ModNation Monday: Party Hardy for 2011!

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ModNation Mondays

Hey everybody. MNR Associate Producer Jason Coker here from the Nation. Welcome back to a new year full of new and exciting things for ModNation Racers. In the coming months, you’ll see more amazing Mods and Karts, more Packs, more Track Themes, and a magical key to Unlock All your wildest MNR Dreams…. I hope you had happy holidays. Now let’s jump into what’s happening this week

Ready to “Party Hardy” in 2011?


It’s a new year, and I imagine that some of you partied BIG this time, no? Well, if you did it anything like some people I know did (not me, of course….), you’re probably still recovering. So why not celebrate your condition with this week’s Mod, Party Hardy,the Mod who brings the party wherever he goes? Just back from an after hours soiree, Party Hardy comes with the following creation parts. :

  • Lampshade Hat
  • Messy Shirt
  • Noise Maker (**does not actually make noise)

Download Party Hardy from the PSN Store starting Tuesday, January 4th ($.99) and relive all those hard partying days that you can’t quite remember. …and bring me some aspirin, please.

Go East, Young Mod

Looks like you’ve been enjoying the Far East Track Theme. Just as we’d hoped, there are some really impressive creations out there using Far East parts, and you continue to blow us away with what you’re doing. Rest assured – There’s more to come.

ModNation Creations of the Week

Amazing creations in ModNation get shared every day and we are playing a ton of them. If you are interested in submitting your mod, kart or track to be a future “creation” of the week be sure to visit up on the official ModNation Community site and who knows? You might see your handy work on the PS Blog.

With the release of all the new parts packs, we want to see your tracks with those new props in them.

Mod and Kart of the Week
Mod Name: Resistence 3 Chimera
Kart Name: Resistance 3 ver 2
Creator: AMOCAT08

Chimera Mod

Chimera Kart

Coker’s Comment: Wow…. There’s a lot of attention to detail, a painstaking airbrushed look on the paint job, and clearly a lot of well thought out effort in this Mod and Kart. I can’t help but have an attitude when I drive this combo, and when the race is hot and heavy and I unleash that Hydra on the pack in from of me, propelling myself into the lead…’s magic. Bravo, AMOCAT08. Quality work here.

Track of the Week

If you have a video(s) of your track submit them to MNR’s YouTube channel and we will include them in the blog if your track is showcased.

Track Name: Arid Ciudad
Created by: TheQK



TheQK Says: “Start off in the sewers of a luxury desert city to end off in an arid wasteland. Fight your way back to the city through the desert using, shortcuts, weapons and boost.”

Coker says: Oh, HECK yes! To me, one of the more important aspects of game design is Risk VS Reward. And this Track exemplifies that in its design. For example, you can take your chances driving along the top of a narrow pipe with boost pads on it to reach the nutty jump at the end of it, or you can take the low road beneath it and pick up and item pod or two; you can take that downhill blind left turn tight and try to shave some time…. Well, I won’t spoil the discovery of racing this Track for you, but it is brilliantly designed, and in addition to being a great Track for competitive racing, it also provides a great opportunity to challenge yourself and improve your skills. I’m very impressed with this one.

Track Name: London Calling
Created by: athiestsw



Athiestsw says: “Take a tour of London’s West End, taking in Buckingham Palace, Green Park, The Ritz Hotel, St. James Sq, Picadilly Circus, Trafalgar Sq, Marble Arch and of course the iconic Big Ben. Watch out for modbots that police the wide highways and beware the final moving bridge that could quite easily ruin your perfect run at the last moment!

A track long in the making, this is a collaborative effort between myself and the legend that is puppethand666. If it wasn’t for his brilliantly OCD attention to detail and ability to plan from scratch this track would have never been. Plus he made an awesome avant-garde representation of Big Ben and the Houses Of Parliament”)

Coker says: I learned three things from racing on this track. 1) It’s awesome. 2) I really need to get to London (preferably in a racing Kart). 3) I hate Modbots. Brilliantly put together, this Track is a beautiful blend of nail-biting moments mixed with victory shout-inducing moments. There are huge jumps, nice drift opportunities, shortcuts that keep things fresh, and plenty more that make this a must-race Track. Check it out, and you will NOT be disappointed.

Hot Lap Roster for this week

Continuing with the trend we started weeks ago this weeks Hot Lap roster features all new community created tracks.

Monday: London Calling, by athiestsw
Tuesday: Arid Ciudad, by TheQK
Wednesday: Elite Santa vs MOD, by RockToonz
Thursday: The Coastal Ridge by beatdough
Friday: Murky Caverns by grey_jeep
Saturday: Mystery Track
Sunday: Mystery Track

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8 Author Replies

  • Played a hot lap for the first time the other day. I’d like to think I”m pretty good at this game. I finished at 47 seconds without hitting a wall and maximizing my boost. Somehow, first place was just a hair under 30 seconds. Impossible without cheating I say.

  • And not a single free dlc was given that day.

