Top Darts $9.99 on PSN Today with 1080p, PlayStation Move, Custom Dartboards

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Earlier this month we announced the PlayStation Move exclusive PSN game Top Darts by Devil’s Details and SCEE XDEV. I’m pleased to announce it is available today exclusively on the PlayStation Store.

As a quick recap, Top Darts is a game that utilizes the PlayStation Move motion controller to give the realistic feeling of throwing darts. It’s a game for all users who have an interest in playing classic games such as 501, Around the Clock and Cricket. Top Darts also has unique games such as Mayhem, Fusewire, Cat and Mouse, Stack Up and many more.

The game allows you to bring a lot of your own personality into the game. For example, you can customize your darts to match your personal style or use the PlayStation Eye camera to customize your avatar and even the dart board. For an interesting effect while playing, you can use the camera to capture video that displays on the dart board during gameplay.

Top Darts for PlayStation Move (PSN)

In our previous announcement a lot of you asked how the throw mechanics would be used in the game. Check out the trailer to see more of the game and to get an insight into how the PlayStation Move controller is held and used in the game.

Top Darts is a game for darts enthusiasts and those who hold a casual interest in darts. It has an extensive Single Player League and Cup campaign modes. Up to 8 player local gameplay support in a dozen game modes. Four locales each with a optional unique dart board style. It’s a ton of gameplay that feels great with the Move controller and it’s a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy the game as much as I have enjoyed playing it. And it’s available today for $9.99 exclusively on the PlayStation Store. Happy Holidays everyone.

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  • Will there be a Demo for Top Darts on the PSN today? If not why?

  • i hope there would be cool demos tonight!

  • Demo please

  • I would also like there to be a demo for the game since I’m on edge about getting the game or not. It’s looks great but I think I need to experience the game before I buy it

  • Is this one if the reasons why the Move controller has that rubber sphere? Jk.

    Interesting game. Would like to demo.

  • It looks like the throwing mechanics are pretty loose. There was a blond woman witha maniacal smile in the video who looked like she was pushing the dart instead of throwing. If this is more of a lock on and push a button game, I will skip. Was hoping for a real dart throwing experience…

    Please release a demo to give insight into the throw mechanics as the video was relatively worthless for assuaging those like me worried about how the game would feel to play.

  • $10? SOLD.

  • Priced just right (well, 5 would be better, but…).

    Can’t wait to download it and try it out, I sure hope the Move controls don’t suck.

  • I hope instead of holding the move button to throw we can hold the T button. I love the support the move is getting. Can’t wait to try this

  • Wait, this doesn’t have Online MP? That is disappointing. Looks fun though.

  • Look neat alot of bang for your buck but could use online mp and othre feater like anime theme bored or photo fram maybe

  • No Online Multiplayer? Is there something difficult about providing Online Support for Move titles? Sports Champions is also missing Online Multiplayer… I am beginning to regret the Move purchase(s).

  • Looks great. Are there tutorials or instructions on how to score on each different type of game? I’m definitely gonna get this soon.

    • We do have tutorials that discuss the main general points of the game (throw mechanics, HUD, etc…). If you want to try a specific game but don’t know the rules for that game, we do offer an explanation of the rules prior to entering game play.

  • Geez….what is the deal?

    A digital download of a competitive dart game sold over an online network and it doesn’t support online multiplayer?

    Looks like it would be fun, but no multiplayer makes it an automatic pass.

    For a game like this online should have been priority.

  • Lack of online multiplayer is definitaly a dispointment Sony. It’s pretty much EXPECTED these days and DOES make or break many sales.

  • I’ll buy it for sure… Can’t wait to play it :D

  • @11

    This game isn’t really a online game, it would be much better local because you would enjoy much more.

  • I have a question about the playstation eye> Why are there so few games for it i mean since the move came out where getting an uproar towards it but it has been 5 years and playstation acts like it barely exists except for face time and also this game looks cool enough but we need somemore games for the eye exclusively

  • @16 how would this not be good for online?

    I am still gonna get it, but also very disappointed at no online as I’d love to compete with others around the world.

    My guess is this is a tough business decision. This game probably is on the smaller side of potential users, so for the developer to invest in online they would need confidence that some minimum number of players will use it and my guess is that confidence is low.

  • Is that Sid Wadell’s voice in the trailer or some really good knockoff?

    Is this game the PDC game with a different skin?

  • No dualshock support = no buy

  • @18 Its not hard to understand why it wouldn’t. Look at games like Little Big planet, its MUCH MUCH more enjoyble when the people you are playing with are right next to you. Party games like this should be local only/ I just don’t think many people would actually play this online you know.

  • The only reply to any of the comments/questions is about who did the voice work in the trailer. Really freakin useful info. who gives a crap. Why don’t you address why it doesn’t have online mp or if there is a demo or maybe you can answer if it can be played without move?
    does the person who replies to these comments know anything about this game besides the trailer credits?

  • You know. I actually like darts. But if this is what Sony thinks is going to get me to go out and buy a Move they’re sorely mistaken. For the price of this and the necessary controller I could go out and get a solid board and darts. And I don’t need the much less mobile PS3, wires, Move controller(s), ect to make it happen.

    Alternatively I could just go to a bar and play darts.

  • Demo, demo, demo. It’s all people whine about now a days. This game looks like some good fun for a party of two thru eight. If the mechanics are there and the gameplay is straight forward and easy to grasp it’s a win.

    I’d rather see people having a fun time, not noticing the technicality, rather then see puzzled faces in a quiet room full of people simply because it doesn’t “feel” fun.

    Rock on Sony/Playstation.

  • Yay! No more bad throws that lead to multiple holes in the wall! I personally never cared for electronic darts, but with the customization of this version, and the cost, I may give this one a shot.

    The game looks good. And for that price, it looks to be a good investment. Sure it would have been nice to have online support, but that option might be able to be added at a later date if enough people show an interest. Tourneys, anyone?

  • There should be a dang law set in-stone by Sony that there has to be a demo for all games released. Oh well, just more money for me.

  • Hey Sony,

    Nice job getting the price right on this one at $9.99. If it was any higher, I’d probably pass, but at $9.99, I’m looking forward to buying this tonight for sure.


  • Demo before I buy. Sony needs to implement a demo for every title. Money is tight and people arent willing to throw thier money down without trying something. This was going to be a highly possible buy but with no demo Ill have to wait.

    @Arcadian_Rebel I agree with you completely.

    @puppetshojustice Theres numerous reasons to get the move. If you havent gotten one yet you are missing out on great expieriences and innovative titles such as tumble.

  • Can you use the dualshock if you don’t have(or want)Move?

  • It’s funny that the video warns of alcohol reference at the beginning because I’m going home with two twelve packs of Sam Adams Winter sampler and buying this. Between this game and Hustle Kings the old lady and I will have a bar night out in our living room!

  • Is there any discussion about online in the future?

  • This game is not bad, but the controls could be better (or I just need to get a better hang of it, move controller is rather large to hold like a dart). Haven’t tried all the games yet, but played some cricket of which I can say the computer AI kinda sucks. It keeps pointing you and sticking with each number in sequence until you close it – not very realistic at all. If you make another game, try to find the Canadian company that makes the Dartmaster III electronic scoreboard and see if you can license their software algorithms for computer cricket opponent.

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