LittleBigPlanet 2 Goes Gold, First Review is a 10, PSN Demo Today, Storyline Trailer

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Now that 2010 is drawing to close, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our fantastic community members, as well as all of our friends in the media who continue to support LittleBigPlanet. We’re now less than a month away from our January 18th release and I’m thrilled to report that LittleBigPlanet 2 has now ‘gone gold,’ meaning the game is 100% finished! The wait is nearly over and as you might imagine the folks at Media Molecule are extremely excited.

New Storyline Trailer!
I’m sure you’ve seen all of the videos for LittleBigPlanet 2 and enjoyed learning about all of the new gameplay elements in the game. Well, we have another great trailer for you, especially for those fans out there who fell in love with Sackboy’s adventure, the cast of characters, and the world of the first LittleBigPlanet. Check it out above.

First Review!
The next piece of good news is that LittleBigPlanet 2 reviews are starting to come in. Online reviews won’t be posted until after the new year, but print magazine impressions will trickle in over the next few weeks and that started this week with our first worldwide review from the UK’s Official PlayStation Magazine — an impressive 10 out of 10! Here are a few choice quotes…

“Full of simple-to-grasp tools, all with huge potential—and you could easily lose more time to LBP2 than any other game released in 2011.”

“Never going to build anything at all? This is still an indispensible package, rammed with creative potential and imaginative gameplay.”

Free Demo Today!
Don’t forget that the LittleBigPlanet 2 Story Mode Demo will be available on the PlayStation Store later today. Here’s your chance to experience a few of the new gameplay additions, like the Grapple Hook and Sackbots, and also meet some of the new characters who will be joining you on your epic Sack-quest.

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  • does the demo have anything the beta doesn’t?

  • cant wait for the demo to go live…my nieces and nephews will be happy here this!!! i ready to play it myself ive been watchn beta videos like crazy

  • It’s a happy day in Little Big Planet land. Congrats on the first 10 score. I always felt that LBP1 scores were a bit lower than they should have been. Let’s see straight 10’s across the board. So what are your plans for the Game of the Year edition :-)

  • LoL I just got new slim 160GB upgrade to 320GB hard drive. I have LBP and Modnation races game came with the system :D. I still try old LBP first before ever buy new LBP 2 :D.

  • You guys are amazing !! I love Mm <3

  • MNR is totally awesome!!! lol and I love LBP…. I’m soooo excited for LBP2!! If I could just convince my fiancee to get me the collector’s edition :P hahaha

  • also im wondering does the demo come out today or tomorow cause i been hearing both dates? and im confused lol if someone knows the sure date i wld greatly appreciate it

  • @southstorm3. The demo comes out TODAY in the US and tomorrow in the UK.

    I’m guessing we’ll see the demo up about 8 or 9. I’m going by Central time zone here. I wish it was earlier though. *sigh*

  • Southstorm3, today for NA, tomorrow for EU

  • I will for sure pick this up before any other game in 2011! Can’t wait for this game! :)

  • Even if you have the BETA, get it because it has story levels. More than our i bet. Plus you wouldnt be a true LittleBigPlanet fan if you didnt have the demo. I STILL have the first demo.

  • I can’t wait for my Sackboy plushie and game ends!!!

  • cant wait to get the demo

  • In all fairness, I wouldn’t look to OPM as an unbiased source of info on LBP2. I mean, if Sony wants to sell consoles, they’re not going to have their in-house publication say that one of their big exclusives is complete garbage, right?

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved LBP and am sure this one is of at least similar quality… but don’t go insulting my intelligence now.

  • The trailer looks good. I’m sold. I guess I should pre-order the deluxe one. Can you hire me to write copy for you and then I can afford to keep my PS3 stocked with games?

  • In a word: Epic
    As Enrique Iglesias says, “I like it!”
    I can’t wait for the demo!
    I never thought this was possible, but I’m even MORE excited for my CE to come in!
    Limitedless replay value I say…

  • what time does the demo come out?
    im here waiting with my ps3
    PS how will i know when its here?

  • Is it up? When I checked at 4:30 it still wasn’t there. What gives?

  • cool today thanks for the info guys

  • Pre-ordered my Collectors Edition months ago, can’t wait to see what’s new in LBP! Does the demo support multi player on or offline?

  • Will “Create” be included to the demo?

  • at what time is the update coming?

  • @70

    I heard it was, so I guess.

  • YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! This is going to be amazing!!! The story by its self will be epic!!! I’m going to get this the day it comes out if I can!!

  • So glad to hear it went gold. So very very glad.

    4 weeks from today is the release date, if anyone is interested ;-)

  • i’m just glad i got release day delivery

  • It’s 6:30PM EST and the demo is not up yet on the Canadian PSN STORE>..WTF WHAT GIVES?????
    please hurry Sony

  • Will the deni support move?

  • its not out :(

  • I have to say that is one Trippy Trailer & I’ve enjoyed being in the beta, Thanks Again Sony! I’ve already pre-ordered the Collectors Edition, so January 18th can’t come soon enough ;-)

  • Still not out :(

    Hopefully it comes out soon. im getting tired.

  • sony please please hurry im here with like my 2 brothers and sister and it doesnt show up we have been begging for it to come out already???
    i heard its a 7 o clock. :(

  • YAY! my free copy may finally show up also demo until i get the early/free copy from the subway/ps promo FTW


  • Haha, what the hell? That theme right at the end. I thought that was the official theme for the cricket in Australia. Maybe they played it cos of the ASHES test series b/w the England and Australia at the moment.

    Oh yeh, LBP2 is looking kewl

  • Looks amazing! Big fan of the first game and heavily anticipating LBP 2. Glad y’all are pushing the story more in the sequel. Can’t wait to mess around with all the tools and features January 18th.

  • Also congrats on the review score, I know more positive reviews are sure to follow into the new year.

  • @snake4308 so what your saying is that your going to completely boycot a game that is going to be AWESOME just cause you didnt get a beta key, big f-ing deal man, you should have just gotten the code from your friend. you are dumb, you are really dumb, for real!

  • update already dammit

  • I wonder if we’ll see a new (dynamic) theme to come with LBP2 like we have seen one made for LBP. I would LOVE it if there was and it was dynamic.

    Still waiting on the store to update though, but it’ll be worth it.

  • LBP2 will have a bigger launch than some may expect!!! and its the perfect game to kick off wat is set to be an awesome year in gaming

  • please hurry up with the lbp2 demo, ive been wating at the psn store for 4hrs hoping itll appear under the demos, atlest say wen itll be up

  • Wow that story mode looks intense. Congratulations on going Gold. MM must be excited with the reviews they are receiving. I know they can’t wait to release it to us the gamers. Right on.

  • AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH Its taking forever!!!!!

  • Im downloading LBP 2 demo can’t wait to play it

  • when will this thing be out?!?!?

  • @ Reyriders how are you downloading if it is not even out?

  • yay the demo is up and now im waiting for it to download

  • @ pAmbAm just click search and type in Little big planet 2 demo or Little big planet 2 in the PSN store

  • Or just go to Demos, New Demos.. Downloading now.. Doubt it’ll have anything different from the beta though.

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