Top Darts $9.99 on PSN Today with 1080p, PlayStation Move, Custom Dartboards

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Earlier this month we announced the PlayStation Move exclusive PSN game Top Darts by Devil’s Details and SCEE XDEV. I’m pleased to announce it is available today exclusively on the PlayStation Store.

As a quick recap, Top Darts is a game that utilizes the PlayStation Move motion controller to give the realistic feeling of throwing darts. It’s a game for all users who have an interest in playing classic games such as 501, Around the Clock and Cricket. Top Darts also has unique games such as Mayhem, Fusewire, Cat and Mouse, Stack Up and many more.

The game allows you to bring a lot of your own personality into the game. For example, you can customize your darts to match your personal style or use the PlayStation Eye camera to customize your avatar and even the dart board. For an interesting effect while playing, you can use the camera to capture video that displays on the dart board during gameplay.

Top Darts for PlayStation Move (PSN)

In our previous announcement a lot of you asked how the throw mechanics would be used in the game. Check out the trailer to see more of the game and to get an insight into how the PlayStation Move controller is held and used in the game.

Top Darts is a game for darts enthusiasts and those who hold a casual interest in darts. It has an extensive Single Player League and Cup campaign modes. Up to 8 player local gameplay support in a dozen game modes. Four locales each with a optional unique dart board style. It’s a ton of gameplay that feels great with the Move controller and it’s a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy the game as much as I have enjoyed playing it. And it’s available today for $9.99 exclusively on the PlayStation Store. Happy Holidays everyone.

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