Eat Them! Hits PSN Today for $9.99, Includes 5 Million Monsters, Superheroes

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Eat Them! gives gamers the chance to wreak havoc on cities by creating and bringing to life colossal monsters to topple entire cities and feast on inhabitants. Always dreamed of laying waste to downtown? Here’s your chance. If you’re still not convinced, wrap your destructive side around some of the features of the game.

The Monster Lab. We wanted you to be able to piece together the apocalyptic creature of your worst nightmares, and the Monster Lab gives you access to a huge selection of monster parts including a full arsenal of excessively powerful weapons. This gives you the power to play mad scientist to your heart’s content, designing creatures tailor made. If you were so inclined, the Monster Lab would allow you to create over five million unique monsters – you certainly shouldn’t run out of ideas any time soon.

Eat Them! for PS3 (PSN)

Challenging Missions. Whether you get your kicks from maximum destruction, or prefer to face endless waves of opposition in a bid to survive as long as possible we’ve got the game style for you. Survival, assassination, racing and pure unadulterated destruction missions are readily available in Eat Them! Ever wondered what it’s like to rob a bank using a 100 foot tall, laser firing mechanical tyrannosaur? We can answer that question – it’s freakin’ awesome.

Eat Them! for PS3 (PSN)Eat Them! for PS3 (PSN)

Co-op Multiplayer. The only thing better than single-handedly destroying an entire city is teaming up with other monsters to take down an entire city. Eat Them! allows four friends to join forces and play every mission in the game in multi-player. Anything you can do in single player, you can do in multiplayer, only with far more devastating effect!

Mayhem. As the missions play out, the city’s defense forces get wise to your destructive plans and send an increasingly lethal barrage of artillery – and even superheroes – to take you out. You certainly need your wits about you to fight them off, complete the mission at hand, and stay fed. I’ll give you one guess what your primary source of nourishment is.

Eat Them! launches exclusively on PSN today! Go download and start the sheer joy of charging up to a pristine building, and letting rip until only the foundations are left!

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  • Hm, game looks pretty interesting.

    Couple questions: will the Co-op be local-only or will there also be online? And will there be a demo? Thanks.

  • As a lover of monster movies (especially Cloverfield), I think this game looks amazing! A must buy!

  • Looks pretty sweet DEMO out yet Please?

  • reminds me of viewtiful joe! :D

  • om nom nom nom

  • Does this game support online multiplayer or just local? The post is not very specific.


  • I always liked games like Rampage. There was a PS2 game out, think it was called “War of Monsters”? Really enjoyed that as well. Might have to give this one a try.

  • Alot of these blog posts seem to be vague on the multi-player modes. Local vs. Online multi-player can make a big difference to some people. I can assume this one is local only?

  • @4 – you’re an idiot.

  • Demo?

    Game looks cool, but I’d like to try it first.

  • They’re feeding us borderline crap now…

  • So many games…so little time. This looks pretty darn cool…reminds me of Rampage. Good thing I have some time off for a gameapaloosa!

  • Have a feeling this may be local co-op only and that makes me a bit sad.

  • what is the game file size?

  • Gonna be honest: this looks kind of awesome.

    Am sorely tempted. (*o* )

  • So another developer has made a game for PSN and can’t be bothered to answer questions when their game’s blog entry goes live.

    Can’t be bothered to give a complete list of the game’s features.

    Can’t be bothered to say if there is a demo or provide one.

  • If I had the money, I’d have no problem buying this game for 9.99. It is at a very reasonable price yet some other developer/publishers ask 14.99 for a game with less features than this?

  • @17; these posts are queued up well in advance. The person who wrote it might not even know precisely when exactly it gets posted. You’ve clearly never worked on a blog that has multiple posters from different parts of the world. The guy who wrote it didn’t post it and then get up and walk away. Way to be flippin’ ignorant.

    If he doesn’t respond within a day then I’ll agree with you.

