Beat Sketcher user videos sizzle, updated demo now available

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It’s been a few weeks since Beat Sketcher for PlayStation Move released onto PSN in the U.S. and we’ve been checking out all the great Beat Sketcher videos that fans are posting onto YouTube every day! We’re having so much fun and we’d like to thank you all for sharing your videos.

This week we’d like to introduce few videos that caught the attention of the team.

Yasuhiro Kawagoe – Sound Director *noisycroak Co., Ltd.

“I liked the uniqueness of drawing traditional Japanese“ORIGAMI” using Japanese sounds. Also, I was surprised by the idea of having the background pattern come up using the eraser at the end of the video!”

Hiroshi Shiina – Producer

“The Artist quickly learned how to use the tools and I love the artwork! Also, I liked how he drew without having any hesitation. It seemed so natural. If anyone is having difficulty drawing on the edge of the screen, try moving your body to the left and right or stepping closer to the camera”

Kenei Hayama – Art Director

“It made me expect that something was going to happen, but nothing actually did..
Scratching the head was cute and I was simply attracted by the artwork.”

Thanks again to everyone who posted the videos! For anyone who wants to see what people are creating, please visit the YouTube Beat Sketcher channel.

We’d also like to announce that the updated demo is now available on the PlayStation Store! So if you still haven’t had a chance to try out Beat Sketcher or would like to check out the updated demo, make sure to download it today!

And finally, here is another video created by Ichiro Ebisu, the sound creator.

Happy Holidays!!

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  • I’ve download it yesterday and i must admit; i was hooked with the game.
    It’s weird, but somehow fun to draw and ear/see how your lines makes some cool music =)

  • I am now officially scared of the sound creator.

  • Tryed the demo. I dont get it

  • I’ve played the demo and it seems like there’s no need to buy the full game because you can do alot with the demo. In a way the demo is like a full game. What does this game offer to me that the demo doesn’t. Convince me to buy the game. Otherwise there really is no reason to buy it as the demo gives me enough entertainment.

    • In the full game, you will be able to save the artwork that you create and upload it on to YouTube and Facebook.
      You will also be able to play the challenge mode and learn how to draw pictures with rhythm by tracing the lines.
      If you like to play with your friends,you can play the match mode to play cooperative and competitive drawing games.

  • I recently bought this game , it’s fun with the kids , only problem i have is when i go to see my trophies on this game doesn’t appear on my list of games and is not being recognized as a quest completed on my playstation rewards program . please fix these issues . thanks

  • Does this game have youtube upload feature?!!

  • ps the account i use to play this is psn id koma1tose

  • koma1tose is my psn id. thanks

  • the mods have disabled me from logging in or even posting my psn id i use with beat sketcher.

  • the mods on this blog. (:|)

  • Videos besides the bottom are annoying. The top one has no real “beat” to it. The guy has no ear for sound. The 2nd is plain dumb and makes no sense.

    The bottom is pretty cool but the game in general, seems like it would get old asap.

  • Off-topic but is there an ETA on “Under Siege”?

  • The game is really good, and I’ve been playing it since the HK launch, but is there any chance of some updates or DLC coming soon? I hate to copy and paste from a previous Blog post, but I’m going to do it anyway ;)

    1: Music on/off. Microphone on/off. It’d give us more creative freedom, and make Beat into a solid video blogging tool.

    2: Simultaneous multiplayer drawing, or at least support for two controllers so that you don’t need to keep passing the remote.

    3: Video recording in all game modes.

    4: Add your own music loops. It’d just be cooler like that, and make it attractive to music fans as well as art fans.

    5: Sticker Photo Booth style game mode. Take a selection of photos and draw on them with a friend at the same time, with more stickers and shapes available

  • @6

    Yes it does my fellow

  • 6: “Face in Hole”-style mode. Add your face to Sony/Columbia Pictures movie posters. Not really related to the main game, but it’d be used a lot by people, and promote Sony movies.

    7: Augmented reality. Draw something like a sword, then have it augment to your Move remote in the video stream. Cool, non?

    8: A few more pens, brushes and ink types. Rainbow, sparkling, colour-changing or animated brushes

    9: Adjustable stamp size. There’s a cool feature where you can cut out part of the image and paste it, but the size is fixed. It should be adjustable, like a brush, or have a freehand cutting tool.

