Celebrate the Holidays with a Hyperdimension Neptunia trailer and Phantom Brave for PSP

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Happy Holidays, dood!!! Just dropping in today to wish you all happy holidays and to give a big thanks to all of our fans and everyone that made 2010 an awesome year for us here at NIS America!

NIS America: Happy Holidays

I’m happy to bring a bunch of presents including the Hyperdimension Neptunia trailer! On top of that, we’re also proud to bring some screenshots of Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle for PSP!

Last time I chatted about the basic story of Gamindustri and how it relates to our four lovely goddesses and their journey to save Histoire and Gamindustri. Today, I’d like to turn my focus to some of the other unique features that throw some good ol’ nostalgia and customization into the game. The first one we see in the trailer is the incorporation of a lot of classic SEGA icons such as Alex Kidd, Shinobi, and Space Harrier. During the course of your journey through Gamindustri, you may come across various dungeon bosses who may drop small “Game Discs” as they’re called.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Hyperdimension Neptunia

Hyperdimension Neptunia Hyperdimension Neptunia

Upon acquisition, they will allow you to customize your battle combinations to add, for example, an Alex Kidd or Space Harrier special summon attack where you can deal some serious late 80’s/Early 90’s damage to your foe. It’s a really nostalgic feature that a lot of the older gamers will appreciate.

Next in the trailer, we come across the use of the “Emblem” and “R/W Discs”. These two features allow a little bit of customization for your character(s). “Emblem” will become available to you early on in the game and its basic premise is you can put your favorite picture or emblem on your character’s posterior. Next we have the “R/W Disc” that will allow you to create your own personal summon to do damage and show your favorite picture AT THE SAME TIME! All you will need to do both is get your favorite pic over to your PS3 and then upload it via the game’s image editor. Endless possibilities and humor will ensue without a doubt. Our QA team and I have flown plenty-a-roflcopter while using these features.

hyperdimension 7 hyperdimension 6

Lastly, two quick cameo characters are shown, one for GUST, and one for Nippon Ichi Software. These characters can join your party to open up alternate stories as each has their own motivation for wandering around Gamindustri. Word on the street is there may be DLC for them to become playable *wink*, but there will be more on DLC next month

Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle

Our last present to give you all this year will be a few quick screenshots of our new Phantom Brave PSP game!! Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle is a port of the Wii version Phantom Brave: We Meet Again – but this time there’s a bunch of new cameos included! Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks we will have a brand spankin’ new website for you all to view along with more screenshots.

Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle

Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle

Before I take off, I just wanted to let you all know our Holiday Comic Contest is in full swing with “No Joy to the Netherworld, Etna Claus has come!” This time around we are asking our fans to complete a comic starring Prinny and Demon Lord Etna for some awesome NIS prizes. Come check it out on the Holiday Contest Website!! On top of that, Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! is less than a month away from U.S. release on both UMD and PSN, so Preorder Now to get your limited edition Asagi Pin! We only have 500 of these limited edition pins, dood, so no dilly-dallying! Until then, party on, doods!!!

Happy Holidays!

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  • Looks cool to me.
    First I hope

  • Will be getting both of these! Keep the JRPG spirit alive! I love you guys (NISA). If only you could pry the localization rights from Namco’s greedy mits and get some PS3 Tales over here :)

  • Yeah… No.

  • Awesome Phantom Brave! played a ps2 version loved the story and cameos from Disgaea

    • Hey, dood!

      It’s the same great game, plus there’s a bunch of brand new cameos in this PSP version!!

      Happy Holidays!!!

      – Ryan

  • Too…. much …… content! This PS STore update better hurry! :)

  • Me want… NOW!

  • Hey guys,how about a Coded Soul: Uketsugareshi Idea localization?

  • Ryan dood you just gave me an awesome Xmas gift!! Thank you so much for the heads-up. I’m looking forward to play Neptnuia for a loooong time (since it was released in Japan). And I might get Phantom Brave for PSP as well, since I never played it before. Now it is the perfect time to try =D

    • Thanks Moonglare!

      It’s only about 2 more months and Neptunia will be in your hands! Definitely try out Phantom Brave, there a bunch of new cameos that any NIS America fan would love! Stay tuned for more Neptunia info including Preorder Bonus info as we get closer to the launch!

      Happy Holidays, dood!

      – Ryan

  • YES!! That limited edition Neptunia is gonna be mine!! Thank you so much NIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can’t wait, been watching this for a while and the limited edition looks great. But you know what would make christmas even better? an Atelier Totori announcement!

    • Hey Vorbital,

      Oh, we’ll see what we can conjure up here at NISA *wink* Get ready for some after-xmas presents in 2011 ^^

      – Ryan

  • Anything with Space Harrier in it, is win in my book.

    • Greetings, dood!

