Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones Available Today, ONLY on PSN!

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The third and final chapter in the Sands of Time trilogy is now available for your downloading pleasure on the PlayStation Network! Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones is back, this time in glorious HD (and 3D for those lucky enough to own a fancy new TV). Play and master two distinct characters, the Prince and the Dark Prince: Wield the powers and weapons of two master warriors with different combat styles, attitudes, and histories.

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones HD for PS3 (PSN)

The expanded Free-Form Fighting system lets you choose the way you kill: Strangle enemies from afar, use a new stealth art to inflict surprise decapitations and much more. As always with Prince of Persia, epic action combat, agility and story-driven puzzles are blended together for a rich gaming experience.

While I’m sure EVERYONE will miss the raging tunes of the one and only Godsmack from Warrior Within, you’ll be pleased to know that the original Prince makes his triumphant return. Yes, the soothing voice of Mr. Yuri Lowenthal is back and smoother than ever.

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within HD and Prince of Persia Sands of Time HD are available for download on the PlayStation Store for $14.99. For more information about the games, head on over to the PoP Facebook page.

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  • Gigadyy!!

  • LOL, Darth.


  • Sweet, any plans on making a bundle deal for all 3?

  • There needs to be a game called “Yuri Lowenthal Voices Everyone”, and Yuri Lowenthal voices every single character/creature. Also I need him to autograph a few games for me.

  • Will there be a disc version?

  • Will it be a bundle price for all 3 games?

  • 1) Bundle price?
    2) PS+ Discount?
    3) Splinter Cell Collection going to be better quality than this?

  • Hey put these on a disc so I don’t have to import and I will be happy. Sadly I never did finish Sands of Time because I got stuck on this elevator and I didn’t know about the super power up time move to make it easier to kill everybody. Regret is for losers though, I want to redeem myself and finish all of these games…or a the very least the good ones.

  • My only gripe (apart from having no disc based collection — I mean really?), is that the difficulty trophies don’t stack.

    This is easily still one of the best platforming / stealth games ever made. Being able to rip through this game in under 2 hours in a speed run is an incredible feeling. And considering I was ripping through this on Hard in my hayday, it is disheartening that I will have to sit through Easy and Normal just to get my platinum.

    Overall, a good collection. The price is pretty steep considering the Sly Collection is 39.99 for 3 games on disc compared to 45 for 3 digital downloads. Though I would pay 40 bucks just for TTT considering how good it is.

    Ubisoft should learn from this experience, not exploit it. Hopefully the Splinter Cell collection comes at a cheaper price point and possibly the promise of getting Conviction in the future.

  • Any particular reason you guys went the digital route over the disk? My HDD only has a certain amount of space and stuff like this (that I can get on disk elsewhere) just instantly yells at me not to buy it.

    I ended up importing a BD copy from Europe and am glad to say it’s a great collection, even better being on a BD. Not to mention, it was actually cheaper to buy it and ship it than buying all 3 separately on PSN.

  • after all the freezing problems ive had with the first 2 to the point of not being about to play cause they freeze so i probably wont be picking this up

  • Now make it a disc collection like you’ve done with Sly Cooper and Tomb Raider, and a LOT more people will be happy and buy it

  • @13: I agree. I never played this one or Two Thrones. I would love to have this be my PoP:WW experience, but I never really buy games from the PS Store. Only demos and add-ons really.
    I’m not sure I’m getting this unless it’s on a disc with ALL of the PoP trilogy games.

  • the one PoP game i haven’t played but have it on UMD for the PSP. have platinum’d all PoP games for the PS3 – i’ll be busy ho’in for trophies for these recently releasd PoP games – sands of time, warrior within and two thrones.

  • I won’t miss god smack. That band is for wussies

  • Disc or bust.

  • Was that really Godsmack in Warrior Within? I thought it was some bad Perfect Circle cover band.

    I loved the first one but hated Warrior Within. I will be buying this one because I hope it is awesome as the first one.

  • Put all three games on a disc for $40 and you got a sale.

  • @15 aka me: Oops, this is Two Thrones. Well, it’s the same principle. Me want disc!

  • You guys know that PS3 games are region-free right? Just import the disc from Europe and stop giving this guy a hard time about it, already.

  • Please bring the Prince of Persia HD trilogy to NA on BLURAY.

    Especially for those, like me, who have nothing for space – but cant afford a new hard drive due to christmas.

  • I also would like the trilogy on disc, hopefully they do this for us someday.

  • I’m not going to even bother unless I can get it on disc.

  • will there be a bundle so you can buy all three games together with a discount hopefully for 34.99 or less

  • Oh man, I so hope they release this on disc in the near future! That way all the comments will change from “plz release on disc” to “WTF?!?!? I download all of these seperately and now it’s on disc??? I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!”

    It will be pure crybaby bliss!

  • More PS2 games on PSN PLEASE :P

  • i can finally use my 3d tv I ONLY HAD ONE MOVIE -_- FINALLY !!!

  • @28 if this one works like the last 2 you will spend more time restting the ps3 then playing in 3d since the first 2 freeze up every 5 to 10 mins. i even had a freeze right after pushing start on the mart menu

  • start*

  • Disc or GTFO

  • @25: You and me both *fist bumps*.
    Unless I get a PSN card for Christmas.

  • hmmmm spend 15 bucks on a game that came out a long time ago
    or spend 8 bucks on a game that came out this year?

  • store not updated for me yet. East Coast

  • How about releasing the BD collection in NA instead of trying to scam us by releasing them individually and having the three combined cost more than the normal cost of a HD collection?

  • “store not updated for me yet. East Coast”


  • Ya I really won’t pay $14.99 for each re-release I already have them on the PS2 & I only will buy these re-release’s on disc. I guess I will have to skip out on the Prince of Persia re-releases :-(

  • The trilogy for 30bucks and you get my money… it’s really amazing to sell old remake game in digital version for 15 each. Not sure to get your point.
    Anyway, Lara Croft : Guardian of light episode for 5 bucks in Steam on Tomorrow…Any chance to get the same deal on PSN?

  • give me either a disc with all 3 or bundle all 3 together on the store or else NO BUY. And discount to ps+ or else NO BUY

  • bundle please

  • Where? Since 20th December I dont see the new updates. I cannot see PoP Two Thrones, MAG e another games that you announced here.
    I’m from USA, what’s happening?

  • And I forgot, give a bundle of PoP, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee =D
    You are amazing.

  • Patrick Brod can you get them to fix the screwed up audio in Sands of Time? The volumes of different voices, music, and sound effects fluctuate and are often too quiet and you can’t hear some of the dialogue. Other people have this problem too, I read about it on different forums. I haven’t tried the other two games yet.

  • Release these games on Blu-Ray or atleast have them in a bundle.

  • Blu ray or Bundle!

  • Like many others here, please make 1 bluray disc version with all 3 of these awesome games!

  • Any chance Prince of Persia trilogy making it’s way to North America on 1 Blu-ray disc? Cause I refuse to download these games; I want physical copies of said games. If God of War and Sly Cooper can get them on discs, so can PoP.

  • Only on PSN…and PS2

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