The Fancy Pants Adventures Coming to PSN in Spring 2011

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I’m crazy excited to be here to talk about The Fancy Pants Adventures. I created the first game in Flash while I was in college, and now, many years later, the series is making the jump to console. It’s a dream come true for me, I really couldn’t be more excited to give you guys the best game that EA, Over The Top and I could possibly create.

The Fancy Pants Adventures for PS3 (PSN)

I grew up playing video games, and I love knowing that players are finally going to experience The Fancy Pants Adventures in that classic video gaming zen, on a comfy sofa, with a controller in their hands. One of the most fun aspects of creating the Flash game was engaging the community and the fans. That is incredibly important to me and something I absolutely want to be able to continue in the move to the PS3.

The Fancy Pants Adventures for PS3 (PSN)

The Fancy Pants Adventures for PS3 (PSN) The Fancy Pants Adventures for PS3 (PSN)

What’s also awesome today is that instead of just talking about the game, I’m able to let everyone who’s interested CHECK OUT the Fancy Pants Man’s latest adventure before release!! Check out and PLAY a tiny slice of The Fancy Pants Adventures, hitting PSN in Spring of 2011! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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  • So will this be a mini title or a full HD PSN title?

    Either way, it really seems great. I loved playing these flash games and look forward to more in the future. Keep up the good work!

    • It’s a massive game, with a ton of content and replay value. There’s a lot of cool stuff we haven’t even announced yet :)

  • That looks like epic fun. I really enjoy the PSN titles that keep coming out. Tomorrow, Eat Them, Echochrome II, A shooter for 2 dollars!

  • I remember Fancy Pants from teagames, and it was fun! That’s awesome that it’s coming to console; love what PSN is bringing to consoles!

    Can’t wait!

  • Spring 2011 mean that we will see this on the last day of Spring. Sony loves to tease us, and then make it seem like a lifetime away when we actually see a release!

  • I don’t want to rain on your parade but, I don’t think people will be wanting to play this. Maybe if this was a mini it would have more success. Some people don’t appeal to flash games.

    • We’re adding so much to the game that can’t be done in Flash. I just hope you keep an eye out, many more announcements to come.

  • I remember this from newgrounds, congrats on taking Fancy Pants Adventures further 8)

  • Have you guys decided on the price of this PSN game? Looks like it it will fun. :)

  • Look really intriguing. I love me some 2D platformers. If it actually has some depth to it and doesn’t feel like a little flash game that I now have to pay for because it’s on PS3, I’ll be all over this.

  • hmm, looks pretty interesting… and I do like platformers!

  • It looks fun but , LBP2 can do that.

    • I’d be extremely flattered if I saw some Fancy Pants LBP levels, but at the end of the day, they’re two very different games with two very different styles.

  • *sniff* This literately brought tears to my eyes. I’ve been with Fancy Pants since THE very beginning. You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for FPA: World 3. But I have a question: Is TFPA a completely separate game with all new levels, or is it a combination of FPA: Worlds 1-2? Also, will we be getting FPA: World 3, or is TFPA considered World 3?

    Don’t let the negative comments get you down, my man. I’m a loyal Fancy Pants fan and I will make sure people buy this. It’s such a quirky and cute series.

  • You are the man. I played this game a couple of years back. I can’t wait for this. Totally buying this Day 1.

    Again, you are the man.

  • I’ve loved the Fancy Pants games, hmm may have to go online later and dig up the first 2 worlds. Anywho yeah I always wished I could play it with a controller since my fingers get tired on my keyboard, and it just feels awkward for me. So this news is just great. I will definintely be picking this one up.

    And Brad, I do hope that little hint about World 1 & 2 made its way into the final build. I will be scouring the levels to find it if its true.

  • Welcome to the PSN! if I may make a small plea, please do a demo for your game. I can’t tell you how many people need a trial version before they commit to buying, my self included.

  • Awwwww man. I can’t wait to see this on PSN. Becareful how you price and market it though. It’ll be hard to sell something that’s free online.

    • The console game is a very different game than World 1 and World 2. Just keep an eye out, many more exciting announcements coming!