    10: Add a few of the features that Anton M. played with in the Move demos… they were amazing

  • Wow… I just watched the last video with “Joy to the world” performed by Ichiro Ebisu

    I had no idea that music could be played that well and with so much accuracy. We’d just been drawing cats and stuff.

    I’m loading up Beat Sketch right now to try and play some Christmas songs.

  • I love the drunk artist and his cat.

    By the way, is there a gallery in Beat Sketcher where we can view other people’s videos and artwork?

    I mean like the SingStar online mode where we can browse through other people’s performances

  • haha, I want this game now. looks like alot of fun

  • I noticed that I was being followed on Youtube by the Beat Sketch crew after uploading a Beat Sketch video. I didn’t know who it was at first until I saw that Xmas Beat Sketch video. Sooooo funny. Anyway great game and one of my most played Move games.

  • @16 I know, I think that guy is a true gamer, drinking alone playing games. He had a pretty nice DVD collection too.

  • I have a few videos on youtube (same username) from Beat Sketcher. I didn’t really do anything meaningful though. I was bad enough at drawing in the lines in Kindergarten! Most of the cooler stuff I did was just snapshots.

    This thing is great for making Christmas cards. Totally replaces my Casio Loopy in that regard.

  • u have this and its fun! PLAYSTATION MOVE!!

  • What’s with the roll of toilet paper next to the bed?!?!?


    Is there any way to edit the video so you can cut the part where you stop recording?

  • I like the game but why does it have to sound like kitty murder all the time!

  • Well after watching the videos I’m interested. I downloaded the demo last night so I’ll be trying it out with my daughter. Looks like we could have a lot of fun with this.

  • That guy drawing the cat looks awfully familiar. Oh wait. That’s me! Awesomes.

  • In the response to Alex123, Dais answers that you can play coop and competitive drawing. Is this turn taking or can more than 1 person play at a time with additional Move controllers? I’m looking for a reason to have more than 1 Move controller besides archery and gladiator – Fight doesn’t interest me in the least. I still can’t believe a game titled “Start the PARTY” only lets 1 person go at a time. Some party 8-(

    • In Beat Sketcher, cooperative and competitive drawing games can be played using 1 motion controller. Players will be taking turns and 1 motion controller will be usable at one time.

  • Thanks for answering all the comments Dais Kawaguchi. I look forward to getting this game soon. You should do a Plus discount in the future to get more players to give it a look & purchase.

  • This game is so awesome, most people can’t comprehend it…

    Jeff was right, when he said we should look forward to it!

  • Dear Dais Kawaguchi :)

    Thank you for sticking around and answering so many questions.

    I was wondering about the last video with the song. Is that made in the “Create” mode, or somewhere else. I noticed there are marks at the top of the page… did he add them himself or are they a part of the game mode.

    I’m finding it hard to recreate what he did, and I’m not sure what rhythms and instruments he used

    • Thank you for all the comments and ideas!

      The last video was created in Creation Mode.
      When selecting the BGM, please go to the 4th page and select the 2nd one on the top. For instruments, please choose Steel Drums and Phrase 1.

      Recreating this may take some practice but I’m sure you’ll get it right :D

      Thanks again!

  • It’s really nice that we can follow your channel on YouTube, but it’d be great if it was a gallery available in-game, where we could rate each other’s pictures and videos.

    It builds up a kind of community and the players will learn from each other.

    I hope that, one day, you’ll add support for two motion controllers too, so that we can play together at the same time. Simultaneous multiplayer would breathe a lot of life into this game and Start the Party.

  • Thanks for the feedback.

    On a slightly related note: I’m dead tired as it’s after midnight Crhistmas and going to bed. Just spent an hour playing Eyepet from the $99 Move bundle with controller and camera. There’s a “Quick Start” paper that says to get used to the Move controller play the games on the demo disc. There is no demo disc. I’ve read elsewhere the demos are accessed from the Eyepet disc in a separate folder but I can’t find any folders or demos. Do the demos need to be unlocked or is this another of those District 9 – GOW 3 demo scams where everybody – myself included – who9 rented District 9 was unable to find any GOD 3 demo no matter how hard we tried and no matter how we were told it was on there. –

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