  • If you want to see alternative control layouts for this game, please see my Blog.Share idea about it to bring customizable controls to the game so we can play it with people who are not hard-core gamers.

  • Welcome to the ModNation blog Jason.
    Great to see another new Mod with new parts released so soon, looking forward to SuperFan…

    Now, can’t wait for more Track Packs and THEMES!!!!

    Mediteranean (Roman/Greek style)????


    • Thanks, Cap’n. We’ll be revealing more about the upcoming Track Themes as they’re coming along. There’s some really amazing stuff coming.

  • That mod….certainly describes my night on new years. Except I got beer poured all over my head lol.

    Welcome aboard Jason.

  • Cool. Happy new year!

  • I love Playstation, but it’s every gamer’s distaste when a game is constantly regurgitating the same stuff. Love the creative genius behind ModNation but hate to admit it, it’s so last year.

  • @jason… this is last week modntion monday?? i saw them at hot lap already… by the way thanks for picking my track ^^ welcome to modnation

  • Mod & Kart of the week pictures gone awol?

  • Same hotlap roster as last week, and it doesn’t even match what’s going on. Currently, the hotlap track of the day is Sinkhole, which was the track yesterday, and the weekend before it as well. We’ve seen Sinkhole three times in 8-9 days now.

    I love the fact that UFG tracks are making their way back into Hot Lap, but not when it’s the same one over and over. Mix it up please.

  • Really enjoyed the Far East Tour DLC (& hoping the snow/artic DLC will be released soon ;) any plans to add the Far East Tour tracks to the xp races roster?

  • No Christmas Kart or Mod during the holiday?
    Has the community not being good this year?

  • suggestions
    1. a motorcycle kart
    2. make it so the hair doesnt go through the helmet/hat

  • I agree with spunnups. I don’t see how I can attain the Hot Lap Trophy competing with these unreal lap times. I tried at Sinkhole last week and managed to shave time off my best time, but I don’t see how I could have gone faster to make up the 8 second difference between my time and the leader.

  • @15

    There seems to be more people playing MNR now (Lot of people must have got it for xmas), the more doing the hot lap the more chance you have of getting the hot lap trophy. Just keep at it.

  • @13
    Mall Santa and his Sled Kart were released a little before Christmas. It’s available in the Store.

    @16 moriarty1975
    I agree, many people have picked up MNR this holiday season. Several of my local stores are now sold out of ModNation (they usually have 3-5 on the shelf). I also have at least 4 coworkers who picked it up since the price drop as well.

    Great Game!!!

  • @15

    And try setting both the kart settings to +2. Works well for hot lap but not so much for normal races (imo).

  • I have played this game for 6 months straight and it has to be the best game I have played in such a long time, but I am now retiring. I got Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 for Christmas and I can create and beat up my own creations. I was waiting all this time for the ability to race against my own creations, but I just got tired of waiting. Without any interactions with the endless of creations I made, it just gets stale. I made over 150 creations and can only play with them one at a time! Plus very few creation objects to download per week kind of sucks, especially with useless items like a lampshade hat! What am I going to do with that! In the end this game was awesome to the end and I’d like to thank the creators for making it! If we ever get the ability to race against our creations, please someone hit me up! Battle mode or Destruction Derby would be awesome, too!

  • @18

    Thanks for the tip.

  • Welcome Jason, good to have ya here :)

    @15 always use +2 speed for time trial/hot lap, and while +2 handling is fast, it’s harder to make tighter turns with 2 handling. As far as action races go, I prefer +1 speed and 0 handling but go with what you are comfortable with.

    Hey question though, will we see the new UFG tracks mixed in with the original UFG tracks into xp series sometime soon? Some more variety is needed for XP races/series!

  • Just got this game for Christmas and it’s pretty awesome! I’m looking forward to getting some DLC! The replay value drops, though, since you can’t race custom mods! :(

  • Wait…”a magical key to Unlock All your wildest MNR Dreams” — does that mean there will finally be an option to unlock everything, so you can use all the tools even without beating all the single-player challenges? I’m surprised that comment hasn’t drawn more attention yet.

    I’m *SO* close to unlocking everything without it, but I just haven’t quite made it.

  • @22: You absolutely CAN race with your custom mods (or with those you’ve downloaded). Pay attention to the R1/L1 and the R2/L2 keys when you’re selecting your cart or mod — one set changes between selecting a mod, cart, or adjusting the settings of your cart, while the other changes between UFG, downloaded, and self-made.

  • @24

    He means been able to set up an offline race and have the AI racers be your created/downloaded/DLC mods/karts.

  • DEER Jason Coker

    is there any plans to release a ModNation(game of the year

    edition)or ModNation (complete edition)of the game contains all

    DLC on 1 disk ??

  • Can you guys add more tracks to the online ranked racing experience?! Maybe take some of the top tracks that users have created? Would really freshen up the online racing experience.

