeness, so keep a keen eye out for more information shortly.

Until then, we’ve prepared something special to keep everyone entertained As a regular consumer of videogame podcasts, I thought it would be a great idea to round up a rather reluctant Dylan and two other Q staffers, Bear Trickey and Duncan Flett, to record our own. Thus, “PixelJunk Radio” was born. Well, our podcast has finally been released, so join us over beverages and discussion of life in Japan, videogames, and yes, the ever mysterious Japanese toilet by clicking the following link and subscribing to our podcast on iTunes.

Or you can catch a video version on the PixelJunk YouTube Channel which features images of the cast to watch while you listen here

Be on the lookout for more podcasts in the future!

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  • You guys created a podcast before PS Blog made one. Nice.

  • interesting

  • Thats AWESOME! I’d really love to hear what goes on behind the scenes at a place like this. The PixleJunk Games are some of my favorite, and to hear how everything is going (and maybe some reader mail?) would be Fantastic! consider me one of thew first subscribers!

    • We would LOVE some reader mail. I mention this at the end of the podcast, but go ahead and send us some by mailing podcast[at] (only replace the [at] with a real @ symbol). We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

  • no android support ? i think these kinda of podcasts should be on the playstation store or integrated it on the ps3 / psp XMB

    • We’ve only just kicked off the podcast, and while we do have some plans in the works, I’m afraid it might be a little longer before we can get Android/iPhone/etc. support. I’ll be sure to make an announcement about it on the podcast as soon as we get the ball rolling on that, so stay tuned!

  • Sounds great. Any way of subscribing via RSS? (Not everyone uses / want to use iTunes). I checked the Pixeljunk site, but it’s down.

  • Could you please post the direct feed url for those of us that might want to use…oh i don’t know…maybe SONY’s own media software (MediaGo) and PSP?

  • BTW…thanks for the podcast…just dont limit it to *shudder* iTunes and iOS.

    • No fears! We’ve only just kicked off the podcast, and while we do have some plans in the works, I’m afraid it might be a little longer before we can get Android/iPhone/etc. support. Please stay tuned!

  • Awesome! I’m a podcast junkie, so this will join my other 20 or so podcasts that I listen to regularly.

    • We hope you enjoy it! We’ve only just come onto the podcasting scene, so stay tuned for higher quality podcasts as soon as we get some proper recording equipment here at Q.

  • Great. Thanks for that Ariel. Downloading now… should speed up my first day back at work!

    • Let us know what you think by sending us some mail after listening!

      Thank you, and I hope you have a good first day back at work.

  • Is the podcast only available on itunes?

  • Thanx I love it

  • Great introductory podcast;I look forward to more.
    Nice little reference to 1up yours/weekend confirmed in the beginning :)

  • Subscribed and day #1 purchase! I Love the Pixel Junk Company!

  • Awesome! Oh and is Lifelike still being developed?

  • great,can’t wait for u people finsh the 2nd game :)

  • You guys ought to team up with the folks at 8-4 play.

  • Just have a few questions about the game:

    1) What is the approximate native resolution for the game? 1.5) Will it be able to output at 1920x1080p (upscaled or native)?
    2) Can you allow us to play through the game and be able to kill everyone instead of save everyone without “losing” the game (and perhaps give 2 endings; one good ending and a second “evil” ending for those who choose to be harm the scientists instead of save them)?
    3) Can you give a discount on the game for people who have already downloaded the first game or who are subscribed to playstation plus?

    Big fan of the series (got every game available on ps3), and i’m looking forward to downloading it. Thanks for the reply in advance!

    • I’ll do my best to try and answer your questions.

      Shooter 2 will be in native 1080p, so rest assured! I’m afraid I’m unable to answer your questions about some of the Shooter 2 gameplay at this time, but stay tuned for more info. Also, while I can’t give out any details at this time, those who have already downloaded the first game might receive something special for continuing to support Shooter and the PixelJunk series. Again, I can’t give details out, but we definitely appreciate your patronage. Thank you!

  • OMG PJS2 is almost here!!!!! I love you developers. I’m buying it and inviting all my friends over for coop. Thank you. I’ve been waiting a long time…believe me

    • It’s always great to hear from the fans. And coop is truly fantastic, isn’t it? Keep on supporting PixelJunk!

  • Cool!

    *Adds to PSP RSS*

  • Thanks for the XML address, Ariel ! I’ll add it to my Zune podcasts. Be sure to add the podcast to the Zune marketplace. There are many video game podcast listners who use Zune.

    Comment –> Maybe you guys should talk video games instead of Japanese culture ? Just a suggestion.

