Eat Them! Hits PSN Today for $9.99, Includes 5 Million Monsters, Superheroes

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Eat Them! gives gamers the chance to wreak havoc on cities by creating and bringing to life colossal monsters to topple entire cities and feast on inhabitants. Always dreamed of laying waste to downtown? Here’s your chance. If you’re still not convinced, wrap your destructive side around some of the features of the game.

The Monster Lab. We wanted you to be able to piece together the apocalyptic creature of your worst nightmares, and the Monster Lab gives you access to a huge selection of monster parts including a full arsenal of excessively powerful weapons. This gives you the power to play mad scientist to your heart’s content, designing creatures tailor made. If you were so inclined, the Monster Lab would allow you to create over five million unique monsters – you certainly shouldn’t run out of ideas any time soon.

Eat Them! for PS3 (PSN)

Challenging Missions. Whether you get your kicks from maximum destruction, or prefer to face endless waves of opposition in a bid to survive as long as possible we’ve got the game style for you. Survival, assassination, racing and pure unadulterated destruction missions are readily available in Eat Them! Ever wondered what it’s like to rob a bank using a 100 foot tall, laser firing mechanical tyrannosaur? We can answer that question – it’s freakin’ awesome.

Eat Them! for PS3 (PSN)Eat Them! for PS3 (PSN)

Co-op Multiplayer. The only thing better than single-handedly destroying an entire city is teaming up with other monsters to take down an entire city. Eat Them! allows four friends to join forces and play every mission in the game in multi-player. Anything you can do in single player, you can do in multiplayer, only with far more devastating effect!

Mayhem. As the missions play out, the city’s defense forces get wise to your destructive plans and send an increasingly lethal barrage of artillery – and even superheroes – to take you out. You certainly need your wits about you to fight them off, complete the mission at hand, and stay fed. I’ll give you one guess what your primary source of nourishment is.

Eat Them! launches exclusively on PSN today! Go download and start the sheer joy of charging up to a pristine building, and letting rip until only the foundations are left!

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