Beat Sketcher user videos sizzle, updated demo now available

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It’s been a few weeks since Beat Sketcher for PlayStation Move released onto PSN in the U.S. and we’ve been checking out all the great Beat Sketcher videos that fans are posting onto YouTube every day! We’re having so much fun and we’d like to thank you all for sharing your videos.

This week we’d like to introduce few videos that caught the attention of the team.

Yasuhiro Kawagoe – Sound Director *noisycroak Co., Ltd.

“I liked the uniqueness of drawing traditional Japanese“ORIGAMI” using Japanese sounds. Also, I was surprised by the idea of having the background pattern come up using the eraser at the end of the video!”

Hiroshi Shiina – Producer

“The Artist quickly learned how to use the tools and I love the artwork! Also, I liked how he drew without having any hesitation. It seemed so natural. If anyone is having difficulty drawing on the edge of the screen, try moving your body to the left and right or stepping closer to the camera”

Kenei Hayama – Art Director

“It made me expect that something was going to happen, but nothing actually did..
Scratching the head was cute and I was simply attracted by the artwork.”

Thanks again to everyone who posted the videos! For anyone who wants to see what people are creating, please visit the YouTube Beat Sketcher channel.

We’d also like to announce that the updated demo is now available on the PlayStation Store! So if you still haven’t had a chance to try out Beat Sketcher or would like to check out the updated demo, make sure to download it today!

And finally, here is another video created by Ichiro Ebisu, the sound creator.

Happy Holidays!!

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