      I still remember playing Space Harrier on Genesis. Now I can summon him up to do some serious damage to Arfoire & enemies!



  • That is definitely from Japan… were’s Prinny 2!? Please and thank you.

  • I think you should definitely bring those outfit themes to the Home platform since there’s already a presence there with Disgaea

  • Hi Ryan, is the premium edition a normal sized PS3 game box this time? I know some people liked the Atelier Rorona oversized box but I couldn’t fit it where I wanted and had to get the standard one.

    • Greetings Surfaced,

      Unfortunately, to make room for the sweet artbook, the Premium Edition box will have to be a little bigger. This time it won’t be as wide as the Rorona box, but still wider than a standard PS3 case.

      Hope this helps!

      – Ryan

  • what is this i want the LBP2 demo!!!

  • well,ryan you have convinced me to buy neptunia.just hope that the game will be bug free.anyways,have a merry xmas/happy holidays for you and everybody else that work at nisa :)

    btw,say hi for me to nao XD

    • Hey perrandy!

      Alright! Convinced Ranger!!! I got a chance to sit down with the QA team, and the game was solid pretty much from the get-go. I’ll definitely pass the word onto the rest of NIS America!

      Nao says “Hi, and MERRY CHRISTMAS, dood!!!!”

      Best wishes this Christmas and New Year, dood!!!

      – Ryan

  • I’ll definitely be picking both these up, hopefully La Pucelle for PSP will get a localization soon too!

  • Question – what kind of game engine is Hyperdimension Neptunia sporting? Real-time combat, turn based? And are there real-time events? Please say no to the last question…

    • Greetings, dood!

      The game system is turn-based in nature, and during character’s turn in battle you are able to construct your own combos to do damage. Later in the game you are able to link combos together to do extra damage to enemies.

      There aren’t any “real time events” as the majority of the speaking scenes are bust-up conversation screens with a text box.

      I hope this answers your question!

      Happy Holidays!


  • I see disgaea 4 in that christmas tree, Disgaea 4 confirmed for stateside!?!

    • Hey RyuuNoSekai!

      Disgaea 4 is most definitely confirmed for a US release ^^ Stay tuned in 2011 for more information as we announce it, dood!

      Happy Holidays!

      – Ryan

  • I hope the Japanese voices are intact with english Subs. English dubs are terrible.

    • Greetings ThanatosDMC,

      Good news, dood. Japanese voices are intact, along with their english subtitles for Neptunia!

      Happy Holidays!


  • Neptunia comes with any special edition that I can buy in Canada? LOL

    • Hi Gitaroo!

      You can preorder/buy through the NIS America Online Store to get your special edition! If you sign up for our Prinny Bomb newsletter, you can be notified as soon as the item goes on preorder.

      Hope this helps!

      – Ryan

  • I cannot wait…CANNOT WAIT!!!…for Neptunia!


    WANT NOW!!!

    Also, Japan is getting holiday DLC for Neptunia. Will we have to wait till next year to get that? :p

    • Hiya FearMonkey,

      We’re definitely happy you’re as excited as we are for Neptunia, dood!

      Although we haven’t officially announced the DLC lineup for Hyperdimension Neptunia just yet, hang tight for a little longer, as within the next couple of months you should be hearing some great news!

      Happy Holidays!

      – Ryan

  • YES DOOD YES PRINNY POWER!!!!!!!!!! this make me so happy

  • First day purchase for me. Now bring on Ar Tonelico and Disgaea 4!

    • Hey clupula668!

      You know it!!! 2011 is going to be a most excellent year for all NIS America fans, you can count on it!!!

      Happy Holidays!

      – Ryan

  • As much as I love you guys , especially your consistent support of the PSP over the years, I am going to have to pass on Phantom Brave. I don’t know why you brought that over instead of La Pucelle, which is actually good.

  • Hyperdimension Neptunia looks great! I can’t wait to hear what kind of special edition you guys will have in store. I like artbooks, soundtracks and boxes. :)

    …Can you reveal what NISA Avatars will be in the PSN Store today? I hope you guys made a Gemini Sunrise one, but I’d settle for a Rozalin one. :)

    • Hiya Jerel,

      As we get closer to release, definitely keep an eye out for more specifics on the Premium Edition set and also our Online Store preorder bonus!

      The NIS America Avatars are so close to release for everyone that we can almost taste it. Hang tight for great news reeeeeeeally soon!

      Happy Holidays,

      – Ryan

  • That Gust character looks unbearably cute…

    Bunnies. :D

    P.S. Please send Amazon some more copies of Trinity Universe. I’m ready for that game now. *looks at backlog* Well, not really but if its going to be rare and expensive I’m ready for another shot to get it at a normal price. :(

    • Greetings, dood!

      I’m in total agreement with the GUST character, hehehe.

