Today on PSN: Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam, Dead Space 2 demo, Mass Effect 2 Demo, More

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Welcome To The Jungle – Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam live today

Today’s the day all our amazing PlayStation 3 fans can get their hands on Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam. This expansion pack to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 adds new maps, weapons, vehicles and trophies, all set to a two hour soundtrack of period-typical songs, making for one dynamic tour of duty.

Along with all of this great content comes a challenge to you, our PS3 audience, directly from Battlefield developer DICE called The Battle for Hastings. This challenge asks players to complete 69 million support actions within Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam, which will unlock the fifth map to be found in the expansion, Operation Hastings.

Get ready to do your part in The Battle for Hastings and download Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for the PS3 today! And while you’re at it, take advantage of our newly dropped prices on Onslaught (now $4.99), Shortcut Kit ($14.99), and in case you haven’t picked up the variety of free multiplayer maps through our VIP Pass, you can now pick that up for just $9.99.

Dead Space 2 Demo Infests PSN Today

by Jay Frechette, Community Manager, Visceral Games

Dead Space 2 for PS3Dead Space 2 for PS3

Hello Dead Space fans! Today the single player demo for Dead Space 2 is available on the PlayStation Store! We can’t wait for you guys to play it and wanted to share a couple details of what to expect.

In the Dead Space 2 demo, you will take engineer Isaac Clarke on a terrifying adventure through the Church of Unitology, what appears to be a sanctuary quickly turns dangerous and deadly, during the Necromorph outbreak on the Sprawl. You’ll have access to a variety of new tools, including the new Javelin gun that has an electrifying secondary attack, the updated stasis recharge mechanic and enhanced telekinesis ability. Don’t forget to stop at the Store to change into the advanced suit, equipped with jets that will allow Isaac full 360-degree control in zero-g space! We hope you enjoy it and pick up Dead Space 2 when it’s released on 1/25/2011.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit: Super Sports Pack hits PSN today

by Spenser Norrish, Community Coordinator, EA

One of the fastest street legal race cars ever manufactured has joined the pursuit! The GUMPERT Apollo S—as well as the equally awesome Porsche 911 GT2 RS and Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport—is now available in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit via the Super Sports Pack. This DLC (available for $6.99) also brings 13 new events and 11 new Trophies into the fray.

Mass Effect 2 PS3 demo arrives today on PSN

by Jarrett Lee

Today marks the first time PlayStation 3 gamers will be able to experience the Mass Effect universe. The demo for Mass Effect 2 has arrived, allowing players to experiment with character creation (which will you chose: play as the iconic John Shepard or your own customized Commander Shepard?), play through the opening levels of the game, and even jump to an area further into the game to try out some of the more intense combat areas and see the kinds of amazing locations that can be visited throughout the story.

Mass Effect 2 for the PS3 is the most advanced Unreal Engine game shipped to date, and makes full use of the PS3’s hardware to bring this BioWare-created universe to life in spectacular detail. In fact, it was built on the same engine being used to build the recently announced Mass Effect 3! Here’s your chance to see it for yourself – and don’t forget that after the holiday the full game arrives on PS3 January 18th – including six hours of bonus missions, and an interactive digital comic designed by BioWare and Dark Horse Comics to introduce new players to the franchise. The digital comic allows players to make key choices about their back-story that will be reflected during their game.

And that’s not all!

Starting today, EA is happy to offer you the following add-ons for some of your favorite games at a lower price!

  • Dante’s Inferno – Trials of St. Lucia, $4.99
  • Burnout Paradise add-on content
  • Big Surf Island, $6.99
  • Legendary Cars Collection, $4.99
  • Cops & Robbers, $4.99
  • Boost Specials Collection, $4.99
  • Party Pack, $4.99
  • Toy Collection, $6.99
  • Toy Car Collection 1, $4.99
  • Toy Car Collection 2, $4.99

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  • Merry Christmas!

  • ooooooooo some demos and a generic shooter.
    if the update is this good for the PS3 i can’t wait to see the PSP update.

  • Every time there is something that I want to download from the store, then it takes a long time to update. When there is nothing I want then they update it fast.

  • @96 richunter007

    I love the enthusiasm but you should NEVER expect the PSN to update their store anytime before 3pm Eastern time. If you do, you are foolish.

  • yea i stayed up till 3:30am nothing then got up at 8am then went to work 2hours late still nothing then got home at 6pm n still nothing now its 742pm n i want something already!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is going to be the best update in months. You’re going to wait until midnight to update the store, aren’t you?

  • I need my Need For Speed DLC guys I’m on the east cost, NYC. Update the store…

  • @100

    haha that happens to me 2

  • @anti-sock

    You should change your name to anti-sony.

  • @100 Thats because everyone want the good stuff. Good stuff = larger update most of the time which equals a longer update wait.