  • @11 – My bad, I didn’t realize that you asked about the XP thing also moriarty, I noticed your post on the forums just now lol

  • @27

    Hope they are added to the roster, we could all do with some new tracks in the XP races!

  • @26 – I think on an earlier blog post they said that adding custom user tracks could not be done because the game didn’t allow it.

  • Hi Jason, Happy new year..

    Alright, lots of new stuff coming up… that makes me think something, with all of these new themes, mods and karts with stuff for creations and the upcoming things… could the amount of publishing slots be raised from 75 to 100, or something?… I think we all are going to need more slots for that!

    • Elnath10, I’ll ask around and see what we can do about that. I’m certainly not going to make any promises, but I’ll definitely look into it.

  • Btw, on my first comment (#20) when I said 2 handling I meant +2 handling. A few folks sent me a msg asking about it, sorry about that. I guess more people look at this blog than I thought lol

  • Glad we are continuously getting a lot of content for MNR. Jason, you guys should strongly consider adding a mode where you can pick 5 maps of any type with custom rules (action race vs pure race for example), and race them consecutively in local split screen. It would greatly improve the local multiplayer aspect of this game a lot because if you’re playing with friends you won’t have to wait for the ModSpot to load every time you choose a new map! It would essentially be set up like online XP races where you get points for being in first, second, third, etc and the person with the most points would win. Please try to add this! It will make this incredible game even better and it’s a just minor addition! Thanks.

    • mDmola, this is an idea we love, and it’s something we’ve already given some thought. There are certainly some outstanding questions about actual execution, but we’ll definitely keep this on the radar.

  • If I could ever connect to the servers I might be able to enjoy this game (and no, I do NOT have one of those routers that are mentioned on the official website). As it stands, I rarely ever turn it on due to this. A shame really, as I had wanted it for so long.

  • Yo it me Jake,

    MNR Rocks, though more maps would be better, I am not sure what type though. Anyway send me what your fav map is here my stats

    Get your Portable ID!

  • Playstation Store updated but NO Party Hardy mod for sale. No mention in the Playstation Store Update Blog either…

    Oh well…we’ve seen this before. New year, same PS Store support.

    • CAPNDigital – This one wasn’t on the PSN Store team, this one is my bad. Party Hardy wasn’t the only one who had a “special” new year. I’ll get it sorted ASAP.

  • Awesome job on not getting the mod up on the store again! Let me guess there was a problem on your end it will be up next week and you are sorry. Yep I figured as much.

  • Why do you even say it will be sorted out ASAP? When we all know it’s not going up until next week, because the PS Store only updates once a week and thats it. I’m not getting the mod I just think it’s hilarious, this is like the 5th time this has happened.

  • @RichieAppel…Dude you need to chill. It’s not your game, it’s UFG’s so let them sort out their problems. It will eventually be solved over time. ;) Oh and were you actually serious when you were driving around modspot talking about voting for you for modspot governor?

  • NO grey_jeep I wasn’t serious, if you recall it was election day that day. I was just having fun for election day that is all.

  • Here’s a geeat idea! As an apology to the fans, make the Party Hardy Mod price FREE when it eventually comes out! Oh wait… They would never do that…

  • Is it just me or are the better tracks are now based on REAL locations/fields, not that’s they’re anything wrong, cuz’ it’s pretty awesome!

  • If his tie had been an accessory item, I’d have been sold.

    This is pretty much some great sticker work on the designer mod and one new piece of geometry, though.

  • @36 – Jason, thanks for the update. Still looking forward to more original mods (with usable parts for custom) like Party and SuperFan et. al.

    Not the end of the world, just seen this happen before — and the PSN Store model in general seems foolish…you never know what time of day it will actually update with new titles and ONLY on Tue??? it’s computer servers – product should update WHENEVER it’s available from publishers.

    Thanks again.

  • Wow, I’m flattered! I haven’t been online in a while and I noticed my mod and kart made it up here. Thank you for the awesome description! I’m glad you like it! Keep yours eyes open for a slew of detailed Mortal Kombat characters next.

  • Thanks for the answer of comment @30 Jason, let us know what they tell you about that ok? :D

    Oh man, that party hardy should be free for Holidays IMO

  • I agree with some of the above comments. Why don’t you put the lampshade dude DLC up as free when it comes up…it’s Wednesday Jan 12th now and it didn’t appear last night as one would have expected.

    I have a slight addiction to DLC for ModNation Racers like I did for LBP. Both great games and essential purchases for all PS3 owners imo.

    As a foot note I suppose I understand why you would release an unlock pack presumably like Dirt2 did for instance, but please note this always makes me a little sad knowing the hours and effort I put into getting all the unlockable content. It is a great game and I enjoyed every second of it, don’t get me wrong. It just seems to lessen my achievement a little knowing I could be playing online against someone in their unlocked cart, when really they just payed for it. Can’t explain really.
    Maybe it’s a pride thing.

    Great job anyhoo….Make the Party Hardy DLC free,,,,go on, we know you want to :)

  • where’s party hardy? He’s still not in the store!!!

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