Strong Bad Now Available on PSN, Best Version Yet

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Hello awesome people and slightly more awesome people…If you haven’t already heard, or are living under some kind of boulder-type rock, Strong Bad just hit PSN! That’s right, Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People is now on the PS3!

Like most of Telltale’s games, this is a five-episode comedy adventure featuring the popular and bizarre characters of as they sabotage the Big Race, engage in a civil war, stage an epic battle of the bands, create a blockbuster summer action movie, and battle the dragon-man Trogdor inside the many poly-triangled world of Videogames! And all for just $14.99. Yes, that’s right – less than $3.00 per game!

We’ve introduced a whole set of new Trophies and tweaked the controls so that the PS3 version is the best version yet.

Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People

Here’s a fun side note: each episode features an 8-bit style mini game playable from within the main game. The designer for each episode was responsible for their own mini game, that includes design, graphics and programming! It’s a really interesting way to gain insight to the types of games each individual designer liked as a kid! Anyway, be on the lookout for it!

Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People - Homestar Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People - Strong Bad

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  • Awesome!

  • Is it weird that I read that entire post in Strong Bad’s voice? :p

  • Will it be in 3D?

  • any discounts for Playstation plus members?

  • so are their ps3 trophies for this for the ps3 trophy system or is the trophy in game type awards only

  • I remember when SB was a hidden gem on the net.

  • I don’t know anything about this game, or if I’m going to get it but that video was pretty frickin funny :)

    If it was for the PSP I’d dl it now just to pass time :)

  • wow. loads of excitement going on here in the comment section! jisatsu, it still seems to be a hidden gem on the net.

    im getting it.

  • That trailer has me sold.
    It’s so awesome.
    How awesome is it?
    I read a book once called The Book of Awesome (google it up if you want)
    Yeah, that’s where this game belongs.

  • “The System is Down,The System is Down” Gotta love that lyric from Strong Bad. Never thought a game would be made. I’ll have to check it out in 3 days (Thats when I get my ps3) :)

  • That’s a great deal compared to how much it is on the Wii when I first played it.

  • Do we get to read emails to SB?

  • TROGDOR!!!!!!!!!!!! Burninating the country side, burninating the peasants, burninating all the peoples AND THEIR THATCHED ROOF COTAGES!

    Oh the memories.

  • I played SBCG4AP on WiiWare, and it was absolutely hilarious and fun. I liked it even better than Sam & Max! My friend that I played all the episodes with ended up playing them again because he enjoyed them so much. Now I’m going to do the same!

    I’m super happy to see it come to PS3 now with better graphics and sound. I can’t wait to hear the improved music without all that awful lisping/warbling that the WiiWare version had.

    I can’t wait to play Sam & Max Season 1 & 2 on PSN. All of these games have great replayability due to the nested jokes, easter eggs, and seemingly infinite combinations of dialog and item choices.

    I hope 2011 brings even more HD Telltale awesomeness to PSN! If I could pre-order the Back to the Future PSN season, I would!

  • PS: If you’re bringing more Sam & Max to PSN, it would be awesome to see the graphical improvements (lighting, models, shaders, etc) “back-ported” to seasons 1 & 2. Season 3 had an amazing cinematic look to it that really helped emphasize some of the dark humor!

  • Too bad they couldn’t get toby to do the voices any more.

  • I guess I don’t get episodic gaming at all, but it doesn’t come across me as a bargain… more like a ploy to make a cheap game seem like there’s more content than there is. When I see a game that’s charging a substantial price for just a single “episode,” I just shake my head, call it a money trap, and look for an actual complete game to waste my money on.

    Can anyone explain to me why buying Strongbad’s Cool Game For Attractive people in it’s entirety for $15 is a bargain? Does it really play like a $30-50 game?

  • rabid dog and bunny men hahah

  • @17, it allows you to play an episode (2-3 hours), which has it’s own self-contained storyline, take time away, then come back and play the next episode. That doesn’t mean the over-arching storyline is shallow, but it is easy to pick up the thread once again. This keeps the story and characters a central focus. 15 hours of gameplay, that is very high quality, and not artificially stretched out with bogus missions that don’t move the plot forward, is very much worth it to me.

    Another thing I like about episodic games is that, when playing them as they are coming out, you can provide feedback and influence over the remaining episodes.

    If you prefer map packs, skins and other non-creative artificial extensions to 5-hour $60 games, more power to you. I prefer to extend my experience in a game’s universe with well-designed puzzles that are coherent with the strong story and characters.

  • Meh, I can’t say I’m terribly impressed.

    Having played both the WiiWare and PC versions of SBCG4AP, this seems kinda weak. 1080p support is awesome, but the trophies seem slightly glitched and the control scheme leaves a hell of a lot to be desired.

    Question: Does the camera exist in the PS3 version? The photo booth seems rather pointless without it.

  • does this game have move support?

  • Move support for this would be genius.
    I’d buy this if I didn’t already have it on Wii and PC.

  • haha looks nice !

  • strongbad= epic and this game will be epic

  • I already own all these on the Wii, and loved every minute of playing them. So this game doesn’t have Move support? That seems a little weird. I may pick these up on the PS3 to play again in HD somewhere down the line. Are there any plans to patch with Move controls?

  • I really would have liked some Move controls, but whatever I can still play it on my PS3!

  • Oh my gosh! I am so excited!!
    I’ve been following for years, and this is awesome! :D

  • @2
    I read it in Strong Bad’s voice too. :p

  • There’s a bug/glitch that wont let me talk to the rest of the Homestarmy other then Homestar. Please patch this up, but other then that IT’S AN STRONG BAD AWESOME GAME!

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