David Jaffe Answers Your Twisted Metal PS3 Questions

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Hi ya’ll! We’re all crunching like mad on the game while also trying to get ready for the holidays! But I did want to stop by, say hey, and answer some of the more frequent questions we’ve been getting about the new Twisted Metal. Watch the video below to get some info on things like multiplayer balance, my all-time favorite Twisted Metal weapon, and the huuuuge bosses you’ll encounter in the game. Thanks again for your great questions, and happy holidays! Oh, and stay tuned to the end of the video for info on how you can win a brand new Sweet Tooth action figure signed by the whole Twisted Metal team! Have a great holiday ya’ll! Be safe, have fun! Later!

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  • Awesome, but please next time add subtitle… :-) I hope to hear more from you on your new projects…

  • Can I has a figure I remember biking an hour to my friends house to play TM 2

  • Thanks David! You bring a great personality to the Playstation family and to the blog. Keep kicking ass and making games that people enjoy.

  • I have always liked this guy, never tries to sell us some sugar covered B.S., he always says it how it is.

  • Ahhh Twisted Metal. This is one of my most played series of all time, ever. The reason? The MP. My friends and I would stay up to all hours of the night playing whichever one of the series was out at the time. I rank them right up there with the Goldeneye-level of addictiveness (is that a word?). A majority of those friends have moved on around the Country, so this new game is going to help bring us all back together for some vehicular madness. So thanks to you David and your team. The game can’t get here fast enough.


  • Add a monster hunter character with an annoying cat sidekick that has this nails on a chalkboard meow that he does constantly.

  • Twisted Metal on PS1 was what hooked me to the PlayStation system.
    If I never had the chance to play it back in the 90’s I don’t think I’d be here now writing this.
    Thank You David Jaffe and Sony for such a wonderful series of games!

  • Do you ever think of adding characters outside the Twisted Metal world?

    This will be my first time actually getting into the TM series. I played it before and it was fun but I don’t remember what made me stop it from playing.

    I loved you video. Great answers. Specially the first one.

  • i like what i hear about SP.
    Dave is cool down to earth guy.

  • I remember play Twisted Metal: Black Online. I thought it was the future of online games at the time and it was.

  • why do I love twisted metal? Why the hell wouldn’t I? It’s Twisted freakin’ Metal! Balls to the wall car combat equals pure awesomeness

  • I love the fact that you’re trying to make this game have the best Single Player Twisted Metal has ever had. Multiplayer is great and all, but Single Player is still very important to me. A lot of developers usually skimp on Single Player in favor of Multiplayer focus. Glad to hear that you aren’t like them, David.

    I’m also pleased that this game is aiming for a Teen rating like the classic TM games and not a Mature like Black. I loved playing TM1 and TM2 with my little brother back in the PS1 days, but skipped Black because it creeped him out. Looks like we’ll be able to enjoy Twisted Metal together again like in the doog old days.

    Day 1 purchase here.

  • GOTY for sure!

  • I want it signed.

    Sorry for my typos I just woke up.

    Can I ask or post more comments than just one?

  • I hope mister grim is in it. You have motorcycles in it already so i hope he can be an unlockable character for at least the online portion of the game.

  • Can Not Wait for Twisted Metal!

  • Can’t wait for Twisted Metal PS3, I’m sure it’s going to be insane

  • Hi! Let me say thank you for God of War on the PS2. I enjoyed it so much to the point where I’ve (of course) got God of War 2, God of War Chains of Olympus, God of War Ghost of Sparta, God of War Collection, and God of War III. I know you didn’t work on a majority of them, but thanks to your God of War series, I really started to branch out with video games.
    I used to only play like JRPGs and some Mega Man games along with a handful of Capcom developed fighting games (and some SNK games).

  • But I think it’s after playing God of War that I really got into the whole Action-Adventure games like Uncharted, Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, Dead Space, and a handful of others.
    With that said, thank you so much. My video gaming experience has been so much more fulfilling and more enjoyable.

    Anyway, going back on topic (to maybe win that figure)…I’ve never really liked the Twisted Metal series so I never actually owned a single one. But I do have some faint memories as a kid going over my friends house to play Twisted Metal 1 I think it was.

    It was pretty fun, but I just felt the controls were clunky, and it didn’t help that the graphics looks horrible. The game was sort of fun, but I was a bit put off by how hectic and confusing it was, and again, the graphics made it harder.

    I’m sure that you guys improved the PS2 version, but I never really got the chance to buy it since so many other AAA titles came out on the PS2, PSP, and the PS3.

  • My first experience with Playstation was the very first Twisted Metal. It was my birthday (Dec 25th) and I rented a Playstation 1 system and Twisted Metal. I played that game night and day until I had to return the Playstation and game to the rental store. Every time I think about Twisted Metal it brings back memories of having the most fun with friends on a console. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with. Twisted Metal will always have a special place in my mind.