    • The podcast has been submitted to the Zune Marketplace, but I’m sorry to say that the submission process does take time.

      And don’t worry, videogames will also be featured in our podcast. Needless to say, videogames play an important part in our lives, so be sure to listen to the latest episodes for more.

  • When I saw the title, I was hoping for an audio stream that played all the Pixeljunk music. Oh well.

    • We do use some PixelJunk music for our intro/outro music! Sadly, we won’t be using it as a platform purely for broadcasting PixelJunk music, but we hope that it’s a fun listen nonetheless.

  • sweet.. another podcast to add to the bunch :P

  • Haha great! ^^.

  • Oh wow! A podcast about the goings-on in the PixelJunk World and Q-Games, count me in! I’m a big fan, I have all of the Ps3 PixelJunk games including the add-ons and the psp version of Monsters, I just hope Lifelike is more than a PsMove based music visualizer.

  • I signed up for the newsletter back around when Shooter was released but havent had a email in a long time. Are you still sending out the newsletter?

    PS love the podcast

  • i’m going to be living in Kyoto soon! , i love it there.

  • hi ariel

    you. are. hot.

    anyways looking forward to pjs2!

  • You guys are great. I’m not a big podcast listener (but I listened to this one anyway)- I wish we had transcripts too for those of us without solid time to listen to one thing. Good stuff.

    p.s. Is the PJ dungeons game dead (was that 1-4?) I was looking forward to that.

    • Thanks for listening!

      Sadly, we don’t have plans for transcripts in the works, and I’m afraid I can’t say anything about PJ Dungeons, but we do have projects in the works that are pretty exciting. Keep listening!

  • Subscribed. Any word if you guys are going to release the Shooter soundtrack for purchase?
    Can’t wait for Shooter 2!

    • All I’ll say is keep on listening to the latest podcasts, because there might be some exciting news on the horizon.

  • Cool, Im Excited about “PixelJunk Shooter 2″… After Shooter i was very happy and sad… CONTINUED!?!?!? NO! I NEED CLOSURE NOW!!!

    Since your commenting to alot of comments, and im about to go eat lunch:

    What did you and also others within shouting distance, have or plan to have for lunch today?


    Was the lunch you have or plan to have yummy? If not what do you wish you had?

    • To the dedicated player, closure you will receive!

      And to answer your questions, French bread, salad, brown rice, calzone, pickled plum, fried pork cutlet, cabbage, and curry rice. I’ll let you guess which ones were eaten by me, and yes, we all thought our meals were yummy.

  • it’s great to hear that Shooter 2 still natively renders in 1080p. Now you just need losslessly-compressed 24-bit HD audio to match the HD graphics :)

  • This is awesome! Listening now.

  • I want to play PixelJunk Shooter 2 !!!!!!

  • I loved the first one. Definitely going in my list.

  • Wow, I was a bit unhappy when I saw it was only available on i… I just can’t say it. I don’t like that software and I’ll never use it.

    Fortunately, you posted an RSS feed which will make all us Android users more than happy! Who needs that i software when you can use whichever podcaster (I use Listen) we want. :)

  • PixelJunk Eden was a pitifully unbalanced game, and Shooter was a terrible name – a name chosen by PixelJunk under the false pretense of “letting the fans name the game” – for a just okay game.

    There has yet to be a PJ game worth spending the usual 10 price tag for, so I ask: Who in their right mind cares what the PJ team has to say about videogames?

  • Bleeping out the bad words is kinda silly.

    Otherwise the show is pretty good i must say.

    • I understand how you feel, and I would personally prefer there not be any bleeping going on. But since our games are rated E and many people enjoy playing our games with their family, we feel that we don’t want to alienate that segment of our audience.

      Thanks for the comments, though, and keep listening!

  • @36

    I think you’ll find there are many of us that enjoy PJ’s efforts.

  • =)

  • you need to put it on media go just like zipper needs to do media go is the only way right now that I listen to podcast it is go though that you have an RSS feed I can put it on media go that way but zipper’s podcast doesn’t which sucks

  • media go doesn’t support it

  • REALLY can’t wait for this game!

    The co-op in shooter 2 is THE BEST. I’ve beaten the game in full several times, and still go back to play co-op once in a while.

    The first time when I played through with my father was the absolute BEST though. He’s not a great gamer, but the fact that I just had to survive a few seconds to have him respawn was an excellent strategy to “bring him along” on my play-through. We stayed up till about 3AM that first night we bought it and had a BLAST.

    Love Eden as well, but Shooter is a classic that I’ll remember decades from now. So thank you, and I can’t wait for number 2. :D

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