Happy Holidays from Guerrilla!

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The holidays are here! After a busy but productive crunch period on Killzone 3, we’re finally able to catch up on our Z’s and spend some quality time with the family. For quite a few of us, there’s an additional family member waiting at home this year. In fact, since we began working on Killzone 3 over a dozen of our developers have become parents!

Here at Guerrilla, we observe a peculiar Dutch tradition to celebrate the birth of a baby: we eat “beschuit met muisjes,” which literally translates as “biscuits with little mice.” It’s a Dutch delicacy consisting of biscuits coated in butter and sprinkled with sugared anise seeds. We also give the parents these adorable little one-pieces to put on their newborns:


As to why there have been so many Guerrilla babies lately – perhaps it’s the constant exposure to militaristic Helghast propaganda, which has increased the virility of our developers. Or perhaps it’s simply a sign that Guerrilla has matured. After all, the young turks who stood at the studio’s metaphorical cradle ten years ago are professionals in their thirties today. They’re old and wise enough to stand at real cradles.

Being able to provide for your family by doing what you love is a rare fortune, and it’s during these days of celebration and reflection that we truly realize how blessed we are. We want to take this opportunity to thank you, the fans, for supporting us all these years; for showering us with your infectious enthusiasm and honest criticism, and for playing our games with endless dedication. We hope you’ll share a wonderful holiday with your loved ones, and we’ll see you in 2011.

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