    Thanks for bringing back great memories.

  • You are awesome. Just wanted to say that.

  • Unless I am mistaken, this is basically a reboot/reimagining of the series. I’m always up for that since I’m totally new to the whole Twisted Metal mythos.

    What I’d like to see is some logical gameplay in the sense that it is hard to actually get disorientated and lost while playing the game.

    I did enjoy playing Super Mark Kart and Mario Kart 64 at a friend’s house every so often, and as of now, I kinda view Twisted Metal (the series) as a Mario Kart type of game but Sony’s spin on it with more “Mature” aspects. It seems very interesting and I think I really would love it if I bought the game.

    At the very least though, I’ll of course download the demo if you guys put it up on PSN. But with my current expanded interest in more genre of videogames, I think Twisted Metal (PS3) is something that I’d definitely strongly consider as a purchase.

  • By far, the PS3 has the most mind-boggling games to the point where the game themselves are really fun to play and look amazing; borderline realism.
    I’m hoping that you and your team can create a masterpiece like that where it looks realistic, and most importantly really fun.

    The memories of playing the PS1 Twisted Metal games are very very faint as I didn’t really play them much nor did I enjoy it that much. But again, I’m open to seeing how this game turns out and I have high hopes for you guys.

    I’m glad that there are people in the videogame industry, such as yourself, who actually try to connect with us (the gamers and your “clients”) to give us a heads up on the development progress and open to our suggestions and whatnot.

    I really like that. It gives a sense that we’re in control (at least to some degree) of what is in the game instead of many companies who just seem to spit out sequel after sequel and now expensive $15+ DLC that everyone has to buy so that they can play with their friends online.

  • i want that Sweet Tooth action figure!!!!! played the game back at E3 and met David too , multiplayer online is really fun!!!!

  • cant wait for the game, i think i might spend this weekend playing tw black instead of the new games i got and hadn’t had the time to play they can wait

  • Please make this to the best of your ability. Make it God of War quality. That game definitely (or should I say the entire series) has heart, soul, and spirit put into.

    Make a Twisted Metal game that Kratos will approve or fear the wrath of the God of War and his ability to somehow destroy everything that gets in his way.


    Thank you so much. I know you may or may not read this post, but I hope that my participation here will prove to be helpful.

    In summary (for Twisted Metal on the PS3), please make sure that:

    a. gameplay is fun
    b. camera angle is spot on
    c. graphics look freakin, epicly awesome
    d. make sure that you don’t get disorientated as easily
    e. give us some great trophies that are not that easy to get, but not annoyingly difficult as well
    f. give us online and make sure that the servers fun silky smooth with little to no lag
    g. oh and please come up with creative weapons for the game that are balanced and not unfair. like i think it might be pretty cool to have a missile that shoots to the left and right instead of the traditional forwards and back.

  • This is a long awaited game of mine but, sadly my fourth PS3 in three years has bit the dust yet again. I hope to see the push for more full version digital downloads because i cant get the bluray to last a full year for some reason. What favorite memory of TM would have to be when Rob Zombie was avaialable as a playable character haha complete with some of his music as well.

    Any chance there will be an secret characters like we had with Rob Zombie?

  • is the new twisted metal going to have ps move capability? even though it sounds crazy for this type of game, but would be interesting at the same time.

  • You want an insult?

    The new Twisted Metal is going to be worse than Big Rigs:Over the Road Racing.

    (Looking at his email every second hoping the win email doesn’t end up in the spam)

  • When I was a kid, I used to play Twisted Metal all the time. I remember I used to get yelled at for staying up too late and making too much noise because I’d be playing TM all the time. Aside from Gran Turismo, Twisted Metal was the first game I played on the PSOne.

    I’m so stoked for the new Twisted Metal that you wouldn’t believe. I’m probably never going to stop playing it. :D

    Here’s an idea: Make a Collector’s Edition and include a mask of Sweet Tooth! I’d buy that so fast you wouldn’t know what happened.

  • also will there be an awsome soundstack like previous games, always like listening to dracula while destroying cars. also will there be another psp version in the near future

  • This is the best community outreach video I have ever seen from a game developer. Period. I have never been a TM fan, mainly because vehicle games just really aren’t my thing, but I am inclined to pick it up now.

    Any game where the Devs make this much of an effort to include the community is bound to be good. Kudos, and merry Christmas.

  • You know what excites me the most about this game? It just looks FUN. The crazy, kind of insane fun that we don’t see in games too often these days.

