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Holiday 2010 brings you access to holiday themed movies and TV shows, a glorious holiday sale on your favorite movies, a Spotlight on 2010 collection featuring the best movies of 2010, and for three days only (12/24 – 12/26), FREE holiday rentals of Black Christmas and Nativity! Click here to learn more.

This week, enjoy Salt, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Easy A, Devil, and Step Up 3 plus other blockbuster hits under New Releases > New Release Movies! Also, get a sneak peek of the third Robot Chicken Star Wars saga with Robot Chicken, Star Wars: Episode III. Next, clear some space for the third chapter of the funniest freakin’ trilogy in the galaxy – Family Guy: It’s A Trap! And from now through 1/4, cash in on the Deadliest Warrior: Game Episodes Sale which includes Apache vs. Gladiator, Viking vs. Samurai, Spartan vs. Ninja, Pirates vs. Knight, and Roman Centurion vs. Rajput.

New movies and TV episodes hit the store each week. Here is a taste of what’s in store…

Just in TV
US Store: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Season 1, NHL Games of the Year 2010-2011, Top Gear: Season 1, Ancient Aliens: Season 2, Psych: Season 5, Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol, 1,000 Ways to Die: Season 3, and more.

Canada Store: Beach: Season 12, Head Case: Season 2, Ice Road Truckers: Season 3, Gene Simmons: Family Jewels: Season 4, Man vs. Wild: Season 4, and more.

New Release Movies
US Store: Easy A, Step Up 3, Salt, Devil, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, The Town: Extended Cut, The Horde, The Search for Santa Paws, and more.

Canada Store: Devil, Easy A, Salt, Step Up 3, Vampires Suck (Unrated), Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, The Town: Extended Cut, and more.

Before you head to the store, watch the action packed trailer for Salt, available now for both US and CA-EN users!

Top TV Downloads


  1. Family Guy | Season 9 – Road to the North Pole
  2. The Walking Dead | Season 1 – TS-19
  3. The Walking Dead | Season 1 – Tell It To The Frogs
  4. Burn Notice | Season 4 – Out of the Fire
  5. The Walking Dead | Season 1 – Days Gone Bye
  6. The Walking Dead | Season 1 – Wildfire
  7. The Walking Dead | Season 1 – Guts
  8. Smallville | Season 10 – Icarus
  9. The Walking Dead | Season 1 – Vatos
  10. Naruto Shippuden Uncut | Season 2, Vol. 1 – A New Enemy


  1. The Walking Dead | Season 1 – Days Gone Bye
  2. The Walking Dead | Season 1 – TS-19
  3. The Walking Dead | Season 1 – Guts
  4. The Walking Dead | Season 1 – Tell It To The Frogs
  5. The Walking Dead | Season 1 – Vatos
  6. The Walking Dead | Season 1 – Wildfire
  7. Family Guy | Season 8 – Extra Large Medium
  8. Family Guy | Season 8 – Business Guy
  9. SpongeBob SquarePants | Season 2 – Patchy the Pirate Presents the Spongebob Squarepants Christmas Special
  10. Nat Geo WILD | Season 1 – Africa’s Deadly Dozen

Top Movie Downloads


  1. The Town
  2. The A-Team
  3. Inception
  4. The Other Guys
  5. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole
  6. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
  7. Despicable Me
  8. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
  9. Knight and Day
  10. The Expendables


  1. The Other Guys
  2. The Town
  3. The A-Team
  4. Inception
  5. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole
  6. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
  7. Assassin’s Creed Ascendance
  8. Knight and Day
  9. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
  10. Cyrus

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  • what time does this go live? black christmas isn’t showing up free.

  • monthly subscription service Grace?

  • Nice update.

  • Please make more new releases available for rent when they come out. Especially Sony studio movies like Salt and Easy A, I was planning on renting those but they are only available for purchase.

  • Can’t download Nativity! or Black Christmas for free yet, why?

  • PSN is not listing these films as free rentals.

  • If you click the link in the post and look at the fine print it says: *FREE “Holiday Movie” offer will be available starting 5pm PST on 12/24 and ending 8:59pm PST on 12/26. Offer is FREE SD and HD rental available for Nativity! and Black Christmas. Valid in U.S. only.

  • Any chance Sony will start making package deals for TV seasons and allow people to buy a whole season with a single button click rather than having to buy individual episodes and paying the highest price on the market for them?

  • any word on qriocity psp? launch date

  • The Walking Dead! love it! cant wait till filming starts on season 2 beaus im in it :-)

  • Both rentels of Black Christmas and Nativity are not showing up as free. : /

  • Oh I just read the offer for the free rentels of black christmas and nativity starts at 5pm pst

  • Merry Xmas to all!! Merry Xmas to sony!!!

  • Merry Christmas Street_Killaz!

  • Who the genius who decided to sell NHL games in the US store but not in Canada? Talk about not knowing your market!

  • Merry Christmas all and BTW the movies for rent are ready to be downloaded now.

    I wish you all a great Christmas and hope you get all you wanted and enjoy the days.

    Lots of Love to you all and bring on the new year of awesome games :)

  • Gostaria tanto de ter na PS Plus o COD 4 – Modern Warfare. Será que um dia irá sair?

  • MERRY CHRISTMAS & Thanks for not making us pay for the HD versions of the free movies!


  • THIS IS A BUNCH OF CRAP! I’ve spent 45 min on the phone with SONY and talked to 2 technical support people..the first idiot told me I would need a code from the retailer I purchased the system from. The second one tried to tell me it was already over on the 26th, at 12:01am. WHAT THE HELL!! These people do not know anything! So THIS IS A BUNCH OF CRAP! SO, GRACE CHEN/ SENIOR MANAGAGER OF THE PLAYSTATION STORE….I HOPE YOU READ THIS. TELL YOUR EMPLOYEES EVERYTHING THEY NEED TO KNOW TO HELP THOSE WHO CALL IN. I AM STILL WAITING…50 MIN LATER…

  • So…here’s an update to the end of this story… During the time I was ON HOLD and it was the majority of the 1 hour spent on the phone with tech support, I attempted to download the Black Christmas thinking it would move on to the option of allowing me to download Nativity…which is what my 10 yr old wanted in the first place…we don’t want Black Christmas. And Black Christmas did not even download, said the mem stick didn’t have enough room on it, the Manager my technician was talking with told her to tell me that they could see I downloaded Black Christmas and “that would be it for me”because you could only choose 1 of these movies. Not have them both. Where does the ad say that? I asked if I could not just have a 3.99 credit on my account so I could download Navitivy and after waiting another 17 min, was told “NO”. FANTASTIC….Great Customer Experience Grace Chen // Senior Manager, PlayStation Store!! Hope she reads this!!

  • LOL with all the time you spent doing that you could have downloaded a couple movies through a torrent site. Get with the times.

  • Why is Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 18 Last Stand not available on the Playstation Store? It aired the same day as Season 4 Episode 17 Out of the Fire, which is number 4 of your top downloads!

  • Hope this is an appropriate spot to recognize CONRAD_MAX’s guide work for the Jan 6 personal space release. Knowledgeable, polite, patient,and enthusiastic…all this as a volunteer! (No, he’s not a relative nor a Friend.)Wow! Beyond recognizing his good work, I hope this is a trend: tours of new spaces, just as there are demos of new games.

  • hi everone playstation the best week yes yes

  • Black ops map packs are going to be awesome


  • For some reason Garden State is no longer on the Playstation store. If you could put it back please. I would like to download that movie. Thank you!

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