  • @ Anti_sock

    You do know that more than two demos (that are hardly sucky) and DLC for a shooter is coming out, right?


    No need to troll.

  • I don’t get it. You already knew this stuff was releasing today… so did most of us… why not get an earlier start?

  • @91 if they did that and don’t meet that targeted time slot, people would just complain about that. so they’re really in a no win situation with that. i do agree a more consistent time for the updates would be a bit more favorable..

  • way to go sony this ijs why microsoft is beting you update the store


  • This is why MS will continue to lead when it comes to online service. This is just horrible. 360 users got DS2 demo 5-6 hours ago, get it straight sony

  • What are you waiting for!!!???

  • @112 go ahead and go to 360, as we all play LBP2 and a bunch of other demos and such :D

  • thank alot sony hire better woekers that actually do they thre job like update the store

  • The cooler is the update, the more it takes to hit online… curious fact right?

  • anti-sony? hardly im more “anti-stupid companies that don’t update at a regular time and make promises they refuse to keep”.

  • @120 As I said @110. Lol.

  • Updates from Sony US are pathetic. At least European updates are on schedule.

    Anyway, for those of you with a Chinese account, you can already get Dead Space 2’s demo on PSN HK. I’ve just completed it, and let me say this is pure unadultered Dead Space. The engine is as beautiful as ever, controls are essentially the same, the atmosphere is definitely creepy and zero-G environments are excellent. Dead Space fans should feel right at “home”.

  • @anti-sock calm down dude.. no one’s going to bother so hard to please a troll of such caliber.. and to the people that say they’re moving to 360 just cause of inconsistent store update times.. LOL, how about you go out and get some fresh air or something?

  • Sony, it only does eight hour BFBC2 Vietnam delays.

  • @115: Go ahead. We don’t want you. Sony is much better than the Xbox 360. I like PS3’s online to, because it’s free, and in Xbox, you need to pay. So, HA. Beat that microsoft. (Kicks a microsoft object)

  • I see the Super Sports Pack in HK PS Store. Come on!!! It’s getting off-schedule already!

  • Should be up soon…

  • updated yet?

  • This is the BEST update so far…holy smokes! I know 4 big downloads I’ll be doing…thx

  • Everyone needs to understand that Microsoft is a US based company and Sony is Japan based. Microsoft runs on US time people. It’s only 9:55 AM in Japan right now.

  • @anti_sock… “anti-sony? hardly im more “anti-stupid companies that don’t update at a regular time and make promises they refuse to keep”.”

    that’s exactly what everyone your acting “so much better than” is complaining about too, what’s your issue?

  • When when when??????

  • sony if there is a delayed you could at lea posted something saying that inted of making people wait

  • To all the ppl saying that they will sell there ps3, and that sony suck and so on and so on and so on and… yea you get the rest.

    Do you guys think you will be missed or something?
    If not, then why in hell do you write it here?


  • Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Me want update! Me upset and want my free stuff nnnnnnnnooooooooooooooow!

  • Guys and Gals, don’t make such a big deal out of this one little thing. Besides the Store Updates, PS3 is the So come one and lighten up. The workers are most likely working the hardest and fastest they can.

  • sony has the woest customer services ever

  • DGS ( is waiting for their Vietnam fix with PSN wallets wide open! :D
    If anyone is interested in joining us for our weekly gamenights and special events, just check out the site and see if it’s anything you might be interested in. If it is, fill out the app and use “FooF-Diesel” as your sponsor. After 1/1/11 we’re going private, so if you’re interested, hop in while you can!

  • *sigh*

    Another day, another late store update from Sony…

  • @137 most likely working the hardest and fastest

    Before anyone else says it. THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!

  • I just started a new shooter blog and I’m going to be spreading my hate for this update BS all over the net! Take that SONY! HAHHAHAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAAAAAAAA!

    Seriously, just update the PSN store. Some of us have to sleep tonight!

  • it’s just updates… the ONLY thing 360 does better is the update speed, you willing to change consoles JUST because of that? “forget bluray, forget the better games, and the free online..the updates take too long, i’m switching to xbox” grow up kiddies.

  • 5:00PM California time now. Are the people who update the store all getting paid double time for OT?

  • Why is this taking so long to go upp. its 8

  • We will be together soon, Battlefield Vietnam…..


  • this is ****in B.S.!!!!!!

  • @135 yeah, I totally agree. AND if they do go back to their 360, I am pretty sure you will come back. I used to be an Xbox owner, and HOLLY COW, am I ever happy to be with my PS3.
    Still, this update IS taking quite a while… Oh well, at least we are getting a whole TON of stuff.

    THanks sony!

  • ITS UP!!!!!! YAY!!!!


    lol jk don’t kill me…

  • “We might have to wait till 8”

    It is 8.

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