  • The Twisted Metal series means a lot to me. When i first got a PS2 many years ago the first game I played on it was Twisted Metal Black. I was so blown away by the graphics and gameplay. At the time it was the first console I had of that console generation, and I loved the twisted and unique stories of the characters. I loved the individual cut scenes in the game for each character too. I remember playing it with my brother thinking wow, these graphics are amazing,and the gameplay was so much fun. I’m a huge fan of car combat, I love it. I am really looking forward to the new Twisted Metal on PS3, gonna be a great year for Playstation 3:)

  • Twisted Metal was one of my favorite games on the PS1. I got all of them on the PS1 (even 3 & 4, comeon, as a 7 or 8 year old kid, you dont know the differences between developers) and would play them all the time with my brother. it was one of the few series we would play together (and it wasnt a hassle to get him to do it like other games.) i still have the first 4 now in the jewel cases they came in (even if the cases are a little cracked) and even play them occasionally on the PS3. You have NO idea how sad i was when we got a PS2 and i couldnt get Black because it was rated M and i was “too young” to play it. i think we had the online disc that came with the network adapter, and all i could do was look at it and dream of having the full game. Thankfully, when the PSP came out a few years later i was able to get my Twisted Metal fix.

    Thank you David (and the entire team) for making another Twisted Metal!

  • Jaffe!! Happy Holidays dude!

    F it. Merry Christmas!

    Stoked about TM next year.. among so many mind-blowing upcoming titles. I’ve been itching for something to fill the Warhawk void that’s been left the last couple years since Incognito broke off, and TM looks like it’s just what the doctor ordered.

  • Will there be a collectors edition? Perhaps a sweet tooth mask or an ice cream truck that holds the game and some cool stuff??

  • Hey Jaffe, Thanks so much for the amazing info. I remember it was the TM2 that drew me into the PS family. I played a demo at Sears back in 96 right before Xmas, and I knew right then I had to have it the system. Me and some friends had many sleepovers playing deathmatch and co-op all night. Still to this probably some of my greatest gaming memories. I’ll never forget how hilarious it was running over peds and and how gratifying it was, how with a just a sliver of life, I would freeze the last opponent, and get off my last flamethrower special(I loved playing as Thumper and win). Thanks so much Jaffe for bringing the game back, and I look forward to many more memories with it! Merry Christmas dude!

  • I totally have that hat…at least it looks alot like my Indiana Jones hat. Happy Holidays, Mister Jaffe!

  • i got a question for you david jaffe will this twisted metal feature a deawoo? ( get the e3 reference ) ok so id love mines signed specifically by you god of war 1 is still my favorite

  • So I can play with my buddy at home against 14 other players? What?

  • first off thank you for making a great game me and my cuz used to play tm1 non-stop back in the day. before he move to ca we tried playing cod 4 but there are to much going on. i feel it was made for ppl with add sorry. get keep old school like tm1 and thm2. iwe and cant wait to see what will you do thanks

  • I first Played Twisted Metal at a friends, and that is what made me want to buy a PS1. When I finally got a PS1, my brother and I have made it a christmas time tradition to play a few rounds from every Twisted Metal game during the holidays.

    I can’t wait for this new game, and to add it to the holiday fun.

    One question i have is for the locations, are they based in made up locations, or world locations? If they are all just made up locations, I think it would be cool to have some world locations DLC, OR maybe a few remake levels from TM past.

  • i have a joke too ready here it goes a guy walks into a junkyard the employee there says can i help you? guy replies yeah i got twisted metal the employe says what kind of damage we talkin about guy say emotional i hate this game. ha ha just kidding

  • Yes sirius. That’s what made me watch the whole video.

  • Jaffe… you are a mad scientist who creates epic games… keep on brother.. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  • iwant a collectors edition damnit! I’m posting from my phone just for that reason alone! Give us one jaffe please!

  • Will there at least be a new skin for Mr. Grimm? This new Mr. Grimm is even worse than Cpt. Grimm in Twisted Metal 4.

  • Great video, I remember Twisted metal back in days and it was a blast my question is this, do you guys have any plans for DLC that will include Sony 1st party characters; Kratos, Sack-boy, etc.., if not how about new weapons, maps, even game modes. Even if this is not a possibility it will be a blast playing TM again….ahh the memories.

  • David, thanks for taking the time to address a few questions. For me, the Twisted Metal series is one of the main reasons I’ve stayed a die hard Playstation loyal fan. Even at times, there was not mention of TM, I figured this would eventually make its way to the system.

    I’m excited to see what you and the team come up with. I was really stoked to see the Sweet Tooth figure and actually became motivated to post once you announced the give away. I hope that everyone has an opportunity to go out and support your franchise (the game and any other merch).

    I remember in high school spending hours playing TM2. It was actually the first multi-player experience I had on a game system. Since then, I’ve experienced many other multi-player games. None of which gave me the feeling. I used to get butterflies in my stomach dropping off of the building tops and destroying the opposition.

    I have to say this is the game I’ve been waiting for since PS3 was announced. If it can capture even a nuance of the excitement I felt playing on the original Playstation it will have been well worth the wait.

    I’m definitely looking forward to the release.

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