      As for Trinity Universe, one of the best ways of being able to get the game at normal price is to sign up for our Prinny Bomb, as we usually announce at our “What’s New Section” when we get them in stock.

      Happy Holidays!

      – Ryan

  • @25 – there better be a hundred Etna ones for me to choose from. :p

  • So glad we are getting a special edition!

    The prinnies wanted me to ask: What’s up with the censoring of the boxart, dood?!

    Is that decided by NISA or something the ESRB decides?

    The prinnies are not happy :(

    Anyways, thanks for bringing this game over to the states!

    • Hey xBarritx!

      The official package art will be revealed soon, dood! Be excited for the Artbook *wink*!!!

      Happy Holidays!

      – Ryan

  • I can’t wait, ever since I imported Neptune, I’ve been really wanting Neptunia ^-^

    Any word on a US Qoga release date yet?

    • Greetings Sria!

      Stay tuned for Ar tonelico 3 early spring 2011!!! As we move into the new year be on the lookout for official announcements for release!

      Happy Holidays!

      – Ryan

  • After watching this, Im kinda excited for this game. Might have to pick it up.

  • Oh, and great job on the voice choices, I’m really eager to hear the conversations between IF and the gang now ^^

    • Thanks Sria!

      Our editors did a great job on this one, you’ll enjoy all their interactions, hehehehe.

      – Ryan

  • Oh How I love NIS <3

    Can't wait for Neptunia Dood!

  • You guys have any plans for Classic Dungeon 2?

  • Im guessing since psp go owners cant preorder game we dont get any bonuses?

  • will we get crisis core any time soon

  • How about La Pucelle Ragnarok? How’s that coming along?

  • Nice i love NIS, i am gonna get the 2 games…and i want la pucelle too, i hope it gets localization someday.

  • Prinny Bomb huh? Sounds silly but I’ll give it a look. Merry Christmas, and by the looks of your 2011 lineup, you’ll have a good new year!

    • Thanks, dood!

      The signup for the newsletter is on our mainpage of http://www.nisamerica.com. That’s probably your best bet on getting your hands on a retail copy as soon as we get it. Make sure to check the “What’s New” section at the bottom.

      Merry Christmas, dood!

      – Ryan

  • great looking games though

  • Already loving the look for the Neptunia package. I hope the artbook is as good as the Trinity Universe artbook that came in the NISA store bundle. Can’t wait to mop the floor with my opponents with the power of Shinobi!

    I’m also looking forward to Phantom Brave on the PSP. Heard lots of good things about it and always wanted to play it.

  • I buy all your goods, well most of them I skipped Cross Edge. Count me in for whatever you have to sell. Any chance of a Makai Kingdom PSP version?

    • Greetings TallCrowe!

      Unfortunately, we do not have any plans for a PSP version of Makai Kingdom. Hang tight for 2011, we have a lot of awesome things planned for next year!!!

      Happy Holidays!

      – Ryan

  • Quick questions: will neptunia have multiple endings? Lastly, any plans of having an actual “limited” edition for ar tonelico 3? Sometimes, your limited editions doesn’t end up as limited as described. Anyways, I’m just excited to finish the last chapter of the trilogy!

    • Greetings dagonzero,

      There are multiple endings for Neptunia, dood! As for Ar tonelico Qoga plans, hang tight as things will start to heat up as soon as the New Year hits, dood!!!



  • Uhhh this looks good… if i find 60 bucks in my couch i’ll buy for sure, if i look at my wallet i won’t even find a penny :S

    I want some new info about Disgaea 4!

  • No Avatars for Christmas? What happened? :(

    • Hey Jerel,

      The Avatars are extremely~~ close! If you aren’t signed up for our Prinny Bomb, please do so! We are hoping for them to be out before Xmas!



  • Thanks for the quick reply, but quite a few of them are up now! ^^
    I guess the PSN just couldn’t handle all the awesome this week, so everything just didn’t get updated all at once like it usually does.

  • The avatars are already on, in case you don’t know. I’ve posted on NISA forums, and I’ll post here:

    The avatars are ON, inside Disgaea’s own section, not in the “New Avatars” one.

    I was the first to buy and rate two of them now. Raspberyl and Mao in Disgaea 3, Adell, Axel, Etna, Flonne and Rozalin in Disgaea 2, Flonne and Laharl in Disgaea Infinite.

    And look, my Raspberyl appears here in the PS Blog as well. Oh, I must ask again: how about La Pucelle Ragnarok? Check NISA forums in case if didn’t check it yet, Ryan, and you’ll see for yourself.

  • Now thats one to get for psp. Hyperdimensiona. Love the original idea of putting your own photos into the game. Thumbs up for NIS

  • Awesome stuff here! I will for sure get me one of those Prinny avatars :P

    Happy Holidays to every one at NIS and NISA (that means you and Noa too)!

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