  • Is there any chance of a PSP version? I hope so because I would really enjoy playing this on the PSP.

  • Looks good and fun. Just don’t make the trophies tedious, and consider launching PS Home unlockables. Home extras = more sales.

  • The Fancy Pants games are great I’ll totally buy this when it comes out.

  • Brad Borne this game looks very interesting, I’m totally with supporting indie developers but is their going to be a demo or trial version? If not why don’t you support that business model? If it was released on any other platform their would be a demo/trial version.


  • I love the Fancy Pants. Do want the platforming greatness.

  • this looks promising, will def. keep an eye out for it. they style is very nostalgic to notebook doodles, so that a plus for me imo.

  • Looks great to me, digging the art-style. Will definitely support you guys. Keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing more of your releases.

  • Played the demo, I’m sold. Just a tiny suggestion, can you tighten the controls just a smig? One of my biggest concerns in LBP is the floaty jumping.

    • I’m still considering feedback from the demo. One of the reasons I really wanted to get the demo out there. We’re still tweaking everything, I want to make sure it feels just right.

  • I’m buyin!

  • enjoyed it, just hope the price is right.

  • I played a little bit of the flash game a few months ago when I heard that this was coming to PSN and I liked it. The running seemed very fluid. Also, there should be some avatars but on PSN for this game and maybe even a dynamic theme. The avatar selection is still really lacking as it’s mostly cluttered with Capcom’s junk.

  • HELL YEAH!!!

  • Oh, good-ol’ Fancy Pants Adventures, how I’ve missed you. I remember playing the bejeezus out of this way back in the way and just wishing I could do so on a proper console controller.

    My most heartfelt congratulations to Brad for pulling this off. It really must be a dream come true. May you see many more console releases in the years to come, and thanks for bringing FPA to the younger players who may not have been familiar with the original.

  • Wow, i remember playing this on NG years ago. Loved it and couldn’t wait for more and now im getting it :D

  • Day 1 purchase for me. I loved your stuff years ago, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy this just as much.

    I’m somewhat surprised by a lot of the negativity on here, but I guarantee you will have plenty of supporters, I’m one of them.

  • sounds great cant wait to try it out!

  • There is so much great innovation in indie flash games, and it’s awesome to see Sony investing in bringing a new wave of these kinds of titles to the PS3. These kind of innovative titles (Linger in Shadows, PixelJunk Eden, etc) were the reason we bought our PS3.

    Just please avoid the bad flash ports like Heavy Weapon and the other PopCap games have had: low-resolution 2D art zoomed and smoothed, with super low-quality MP3 sound assets.

    If the game has native 1080p rendering and assets, improved animation framerates over the Flash version, and HD audio, this is a day one purchase for me.

    • The game has been build from the ground up for the HD consoles, with almost all the level art touched up, redone, or made just for the game, all running at a silky smooth 60 frames per second. Plus, a few features made specifically for the console that we haven’t announced yet, so keep an eye out!

      Fancy Pants Adventures will be a high quality game, by any standards.

  • Saw this post awhile back, and didn’t realize it was actually written by Borne himself. I assumed it would be some EA marketing head.

    @10 Is just a brainwashed fool like the rest of the LBP2 sheep, so don’t even listen to him. Everyone is convinced LBP2 is the GAME OF ALL GAMES because the marketing says that it can make anything! As other developers (including this one) have noticed, it only makes games within its boundaries.

    Sure something like this could be mimicked in LBP2, but would it play as smoothly? Not bloody likely. Not even with the most skilled creators.

    • Haha, yep, it’s me. And we’re doing everything we can to make sure FPA feels like it’s own unique game. That said, I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing some FPA tributes.

  • such a fluid and fun game when i played the flash version a while ago. i would add guns though. being able to backflip while aiming a guns and shooting would be awesome. definitely a buy for me

  • I went to play the flash game and I gotta say I really enjoyed it definitely day one purchase for me! I really do love unique games, didn’t play too much of the flash game though, I want to play it fresh on my PS3!

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