    On topic; this game looks okay. But without a demo it looks like the Modnation DLC will win out for my ten bucks this week. No sense in risking it.

  • how about u guys UPDATE the store =/

    the waiting is killing me ! lol

  • Go do something else for awhile. The store likely won’t update for 5 and a half to 7 hours.

  • LOL, @PuppetShoJustice
    No one gives a F if you agree.

  • Now how about a store update to go with that announcement?

  • Oh, AddisonW, do you always add such helpful insight to the blog-goers when you post? Keep on raging at the internet, man.

  • Aww, liddle PuppetShoJustice is teh grownup and sharing his knowledge of the complicated world of blog management…

    Go away tard. This board doesn’t need clowns like you running their mouths off.

  • Your idiocy is only exceeded by your hypocrisy.

  • Need a demo for this game it looks interesting, but a demo is necessary.

  • @25 ….technically this is not a board, its a blog with comments…. Just stop talking your only making yourself look more like a “tard”…

    I thought no one said “tard” anymore, but i guess your the one keeping it alive.


  • check the IGN review before you buy: This is a possible sale purchase. Looks like I’m grabbing just Sonic Adventure, Gunstar Heroes and the Modnation DLC tonight …

  • Reminds me of grand theft auto chinatown wars…

  • Woot, looks SUPER cool!… Yet still, it reminds me GTA… CHiantown wars…

  • So is there a story to this or just random missions?

    I’d say it looks pretty good…just like a 360 degree Rampage.

  • I will pick this up this week and Under Siege (assuming it comes out). Will be my little gifts to myself,as the rest of my money is going to others. Nice work to the team on the toon shading. Every time I see a fun game it makes me wish I was a low res modeler, lol! Keep up the great work.

  • Move Support? i noticed the cross hair sorta looks move/arcadish?

  • I’m quite excited for this game but when I checked on the US store this morning it didn’t seem to be there :( Isn’t it getting released on the 21st? (today)

  • If I could play this on my PSP I’d buy it day 1. Looks cool but its not gonna be able to beat out all the other titles I’ll be playing on my PS3.

  • when is playstation plus updating today? its 9:03 pm

  • Hello Josh!

    I am really looking into buying this game for Christmas! I had a couple of questions about the game though.

    1. For the local co-op, is it 2 player co-op or 4 player co-op?

    2. Will there be DLC for the game? It seems as though the game will not have much replay value.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi X-Flip-X,

      The local play supports up to 4 players in all game modes, so you can play through the whole game with friends if you wish.

      Thanks for your support
      James, Designer, Fluffylogic

  • Josh,

    noticed in your first reply you said “at this point” so is online multiplayer in the works?

    or is it going to be offline only-forever?

    still grabbing the game regardless,just curious :)

  • No competitive multiplayer?

  • James, I would love to play this game. However, I noticed that European PlayStation Plus members get Eat Them! get a day-one 20% discount off the game – why not the same loyalty to US PlayStation Plus subscribers? After all, we do subscribe to the same service. Alas, if we would have gotten this discount, I would have pounced on this game immediately; however, without the discount I just feel like we were forgotten and our sales don’t count, compared to EU PSN Plus users.

  • I bought the game, but there arent as many monster parts, there isnt an endless mode, the survival mode is only 4 minutes long, the parts especially the head parts and shield backpack needs desciptions on how to use it and what powers each head can do.

    There shouldnt be a time limit on survival mode. It’s really my main gripe since i cant enjoy the game properly. It’s probably going to be similar with other buyers.

  • This is a late post, so probably no reply…

    I bought this Thursday night and started playing with my sons. We had a blast. It would be great to add online co-op – even as a patch. It’s not too late! ; )

    Other than online multiplayer with voice chat my only request would be that other PSN accounts can sign-in and use the Monsters they created too. It was an issue when my youngest son wasn’t able to select his own monster creation when he played with me.

    Great game though. Keep up the good work!

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